Integration Services :: Creating Dynamic Server Tables Through SSIS As Per XML Data Files Metadata

Feb 15, 2011

I have a scenario, need to create SQL server Tables dynamically.

I Have multiple xml data file on a particular location, and want to load those XML data into sql server tables, but he metadata of each xml data files are not same.

Hence the approach is that,

1. Pick first file from that location
2. Create a table according to that xml data file metada
3.  load data on newly created table.  
4. Pickup the next xml data files.
5. loop through, till the XML data files are exists on that location.

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Integration Services :: Loading Multiple XML File With Different Metadata In Server Tables With SSIS 2008

Feb 17, 2011

I have multiple xml data file in a directory say C:XMLData abc1.xml, abc2.xml, abc3.xml etc.

Need to loop through each file in ssis with Foreach loop container, and get the file name say abc1, and load the data of abc1.xml to abc1 table in sql server DB.

Next iteration will pick up the abc2.xml and find the abc2 table in sql server DB then insert the data in abc2 table.

While each iteration, xml source should also point each xsd file correspondingly.

 Tables are already created in DB

I solved my problem up to getting the file name from ech iteration and assigned file name to variable, in oledb destination data access mode I select Table or view name variable, then corresponding table will get selected for data insertation.

Just wanted to know how can I read each xsd file for each xml data files while iteration. 

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Integration Services :: SSIS Importing And Creating Tables From XML?

May 25, 2015

If I have an XML without an XSD what is the best way to create and import data in SQL Server? I know I can use xsd.exe to create an XSD from my XML.

But if I want my structure to be somewhat different in SQL server how would I go about creating a reliable and repeatable import system for my data so i can easily manage the data updates?

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Integration Services :: SSIS Dynamically Export Tables To Raw Files

Nov 16, 2011

Every day an application creates new tables and dumps static info into them. 

I would like to create a package to dynamically export those database tables to raw files for long term archive, one file per table. Here is what I have so far and the issue I am having.

1)     Get a list of un-archived tables.
2)     Foreach table do the following.

a. Export the table into raw file.
b. Zip the raw file.
c. Update archive tracking table.

As long as the metadata for each table is the same this package seems to work fine. However, I have many tables with different metadata.  How can I dynamically get the package update the metadata column collection when it hits a new table? When it hits a table with different metadata I am getting warnings like this:

The column "some_column" needs to be added to the external metadata column collection.

The "external metadata column "someother_column" (103)" needs to be removed from the external metadata column collection.

Then I get this error:
Error: 0xC004706B at dump the table into a raw file, DTS.Pipeline: "component "OLE DB Source" (1)" failed validation and returned validation status "VS_NEEDSNEWMETADATA"

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Integration Services :: SSIS - How To Load 2 Different Excel Files To 2 Different Tables

Jul 29, 2015

I have 2 different excel files file1 and file2. file1 should be loaded to table1 and file2 should be loaded to table2. Both of the files will have 1 sheet inside. Do I need to create separate excel source for file1 and file2? I mean file1 in one excel source and that will be connecting to 1 execute sql task. file2 in other excel source and that will be connecting to another execute sql task. Is this the way I should proceed or is there any looping should be done?  I need to schedule this activity to run every week. So, I'll get new files every week with the same file names and sheet names. Do I need to consider anything for this requirement also?

I'm planning to do truncate and reload not an incremental load.

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Integration Services :: Loading Multiple Flat Files Into Different Tables Using SSIS?

Oct 25, 2015

I have been tasked to do the following using SSIS.

We received two csv files each week and we would like to load these files to two different sql server tables using SSIS.

These files should be archived into a folder after each load.  

How can I achieve this?

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Integration Services :: Generate Dynamic Excel Worksheets With Data In SSIS?

Sep 4, 2015

I want to export the data into multiple sheets with same template, all the worksheets have to split dynamically with specific Sheet Name and template also copied to all other sheets

For Example:

Sheet Name: Guru
Name  Age
Guru         24
Sheet Name: Johnson

Name Age
Johnson      32

it goes on......

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Integration Services :: Exporting Data From Oracle Tables Into Text Files

Feb 2, 2010

I am transferring data from Oracle tables into text files, and facing these errors.

1. I have a varaible working as an expression and my query goes into that variable and onwards that variable is passed to dataflow task, which parse the query. my query is simple saying "Select * from PLS.ABC" where PLS is my schema, but the task generates error "Opening a rowset for "Select * from PLS.ABC" failed. check that the table exists in the database. and surely the table is there.

2. I have a foreach loop that iterates through all the table names and the table names are passed onwards to the varaible query, the dataflow task inside the foreach loop gets the variable query and will generate text files based on tablenames which i have supplied in another variable to the connectionstring property of the flatfile destination. Is it possible or not. all the tables have different columns and i need the output in text files.

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Integration Services :: SSIS Importing Data Into Several Tables

Nov 7, 2015

I am going to set up a new SSIS package that will import data into 5 different tables on a SQL Server database.  The source of the data is on another SQL Server and I will use to select the data.  If one of the tables fail to import I do not want the SSIS package to import any of the data.What is the best way to create this package?  Is it best to create one SSIS package, with five data flow tasks that are linked to each other.  Within each data flow task, is a Source and Destination to transfer the data to each table.  

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Integration Services :: Import Multiple Files Into Multiple Tables Using SSIS

Jun 16, 2015

I have a requirement where in i have around 15 different flat files , filenames are fixed but folder path can be changed(i think i should use a variable for folder path). These 15 files data should go to their respective tables in the database.

Whether I need to create separate data flow task for each file or separate package? In addition to these, example : while importing product data into product table, if product ID already exists, we need to ignore it and upload only the new records.

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Integration Services :: Creating Files From Their Binary Representations In DB

Apr 29, 2015

We run std 2008 r2, I need to recreate flat files from their varbinary(max) equivalents in our db. I have a mix of excel, pdf, word etc to recreate.  Will ssis be a good tool for doing this?  I'm wondering what transform(s) would be involved. 

Perhaps I need to cast to varchar 1st and then land the data but if I recall correctly there is a maximum record length in ssis destination flat file rows.  And I'm thinking I would have to map the varbinary (or cast equiv) to a row in the destination once for each file created.   

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Integration Services :: SSIS Split Single Input File Data Over Multiple Tables?

Sep 30, 2015

I have a delimited text file with 650+ columns. The sum of the column lengths of a single row, if fully populated, exceeds 30K bytes.  The "killer" fields lengthwise are the "Description" fields. If they were removed from the input file, the remainig columns would occupy about 5000 bytes, which is within SQL max row length. 

Can SSIS be used to created these two tables? (one without  description fields, the other with those field but arranged vertically in the table rows).

The fundamental issue is I can not import a single file row into a sql table because that row length could exceed the max byte count for a row.

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Integration Services :: Automate Process Using SSIS To Create Tables In Corresponding Database And Load Data

Oct 6, 2015

We are using SQL Server 2014 and SSDT-BI 2013. We have a reporting environment where business users create objects which need to be persisted for fiscal year reporting. Let's say for instance SQLSERVER1SRVR1 they create table objects like below in the reporting environment.

Accounting2014, Accounting2015 in AccountingDB; 
Sales2014, Sales2015 in SalesDB; 
Products2014, Products2015 in ProductsDB; 
Inventory2014, Inventory2015 in InventoryDB etc....

These tables are persisted for auditing in a different environment SQLSERVER2SRVR2 for finance & audit folks.We would want to automate this process using SSIS to create tables in corresponding database and load data. I tried using For Each Loop container but the catch is I could loop the source or destination but how do we loop on Source & Destination at the same time (i.e when source is in AccountingDB destination to be AccountingDB, source SalesDB then destination SalesDB so on etc....

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Integration Services :: SSIS Package Which Read Excel Files Fails On Server Agent

Oct 19, 2010

I have a SSIS package which reads an excel file and loads data into a table using script component(C#) as a source. The package runs without any errors when I manually run it on my machine and on the server. But the package fails when run as a SQL Server Agent job.

I tried all the possible fixes I found on the web but still can't get it to work.

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Dynamic List Of Tables In Integration Services

Apr 27, 2006

I need to report on data from several databases on several servers. They are all SQL Server 2005 databases. I am trying to created an Integration Services task to consolidate and transform this data for easy reporting. The problem I am having is one database in particular. It has tables like this:


I want to use only the tables of the form "tblLookupParseData*" for this list. I can do this in Stored Procedures by dynmacally building up the sql query. I cannot find out how to do this in Integration Services. When I make Datasource Views, they seem to expect me to pick from a list of known tables. This list of tables grows as Customers are added to the system.

NOTE: The way the tables are structured was NOT my idea. I hate storing "data" in the structure of the database. Many people also do this when they create "period" tables such as "CustomerData_05_2005". It speeds up writing the data, and querying a specific table, but it is a nightmare for reporting. I cannot change this as it is not in my responsibility.

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Attn Microsoft : Incorrect Screenshot - SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Hands On Training - Creating Custom Components

Jun 25, 2006

Hi All,

I am not sure if this is a correct forum to discuss on the document posted @ on SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Hands on Training - Creating Custom Components.

I am assuming Microsoft Developers are constantly monitoring this forum.

In the document - SSIS Creating a Custom Transformation Component .doc on Page 2 -
Exercise 1 - Writing the no-op data flow transformation component -
Task 1 - Create a new C# Class Library Project

The textual description talks about creating a new Visual C# Class Library project in VS 2005 but the screenshot accompanying it shows the creation of new "Integration Service Project" in VS 2005.

Please change the screenshot appropriately to avoid confusions.


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Integration Services :: Dynamic Password In FTP Task In SSIS?

Dec 31, 2013

I can set almost all properties of FTP task and FTP connection manager using expressions option. In that option, I don't see that I can set FTP PASSWORD using a variable. How do I set the password dynamically?

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Integration Services :: Load Different Source Files Into Tables

Oct 12, 2015

I have one small requirement.. I want to load the different types of files(.txt, .csv, .tsv, .xlsx).

Using one forearch loop container how can I load the files to database and I shouldn't use the script task to split the filenames. Is there any other way to load all the files using forearch loop container, exesql task..

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Integration Services :: Dynamic Column Mapping In SSIS Package

Nov 2, 2015

I have some source files is there today it will have 4 columns..Tomorrow it will have 10 package is dynamically load the data to destination table..How we have do it in Using script task...

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Integration Services :: Import Data From Multiple Excel Sheets To Multiple Tables Using SSIS?

Aug 25, 2015

I have an excel file that has multiple sheets and I need to import data from each separate sheet to a separate table using SSIS. 

E.g. Sheet A data should go to Table A and Sheet B data should go to Table B and so on. Is it possible to do this with out using script task.

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Integration Services :: Export All Tables Data From Oracle To Server?

Apr 24, 2015

I would like to export all tables from Oracle 11.2 to MS SQL Server 2012 R1.

Using the tool "Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant v6.0 for Oracle" did not work for me because there are too many warnings and errors regarding the schema creation (MS cannot know it because they are not the schema designer). My idea is to leave/skip the schema creation to the application designer/supplier and instead concentrate on the Oracle data export and MS SQL data import.

What is the easiest way to export all tables data from Oracle to MS SQL Server quickly?

Is it:

- the „MS SQL Import and Export Data“ Tool
- the “MS SQL Integration Services” Tool
- not Oracle dump *.dmp format because it is a propritery binary format
- flat file *.csv (delimited format)

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Integration Services :: Creating A File Using Stored Procedure In SSIS

Jun 24, 2015

I'm trying to create a file using a stored procedure with SSIS.  I've tried to use the Execute SQL Task, but it will not create a file nor output to that file.  I'm using "Full result set", but I don't know how to sent the result to the file.  Is there another Control Flow Item I need to use?The reason why I'm using SSIS and not SQL Server Agent is because the file name must contain a timestamp.

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Integration Services :: Creating SSIS Packages With Condition Split

May 18, 2015

i am creating ssis packages  with condition split . condition is SUBSTRING(EnglishProductName,1,1) == "A".  pacakge is successfully  executived  but data is not  move to condition split  transformer to  oldeb destinations. it not showing any error.

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Integration Services :: Dynamic Database For OLEDB Connection Manager In SSIS

Nov 10, 2015

I am trying to dynamically change my initial catalog in a SSIS project. Each day I get a snapshot of data from the production server. I am performing ETL on that database and loading it into my warehouse. I am trying to put something together so that each day I get the latest snapshot and if its newer then my most recent one I pass that new catalog into the connection manager. I can already run the sql script to compare the two catalogs but I can't populate the connection manager.

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Integration Services :: How To Download Files Via SFTP Using SSIS 2014

Jul 14, 2015

We are using SSIS 2014 and need to download files from sftp. Is there a SFTP control flow task for SSIS 2014? If not then what other options do I have?

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Integration Services :: SSIS - Check For Multiple Files Existing

Aug 20, 2015

I have an SSIS package in VS 2010 that uses flat files to load database tables.  I would like to check for the flat files existing before continuing to run the package.  The flat files each have their own connection manager. I was wondering if I could use the connection managers to determine the file names instead of creating a Script Task and hard-coding each of the file names to check.

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Integration Services :: Assign Different Static Increment Value In Different CSV Files Using SSIS?

Jul 29, 2015

I have a table T with columns Code datatype is nvarchar(5) andName nvarchar(30). Table T has 100 records and column Name only have data and column Code has Null values.

I have to generate csv files using this table data through SSIS . Each file should have 25 records and assign some static value(different for each file ex: file1 is T1 and file2 is T2..etc) in column Code . I am able to generate files with 25 records for each file but not able to assign different static value in different csv files. Is it possible using SSIS?

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Integration Services :: Copying Data From Oracle To Server Using SSIS?

Jun 29, 2015

I am trying to copy the data from Oracle to SQL, it is taking 10 mins to load only 50K records of data. I am using only one DFT task.

In the DFT task  I am using  2 tasks oracle Source and OLEDB destination .

 what can I do to improve the ETL process and reduce the load time ?

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Integration Services :: SSIS FTP Task Sending Files To Wrong Folder

Aug 4, 2015

I'm using the FTP Task in SSIS to send files. They task succeeds but the files get uploaded to the wrong folder. Instead of being sent to the cg268301 folder they are being sent to the cg268300 despite selecting /cg268301 from the remote path field in the FTP task editor.

I've tried uploading this file to the /cg268301 file using an execute process task and it works fine. I just don't know why it won't work with the FTP task.

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Integration Services :: How To Split Column Wise Into Separate Flat Files In SSIS

Apr 25, 2015


1.---->I have a sales table country wise regions  like (india, usa, srilanka) ....

india usa
a b
d e

So I want output like in

flat file1.txt has india               flat file2.txt has usa             flat file3.txt has srilanka

     a b
     d e

2.----->I dont know how many regions in my table....dynamically split into separate flat files ....

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Integration Services :: SSIS Project - Read Multiple Flat Files With Different Formats

Jan 15, 2014

I need to import multiple flat files with different formats into different tables of the sql server database and not able to figure out the best way out in ssis to do so...

What are the possible methods in ssis to do so and if possible the process which can be dynamic as file names or columns might change in future.

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Integration Services :: Working On SSIS To Load Data From Flat File To Server

Jun 17, 2015

I'm working on SSIS to load the data from flat file to sql server, I'm getting date in below format, but in sql server I have given data type datetime. how to convert below format to 16-01-15 AM.

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Defining Report Datasets For Package Data From SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Feb 22, 2008


I'm using SQL 2008 Februar CTP and trying to use SSIS for Data Source as described in
I've created SSIS package and preformed steps described in (after fixing version to

Now I got next error when trying to add SSIS DataSource (in Report Designer - Visual Studio):

Error messageThe data extension SSIS could not be loaded.

Please help.


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