Missing Files After Using File System Task

Jan 25, 2007

Hi All,

I don't know if anyone faced this issue. We are having a strange problem. Our process was working well when it was implemented on 32 bit processor.IT ran perfectly for 6 months with out a problem. But when we moved the packages to a 64 bit machine, this issue along with some other issues started to show up.

The issue is we are missing files in the source folder.

Our process is designed such that a source process, brings in a file and updates a status for the file in a audit table. The ETL process picks up the file, then assigns the status as €˜running€™ when SRC process is complete and loads into Target DB, and updates ETL status to complete. But current problem is the ETL is losing files after it assigns the status as running. When we looked into the DB weather the data is loaded, we could not find any data related to these files.

we are have mapping level parameters for source path and target path.

We are using a For Each Loop task, and processing files(which are simple flat files) in the source path. The file name is stored in the mapping level parameter. Once the file is process we are moving them into a target path.

Our src and target file paths are on the same drive, just have src folder, inside src folder we have processed folder and failed folder. So files are picked from the source folder and moved into processed folder after processing. The files are not even moved to a failed folder.

There are lot other processing going on this box, and the trend observed is that when more processors are running at peak hour, the missing files€™ count is more.

Right now we are refetching those files, as a work around, but does any one has any suggestion why this is happening or any better implementation suggestions?


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File System Task Rename Files

Feb 26, 2008

I want to rename files in a folder using filesystem task. My files are like these:

C:FOLDERDatabase120080225.bak etc

I want to remove this datepart and put in a C:FOLDERDatabase.bak file.

I am not quite sure about the string functions usage here...I think I have to map the destination variable to a string function output.

Any other ways to do this job ?
Thnaks for your help,

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Integration Services :: Renaming / Replacing Part Of A File In File System Task

May 14, 2015

I'm copying files to a folder with the naming convention as follows in the source folder:


In the destination folder, this filename needs to appear as:


In my File System Task, I'm pretty sure I'm going to need an expression with a replace, substring, etc. But am having a hard time nailing down the exact syntax.

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Help Getting Error When Using Operation Rename A File In The File System Task Editor?

Aug 18, 2006

Does anyone know how to do this using variables?  Everytime I try it, I get the

Error: Failed to lock variable for read access with error 0xc00100001. 

 I also tried it writing a script and still the same error.  If I hard code the values into the variables it works fine but I will be running this everday so that it will pull in the current date along with the filename.  So the value of the variables will change everyday.  Here is my expression:

@[User::Variable] +(DT_WSTR,4) YEAR( GETDATE() )+"0"+(DT_WSTR,2) MONTH( GETDATE() ) + (DT_WSTR,2) DAY( GETDATE() )

The result:

C:Documents and SettingsmroushDesktopOSU20060818

the 20060818 part will change everyday ie.(tomorrow will be 20060819, next day 20060820 and so on.)


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File System Task - Move File With Dynamic Destination Path

Oct 9, 2006

I am having an issue with the File System Task.

I was wondering if there is a way to 'Move File' with the File System Task inside of a For Each Loop container but to dynamically set the Destination path variable.

Currently, this is what I have:
FileDestinationPath variable - set to C:TestFiles
FileSourcePath variable - set to C:TestFiles
FileNameAndLocation variable - set to blank

For Each Loop Container €“ Iterates through a folder C:TestFiles that has .txt files in it with dates in the file name. Ex: Test_09142006.txt. Sets the file path (fully qualified) to the Variable Mapping FileNameAndLocation.

Script Task (within For Each Loop, first step) €“ Sets the FileDestinationPath to the correct dated folder within C:TestFiles. For example, if the text files I want to move are for the 14th of September, it takes FileDestinationPath and appends the date folder to the end of it. The text files have a date in the file name (test_09142006.txt) and I am picking this apart (from FileNameAndLocation in the For Each Loop) to get the folder date. (dts.Variables(€œUser::FileDestinationPath€?).Value = dts.Variables(€œUser::FileDestinationPath€?).Value & €œ€? Month & €œ_€? & Day & €œ_€? & Year & €œ€?) which gives me €œC:TestFiles9_14_2006€?.

File System Task (within For Each Loop, second step) €“ This is where the action is supposed to occur. I want it to take the FileDestinationPath and move the FileNameAndLocation file (from the For Loop) into this folder for each run.

Now as for my problem. I want this package to run everyday but it has to set the FileDestinationPath variable dynamically according to that day€™s date. Basically, how do I get this to work since I can€™t hard code the destination path variable from the start? I have the DestinationVariable on the File System Task set to the FileDestinationPath variable, after the script task builds it. However, using FileNameAndLocation as the SourceVariable on my File System Task tells me that the €œVariable €œFileNameAndLocation€? is used as a source or destination and is empty.€?

Let me know if I need to clarify further€¦...I may be missing something very simple. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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File System Task Error When Using SQL Server Agent (when Move File On Network Drive)

Jun 8, 2007

I am able to run SSIS packages as SQL Server Agent jobs with a Control Flow items "File system task", if I move a file (test.txt) from a drive (c on the server (where SQL Agent jobs run) to a subdirectory on the same drive. But, if I try to move a file on a network drive, the package fail.

What I can do to solve this issue.



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SQL Server 2008 :: SSIS Copy File From SharePoint Library Using File System Task Permissions?

Jun 19, 2015

Historically I've always written a VB script to copy a file from a sharepoint library. I don't like this method because I have to input a username & password in the script and maintain a config file.

Yesterday I was playing around with using a file system task. The sharepoint file has a UNC path so why not? I created a simple test package with a single file system task that copies the sharepoint file (addressed via UNC) to another network location. Package runs fine locally.

I try running on our utility server but am getting a "The file name [SHAREPOINT UNC PATH] specified in the connection was not valid" error. Package is running with a proxy on the server and the proxy account has the same permissions to the sharepoint site (so far as I can tell) as me.

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Integration Services :: File System Task - Set Source Variable And Pickup BAK File In Directory To Delete

Nov 9, 2015

I have created a File System task which is contained in a Foreach Loop Container. I have .bak files that are populating a directory from a maintenance backup plan.

There is a point where I need to delete the .bak file's after I've zipped them all up.

How do I set the SourceVariable to read through the directory and pick up just the .bak file's in the directory to delete.

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File System Task - Output File Variable Syntax????

Feb 7, 2007


This should be incredibly simple and easy, but I can't find any examples of how to do this.

I just want to make a File System Task move a file, and have the destination be filename + date and time. For example \serversharefilename02072007.txt

What syntax do I use in a variable to make this work?


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Move And Rename File With File System Task

Jul 12, 2006


I want to move and rename a file and embed the date/time into it, so that each time the package runs a new file is created. For example MyFile_20060712_150000.doc.

Can someone give me a hint how to do this with the File Systen Task SSIS Control Flow Item?

Thanks for an early reply



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File System Task - Dynamic Source File Name

Feb 27, 2008

Hi All,

I have a source files folder where the files generated everyday.
My goal is pick the latest file and copy this single file to another folder.
I used the Foreach loop container and got the latest file and stored the file name to a varible i.e. LatestFile
Then i want to use the File System Task to copy this to the destination.
On the beginning, I could not setup the Latestfile since I don't its name then, so when I setup the Source Connection property of the File system task, it is not allowed to leave the SourceVarible as blank!

Any suggestion?



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Rename File Using File System Task Editor

Jul 13, 2006

Could someone please instruct me on how to use the File System Task Editor to rename a file? I place control on control flow tab, change the operation to rename, from there I am not sure what to do.

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File System Task

Aug 20, 2007

hi friends

Once copy file working fine second time copy file gives an errors
we need to check the condition if that folder contrain the dest.txt file we dont require to copy a file
other wise we need to copy

so i need a controle for checking a folder contrain the dest.txt file or not


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FTP && File System Task

Apr 26, 2007

I'm just learning 2005, so apologies in advance for the newb questions.

I am facing the following situation: Each day I have to upload an assortment of .csv files with variable names (eg. FileOneYYYYMMDD.csv, FileTwoYYYYMMDD.csv, etc.) to an FTP site, from the following directory structure:


--- SubDirectoryA

--- SubDirectoryB

--- SubDirectoryC

I have accomplished this by setting up a package with three sequence containers (one for each subdirectory), each of which holds a Foreach loop (with a file enumerator configured as *.csv), each of which holds an FTP Task. This may not be the best way to do it, but it works. But if there's a better way I'd like to know!

Anyway, the wall I've run into is trying to move the .csv files to an archive directory after they've been uploaded. The wildcard variable doesn't seem to work with the File System Task, so I'm having a hard time figuring out how to move a bunch of variably named .csv files at different depths of a directory structure to an archive directory.

I've searched but can't seem to find a solution.

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File System Task-Moving File

Jan 19, 2008

I have the following directories


I have a for each file loop and inside it a data flow that pulls from one of the flat files in the directory and then a file system task. If I choose the "Move File" option in the file system task to move the file to the archive directory, it fails with an access denied message. The access denied message occurs after a message saying file was successfully deleted. I am running this from BIDS right now and my local user can write delete etc in both the above directories. However, if I do a "copy file" in the file system task it seems to work. I think what is happening is it is deleting the file first and then trying to move it, but it no longer exists because it has been deleted--is this possible? Is this a bug of some sort?

For now I am going to workaround by putting in another file system task that deletes the files after they were copied and see how that goes, but would prefer just to do the "move" option.


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Renaming A File With File System Task

May 10, 2006

I'm having trouble working this out in SSIS. I am trying to use a File System task to rename a file using an expression so that file.zip will be renamed to filemmyy.zip at the end of every month (for instance this month would be file0506.zip).

I am using the destination expression variable. But I'm not sure what to put for DestinationConnection. It seems to want a file name, but the file name is going to be variable, so I'm not sure what to put.

Any ideas?

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How To Rename The File Using File System Task.

Mar 19, 2007

Hi there,

Can some one tell me how to rename the file Dynamically using file system Task.

I could able to rename the file and couldnt do it dynamical renaming.

Please let me know if anyone have an idea.

Thanks and Best Regards

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Using File System Task To Move A File

May 19, 2006

Hi All,

I am having a problem using the file system task, what I am trying to achieve is to move a file after it has been processed . I am using a For each loop container to process bunch of files but I want to remove the files that have been processed after every loop.To achieve this I added a File System Task after my data flow task and was using the same variable used in the for each loop container as my source variable but the package is not being validated and is gives the following error

"variable used as the source or the destination is empty"

Appreciate your help


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File System Task - Moving A File

Nov 7, 2006

I have a File System Task that uses variables to resolve the destination and source paths of a document. When I select the 'copyfile' operation...the document is copied from the source to the destination without error.

However when I change the property from 'copyfile' to 'movefile' I get an error and the document is not moved.

The source and destination variables contain a valid file path name since the copy commmand is working as expected. However when I alter the properties of the File System task to move the document. I get the following error:

Could not find a part of the path 'G:CommonInformation SystemsDropFilesrtNRT_ConfirmationOrder Confirmation Report_11062006.xlsOrder Confirmation Report_11062006.xls

It seems a little nonsensical since the document file paths are valid when performing a copy. For some reason the error log is showing that that the file path is the document name "Order Confirmation Report_11062006.xls" and adding it twice to the the directory path called "'G:CommonInformation SystemsDropFilesrtNRT_Confirmation" as you can see in the above error message.

To replicate the 'move' action...I added an extra File System Task that deletes the document once the copy has been performed. I would like some insight into why this doesn't seem to work.

Thank you.


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SQL 2012 :: SSIS Script Task Hangs When Trying To Download Missing File From A URL?

Oct 12, 2014

I have an SSIS package that inserts website URLs from a SQLServer table into a variable used by an HTTP Connection Manager, then downloads the data files from those URLs using a ForEach Loop and a Script Task. Works beautifully when a data file is found at the URL, but hangs if no data file is found. I've set the Timeout property on the HTTP Connection Manager to 30 seconds, but doesn't work. how to first check if a data file exists, of if the request returns nothing, or how to trap this situation in a try-catch?

Here is the VB code I'm using in the Script Task:

Public Sub Main()
' Connect to website using HTTP connection manager
Dim nativeObject As Object = Dts.Connections("HTTP Connection Manager").AcquireConnection(Nothing)
' Create a new HTTP client connection
Dim connection As New HttpClientConnection(nativeObject)


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File System Object - Combine 3 Files Into 1

May 16, 2008

I have an export file that updates each night and dumps into prices.txt

I have to send them to an ftp site that processes them automatically if they're formatted correctly. They contain the same header information (saved in header.txt) and footer information (saved in footer.text). I then combine them all
header.txt + prices.txt + footer.txt = glpcwholesale.prn

The script below is what I have so far but it isn't working and errors out on line 23.

Any help would be great.

Function Main()

' OpenTextFile Method needs a Const value
' ForAppending = 8 ForReading = 1, ForWriting = 2
Const ForReading = 1
Const ForWriting = 2
Const ForAppending = 8

' Create the File System Object
Dim objFSO1, objFSO2,objFSO3,objFSO4

Set objFSO1 = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objFSO2 = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objFSO3 = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objFSO4 = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

'Creating string references to file locations
Dim strDirectory, strFileHeader, strFilePrices, strFileTrailer
Dim strFileGLPC

strDirectory = "C:DataGarrowPRN"
strFileHeader = "header.txt"
strFileTrailer=" railer.txt"


'Creating File Objects Text File Reference
Dim objFileHeader, objFilePrices, objFileTrailer, objFileGLPCWholesale

Set objFileHeader = objFSO1.OpenTextFile _
(strDirectory & strFileHeader, ForReading, True)
Set objFilePrices = objFSO2.OpenTextFile _
(strDirectory & strFileTrailer, ForReading, True)
Set objFileTrailer = objFSO3.OpenTextFile _
(strDirectory & strFilePrices, ForReading, True)
Set objFileGLPCWholesale = objFSO4.OpenTextFile _
(strDirectory &strFileGLPC, ForWriting, True)

Do While (objFileHeader.AtEndOfStream <>

objFileGLPCWholesale.WriteLine(objFileHeader.ReadL ine)

Set objFileGLPCWholesale = objFSO4.OpenTextFile _
(strDirectory &strFileGLPC, ForAppend, True)

Do While (objFilePrices.AtEndOfStream <>

objFileGLPCWholesale.WriteLine(objFilePrices.ReadL ine)

Do While (objFileTrailer.AtEndOfStream <>

objFileGLPCWholesale.WriteLine(objFileTrailer.Read Line)


objFilePrices .Close
objFileTrailer .Close

SET objFileHeader = NOTHING
SET objFilePrices = NOTHING
SET objFileTrailer = NOTHING
SET objFileGLPCWholesale = NOTHING

Main = DTSTaskExecResult_Success
End Function

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File System Task In SSIS

Jun 24, 2007

I need to move files from one location to another location and rename the file using File System Task in SSIS..
There are curent file and archived files in the folder ( C:donwload)
and i need to grap only current file ( i.e Zipcode062407) and move to C:staging folder and rename it to currentzipcode.txt
how can i grap only current file and move it to the different folder and rename the file using File System Task in SSIS?

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File System Task Question

Aug 14, 2007

Is there a more clever way of doing this?

Currently I have to download a .gz file, uncompress and place it on a share with the current day's name (YYYYMMDD.txt).

This is how I'm doing this:

1 - FTP Task Manager to download file using expressions.
2 - Unzip file using a .bat file (Using 7zip). The uncompressed version of the file looks something like deedyyyy-mmddXXXXX.txt, where XXXXX is a bunch of numbers and letters that always changes, file version stamp from the vendor.
3 - Since I never know how the file is going to be called when I unzip it, I have to kick off another bat file to rename deedyyyy-mmddXXXXX.txt (*.txt) to 1.txt, then rename 1.txt to YYYYMMDD.txt, which is what I need for my ETL process.
4 - Archive zip file to another share
5 -Move YYYYMMDD.txt to another folder, so the ETL process can use it.

Basically, I'm not 100% sure about step 3, I'm renaming the files too many times and relying on bat files to do the job.

How would you guys handle such scenario? I'm not being able to use wildcards on File System Task.

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File System Task Problem

Jun 5, 2006

I'm trying to realize a file system task that rename files from a
foreach loop container. So that means the task have a variable in the
source connection. This variable got the value (as an expression) of
But an error message appears when i run it.The message is

File System Task: An error occurred with the following error message:
 "The given path's format is not supported."

When i don´t use the variable in the source connection it works fine.
Anyone knows what might be the problem?

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File System Task - Problem

Sep 28, 2006

I am using file system task for deletion of text file from a specified folder.

but i want that one text file with name ="ssis.txt" and "ssrs.txt "should not get delete.

Is there any option or any expression that we can set and avoide the deletion of ssis.txt and ssrs.txt and still delete all the remaining all text file from a folder.

Please suggest any method or expression by example.

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Possible Bug With SSIS File System Task

Oct 31, 2006

I'm having an issue with a file system task & I'm not sure whether it is user error on my part or a bug. I'm using a SQL Task to create a transaction log backup & I'm saving the name of the file in a result set which I then am mapping to a package level user variable. After that runs I'm trying to copy this .BAK file to another folder using the file system task. I'm setting the following properties on the file system task.

Isdestinationpathvariable: False

Then I have entered the static directory for the file move.

Operation: Tried it with both copy file & move file.

Issourcepathvariable: True

Sourceconnection: User::File_name

After setting this I immediately get a validation warning telling me the source directory cannot be empty. If I try to run it, it fails. The weird thing is that if I set up a connection manager to a flat file & pass my user variable in as the connection string to this connection. Then set the Issourcepathvariable to false & the Sourceconnection to this connection manager it works.

I also have gotten it to work by substituting an ftp task in place of the file system task. The ftp task has no problem when I set the Islocalpathvariable to true & then pass my variable to Localvariable property. This is why I believe there is some sort of issue with the file system task. Has anyone seen this before? Is there some sort of problem with the way I'm setting it up?

Thank you

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File System Task Question

May 11, 2006


I am currently just starting to learn SSIS and I have a question on creating a directory using the File System Task.

Would I be able to create a directory where the directory name is generated and stored in a SSIS variable?

Any help is appreciated and thank you in advance for the assistance.


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File System Task Error

Jun 22, 2006

I am using the 'File System Task ' to create a directory structure (e.g ..DB; ..DBLOG; ..DBBACKUP; )
I set following properties for the single tasks: UseDirectoryIfExists = True;  Operation = Create Directory;

The task works fine before installing SP1 on the server.  Now it creates an ERROR if the directory already exists and it is not empty.

SSIS package "testcreatedirectory.dtsx" starting.

Warning: 0xC002915A at Create DB Directory, File System Task: The Directory already exists.

Error: 0xC002F304 at Create DB Directory, File System Task: An error occurred with the following error message: "Das Verzeichnis ist nicht leer.". (The Directory is not empty.)

Task failed: Create DB Directory

Warning: 0x80019002 at Create Directorys: The Execution method succeeded, but the number of errors raised (1) reached the maximum allowed (1); resulting in failure. This occurs when the number of errors reaches the number specified in MaximumErrorCount. Change the MaximumErrorCount or fix the errors.

Warning: 0x80019002 at testcreatedirectory: The Execution method succeeded, but the number of errors raised (1) reached the maximum allowed (1); resulting in failure. This occurs when the number of errors reaches the number specified in MaximumErrorCount. Change the MaximumErrorCount or fix the errors.

SSIS package "testcreatedirectory.dtsx" finished: Failure.

Does anyone know if this is a known bug in SP1 or maybe its a feature  and if there already exists a solution (maybe I have to set additional properties I have not discovered as yet).

Thanks in advance

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Error In File System Task

Mar 2, 2006


I am trying to transfer all the data from Excel to SQL Server using the Script Task (since I got some issue with the Data Flow -- that is a different story, let us come to this error), and after it got transferred I am deleting the source file using File System Task.

[File System Task] Error: An error occurred with the following error message: "The process cannot access the file 'C:PrakashTestFilesNames.xls' because it is being used by another process."

The problem here is before transfer the data from Excel to SQL Server in the Script Task, the File System Task is getting executed, that is why it says that "it is being used by another process" like that.

I already set the TransactionOption as "Success" only for all the Tasks, but I don't know why the second task is getting executed before the first task completed his job.

If anyone have solution to this, pls let me know in detail ASAP.

Thanks & Regards,

Prakash Srinivasan

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File System Task In SSIS

Oct 25, 2006

Wanting to use File System Task in SSIS to move files from
one location to another for archiving. I can't seem to figure out how to use a
wild card for the file name. It seems that I must specify the actual file name
which is a problem because only the first 4 letters in the file name remain a

Does anyone know how to use a wild card or a way to work
this in?

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Looking For Info On The CopyFile In File System Task

Feb 25, 2008


I've been searching here and in Google, but haven't been able to find a good example of using the File System Task to copy files. I've seen Rafael Salas' blog http://rafael-salas.blogspot.com/2007/03/ssis-file-system-task-move-and-rename.html but that was moving and renaming.

What I want to do is copy a single file multiple times. Each time I copy the file and paste it, I will give the new file the name from the recordset that I have passed to it.

I used the Expressions to place the destination path and filename in a variable, but I am getting an "DestinationPath is not valid on Operation Type CopyFile".

An help/examples of how to do this would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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File System Task - Multiple Renames

Nov 20, 2007

Hi SSIS-fellows!

I am stuch at a problem that sould be very simply but it is not. At least for me

Here is the initial state:
Working folder: E:123DTS and E:DTSArchive
files: akarmi.zip, akarmi2.zip (there are one-one mdb files inside)

What I want to do with the package:
a) unzip the first file (there is an unzip.exe for this task)
b) rename the unzipped mdb (its name can be anything) to default.mdb
c) use the mdb with another package (that is not yet designed so I haven't added this one)
d) delete the default.mdb
e) move the first zip file into E:123DTSArchive
f) do a-e with all other zip files in the folder (so only once more in this case)

What I did:
1) I created a foreachloop container to do these with all the zip files, I correctly configured the enumerator to *.zip and created a user::zip_files variable
2) put an unzip ExecuteProcessTask. Its argument was the user::zip_files variable (this worked great)
3) I created another foreachloop container because I don't know how to rename the only existing mdb file in the folder (I wasn't able to use wildcards here)
3.1) this time the enumerator was *.mdb and the variable was user::mdb_files
3.2) I put a file system task into the container to rename that mdb file to default.mdb. I used variables for source and destination, too. Source variable (SourceRename) was an expression made of WorkingFolder variable (that was E:123DTS) +

user::mdb_files. This supposed to work but didn't When I put the exact name of the mdb instead of the user::mdb_files variable it worked without any problem.
4) another 2 file sytem tasks to move the original zip file into the E:DTSArchive folder and to delete the default.mdb file
5) end of the loop

I had problems with task 3) I even tried to make it run separately but without success

I would think that the solution is very simple. I would be grateful even if someone just send or upload me a package that renames every mdb file in a directory into default.mdb (it might sound stupid but if there is only 1 mdb that's okay and since this container is inside another the other default mdb files can be overwritten after using them in another package).

I've uploaded my packages with the files here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/mrd2jh

I was dealing with this one all day (with some interruptions) and I can't believe it can't be done.

Thanks in advance,


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Erratic File System Task Behavior

Jan 3, 2008

Hello all-
I am currently trying to deploy a production package to our servers and am seeing some very strange behavior. I am attempting to use a File System Task inside a Foreach Loop Container that renames (i.e. moves) a file from a processing location, appends a date, and places it in a different directory. The source file is coming from a connection manager whose file name is generated dynamically. The destination file is coming from a variable that is set in the foreach as a preceding task. I experience two different behaviors for the File System task depending on where/how I run the package...

Inside the VS solution on the server & from the SSIS MSDB store on the server
The package behaves as intended. The file is correctly processed then renamed/moved to the correct location.

From the SSIS MSDB store on my local machine
The file is correctly processed, however strange behavior occurs in the renaming task. The informational message in the execution window says that it deleted the newly renamed file (the same message displayed in the VS solution results). Upon checking the file system, the file is neither in the source directory nor in the destination.

Does anyone have some insight as to why these might be behaving differently? My only guess is that it's some sort of file system permission (even though I have domain credentials for a local admin on the server), but I can't imagine why it would allow me to delete the file and not rename it... Though finding the source of the problem would be nice, my biggest question is whether or not the package will behave correctly if I setup a schedule for it.

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