Numbers To Show As Pound

Nov 25, 2014

My google search doesn't really give a clear result, I would like to change the format of a result set, I have a field called totalBasePrice, it's current a numeric value like 10000 but I wish for it to be displied like £10,000 ....

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Why Do Large 'ntext' Fields Show As Pound Signs(#)?

Feb 28, 2006

The data in the field is ok and can be displayed but in the management studio express tool the field show a bunch of pound signs.

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When Exporting To Excel - The Numbers Show Up As Text

Apr 4, 2007


is there a way to force the numers to show in excel as numbers, not as text?



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Can We Show Numbers Inside Graphs In SSRS 2005?

Dec 17, 2007

Can we show numbers inside graphs in SSRS 2005?
I want to show nums in each column in a bar chart graph.


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Pound Sign Problem

Sep 17, 2004


I have come across a bit of problem with my Web Form. I have standard textbox which inserts a value into a SQL 2000 database. However if I put a pound sign anywhere inside the text box and do the insert it disappears when I try and reshow the value.

I have checked the database field to see if it has been inputted but its no where to be seen.

So what has happened to my pound sign? any ideas?

I am using VS.Net 2003.

Thanks in advance

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Reporting Services 2005 - CSV - ASCII - £(Pound Symbol)

Oct 2, 2006


We are having problems getting Reporting Services 2005 to export to an ASCII CSV file and correctly produce a (GBP sign).

I have changed my report server .config file to read:

<Extension Name="CSV1" Type="Microsoft.ReportingServices.Rendering.CsvRenderer.CsvReport,Microsoft.ReportingServices.CsvRendering">
<Name Language="en-UK">CSV - UTF-8</Name>
<Extension Name="CSV2" Type="Microsoft.ReportingServices.Rendering.CsvRenderer.CsvReport,Microsoft.ReportingServices.CsvRendering">
<Name Language="en-UK">CSV - UTF-7</Name>
<Extension Name="CSV3" Type="Microsoft.ReportingServices.Rendering.CsvRenderer.CsvReport,Microsoft.ReportingServices.CsvRendering">
<Name Language="en-UK">CSV - ASCII</Name>

And so far so good I get the three options to export to,

If I Export using the ASCII Rendering my pound signs come out as question marks (?) and subsequently loads into Excel as a general data type and is not sum-able.

If I Export using UTF-8 Rendering my pound signs come out as a weird character followed by a pound sign, again opened in excel loads as a General data type and is not summable.

If I export using UNICODE rendering, by file sizes are doublesd as you would expect, and then when you open in excel it is all bunched up in column 1, both un-acceptable.

Interestingly enough If I take the UTF-8 file I have and convert it to ASCII using Ultraedit, notepad or wordpad, everything works fine, the is correctly encoded, Excel loads it OK and it is summable, result, but I can not use get my end users to perform this "kludge" for an export.

Any help would be appreciated



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Formatting Numbers In A Mixed Column (numbers In Some Cells Strings In Other Cells) In Excel As Numbers

Feb 1, 2007

I have a report with a column which contains either a string such as "N/A" or a number such as 12. A user exports the report to Excel. In Excel the numbers are formatted as text.

I already tried to set the value as CDbl which returns error for the cells containing a string.

The requirement is to export the column to Excel with the numbers formatted as numbers and the strings such as "N/A' in the same column as string.

Any suggestions?

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Query Analyzer Shows Negative Numbers As Positive Numbers

Jul 20, 2005

Why does M$ Query Analyzer display all numbers as positive, no matterwhether they are truly positive or negative ?I am having to cast each column to varchar to find out if there areany negative numbers being hidden from me :(I tried checking Tools/Options/Connections/Use Regional Settings bothon and off, stopping and restarting M$ Query Analyer in betwixt, butno improvement.Am I missing some other option somewhere ?

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I Need To Update A Table With Random Numbers Or Sequential Numbers

Mar 11, 2008

I have a table with a column ID of ContentID. The ID in that column is all NULLs. I need a way to change those nulls to a number. It does not matter what type of number it is as long as they are different. Can someone point me somewhere with a piece of T-SQL that I could use to do that. There are over 24000 rows so cursor change will not be very efficient.

Thanks for any help

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Generate List Of All Numbers (numbers Not In Use)

Feb 21, 2007

I have an 'ID' column. I'm up to about ID number 40000, but not all are in use, so ID 4354 might not be in any row. I want a list of all numbers which aren't in use. I want to write something like this:

select [numbers from 0 to 40000] where <number> not in (select distinct id from mytable)

but don't know how. Any clues?

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Dataflow To Excel - Convert Numbers Stored As Text To Numbers Excel Cell Error

Mar 27, 2007

I'm trying to write data to excel from an ssis component to a excel destination.

Even thought I'm writing numerics, every cell gets this error with a green tag:

Convert numbers stored as text to numbers

Excel Cells were all pre-formated to accounting 2 decimal, and if i manually type the exact data Im sending it formats just fine.

I'm hearing this a common problem -

On another project I was able to find a workaround for the web based version of excel, by writing this to the top of the file:

<style>.text { mso-number-format:@; } </style>

is there anything I can pre-set in excel (cells are already formated) or write to my file so that numerics are seen as numerics and not text.

Maybe some setting in my write drivers - using sql servers excel destination.

So close.. Thanks for any help or information.

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How To Show ChartFX Reports In ReportServer And How To Show Tooltips For Reports Using Chart Properties

Dec 31, 2007

Hi all,

I have two problems.

1. I downloaded ChartFXRSTrial and created one chart, and able to deploy it in ReportServer, but the problem is the reports are not showing there, i checked the configuration of .dll files in the help provided by chartFX, but couldn't get anything, so could help me on this.

2. How to give Tooltip for the X- axis or Y- axis values in the ReportServer , i tried using chartproperties of .rdl file, but didnt understand it. can help me on this, and one more i tried with Dundas too, If im giving tooltip as #valy then, it is showing samething in reportserver instead the values of 'Y-axis'.

Mahesh Manthena

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Even And Odd Numbers

Mar 30, 2004

I need to figure out how to pull records if the id is even or odd.


ID Name
1 bill
2 john
3 joe
4 jane

for example i need a idea of a select statement that will pull the even records 2 and 4.

is this possible?

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Feb 25, 2008


I have the following:

insert into dbo.Categories (CategoryID, [Name])
'Category ' + right('000' + convert(varchar(3), n + 1), 3)
from @Numbers

Numbers is a table with 1000 numbers.
How can I create only 10 records in Categories?
I need to restrict the number of @Numbers used.


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Numbers Less Than Zero

Mar 1, 2007

In a pretty standard select statement (as shown), i want to return 0 when "dbo.v_AgentOrderTotals.Total - - AS amount_outstanding_commission" is less than 0.

SELECT     dbo.t_Agents.agent_code, dbo.v_CurrentParamPaymentTotal.ammount AS weekley_payment_total,
                      dbo.v_AgentNumberOfCustomers.count AS number_of_cust, AS total_paid,
                      dbo.v_AgentOrderTotals.Total AS ytd_order_total, dbo.v_AgentOrderTotals.Total - AS amount_outstanding,
                      ISNULL( / dbo.v_AgentOrderTotals.Total, 0) * 100 AS ytd_percentage,
                      dbo.v_AgentOrderTotals.Total - - AS amount_outstanding_commission,
                      ISNULL(dbo.v_AgentOrderChange.amount, 0) AS net_weekly_order
FROM         dbo.t_Agents LEFT OUTER JOIN
                      dbo.v_AgentOrderChange ON dbo.t_Agents.AGENT_ID = dbo.v_AgentOrderChange.AGENT_ID LEFT OUTER JOIN
                      dbo.v_AgentCommClean ON dbo.t_Agents.AGENT_ID = dbo.v_AgentCommClean.AGENT_ID LEFT OUTER JOIN
                      dbo.v_AgentNumberOfCustomers ON dbo.t_Agents.AGENT_ID = dbo.v_AgentNumberOfCustomers.AGENT_ID LEFT OUTER JOIN
                      dbo.v_AgentOrderTotals ON dbo.t_Agents.AGENT_ID = dbo.v_AgentOrderTotals.AGENT_ID LEFT OUTER JOIN
                      dbo.v_AgentAmmountPaid ON dbo.t_Agents.AGENT_ID = dbo.v_AgentAmmountPaid.AGENT_ID LEFT OUTER JOIN
                      dbo.v_CurrentParamPaymentTotal ON dbo.t_Agents.AGENT_ID = dbo.v_CurrentParamPaymentTotal.AGENT_ID


Any ideas how i do this?

Anthony Swift

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Row Numbers Etc.

Sep 24, 2007

I have a sales report that includes dollar amount, tonnage, and profit margin among other things. They are currently sorted by tonnage sold from highest to lowest. I'd like to be able to place a number in a column counting 1 up for tonnage ranking. I'd also like to get a number ranking for sales amount ranking along with profit margin ranking. The most tonnage sold might not have been the biggest sale nor had the highest profit margin.

Does this sound like something that can be done within SSRS?

I should ad I'm runing MDX queries against a cube so I can't use T-SQL for ranking.

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Expression.Like For Numbers?

Aug 26, 2007

Is it possible to search in columns with a number datatype (I'm using an MS SQL database with bigint columns) with the ICriterion Expression.Like?
Normally the Expression.Like is used for varchar columns. However, if there's a bigint column with the value 167829 I want to search for example on %678%.

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Calculating ID Numbers

Mar 28, 2008

 I needed to come up with an algorithm to create unique user- friendly account numbers such as AC0000000001, AC0000000002, etc...Where they increment by 1. I created a SQL function that retrieves the previous number generated, adds 1 to it, inserts the new value into  the table, then returns the new value. I started thinking, what if the function is ran at the same time? What if function # 1 creates the new number, and function #2 creates a new number as well before function #1 inserts it? Is this a possible scenario? If so, how do I lock the process until the function completes to prevent this?  Thanks for any help you provide.

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Generating Numbers In SQL

Jan 19, 2004


I am developing a ASP.NET application using SQL Server as my database.
I want to create a number that is unique.

The number will have 8 digits.

first 2 digits correspond to year. ex:04 or 03

the next 6 digits start with 000001 and it should get added for each new entry of data.

i am not able to generate number in the way i said. I am relatively new to SQL. so any suggestions as how to go about solving the problem???. Are there any samples/codes available for this.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


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Again ! Serial Numbers

Apr 2, 2001

How to generate serial numbers ? I had already tired ident. i am getting the error. Can any people who is willing to write a syntax for me.

In sybase if we use Number * function. It will automatically generates the serial numbers from 1 to n. similarly i need the same function in SQL server 7.0 so that my problem will be solved...

I am converting sybase stored procedure into sql server stored procedure that is why i am asking about that. i am struggling hard to find an answer...

please help me in this...


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Rounding Numbers

Jun 6, 2000

Looking for a way to round numbers to a specified number of significant digits. The ROUND function rounds to a specific decimal place but does not take into account the level of significance of the remaining numbers. (i.e.
ROUND(7.12435,2)=7.12000) The type of function I need would round the number in the following manner: SigFigRound(7.12435,3)=7.12 or

Any solutions?

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Numbers Truncated

Mar 9, 2000

I am trying to run a query
select logid, count(logid) from temp2
group by logid
order by logid
compute sum(count(logid))
when I get the result the numbers are being truncated
eg instead of 10471066 it shows 104710 so last two digits
get truncated. Any ideas or hints appreciated.

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Grouping Or SUM Of Numbers

Apr 12, 2006

Hi All,

After working out the basics and getting a report to give me back rows based upon a dropdown list, i know want to ask how do i show the sum of values for a customer.

So the out put would look something like this

Customer Total
0001 12234.56
0002 232.98
0003 456.78

I have two tables "customer" and "trades" i all ready have them linked and giving me all the individual items, oh and i have got it doing BETWEEN to dates, but i would really like to know how to show just the TOTAL trades for each cutomer on each line not every single trade for the customer.

Many thanks for any help with this

Dave C :confused:

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Subselect With Numbers

Feb 18, 2002

I have the following table:
CREATE TABLE ITEMS ([ITEMID] int, [itRULE] varchar(1))

-- Those works and gives me 11,12,21,22

-- This doesn't works
declare @Rule varchar(10)
set @Rule='2,3'
Any idea?
I don't mind to change the data type if it works.

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Random Numbers.

Jun 22, 2001

I am trying to get random numbers to have a unique value for different processes, then I can identify each process. What happens is that I use rand() function without seed, so I got my random numbers, but after shutting down SQLServer and try to get again another random number after booting up, the same series of random numbers is given again and again. So if anyone knows how I can get unique values,even though reseting the server, and using random function or any other method which automatically provides unique values,I'll really appreciate it if you let me know it.

This is the function: select rand()


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Deleting Odd And Even Numbers

Aug 8, 2002

I have two identical databases. I need to delete the even customer numbers from the first database and the odd numbers from the other database. I know I can do this writing a delete statement for each table. However there are a total of 54 tables.

Does anyone know a faster way to write the script without writing 54 scripts?

I would appreciate your help.

As always you guys are the greatest.


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Getting MAX From Char Numbers

Jul 28, 2001

I have a table which will recieve and interface file to be loaded. All the fields are there except an account_id field which is a char(12), but the data is a number 000000000001, 000000000002, etc. These numbers are to be incremented by one. I understand how to write the process using a cursor to run through all the records and to increment them before loading. My question is the best way to get the max number in the existing table which is the char(12) , and icrement the number by one, but retain the leading zeroes I will need. Anyone had the pleasure of doing this providing input greatly appreciated.

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Finding The Numbers

Jul 8, 2005

I have a column of data of type varchar. it contains a mix of text id's and numeric id's.
all i want is the highest purely numeric value
The closest i can get is to use a regex expression, but it don;t work and i just know there is a better way of doing it.

SELECT * FROM customers WHERE custref LIKE 'd*d';

I am using MS SQL 7

thanks so much for any help

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Formatting Numbers

Jan 18, 2005

I am using a MS Access ADP connected to SQL Server Data

In a view I have the following formula:

dbo.tblQuoteItem.Cost + dbo.tblQuoteItem.Markup * dbo.tblQuoteItem.Cost * .01

this calculates cost + markup

I cannot get it to format in Currency


Cost is $1.75
Markup is 2.00 (2%)
Total shows - 1.785000

I want $1.78

Also - I am using this formula to calculate the Quoted price for the Qty Entered

dbo.tblQuoteItem.Qty * dbo.tblQuoteItem.Cost + dbo.tblQuoteItem.Markup * dbo.tblQuoteItem.Cost * .01

Using a Qty of 2 for above, I get 3.535000

I want $3.53

Any help is appreciated - AB

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Select Any 2 Numbers (was Help)

Dec 5, 2006

I have a table that have ID_Number,Telephone_Number,Contract_No and Telephone_Type. lets say one id_number has one contract_no with different telephone_numbers and Telephone_Type so now what i wanna know is how can i select any 2 numbers if i have more that 3 per id_number in my table bear in mind that my table has about 200 000 rows.

ID_Number Tel_Number Contract_No Tel_Type
123 555-22 5 home
123 444-12 5 Business
123 546-12 5 Cell

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Formatting Numbers

May 20, 2008

I know this sounds like a basic question, but how do u add a leading 0 to a number, ie, 43 becomes 043


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Port Numbers

Jun 2, 2008

Hi Gurus,

Iwant to know PORT number of B on A server.
Iam following the following process to get B PORT number.

1) Loging to server A.
2)Opened SQL Server Configuration Manager.
3)Opened SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration.
4)Opened TCPIP properties of Protocol for B.
5)On that opened IP Address TAB
6)Got PORT number from TCP Dynamic Ports

Am i going n right way.
If not please advice me the right way to get port numbers.


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Numbers To Words

Aug 27, 2004

is there is any method to convert numeric ecpression to words ie 110 to "one humdred ten"
Pawandeep Singh

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