Reporting Services :: Export Excel Formula For Summing Column Values

Jun 22, 2009

In SQL server Reporting service we need to export excel formula for summing column values. scenario : After generating report we are exporting report to excel file using report viewer.when user will modify a column value we need to calculate(update) automatically sum of the column values.Basically we are setting excel formula.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS - Summing Up Positive And Negative Values Alone From Single Column?

Sep 18, 2015

MS SQL Server 2008 R2

I have both positive and negative values in a single column, where I want sum total of positive values & negative values. Is there any Expression for this to sort out.

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Reporting Services :: Add Formula To Formula Bar In Excel

Sep 1, 2015

In SQL reporting, How do I add the formula in the Formula bar?All the data is coming from a sproc.

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Reporting Services :: Count Values In A Column Based Upon Distinct Values In Another Column In SharePoint List

Sep 7, 2015

We have SharePoint list which has, say, two columns. Column A and Column B.

Column A can have three values - red, blue & green.

Column B can have four values - pen, marker, pencil & highlighter.

A typical view of list can be:

Column A - Column B
red  - pen
red - pencil
red - highlighter
blue - marker
blue - pencil
green - pen
green - highlighter
red  - pen
blue - pencil
blue - highlighter
blue - pencil

We are looking to create a report from SharePoint List using SSRS which has following view:

                    red     blue   green
    pen            2       0      1
    marker       0       1      0
    pencil          1       3      0
    highlighter  1       1      1 

We tried Sum but not able to display in single row.

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Reporting Services -- Export To Excel

Mar 16, 2008

Hi All,

I would like to know whether i can export a report to excel from reporting services, with all the column width set to the max width of the text in it(AutoFit Column width), so that the excel report doesn't look cramped.

Thanks in Advance.


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Reporting Services Excel Export

Jul 23, 2005

Messages to the reporting services group get no attention, and Ihaven't been able to find anything on MS support so I am going to tryhere. We have a prticular report, that when exported to Excel throughReporting services exports fine, but has an additional Excel sheetlabeled DocumentMap with bogus code in it and it has the focus bydefault. There is another tab called Sheet1 which has the correctreport data. Any idea how to get rid of this DocumentMap tab/sheet?

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Reporting Services :: Export To Excel On IPad?

Aug 13, 2015

I manage a Sales MIS Reports System, which has been in Production since 2006 for a Pharma company. The web app is built on ASP.NET with SQL Server Reporting Server 2012. This May we migrated to SQL Reporting Services 2012, as IPad support for reports was

A Safari on IPad limitation which we knew of and documented was lack of "Export to Excel" feature for SSRS 2012 reports (only export to .PDF and .TIFF supported). The same report on a desktop browser allows me all export functionality.

But now an overwhelming number of IPad users have come back with the requirement to support "Export to Excel" on the IPad.We were also surprised to discover that few of these users were provided IPads last year and they were accessing the old SSRS 2008 R2 reports (even though we did not support it). 

And these users were exporting reports to excel on the IPad since last year. These users are especially annoyed that we broke existing functionality while moving to a new version which was supposed to support IPads.

how we can provide the "Export to Excel" functionality for these IPad users.

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Reporting Services 2005 - Export To Excel

Oct 26, 2007


i have a report (RDL) which gives output of around 100000 rows. i am using reporting service's web service from an aspx page to render this report to excel. this is giving error as excel sheet can accomodate only 65000 rows. how can i add second excel sheet and tranfer the remaining rows into that sheet. i need this desperately.


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Reporting Services :: SSRS Report Export With Excel

May 27, 2015

I am exporting the ssrs report with Execl sheet but iam getting this error in excel sheet"The number in this cell is formatted as text or preceded by an apostrophe ".

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Integration Services :: SSIS Reads Nvarchar Values As Null When Excel Column Includes Decimal And String Values

Dec 9, 2013

I have SQL Server 2012 SSIS. I have Excel source and OLE DB Destination.I have problem with importing CustomerSales column.CustomerSales values like 1000.00,2000.10,3000.30,NotAvailable.So I have decimal values and nvarchar mixed in on Excel column. This is requirement for solution.However SSIS reads only numeric values correctly and nvarchar values are set as Null. Why?

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Import_CustomerSales](
 [CustomerId] [nvarchar](50) NULL,
 [CustomeName] [nvarchar](50) NULL,
 [CustomerSales] [nvarchar](50) NULL

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Export Drill Down Report To Excel?

Nov 19, 2015

I am having difficulty in exporting a report to Excel that has drill-down grouping created in SSRS 2008 R2. I can export with the report expanded or with just the summary and both look fine, but when it gets to Excel it looses the toggle ability which I need for it to retain.

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Reporting Services :: Data Shrinks When SSRS Report Export To Excel

Jul 15, 2015

I have a SSRS 2012 report which have few columns with long text. They appear good when viewed in browser. However, when I export it to excel data is shrinking. How can I avoid the data shrinking in excel. 

Attached the screenshots for reference.

SSRS View:

Export to Excel(Where data is shrinking):

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Report Export With Excel - Textboxes Merged

Jul 2, 2015

I have a report in that report having some Text boxes and below tables.But the problem is when i export the report into excel textboxes are merged, not getting properly.

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Reporting Services Image Problem Export Excel, Copy Paste ?

Mar 4, 2008

I have a server report which made by ssrs 2005, I am using vs 2005 to build an aspx page and call this report which already uses dynamic query. I use parameters and send these to reportviewer with setparameter method. I dont use DataBind and Refresh method. SetParameter is enough to generate Report. When report generates everything is fine. But when i export this report to excel the pictures in this report get smaller to fit in cell height. I used rendering extensions but its same.







catch(Exception exc)




And i used copy contents of reportviewer and paste it to excel file. There is interesting case here. If this is the first time that i run the report and copy and paste. No image is seen in excel workseet but other report elements is fine. But if i click on refresh button on reportviewer toolbar and report regenerates, i try to copy and paste and it works fine, and if i dont close ie window copy and paste progress works good and i dont need to click on refresh button on each report to copy and paste?

This is so interesting subject, i tried lots of things for example i tried to use databind and ServerReport.Refresh methods maybe it acts like clicking on refresh button but this wasnt the same only difference is it took more time to generate the report.

Any help?

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Reporting Services :: Create Report From SSRS And Then Export It In Excel For User?

Nov 4, 2015

I need to create an report from SSRS and then exported it in excel for the user. It has dynamic header/footer and dynamic excel sheet name. The developer told that it is not possible to have both the things dynamic.

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Reporting Services :: Show Complete Data In Report And Export Into Different Sheets To Excel

Aug 12, 2015

I want to show complete data in SSRS report and while exporting to Excel i want it to be exported into different sheets according to the category.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 Report Colors Do Not Export To Excel Correctly

Jul 21, 2015

I am facing some issue in rendering my SSRS report(2012 version) to excel sheet with color codes. i am using conditional formatting to display the colors. So what is happening is ,take the below expression as an example, for the id  = 0, we are not getting white back ground, we are getting some other colors. But the same thing is working fine in SSRS 2008R2. 

= 0, "WHITE","BLUE")

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Reporting Services :: How To Export 2 Datasets To 2 Excel Sheets In Single Report SSRS

Jun 21, 2015

I have two different dataset in one Report, Each Dataset result is binded to a different Table component.

When I export as Excel ,I am getting all this in One Excel sheet.

I need this in separate excel, as dataset1 in excel1 and dataset2 in excel2.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 Matrix Report Colors Do Not Export To Excel Correctly

Feb 12, 2013

We mark cells in  a report using color names like red, pink, and transparent in the fill expression. In the browser it works correctly. When exported to Excel the colors go to the wrong cells. This worked correctly in SSRS 2008. 

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Report Services 2000 Totals On Group Are Incorrect. Summing Duplicate Values

Dec 19, 2007

Hello Everyone
I've created a report with a simple dataset that is similar to this

City , RequestID, Request Amount, ClaimID, ClaimAmount
El Monte 791 52,982.00 2157 41,143.75
El Monte 3691 11,838.00 3140 8,231.14
El Monte 3691 11,838.00 3141 990.00
El Monte 3691 11,838.00 3142 2,615.00

So I group by City, RequestID. On the first group I specified the expression to be City and in the header I list the city and in the footer I list the sum of Request amount. On the second group I specified the group by Request so in the header I placed requestID and on the footer I placed Request Amount. I set request information to hide the duplicates and I even add =Sum(Fields!RequestApprovedGrandTotal.Value,"GroupByRequestID") the scope of the group. But this is what I get:

For requestID = 3691 for Request Amount is 35,514.00 not 11,838.00. All the claim sums are correct and they are located on the detail row.

I've read that a work around is to create multiple dataset but I honestly believe that something as simple as this should work on the reporting server 2000. So I've come to the conclusion that I must be doing something wrong. Can someone give me a hand on this. Thanks.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Report Export In Excel To 2 Pages Where Have 2 Tables In Report

Sep 21, 2015

I have a ssrs report having 2 tables in with 4 columns in each. When I go to export option in preview I can see all data coming in one excel sheet, But I am trying to get 2 tables in 2 different pages in Excel when I export.First page of excel comes with first table data with 4 columns and second page of excel comes with second table data with 4 columns .

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Reporting Services :: Export Server Report Chart To Excel As Editable Chart

Jul 17, 2014

When I export the report in excel format the chart is displayed as picture. I want it to be displayed as editable chart.Does Office Writer work in this situation and did anyone use Office Writer to accomplish same type of problem.Is there any other method or product we can use instead of the office writer.

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Reporting Services :: How To Get Distinct Values Of Sharepoint Column Using SSRS

May 13, 2009

I have integrated sharepoint list data to SQL Server reporting services. I am using the below to query sharepoint list data using sql reporting services.

<Query>   <SoapAction></SoapAction>  
<Method Namespace="" Name="GetListItems">     
<Parameters> <Parameter Name="listName">       

[Code] .....

By using this query, I am getting a dataset which includes all the columns of sharepoint list. Among these columns, I wanted to display only 2 columns (i.e Region and Sales type) using chart. I have created a Region parameter but when I click preview, the drop down box is giving me all the repeatative values of region like


I wanted to display only distinct values of Region parameter so that whenever end user select region from the parameter drop down, it will display the respective value of Sales type column.Also when I select only RG1 parameter, it is giving me a chart including the sales type of all the Regions. (it should display me only the sales type of RG1) How can I link these 2 columns so that they will display the values respectively.  

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Reporting Services :: Expression For Parsing Out Values From XML Stored In Column

Nov 25, 2015

I'm new to SSRS (We are using SQL 2014) and have been asked to create a report from SharePoint list data. One of the columns in my list contains XML data. I need to pull three different fields from this XML. I see lots on using xml as a datasource but I'm using a SharePoint list as my datasource. Before I get too far down the wrong road I thought I'd ask here if there was a built in means of parsing XML or if I should look at using the Text Function under Common Functions in the Epression builder?

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Interactive Filter At The Column Level (Like In Excel)?

May 21, 2015

Is it possible to have Interactive Filters in an SSRS report like in Excel at Column Level as highlighted below.

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Reporting Services :: Getting Extra Column While Exporting SSRS Report Into Excel

Nov 15, 2012

I am getting extra column while exporting SSRS report into excel but those columns not in my report. How to avoid these columns please find the attached screen shot with red circle.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Export To Excel Showing Data Type As General For All Data Types

Sep 16, 2015

One of my report has different data types like decimal,percentage and integer values.

When I exported the report to excel , all the values are showing as "general" data type.

How to get excel data type same as ssrs report data type by default when exported to excel?

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Reporting Services :: Show Empty Column Values In SSAS / SSRS?

May 6, 2014

In My cube I have :

A Fact table <<Company Revenue>>
2 Dimension <<Month.Dim>> , <<Company>>

I have 4 company say (A,B,C,D) but i have record for only company A & D that too only for December month .

 When I create a SSRS report out of the cube i want a matrix where all the company names to be displayed in the rows & all the months in the columns and company's revenue in data

What my report is displaying :

Company  |   December
A                 |   20000
D                 |   3900  

what is needed :

Company  |   January  |  February | March |  ........... | December
A                 |                    |                  |              |     |  20000
B                |                    |                  |              |     |  
C                 |                    |                  |              |     | 
D                 |                    |                  |              |          |   3900  
How do i achieve this either in SSAS or SSAS.

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Reporting Services :: How To Write Report Builder 3.0 Query Filters Formula

Jun 25, 2015

I have to create a filter on a dataset that accepts a parameter value which in turn,

1. If i check 'NULL' for that parameter, it has to accept all values,
2. If i give value to that parameter, data depends on that value.

My previous developer has written OR(FIND(Parameter: Param1,Param1)<>0, Parameter: Param1 = EMPTY).how to write this formula in my formula builder..

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Integration Services :: SSIS Package - Replacing Null Values In One Column With Values From Another Column

Sep 3, 2015

I have an SSIS package that imports data from an Excel file, replaces any value in Excel that reads "NULL" to "", then writes the data to a couple of databases.

What I have discovered today, is I have two columns of dates, an admit date and discharge date column, and what I need to do is anywhere I have a null value in the discharge date column, I have to replace it with the value in the admit date column. 

I have searched around online and tried a few things using the Replace funtion in Derived columns but no dice so far. 

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Export Parameter Values To Excel

Jan 7, 2008

Can someone tell me if this is possible?

I would like the parameter values used in the SSRS report to be exported to Excel.

I thought the following would work:
1. Create a table displaying parameter values
2. Set visibility of the table to be Hidden = True (I don't want the values to appear on the SSRS report since it is just repeating the same information in the parameters pane)
3. Select Table >> Properties >> Data Output. Set Element output to yes.

The result is that a big white space is rendered in the report for the table which looks awful. I was hoping that the visibility property would work in the same way as the 'Suppress' option in Crystal Reports and also hide the white space.

Also when the report is exported to Excel, the table values do not exist but the white space also shows. I thought setting the Data Output property on the table would show the table values.

Any ideas on where I am going wrong or is there another way to achieve this?

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Reporting Services :: Saving Report With Taller Column Headings To Excel Cuts Off Taller Headers

Nov 20, 2015

we are running 2014 enterprise. A couple of column headings (even with smaller font) are a little tall, as much as 6 "lines".   All headings in the respective matrices are aligned vertically as "bottom".  When I save the report to excel, these taller headings get chopped off visually in their excel cell.   The cell contains the entire heading.  It appears that the second "line" of the heading is the one that is most visible in excel. 

How do I get these to be saved so user will see entire heading when opening excel doc? In the first matrix there is a text box directly above the matrix and only one row of column headings.  In the second there is a higher column group heading containing month name above the problem headings. 

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Reporting Service - Export To Excel

Mar 3, 2008

Hi all,

I am using SQL Server Reporting Service 2005. When I try to using Reporting Service Export to Excel Features, I found that the exported Excel file will have some border line among the cell. But it does not appear when i viewed it on the Web. Any idea how to remove the border line? And Why it happens?


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