Reporting Services :: Powershell Script To Configure SSRS 2012?

Jun 12, 2015

We have 15-20 report server environments including Dev/SIT/UAT/PROD/DR etc. so instead of configuring it on each servers, we would like a script to use with parameters.

After installing the SSRS 2012 package on each server with given instance and service account, I would like to configure the SSRS through script instead on running the Configuration manager RSConfigTool.exe manually.

we already have created the database beforehand using the scripts provided by WMI. do we need db_owner permission on msdb and master database to configure SSRS?

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Reporting Services :: Configuring SSRS 2014 Using Powershell

Jul 9, 2015

I am trying to automate the setup of SQL server 2014 Standard edition with SSRS. To avoid SSRS being setup using the default port 80 for the webservice and report manager url's, I've chosen to install SQL server with the setting RSINSTALLMODE="FilesOnlyMode" and then use powershell to do the final setup steps.To setup the ReportServer database, I use the "GenerateDatabaseCreationScript" method available in the "MSReportServer_ Configuration Setting" class.

This succeeds without problems however when I use my browser to connect to the web service or report manager url's, I get a "rsInvalid Report Server Database" and a "rsReportServerDatabaseUnavailable " error, respectively.Running the stored procedure named GetDbVersion in the ReportServer database returns "C.0.9.45". If I delete the ReportServer database and then recreate it database manually with the Report Services Configuration manager, the same stored procedure returns "162".

So it seems to me there's a problem with the GenerateDatabaseCreationScript but I can't find any information on this. How can I automate the setup of SSRS and ensure it does not use port 80? There are many manual solutions involving multi-step GUI solutions but the key for me is to automate this with powershell which doesn't appear to be possible.

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Reporting Services :: 2012 SSRS Reporting Configuration (SCCM 2012)

May 26, 2015

We have SCCM 2012 primary site and Remote SQL 2012 server. Due to hardening and password reset we are facing reporting issue.

while we Open the SRS report in SQL server and try to edit the Report (Report Builder) we are getting following error due to which we are unable to configure Reporting Service point in the SCCM 2012 server. We created the New Reporting server database still we are getting the below error.

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Reporting Services :: Interface Code Compatibility Between Custom Delivery Extension Of SSRS 2008R2 And SSRS 2012?

Sep 3, 2015

Currently we are using Custom Delivery Extension for SSRS 2008R2 We are planning to move it SSRS2012

My Question is: Whether we can use the same Code used for SSRS2008R2 to SSRS2012?

if not what code changes we should do?

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Reporting Services :: SSL Redirect For SSRS 2012?

Jun 4, 2015

how to implement a redirect in SSRS? If a user goes to [URL] I want it to redirect to [URL]

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Integration Services :: SharePoint SSRS Subscription Execution From SSIS Using Powershell

Oct 26, 2015

We have been looking for a way to executing bursting of SSRS reports within SharePoint (integration mode) from a SSIS package after a successful load. We found this MSDN article which has a PowerShell script to "fire" a subscription.URL....One of the parameter needed is the SubscriptionID.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 Setup Parameter Value

Apr 22, 2015

In an existing ssrs 2012 report, I want to basically add the following logic to a new dataset that will be used by a new parameter called 'Inventory'.

SELECT  DISTINCT Inv_number as value,  Inv_name as label
FROM s.dbo.fnUser( @endYear, 0, 0, 0)
WHERE (@report is not null)
order by  label,value

In this ssrs report, there are 15 reports that can automatically be generated. I basically want this new parameter called 'Inventory' to only be active when the 4th report is selected to be generated. Thus in the query I listed above, how can I change the query to only be active when the 4th report is selected?

I tried to change the where clause to (@report(4) is not null), but that did not work.

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Reporting Services :: User Folder In SSRS 2012

Jul 13, 2015

There's a new SSRS 2012 environment which was setup with My Reports folder to each user enabled. I know I'm supposed to see a Users Folder in the Report Manager root, I'm setup as a system administrator (under Site Settings) and also have content manager rights in the root directory and I still don't see the "Users Folders" ...the only way I can see that is if they give me admin rights in the server SSRS is installed. What am I missing here, is this supposed to be like that?

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 Login Prompt During Run Time?

Oct 7, 2015

SSRS 2012 Login prompt during runtime?I've already did some work arounds that we're posted here but still doesn't solve the login prompt.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 Report For Non Domain Users

Nov 6, 2015

I created a SSRS Reports in SQL Server 2012 and deployed in server, I want this report to be accessed by one particular User created in that hosted server and any time if user hits the Report URL it asked for login Prompt.Suppose if I create a Windows User "ReportUser" in report server , I want when user hits the URL he should be able to access the report by providing the 'ReportUser" credentials.

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Reporting Services :: Dynamically Add / Remove Columns - SSRS 2012

May 16, 2015

I have SSRS report that has around 80+ columns. I have requirement where in dynamically hideshow columns in report based on user selection. I could able to do it by setting expression for "Visiblity" property and having report parameter thro' which columns to display can be choosen.

My problem is 2 points

1. fox example if columns 2 and 4 to be hidden, then there is an empty column between 1 and 3 and 5 columns. How to avoid this

2. When i export to PDF / Excel these spaces prevail.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 / Put A Title For A Radial Gauge?

Nov 26, 2013

I need to put a title for a radial gauge. I've tried to add a label, but it remains in the panel area.

Is it possible to add a title by using a gauge property without creating a text box outside this object?

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Reporting Services :: Merging Of Two Cells Vertically In SSRS 2012

Oct 5, 2015

I am new in SSRS 2012.I have created a rdl,in this rdl, am having a row group.In this report, other two columns has multiple rows and some rows having data and some other rows doesn't have data.So I want to create rows when the row of that particular column has any data or need to merge vertically with the  row having data and row don't have data of particular column along with the Common Row Group Data

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Reporting Services :: Cannot Re-add Deleted Header Row To Tablix In SSRS 2012?

Apr 26, 2012

I am using SSRS 2012 RC0 in Visual Studio 2010 sp1 to build this tabular report. I had inadvertently removed the initial header row from my tablix before adding numerous nested groupings to move the column headers to the header section so they would show up on each page.

I would like to reverse that decision, but I seem to be unable to now re-add that header row back to my tablix. In older versions of SSRS, I was able to right click on the table and then click on insert row-->Header row but that does not seem to be possible in ssrs 2012.. I tried adding a outer row to my top most grouping, but that option was grayed out.

How I can add my header row back to my table.

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Reporting Services :: Can't See Drop Down List For A Report On SSRS 2012

Oct 20, 2015

Here's my setup:

1) SSRS in native mode
2) 2012
3) I have "Browser, Content Manager, My Reports, Publisher, Report Builder" permissions on the folder that has the report

I can't see the drop down list associated with the report that's hosted inside the folder. Here's what I mean by drop down list -- the one that lists things like: properties, subscribe, etc. In other words If i click on that dropdown arrow, I don't see the list.

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Reporting Services :: Ssrs 2012 Change Parameter Values

Apr 22, 2015

In an existing SSRS 2012 report, I have a requirement for a user to be able to select by multiple school(s) and/or multiple grade(s). This is fine except certain schools like elementary have grade levels of KG to 06, Middle school has grades of 06 to 09 and high school has grades of 10 to 12. Thus for example, if a user has initially selected grades 11 and 12 and then they select an elementary school that has grades KG through 06, the 'grade level' selection would need to change.In other words,  I am thinking of initially having the available and default values for the parameter called 'Grade' set to KG through 12. However if a school is selected that only has specific grade levels like elementary school, how can I override the original grade level and only allow the user to select grades that the particular school contains?

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Reporting Services :: Can Change Encoding From UTF8 To SJIS In SSRS 2012?

Jul 14, 2015

How to change encoding in SSRS from UTF8 to SJIS for export to CSV. Is it possible or not.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 - Speech Balloons Over Some Bars In A Bar Chart?

May 7, 2015

A customer would like to show speech bubbles with a short text above some bars in a bar chart (similar to the image shown below). Is this possible with SSRS?

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 - Page Break With Column Grouping

Nov 16, 2015

We are facing problem in doing page break with column grouping. Our column group contains years e.g 2011, 2013 . We want to show a complete page for a year. 

Suppose 2011 has 10 records(horizontal) and 2013 has 12 records(horizontal) in column. The output should be 10 records of 2011 in first page, 12 records of 2013 in second page.

We cannot change the report layout to make column to row and vice versa.

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Reporting Services :: How To Draw Polynomial Trend Line In SSRS 2012

Sep 13, 2015

draw 4th Polynomial Trend line chart ib SSRS 2012. FYI this feature is in Excel but I want to draw this trend line on my Column Chart.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 - Chart Report Is Not Working After Deployment

Sep 23, 2015

We developed some of the chart reports. It is working fine when we preview the reports in the solution itself. After deployment to reportserver, when we access the same report, It is showing empty rectangle box (border of chart body). We have already checked data source/ Dataset mapping for the report.

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Reporting Services :: Unable To Pass Parameters Dynamically In SSRS 2012

Oct 1, 2015

I am creating simple report in ssrs and pass one parameter only. It will work perfectly (here user enter the parameter value). but i need that i should select the value in drop down box. i had tried many time and did different ways but I am unable to do it.

First i gave the parameter in my sql query in Data set (like WHERE COUNTRY = @COUNTRY) and i checked the Parameters tab in the data set. Here by default comes the Parameter Name: COUNTRY and Parameter value: [@COUNTRY].

Next i select COUNTRY Parameter in the Report Data Pane. and go to properties Here in General Tab: Name COUNTRY Prompt: COUNTRY, Select Get values from query in available values Tab (and also i tried with Select Get values from query in Default Value Tab) and Select Data set: Data Set1, Value field: COUNTRY and Label Field COUNTRY. And Click Ok

And tried to preview the report, it throwing below error

"An error Occured during local report processing.  The definition of the report is invalid. The Report Parameter 'COUNTRY' has a DefaultValue or a ValidValue that depends on the report parameter "COUNTRY". Forward dependencies are not valid.

How can I achieve dropdown list.What i missed? Even i unable to do it Multi valued parameters and Cascading parameters.

Actually i am working on SQL Express 2012 version.

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Integration Services :: Deploy SSIS Packages 2012 And Run Job Through Powershell

Jun 1, 2015

Any script  in ssis 2012 packages deployment  and create the jobs though power shell script.

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Reporting Services :: Data Driven Subscription Button Is Missing - SSRS 2012

Jun 23, 2015

The 'Data Driven Subscription Button' is missing from the Subscription option for any report developed in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SSDT...

Following version is running on SQL Server : Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (SP1) - 11.0.3000.0 (X64)

 Oct 19 2012 13:38:57
 Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation
 Standard Edition (64-bit) on Windows NT 6.1 <X64> (Build 7601: Service Pack 1)

And Report Server Log is saying: resourceutilities!WindowsService_15!a64!06/23/2015-10:05:08:: i INFO: Reporting Services starting SKU: Enterprise

I am having all SSRS roles including Content Manager,  etc..

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 Report Colors Do Not Export To Excel Correctly

Jul 21, 2015

I am facing some issue in rendering my SSRS report(2012 version) to excel sheet with color codes. i am using conditional formatting to display the colors. So what is happening is ,take the below expression as an example, for the id  = 0, we are not getting white back ground, we are getting some other colors. But the same thing is working fine in SSRS 2008R2. 

= 0, "WHITE","BLUE")

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Reporting Services :: How To Hide Data While Exporting Report In Excel In SSRS 2012

Jun 16, 2015

I have a report with three subreport, i want to hide data of subreport while exporting reporting in to excel. I have used this function  (=IFF Globals! Render foramt.IsInteractive,False,True) but didnt work.

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Reporting Services :: Email Option Is Missing In Manage Subscription (SSRS 2012)

Aug 29, 2015

In the Project Web Access (PWA 2010), I have created Report Library which contains .rdl files --> Manage Subscription --> Add Subscription --> Email subscription is missing

Did i missed out some thing but other email functionalities like notifications, Approval workflow are working fine so no issue with SMTP.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 - Scatter Chart Isn't Showing All Data Points

Jul 27, 2015

I have a scatter chart in SSRS (SQL Server 2012, Visual Studio 2010) that is producing the following:

There are five data points on there, however the result set I am using has 10 rows (a 'Completed Date' of datetime and a 'Lateness' integer whose values can be positive or negative.

This is the Dataset and the results it produces:

a.ACTIVITY_NAME As [Activity Name]
, ad.COMPLETED_DATE As [Completed Date]
, ad.DAYS_LATE As [Lateness]


How can I tell SSRS to show every data point in my chart?

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 - CSV Rendering / Turn Off Double Quote Qualifier

Sep 29, 2015

I have scoured the Microsoft forums and the internet to find out how I can generate the output of a CSV report that has double quotes around each value and is comma separated as follows:


If I try to concatenate double quotes around the values in the stored procedure or in the RDL, two double quotes appear around each value as follows. 


I understand that this is because the default qualifier is double quote.  What I see is that every time a double quote appears in a value (along with commas and line breaks), the qualifier will activate.  Is there any way to turn this off for double quotes? 

If I try to enter:  <Qualifier>false</Qualifier>, the word "false" appears as the qualifier instead.

The only way I have found that produces a result similar to what I need ("Abcd","123456","Efghi","789012","JKLMN") is if I add a line break - chr(10) in the RDL in each field. However, this won't work for me because I can't have line breaks in each field in the output. 

Note that in SSRS 2005, I was able to produce the report output as I state above by setting the field delimiter and qualifier as follows:


This essentially turned the field delimiter and qualifier off, as the values entered would never appear in the data.  I then could add double quotes and commas in the RDL.  This used to work in the old version but does not anymore.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 - How To Show Hovering Data In Exported Excel Report

Sep 23, 2015

We are showing hovering data in the report. When we hover the pointer of the mouse over cell, it shows the data. But when we export the report in excel, hover functionality is not working in exported report. Finding the solution to ensure hovering should work in the exported excel report.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 Matrix Report Colors Do Not Export To Excel Correctly

Feb 12, 2013

We mark cells in  a report using color names like red, pink, and transparent in the fill expression. In the browser it works correctly. When exported to Excel the colors go to the wrong cells. This worked correctly in SSRS 2008. 

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 Intermittent Report Reloading In SharePoint Integrated Mode?

Aug 17, 2015

issue where SSRS reports being executed from a report library in SharePoint intermittently are reloaded after hitting the apply button to run.  We are using SSRS 2010 and SharePoint 2013 in integrated mode. So a user clicks on the report, fills in the parameters and hits apply. Maybe 70% of the time the report runs fine.  The other 30% the report just reloads and wipes out any parameter selections. We do have a load balancer in front of the web servers.

I've ran fiddler to capture some of the error logging.

HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
Cache-Control: private
Content-Length: 16
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
SPRequestGuid: 3101219d-876e-60c8-a883-dcdee38b81b5
request-id: 3101219d-876e-60c8-a883-dcdee38b81b5


Things we have tried. Multiple versions of IE 8,9,10,11, Firefox, Chrome.  All browsers seem to exhibit the behavior.

We ran so more traffic monitoring and it doesn't appear on these refreshes that report actually connects to the data context so it seems to be failing prior to that. (Possibly at the SharePoint server. Logging from the server apparently didn't show much in terms of when this occurred) It doesn't seem to matter if the report has 1 or 10 parameters. 

We did notice that when we took the load balancer out of the equation and just hit the web server directly, the refreshes "appeared" to decrease in regularity but still occur.Also, the reports do not exhibit the refresh issue when running locally within Visual Studio 2013.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 - Groups In Report Manager Not Present When Exported To Excel

Mar 2, 2015

I have a report in SSRS2012. It was copied from SSRS2005 quite recently, as we have upgraded. The SQL developer said that it didn't need any code changes, as he had some kind of tool to test code problems between the two versions. The report has a table, with 5 row groups, and one detail row. The table is setup as follows:

Name             Sales          Costs       Profit


When I run this report using the Report Manager website from SSRS2005, and then export to Excel 2013, I get the 6 row groups in Excel, no problem whatsoever. I can drill into each group in Excel, using the group drilldown column on the left hand side. This works the same as the Report Manager website.

If I run the exact same report from the Report Manager website in SSRS2012, the Report Manager result is the same as SSRS2005 - all the row groups are present, and the drilldown works fine. However, the export to Excel has issues with the groups. There are only 3 row groups showing in Excel, along with a column group added for no apparent reason.

Drilling into each group shows inconsistent details, and there is no apparent logic as to what is shown within each group. I should also mention, that this issue with groups is seen on all my reports which have groups, not just this report.

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