SQL 2012 :: Null Values In Text Qualifier Error

May 27, 2014

I am working on SSIS Packages. I have raw files in which data is in text qualifier.

When I am trying to load files into database it's throwing me error when there is no values in text qualifier.

For Example. "Others","0","0"," "," "

If I have the value above in raw files. SSIS Package throwing me error in " " this column.

Saying Data Conversion failed.

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SQL 2012 :: Text Qualifier Inside A Text Qualified Field

Mar 12, 2015

In SQL 2005 if i was trying to insert some data with a text qualifier inside a text qualified field, it would work, for example:

"Name","ID ","Location","","Comany",""House Name" Road",

In SQL 2012, this fails with the error message, cannot find the text qualifer for field.

To get around this, we are having to import the data into a Dirty Data column of aTEMP table, ID, Dirty Data, Clean data - perform multiple updates and change the text qualifier and ensure they are only changed in the right places so we can keep the ". In this example, we changed the text qualifier to PIPES.

After these updates, we then export the data from CLEAN data back out to CSV, then reimport it into the origional destination table with a new text qualifer.

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Error With Text Qualifier In Qualified Field During Flat File Import

Nov 8, 2007

We have a flat file import proces which imports data from a series of unicode flat files.

The files have text qualifiers and are being imported to a table with the following format:
[Kundenummer] [nvarchar](10) NULL,
[Navn] [nvarchar](60) NULL,
[Adresse] [nvarchar](50) NULL,
[PostnrBynavn] [nvarchar](50) NULL,
[Kursusdato] [datetime] NULL,
[Varighed] [decimal](18, 2) NULL,
[Kursustype] [nvarchar](100) NULL,
[Risikokoder] [nvarchar](50) NULL

In one of our files we have two rows that looks like this:
"19298529";"THIS IS ROW 1";"ADDRESS 9 -13";"4200 SLAGELSE";"02-05-2006";8.00;"Kombikursus Førstehjælp - Brand 8 lek.";"37"
"19448242";"THIS IS ROW 2";"ADDRESS 50";"4140 BORUP";"04-05-2006";4.00;""Fra vil selv - til kan selv". Om børn 1 - 3 år";"22"

Both rows are OK according to the format, but the second row actually contains the text qualifier in one of the qualified fields (""Fra vil selv - til kan selv". Om børn 1 - 3 år"). It's the title of a course with a comment.
The proces fails on this file, and wont even redirect the row, as it does on other erroneous rows in other files we import.

We believe this is a valid text, but apparently SSIS doesn't
Is this a bug or is this record not allowed?
Is there a work around, and why wont SSIS redirect the row?

We believe the reason is that the field before is not text quaified (which is of course specified in the connection manager).

Thanks in advance,


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NULL Values Returned When Reading Values From A Text File Using Data Reader.

Feb 23, 2007

I have a DTSX package which reads values from a fixed-length text file using a data reader and writes some of the column values from the file to an Oracle table. We have used this DTSX several times without incident but recently the process started inserting NULL values for some of the columns when there was a valid value in the source file. If we extract some of the rows from the source file into a smaller file (i.e 10 rows which incorrectly returned NULLs) and run them through the same package they write the correct values to the table, but running the complete file again results in the NULL values error. As well, if we rerun the same file multiple times the incidence of NULL values varies slightly and does not always seem to impact the same rows. I tried outputting data to a log file to see if I can determine what happens and no error messages are returned but it seems to be the case that the NULL values occur after pulling in the data via a Data Reader. Has anyone seen anything like this before or does anyone have a suggestion on how to try and get some additional debugging information around this error?

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Problems Importing Text Files With Double-quotes As Text Qualifier

Jul 14, 2006

I have text data files from a third party and they use comma as field delimiters and enclose the text for each column in double-quotes. Not a problem for most of the data files until they start sending files where there is " within the column values. SSIS package fails with the error:

The column delimiter for column "Column 1" was not found.

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue will be greatly appreciated.Thankspcp

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Text Qualifier

Jul 16, 2007

Using SSIS, I am importing the data of a text file into a sql server table.
After the import, I Can not figure out why the texts inside the sql server have double quotes around them. This is similar to the data inside the text file. For example, the value "Simpsons" appears with the "" as you can see whereas I want it to appear without the "" inside the sql server table.
In the connection manager, the file connection has a text qualifier of <None>


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Import And Text Qualifier

Sep 3, 2004


How can I import txt files, in which data sometimes can contain
the letter that is used as text qualifier

Example txt file: 'abc',123, 'john's',12

Here the word -john's- contains the same letter as the text qualifier I have to use.

Can it be true, that this can't be done i MS SQL, when it can be done in MS Excel, Paradox etc..

Carsten H.

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Text Qualifier Hell

Oct 16, 2004

Hi all,

I'm trying to use DTS to import a space delimited file. One column uses " as a text qualifier so I set this in the options. The problem arises when a " shows up between the 2 text qualifiers. It's seen as a set of qualifiers with a 2nd qualifier with no end. I obviously get an error at this point. Anyone have any good advice on how to squash this one?

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Text Qualifier {} Not Working

Apr 10, 2006

I have installed Standard SQL 2005. I have a problem to import text file in db because of text qualifier {"} not working.

Does anyone have the same problem? Is it a problem in my installation?

Thanks for ant comments.


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Problem With Text Qualifier In SSIS Package

Mar 24, 2007

Hello there,

I have created a package which will copy rows from csv file to SQL database. I have a field into the csv file which contains numeric data. and I am keeping this into the database as numeric too. for example, a column into the csv named "amount" needs to be transfer into the data table where the corresponding column name is "amount" and its data type is numeric and the field can contain null values. I am using the double quote(") text qualifier on to the csv file. Now my problem is, some rows into the csv file contains null values for amount column. for example..lets take a look on my csv file content...

"Name", "Salary"

"Jhon Stuart", "35.66"

"Maria Gree", ""

Notice the second row of the csv where the Salary value has left as an empty string. Now my intention is to import these data into the database and the salary value for Maria should be remain as null. But the package is generating an error for this row. it says..

There was an error with input column "Salary" (61) on input "OleDB Destination Input (47)" . The column status returned was : The value could not be converted because of potential loss of data.

Can any body help me on this? What would be the solution for this? if I modify the row into csv file as following

"Maria Gree", "0.00"

then it works. But I dont want to fill the field with zero into the DB. I want it would be set with NULL value..which make sense.

Any Idea?

Thanks in advance.

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SQL Server 2012 :: Get List Of Last Non Null Values

Feb 10, 2014

I have two tables, a dates table and a values table. They are joined on the date column.The date table has a range, say from today as far as 20 days from now, incrementing by 1 day each row.The values table may have a row for a day, and may not. If the day has a value I want to display that value.If the day does not have a value in the values table I want to display the last known value.

I think this can be done with windowing functions in a set based manner but have not been able to work it out. I have done it procedurally but im not happy with that at all, and really want to see if this is possible in a set based manner.Below is some simplified code to allow testing with sample data.

create table DimDate
DateCol date
create table TotalsData
DateCol date


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SQL Server 2012 :: Pass In Null Values

Sep 20, 2014

The following t-sql 2012 works fine in sql management studio. However when I place it in a .net 2010 web form application, I am told the sql does not work when the parameter values are null. Thus can you tell me what I can change in the sql below that will accept null as 3 possible input values?

SELECT i.[lastName]


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SQL Server 2012 :: Null Values With Joins?

Aug 14, 2015

GO 5

from the above code i would like to get output like

1 23
2 23
3 null
4 null
5 null
1 24
2 null
3 null
4 null
5 null

I'm trying like

select a.id, b.empid from (
select * from a cross join (
select distinct empid from b) b
) a

left outer join b on a.id = b.id but i get repetitive rows.

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SQL Server 2012 :: Retrieving Null Values

Sep 10, 2015

Question in review today is Creating a Report showing the FName, LName of all Employees not Specified in a region; I would assume "No Value to be Null" Correct?

Or is there another way for me to do this?

This is what I have so far...What am I missing that this is not showing me results?

Select Firstname, Lastname, Region
From Employees
WHERE Region LIKE 'null%';

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SSIS Text Qualifier Problem With Bulk Insert - Please Help

Jan 16, 2007

I have created an SSIS package, in my VS2005 solution, that Bulk Inserts a CSV file (see example below) 
"100",2006-10-03 00:00:00,"HEX012",1"101",2006-10-03 00:00:00,"DS00130",1
I have a Bulk Insert Task that uses a Flat File Connection Manager to import my CSV file into my SQL2005 database.
My source CSV file (see example above), has double quatation marks surrounding any text fileds.
I have set the Flat File Connection Manager's 'Text Qualifier' to double quatation marks.
The Bulk Insert works ok, but ignores the Text Qualifier.
My database table is left with the original quatation marks in any text field.
Any help appreciated.

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Export To Flat File - Text Qualifier Problem

Jun 7, 2007

I'm exporting using a query to a flat .txt file. The problem I'm encountering is when I export the data and then open the .txt file into excel some columns cause line breaks to the next row. The columns that are breaking to a new row are varchar fields where the user has entered text into the field with double quotes ".

When I export, I'm using row delimiter {CR}{LF} column delimiter Comma and text qualifier Double Quote (")

Is there a way to prevent this from happening when I export and open the flat file into Excel?

I tried using replace, but I was getting a syntax error in my query. Here is the query without using replace:

SELECT e.session_date, l.lab_no, i.first_name + ' ' + i.last_name AS Teacher,
tt.name, d.district_name, s.school_name, t.title, a.q1 AS Question1, a.q2 AS Question2,
a.q3 AS Question3, a.q4 AS Question4, a.q5 AS Question5, a.q6 AS Question6, a.q7 AS Question7,
a.q8 AS Question8, a.q9 AS Question9, a.q10 AS Question10
FROM evaluation e
LEFT OUTER JOIN training t ON t.id = e.training
LEFT OUTER JOIN lab l ON l.id = e.lab_no
LEFT OUTER JOIN instructor i ON i.id = e.instructor
LEFT OUTER JOIN trainee tt ON tt.id = e.trainee
LEFT OUTER JOIN district d ON d.id = e.district
LEFT OUTER JOIN school s ON s.id = e.school
LEFT OUTER JOIN answers a ON a.id = e.answers
WHERE session_date >= '20070401' AND session_date < '20070501'

I would need to use the replace on columns a.q7, a.q8, a.q9, and a.q10

I tried using another delimiter...pipes (|) and that didn't work? Maybe I was attempting it incorrectly?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Text Qualifier Field In File Connection Manager

Jan 13, 2011

I've discovered an issue with the text qualifier field in the file connection manager when upgrading a SSIS 2005/2008 package from a 32 bit platform to 64 bit platform runninn SQL Server 2008 R2 10.5.1600.

The package will convert <none> in this field to _x003C_none_x003E and therefore any package using the file connection manager i.e. import/export - common tasks on SSIS! will cause problems either with output data or imported data.

Simply replacing _x003C_none_x003E with <none> fixes the issue but ofcourse there can be many packages affected as a result.

Any existing/impending cumulative update for SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard that will fix the problem?double quote delimiters are converted to _x0022_ which I am assume by replacing with a double quote will fix the problem.

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Text Qualifier In SSIS Designer For Flat File Source

May 19, 2008

Unlike SQL Server 2000 DTS, SSIS Flat File Connection Manager Editor does not provide available list of Text qualifier,

i tried

-- ""
-- double quote {"}
-- "

but none of them worked....!
My file sample looks like this


what qualifier should I use then?

Many Thanks,

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SSIS Flat File Text Qualifier Only Works On Some Machines!

Jan 3, 2008

I have made a package that reads a text file into a table.

The data in the file is roughly as follows.

1, "a", "b,c,ddddd", 4, "ee", 0 with the column sizes int, 1, 50, int, 2, int

On all the desktop Bids environments and a SQL 2005 instance on windows server 2000 the package runs fine.

on the 2 Windows server 2003/SQL 2005 machines a truncation error occurs on col 5.

What is happening is on these machines the text qualifier is being ignored and column 5 is reading as ddddd instead of ee!

I figured this out by changing all fields to text and seeing what came out of the other end.

It is very, very strange and I've hit a brick wall.

If Anyone has any ideas throw them in the mixer please?



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SQL Server 2012 :: Exclude NULL Values From Select Statement

Feb 4, 2014

I wrote a select statement, I only want to see orders with max lastUpdatedOn date of 14 days and older. Now my results show dates with all orders of 14 days and older (which is OK), but all others are displayed in the "Uitgifte" column as "NULL". But those orders should not be displayed at all.

selectdistinct ProductionHeader.ProdHeaderOrdNr,
(select max (ProdStatusLog.ProdStatusCode)


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The Flat File Parser Does Not Support Embedding Text Qualifier In Data

Nov 13, 2007

i am unable to use the Text Qualifer in SSIS package Flat file connection manager Editor, it says, "The flat file parser does not support embedding text qualifier in data",why is that?

it was supported nicely in DTS 2000. also I have no control on Source file TXT. so I can not eliminate the Text qualifer (") from the file.

any advices.

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Compressing Multiple Rows With Null Values To One Row With Out Null Values After A Pivot Transform

Jan 25, 2008

I have a pivot transform that pivots a batch type. After the pivot, each batch type has its own row with null values for the other batch types that were pivoted. I want to group two fields and max() the remaining batch types so that the multiple rows are displayed on one row. I tried using the aggregate transform, but since the batch type field is a string, the max() function fails in the package. Is there another transform or can I use the aggragate transform another way so that the max() will work on a string?

-- Ryan

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SQL Server 2012 :: Add Column Names As Total And Subtotal For NULL Values?

Jan 21, 2014

How do I add column names as Total and SubTotal for NULL values.

, COUNT(*)


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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 - CSV Rendering / Turn Off Double Quote Qualifier

Sep 29, 2015

I have scoured the Microsoft forums and the internet to find out how I can generate the output of a CSV report that has double quotes around each value and is comma separated as follows:


If I try to concatenate double quotes around the values in the stored procedure or in the RDL, two double quotes appear around each value as follows. 


I understand that this is because the default qualifier is double quote.  What I see is that every time a double quote appears in a value (along with commas and line breaks), the qualifier will activate.  Is there any way to turn this off for double quotes? 

If I try to enter:  <Qualifier>false</Qualifier>, the word "false" appears as the qualifier instead.

The only way I have found that produces a result similar to what I need ("Abcd","123456","Efghi","789012","JKLMN") is if I add a line break - chr(10) in the RDL in each field. However, this won't work for me because I can't have line breaks in each field in the output. 

Note that in SSRS 2005, I was able to produce the report output as I state above by setting the field delimiter and qualifier as follows:


This essentially turned the field delimiter and qualifier off, as the values entered would never appear in the data.  I then could add double quotes and commas in the RDL.  This used to work in the old version but does not anymore.

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Error Executing A Sql Statement Against A Table With Null Date Values

Apr 10, 2008

We are just upgrading a server from 2000 to 2005 and we are getting the message below when we execute a sql statement against a table with a date field with null values:

"Error converting data type DBTYPE_DBTIMESTAMP to datetime."

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How To Get The Null Values In My Stored Procedure I Am Getting Error Dbnullvalue On Front End Aspx Form

Nov 2, 2004

I have the following stored proc. which i am using on the front end to get all the record from table:

if there are any fields it has anynull values in it i am getting error dbnull value error.
i have null value for ReviewerComment field, can you please tell me how to pass a "" if it is null, in the store proc only, to get all the fresh dat to front end before bnding it to the datagrid control.

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_displayrevws]
select r.RevID,
rtrim(f.revwfunction) as revwfunction,
rtrim(u.uname) as uname,
CONVERT(varchar(10),r.Issued,101) as Issued,
rtrim(r.ModuleName) as modulename,
from TAB_ccsNetReviewers r, tabuname u, ccsfunctions f, ccsdisposition d where u.id = r.ReviewerUserID and r.RevFunctionid = f.id and r.Dispositionid = d.id and r.ModuleID = 1 order by r.RevID ASC

Thank you very much.

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SQL 2012 :: Rolling Up Multiple Row And Columns Into A Single Cell NULL Error

Jul 28, 2015

So I have a problem with combining cells: some of the cells are blank and some of the cells have NULL value.

The combined blank cells return perfect.

But the combined cells in which 1 or more contains NULL will return as NULL

0-4139-00-01OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT 139 - A -
0-4139-00-02NVG EQUIPMENT 139 - A -
0-4139-00-03NVG EQUIPMENT 139 - A -

A part of the script which i use is:

STUFF((SELECT ', ' + i.ac_type + ' - '
+ i.range_or_single+ ' ' + ' - ' + i.serialno_to
FROM msc_item_effectivity i
inner JOINmsc_item h
ONb.taskcard_verno_i = h.taskcard_verno_i
WHERE h.itemno_i = i.itemno_i
FOR XML PATH('')), 1, 1, '')

i.ac_type = 139
i.range_or_single = A
i.serialno_to = blank or NULL

I want the result of the blank value to be the same as the NULL value.

0139-01-01BRAKE RESERVOIR 139 - A -

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SQL 2012 :: Error When Inserting To Text Type Field

Mar 8, 2015

See attached image...

The columns are of type text

I made this insert stmt using a stored proc...

I mean the [text] field values from another table is converted to varchar(max) and then to VARBINARY(max) and then to HEX value.

Why this error only when I try to insert to this particular column [[Conclusions]] ?

Other columns ( of type text ) did not have this issue

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SQL Server 2012 :: Full-text Filter Daemon Service Error Log

Sep 24, 2014

is there a way to turn off or reduce the logfiles of the MSSQL Full-text Filter Daemon Service?

The entries are very useless and on server with many databases and many fullindex tables it is very inefficient to write all these files (no SSD).

(SQL Server 2012 Express)

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Integration Services :: SSIS Reads Nvarchar Values As Null When Excel Column Includes Decimal And String Values

Dec 9, 2013

I have SQL Server 2012 SSIS. I have Excel source and OLE DB Destination.I have problem with importing CustomerSales column.CustomerSales values like 1000.00,2000.10,3000.30,NotAvailable.So I have decimal values and nvarchar mixed in on Excel column. This is requirement for solution.However SSIS reads only numeric values correctly and nvarchar values are set as Null. Why?

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Import_CustomerSales](
 [CustomerId] [nvarchar](50) NULL,
 [CustomeName] [nvarchar](50) NULL,
 [CustomerSales] [nvarchar](50) NULL

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Null Values For Datetime Values Converted To '0001-01-01'

Mar 29, 2006


can somebody explain me how I can assign a NULL value to a datetime type field in the script transformation editor in a data flow task.
In the script hereunder, Row.Datum1_IsNull is true, but still Row.OutputDatum1 will be assigned a value '0001-01-01' which generates an error (not a valid datetime). All alternatives known to me (CDate("") or Convert.ToDateTime("") or Convert.ToDateTime(System.DBNull.Value)) were not successful.
Leaving out the ELSE clause generates following error: Error: Year, Month, and Day parameters describe an un-representable DateTime.

If Not Row.Datum1_IsNull Then

Row.OutputDatum1 = Row.Datum1


Row.OutputDatum1 = CDate(System.Convert.DBNull)

End If

Any help welcome.

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Use Order By But Want NULL Values As High Values

Nov 9, 2000


My query "select blah, blah, rank from tablewithscores" will return results that can legitimately hold nulls in the rank column. I want to order on the rank column, but those nulls should appear at the bottom of the list


Rank Blah Blah
1 - -
2 - -
3 - -
NULL - -
NULL - -

At present the NULLs are at the top of the list, but I do not want my ranking in descending order. Any suggestions?


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Integration Services :: SSIS Package - Replacing Null Values In One Column With Values From Another Column

Sep 3, 2015

I have an SSIS package that imports data from an Excel file, replaces any value in Excel that reads "NULL" to "", then writes the data to a couple of databases.

What I have discovered today, is I have two columns of dates, an admit date and discharge date column, and what I need to do is anywhere I have a null value in the discharge date column, I have to replace it with the value in the admit date column. 

I have searched around online and tried a few things using the Replace funtion in Derived columns but no dice so far. 

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