SQL 2012 :: SSRS - Force Report To Use Columns Returned From Stored Procedure?

Jul 10, 2015

I have a stored procedure which returns a result set as follows:

(Example data) "Some total name",1,2,3,4,5.....

The WV1, WV2, WV3 column names will be different depending on parameters passed to the stored procedure. In other words, the column names or number of columns aren't fixed (apart from "Total").

What I would like to be able to do is to just force SSRS to use the column headers supplied by the stored procedure as the column names in the report.

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SQL 2012 :: Stored Procedure Never Finishes Running From SSRS Report Manager?

Jul 9, 2015

My SSRS report never finishes running for some reason.

If I run the same SP with the same parameters from SSMS it runs in 0.5 sec (returns 8-10 rows).

When running from report manager, I see extremely high CPU Time and Disk IO values, no blocking, no waiting at all.

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SQL 2012 :: Getting Returned Value Of A Stored Procedure?

Jun 2, 2015

I am running a sproc we have developed and I am getting a -6 as a returned value.what that actually means.

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How To Figure Out If The Dataset Returned Any Data Or Not While Rendering The Report Through The SSRS Web Service

Jan 12, 2007

In one of my projects, i have been using the SSRS web service to render a report as pdf and then manually emailing it out.

I need to know whether the data set for the report returned any data or not (so that i can avoid emailing the report with a blank report body).

Ofcource this can be done by executing the same query (same as the query for the report) from C# code and checking the count of the resultset, before calling the SSRS Render method. But it might not be an efficient method.

Was wondering the the SSRS Web Service provides an property or method that can let me figure out whether the resultset was empty or not (after the report execution).


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Force Stored Procedure To Timeout

Sep 29, 2010

Is there a way to force a stored procedure timeout?

I need this to happen to test an error handling method.

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How To Get The Returned Value From A Stored Procedure?

Sep 26, 2007

I use a strong-typed DataSet to build the data access tier of my application, and the IDE generates most of code for me. However I can't find a way to get the value returned by a stored procedure(The stored procedure seems like 'RETURN 0').I noticed that a @RETURN_VALUE parameter is added automatically for each query method, but I don't know how to read the value.
Anybody could help me with the problem? Thanks.

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Use Resultset Returned From A Stored Procedure In Another Stored Procedure

Nov 15, 2006

I have a store procedure (e.g. sp_FetchOpenItems) in which I would like to call an existing stored procedure (e.g. sp_FetchAnalysts). The stored proc, sp_FetchAnalysts returns a resultset of all analysts in the system.
I would like to call sp_FetchAnalysts from within sp_FetchOpenItems and insert the resultset from sp_FetchAnalysts into a local temporary table. Is this possible?

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Incorrect Value Returned From Stored Procedure

Sep 26, 2006

I have an asp.net 1.1 website that uses sql server 2000 and vb.I have a bit of a dilema, when I run a stored procedure in a webpage it returns the wrong value, but if I run itin the query analyzer the correct value is returned. Dim orderHistory As nlb.OrdersDB = New nlb.OrdersDB

' Obtain Order ID from QueryString
Dim OrderID As Integer = CInt(Request.Params("ID"))

' Get the customer ID too
Dim myNewCustomerId As Integer = 0
myNewCustomerId = orderHistory.GetOrderCustomer(OrderID)

Public Function GetOrderCustomer(ByVal orderID As Integer) As Integer

' Create Instance of Connection and Command Object
Dim myConnection As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("ConnectionString"))
Dim myCommand As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand("nlbsp_OrdersCustomerID", myConnection)

' Mark the Command as a SPROC
myCommand.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure

' Add Parameters to SPROC
Dim parameterOrderID As New SqlParameter("@order_id", SqlDbType.Int, 4)
parameterOrderID.Value = orderID

Dim parameterOrderCustID As New SqlParameter("@customer_id", SqlDbType.Int, 4)
parameterOrderCustID.Value = ParameterDirection.Output

'Open the connection and execute the Command

' Return the customer_id (obtained as out paramter of SPROC)

If parameterOrderCustID.Value <> 0 Then
Return CInt(parameterOrderCustID.Value)
Return 0
End If

End Function

the stored procdure is
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[nlbsp_OrdersCustomerID]
@order_id int,
@customer_id int OUTPUT

/* Return the customer_id from the Orders. */
@customer_id = customer_id


order_id = @order_id

 I know a particular order_id returns a value of 1. But when I run it in the webpage it always comes back as 2. Any ideas would be appreciated ThanksPete

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Stored Procedure - Too Many Rows Returned

Jan 12, 2007

The following query only brings back too much data in the table - there are duplicates and the lab it shows is wrong.
The problem is:  
AND a.calLab = f.ID
in the Where statement.
Some equipment does not need calibration, so, a.calDueDate = 0 AND a.calLab would be NULL or 0.
tblLabs ID field has 1 - 18 (Labs) - no 0 and of course no null
I need to get the rest of the data.
Any suggestions?
SELECT a.assignedID,
FROM tblEquipments a,
tblManufacturers b,
tblLocation c,
tblStatus d,
tblEquipment_Type e,
tblLabs f
WHERE a.manufacturer = b.manufacturerID
AND a.location = c.locationID
AND a.Status = d.statusID
AND a.EquipmentType = e.ID
AND (a.calLab = f.ID or a.calLab Is NULL or a.calLab = 0)   

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Stored Procedure && Returned Values

Dec 23, 2007

I have a stored procedure that selects * from my table, and it seems to be working fine:
IF OBJECT_ID ( 'dbo.GetAll', 'P') IS NOT NULL
DECLARE ref_cur Cursor
Open ref_cur
The problem is, I'm trying to create a DB class, and I'm not sure what Parameter settings I'm supposed to use for my returned values.  Can anyone help me finish this?public class dbGet_base
public dbGet_base()
_requestId = 0;

public dbGet_base(Int64 RequestId)
this._requestId = RequestId;
public void getDbValues(Int64 RequestId)
getDbValues(RequestId, "GetAll");
public void getDbValues(Int64 RequestId, string SP_Name)
using(SqlConnection Conn = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["WSConnection"]))
using (SqlCommand Command = new SqlCommand(SP_Name, Conn))
Command.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
Command.Parameters.Add("@Request_Id", SqlDbType.Int).Value = RequestId;

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Stored Procedure Works But Nothing Returned?

Mar 4, 2004


I have the following stored prod in SQL server:

CREATE PROC spValidateUserIdAndPassword

SELECT tblAdvertisers.UserID, tblAdvertisers.Password
FROM tblAdvertisers
WHERE ((tblAdvertisers.UserID = @UserId) AND (tblAdvertisers.Password = @Password))

I can run it in Query Analyzer and it returns one record as it should. I want it in ASP.NET to return the amount of rows that are effected, e.g that the login is correct.

The code I have is:

public bool ValidateUserIdAndPassword(string userId, string password)
sqlCommand.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
//the name of the stored procedure
sqlCommand.CommandText = "spValidateUserIdAndPassword";

SqlParameter myParam;

//add the param's to the SP

//userId information for the user
myParam = new SqlParameter("@UserId", SqlDbType.VarChar, 50);
myParam.Value = CStr(userId);

//password information for the user
myParam = new SqlParameter("@Password", SqlDbType.VarChar, 50);
myParam.Value = CStr(password);

int rows = sqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery();

if(rows == 1)
return true;
return false;

catch(System.Exception er)
//for design time error checking
return false;

This returns -1...

Please help me

Kind Regards

KitkatRobins :-)

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Trying To Retrieve A Value Returned By A Stored Procedure

Apr 30, 2006

I have a stored procedure that return either 1 or -1 : IF EXISTS( ) BEGIN return 1 ENDELSE BEGIN return -1 ENDAnd then I try to retrieve the returned value by doing this:int value = Convert.ToInt32(command.ExecuteScalar());But the value I get is always 0. Anyone see what is wrong?  

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Stored Procedure Syntax - Value Not Returned

Feb 5, 2004

I have the following stored procedure. The good thing is I finally got the syntax to the point where it doesn't blow up, but I was under the impression the "print" statement would print my result. In this case all I get is the statement ' 1 Row Affected ' which by the way is not the answer I was expecting.

Here's the code:

declare @myvariable varchar(700)

declare @myvar varchar(700)

Select @myvariable = d.id
from table1 d, table2 dc where d.class = dc.class

If @myvariable > 0
Select @myvar =dp. class
from table3 dp, table2 dc
where dp.class = dc.class

If @myvariable >= 1
print @myvariable + (',') + @myvar

print @myvariable + ('is empty')

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Can A Stored Procedure's Result Set Be Returned

Apr 4, 2004

Pls give some samples

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Value That Is Returned If An Insert Is Not Performed From A SQL Stored Procedure.

Sep 14, 2007

I am using the following stored procedure to insert a value into the database. I am new to stored procedures so I need help. Basically this stored procedurewill only insert a value for "CustomerName" if it is not a duplicate value.
So I noticed in My C# when I call this stored procedure, a negative one "-1"is returned if the insert is not performed because of a duplicate value.
Is that correct? Should I be getting back a negative one "-1" ? You seeI thought that a Zero "0" would be returned if the insert was not performed.Not a negative one?
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[CustomerCreate](  @CustomerDescription nvarchar(100),  @CustomerName nvarchar(100),  @LastUpdateDate datetime,  @LastUpdateUser nvarchar(32),  @inserted_record smallint output)
 if exists (select 1 from Customer where CustomerName = @CustomerName) BEGIN
    set @inserted_record = 0
 END    ELSE BEGIN INSERT INTO Customer (  CustomerDescription,  CustomerName,        Active,  LastUpdateDate,  LastUpdateUser ) VALUES (  @CustomerDescription,  @CustomerName,  @LastUpdateDate,  @LastUpdateUser ) END

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Reading Values Returned From A Stored Procedure

Nov 10, 2000

I am trying to use a stored procedure inside the scripter in a site server pipeline. Can anyone tell me how the scripter will read the the result which is a variable. The stored procedure is returning the right value when run in query analyzer but I don't know how to retrieve it inside the pipeline.

Thank you

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Append Recordset Returned From A Stored Procedure

May 12, 2004

I have a recordset returned from a stored procedure executed in the form open event. Could this recordset append to the form's recordsource property in the form's open event in VB? if so, what's the syntax?

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
dim ...

Set add_bag_results = Nothing
With add_bag_results
.ActiveConnection = CurrentProject.Connection
.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc
.CommandText = "spSampling_add_bag_results"
.Parameters.Append .CreateParameter("ret_val", adInteger, adParamReturnValue)
'.Parameters.Append .CreateParameter("@lotnum", adInteger, adParamInput, 4, rs_add_bag_results(1))
.Parameters.Append .CreateParameter("@lotnum", adInteger, adParamInput, 4, lot_n)
Set rs_add_bag_results = .Execute
End With

Me.RecordSource = rs_add_bag_results ?


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Convert Stored Procedure's Returned Output To Varchar From Int?

Jun 23, 2006

I have 1 files, one is .sql and another is stored procedure. SQL file will call the stored procedure by passing the variables setup in the SQL file. However, everything ran well except at the end, I try to get the return value from SP to my SQL file ... which will send notification email. But, I get the following msg ... I am not sure how to fix this ... help!!! :(
Syntax error converting the varchar value 'ABC' to a column of data type int.
SQL file
SELECT CONTENT = @S  -- this is the value I am trying to pass as content of the email
EXEC PRODUCTION.DBO.SENDEMAIL 'xxx@hotmail.com', 'Notification', @S
Stored Procedure
CREATE procedure sp_RPT( @array varchar(1000) ) AS
DECLARE @content AS VARCHAR(2000)
SET @content = 'RPT: ' + @array + ' loaded successfully '
SET @array = 'ABC'RETURN CONVERT(VARCHAR(1000),@array)

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Stored Procedure/results Returned Double Problem

Oct 18, 2006

Stored Procedure ProblemThis is probably a simple problem but i would appreciate some help.I have a stored procedure that takes the order date time plus other information fromvarious tables but the information is being returned double:ie 4 rows are being returned instead of two. Can anyone see where i am going wrong?Many thanksMartinThis is the stored procedureALTER PROCEDURE dbo.SP_RetrieveOrdersASSELECT distinct OD.DateCreated, O.OrderID,O.UserID,O.OrderTotal,O.Sent,O.Delivered,O.Paid,C.CustomerNameFROM Orders As O,Customers As C,OrderDetails as ODWHERE O.UserID=C.UserID And O.OrderTotal  >0 RETURNThese are the results that are returnedDateCreated             OrderID     UserID                               OrderTotal       Sent   Delivered Paid   CustomerName               ----------------------- ----------- ------------------------------------ ---------------- ------ --------- ------ --------------- 18/10/2006 14:49:00     41          7A2E2B9B-57FA-4329-B4BB-D7ED965AA183 500              <NULL> <NULL>    <NULL> bill                     18/10/2006 14:49:00     42          7A2E2B9B-57FA-4329-B4BB-D7ED965AA183 590              <NULL> <NULL>    <NULL> bill                     18/10/2006 15:05:00     41          7A2E2B9B-57FA-4329-B4BB-D7ED965AA183 500              <NULL> <NULL>    <NULL> bill                      18/10/2006 15:05:00     42          7A2E2B9B-57FA-4329-B4BB-D7ED965AA183 590              <NULL> <NULL>    <NULL> bill                     No rows affected.(4 row(s) returned)If I leave OD.DateCreated ie use ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.SP_RetrieveOrdersASSELECT distinct O.OrderID,O.UserID,O.OrderTotal,O.Sent,O.Delivered,O.Paid,C.CustomerNameFROM Orders As O,Customers As C,OrderDetails as ODWHERE O.UserID=C.UserID And O.OrderTotal  >0 RETURNthen there is no problem. I get:41          7A2E2B9B-57FA-4329-B4BB-D7ED965AA183 500              <NULL> <NULL>    <NULL> bill                     42          7A2E2B9B-57FA-4329-B4BB-D7ED965AA183 590              <NULL> <NULL>    <NULL> bill                     No rows affected.(2 row(s) returned) 

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Running Returned Results Through A Stored Procedure All In One Trip

Nov 6, 2006

I need to write a select query that will run all returned results through a separate stored procedure before returning them to me.
Something like....
SELECT TOP 10 userid,url,first name FROM USERS ORDER by NEWID()
......and run all the selected userids through a stored procedure like.....
CREATE PROCEDURE AddUserToLog (@UserID int ) AS INSERT INTO SelectedUsers (UserID,SelectedOn) VALUES (@UserID,getdate())
 Can anyone help me to get these working togethsr in the same qurey?

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Limit The Number Of Records Returned In Stored Procedure.

Aug 17, 2007

In my ASP page, when I select an option from the drop down list, it has to get the records from the database stored procedure. There are around 60,000 records to be fetched. It throws an exception when I select this option. I think the application times out due to the large number of records. Could some tell me how to limit the number of rows to be returned to avoid this problem. Thanks.
SELECT @SQLTier1Select = 'SELECT * FROM dbo.UDV_Tier1Accounts WHERE CUSTOMER IN (SELECT CUSTOMERNUMBER FROM dbo.UDF_GetUsersCustomers(' + CAST(@UserID AS VARCHAR(4)) + '))' + @Criteria + ' AND (number IN (SELECT DISTINCT ph1.number FROM Collect2000.dbo.payhistory ph1 LEFT JOIN Collect2000.dbo.payhistory ph2 ON ph1.UID = ph2.ReverseOfUID WHERE (((ph1.batchtype = ''PU'') OR (ph1.batchtype = ''PC'')) AND ph2.ReverseOfUID IS NULL)) OR code IN (SELECT DISTINCT StatusID FROM tbl_APR_Statuses WHERE SearchCategoryPaidPaymentsT1 = 1))'

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Naming The Result Sets Returned By Stored Procedure

Jul 6, 2004


I have a SQL Server stored procedure that performs several queries and therefore returns several "result sets" at any one time.

Wiring it up via ADO.NET I populate a DataSet with a number of items in the Tables collection - which is great - and I can give each item a name for identification purposes once the DataSet is populated.

But I'd like to know if there is some way I can set the names of each result set *within the text of the stored procedure*, i.e. before the DataSet gets populated.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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How To Suppress Result Sets Returned From A Stored Procedure?

Aug 28, 2006

I have a novice question. How does one suppress result sets returned from a stored procedure?

I have created a procedure which makes use of multiple stored procedures . The purpose of this procedure (lets call it procA), is to count the rows returned from other procedures. The ÄúOtherÄ? procedures will return rows having an unknown number of columns. I would like to limit any changes which may be needed to be made to the ÄúOtherÄ? procs.

Once procA has collected all of the information (@@rowcount) from the inner procedures, then it will return a result set having several columns Äď mainly the subProcedure name and number of rows returned.

The purpose of procA is to query several subsystems and identify which ones need attention.

Cursor While Loop
exec @ProcName @ObjectName,@userID,@syncDate
set @recs = @@rowcount;

My c# program calls the sp as follows:

cmd = DataUtility.GetSQLCommand();
cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
cmd.CommandText = "FetchAdminData";
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@userID", userAlias);
reader = cmd.ExecuteReader();

I do not wish to iterate over each resultSet when I am only interested in the last one. Any suggestions?

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SQL Server 2012 :: Adapting Number Of Columns For SSRS Chart

Oct 10, 2014

For my SSRS 2012 report I've created a dataset to extract the TOP 20 amounts.

I've create a stacked column chart to put these amounts as a values.

But in the chart I can see only ten amounts and not all 20 ones.

20 is a fixed number.

How can I adjust the number of columns in the chart in order to show all 20 amounts?

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Reporting Services :: Dynamically Add / Remove Columns - SSRS 2012

May 16, 2015

I have SSRS report that has around 80+ columns. I have requirement where in dynamically hideshow columns in report based on user selection. I could able to do it by setting expression for "Visiblity" property and having report parameter thro' which columns to display can be choosen.

My problem is 2 points

1. fox example if columns 2 and 4 to be hidden, then there is an empty column between 1 and 3 and 5 columns. How to avoid this

2. When i export to PDF / Excel these spaces prevail.

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How Create Multiple Driildowns For All Columns In Table Using Ssrs Report

Dec 13, 2007

hai, iam new to ssrs please help me,

my report having 10 columns, i can explain my need with example that is, assume like this customer id is first column of my table customer id is 101 it having 3 departments a1,b1,c1,perticular department that is a1 having emp1,b1 having emp2,c1 having emp 3.

i want output like this when clicking + customer id driildwon it display 3 departments taht is a1,b1,c1, when +a1 drill down clicking i need to dispaly emp1, corresponding b1 to emp2 , c1 to emp 3.

above explanation is only one column of the table, like that iam also displaying this driiling procedure for remaining different columns.

and i need to display customer information by weekly,daily,monthly,yearly at bottom of the report

please give which logic used in creating format like above drilldown report which having multiple drilldowns for all columns in a table

if any body give procedure for creating fromat for drilldown report which having multiple drilldowns for all columns in a table is appriciate.



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SQL 2012 :: SSRS Report Is Not Refreshing?

May 12, 2015

I have created an SSRS report, but the data does not refresh. I am using the SSRS Report Buidler to create reports and when I run the query in the dataset, the results return as expected. However, when I run the report itself, the dataset appears old.

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SQL 2012 :: SSRS Report Builder

Oct 27, 2015

While trying to configure data source and data set on Report Builder 3.0 I created a table using table wizard. After I run I get the following error message:

"The report server has encountered a configuration error. logon failed for the unattended execution account. (rsServerConfigurationError)"

I checked the SQL Server Configuration Manager and saw the following error when i click on "SQL Server Services" on the left panel."error message: "The Server threw an exception. [0x80010105]"

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Can The OLE DB Command Transformation Support Multiple Values Returned By A Stored Procedure Or Is The Limit One Value Only?

Apr 10, 2007

I have no problem getting OLE DB Command transformations to support single returns by a procedure.

For example, exec name_of_procedure ?,?,? OUTPUT

However, I have a stored procedure which accepts 1 input and returns 5 outputs. This procedure works fine at the command line but when I try to incorporate it into a OLE DB Command I don't get the multiple values returned. There's no problem at all configuring the transform as it recognizes all input and output parameters. For some reason I just don't get values returned.



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Stored Procedure Returning Multiple Resultsset, Yet Reporting Services Only Uses The First Resultset Returned

Nov 9, 2007


I have written a stored procedure that returns 8 tables.

When I try to design a server report based on this stored procedure, reporting services only recognises the first table and not the other 7 tables.

I am using SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005.

Thank you in advance


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Reporting Services :: SSRS - Display Dataset Fixed Row As Report Columns

Jun 18, 2015

We are planning to develop weekly report in SSRS.For this we wants each day as column & some expenses[Numeric figure in row]we have dataset like 



There are some other filters are there that i have applied in my report tablix property.

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Reporting Services :: Develop SSRS Report Based On Grouping Of Certain Columns

Sep 1, 2015

I want to develop a ssrs report which is grouped by month?

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Reporting Services :: How To Limit Columns Per Page In SSRS Matrix Report

Oct 7, 2015

I have created the matrix report which has dynamic column, it grow columns(18) based on the 'MCU' field in PRD.MI table. I have added the 'MCU'(A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,...Q) on 'Columns' in matrix table, to create matrix report and I have added 'mcst' on 'Data' in matrix table and I have added the 'msp2' on 'Rows' in matrix table. I have created new column after row and I added USP2DS.Final output is as given below.I need the split the matrix column per page.

I have added the 'MCU' on "Column group and 'msp2' on Row group.

select mi.*, SUBSTR(SM.USP2DS,6,9)AS DESC from 
(SELECT a.mcu , a.msp2, SUM(a.mcst) AS Cost    
FROM PRD.MI as A                                    
WHERE a.myr=2015 and a.mpr=7                   
GROUP BY a.MCU, a.msp2                             
order by a.mcu, a.msp2 ) mi,                     

I have tried the below post, but I am not able achieve my output. [URL] ....

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