SQL 2012 :: Getting Notification About Long Running Jobs?

Nov 5, 2015

We have a scheduled restore job daily from production backup to non-production. The job usually runs in 2 hrs but today it ran more than 8 hrs.

How to get notification about this job like if it runs more than 3 hrs send email with % of restore completed

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Long Running Agent Jobs

Jan 4, 2008

I’m trying to write a script that will detect long running agent jobs.

Having looked at this article:

It appears that agent job job id’s don’t necessarily get stored in the programname of the sysprocesses table. This is true if the agent executes an os command. It also appears that job steps do not get stored in the sysjobhistory until the step is complete so that cannot be used accurately.

Does anyone know of an effective way to find if there are long running jobs other than these methods?

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Long Running Agent Jobs

Jan 4, 2008

Im trying to write a script that will detect long running agent jobs.

Having looked at this article:

It appears that agent job job ids dont necessarily get stored in the programname of the sysprocesses table. This is true if the agent executes an os command. It also appears that job steps do not get stored in the sysjobhistory until the step is complete so that cannot be used accurately.

Does anyone know of an effective way to find if there are long running jobs other than these methods?

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Alert SQL Failed Or Long Running Jobs?

May 17, 2004

I guys,

Does Anyone of the SQLServer Guru has a smart script to alert DBA by email for failed jobs or jobs running more then their normal time(long running jobs), so that I dont have to go and look at the jobs everyday manually...on different servers...

Help is greatly appericated...


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SQL 2012 :: Email For Over Running Jobs?

May 28, 2014

I'm trying to find out if there is a way within sql server or via script of emailing when a particular job or jobs has over run?

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Failure Notification For JOBS

Feb 3, 2006

Hi All,

Can some one suggest me some good ways to notify immediately to about the failure of the jobs set on SQL Server.

What is a good way of notifying and how we can accomplish this.
How do we set up pagers are black berrys on sql server to sent out an email.

Thanks for any ideas


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SQLAgent Jobs Email Notification

Jun 24, 2004

This sends a success or fail status and length of execution time can it be extended to send error details when it fails

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T-SQL To Change Notification In SQL Agent Jobs

Jan 8, 2007

Hi all,

I am trying to write a T-SQL script to change about 200 SQL Agent jobs to send notification to a different email notification list. I could do this manually but it would take me a lot more time. Is there a way to script this out in T-SQL? Thanks!

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Transact SQL :: Notification When A Group Of Jobs Complete

Apr 23, 2015

I have a large number of jobs that I run using a cursor (All jobs start with PS_ and each job loads a single table from ORACLE) so they can run in parallel.  I want to be able to be notified when the last job completes.  Should this done using a trigger?  Or should I just add a loop statement to the stored procedure that fires this job?  I know which individual takes the longest and I could simply just add a notification to send email on success but I want it to be more robust.  Below is what I am using to trigger the jobs.

DECLARE @month CHAR(2)

[Code] .....

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How To Kill A Long Running Query Running On A Background Thread.

Sep 1, 2006

If I start a long running query running on a background thread is there a way to abort the query so that it does not continue running on SQL server?

The query would be running on SQL Server 2005 from a Windows form application using the Background worker component. So the query would have been started from the background workers DoWork event using ado.net. If the user clicks an abort button in the UI I would want the query to die so that it does not continue to use sql server resources.

Is there a way to do this?


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Running Time Of Package To Be Logged In The Email Notification

Sep 12, 2007


I want to include the running time (Start Time and End Time) of the Package in my script task that sends out an email after job completion.

How do I get the start time and end time?

thanks a lot


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Running Jobs...

May 24, 2000


I'm using SQL SERVER 7.0. I'm wondering if it is possible to start a job with TSQL from within Query Analyzer?

Darrin Wilkinson

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Jobs Not Running

Jun 23, 2006

This is the first time, I am creating a job in SQL server 2000. I have to create few jobs, which can restore the databases at midnight, daily, on the server. We use lite speed backup sofware to take the backup and backup is stored at different location. We have a lite speed script, which we use to restore the backup.
In Job step I have wrote down the script and scheduled the job. But when I try to test the job It never runs. I do not know if something else I am supposed to do after creating a job, even I tried to run it manually it doesnot work.
Please help !!

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Long Running Query - Only From .NET

Aug 22, 2007

I have a pretty complex query that aggregates lots of data and inserts multiple rows of that data into a reporting table.  When I call this SPROC from SQL Server Management Studio, it executes in under 3 seconds.  When I try to execute the same SPROC using .NET's SqlCommand object the query runs indefinitely until the CommandTimeout is reached. Why would this SPROC behave differently with the same inputs, but being called from .NET? Thanks for your help! 

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Long Running Update...

Aug 20, 2001

Hi everyone.... I'm trying to execute this update statement... It takes an eternity... any ideas on how to rewrite or speed it up?

It's a several step process... below is everything that i run, one step at a time. The final update statement is what takes so long. It should only affect about 2600 rows out of a potential 9000. That's why I'm confused on the response time

select d.olddevicename, de.device, d.newdevicename into #temp9
from dns d, devices de
where de.device = d.olddevicename

update #temp9 set device = newdevicename where olddevicename = device

update devices set device = #temp9.device from #temp9, devices where #temp9.device in
(select #temp9.device from #temp9, devices where #temp9.olddevicename = devices.device)

Thank you!


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Long Running Process

Jan 10, 2001

Hi all,

I have 3 three scheduled job: one runs onece a day, one runs once per hour, and another runs every 17 minutes. It is a NetIQ application. I just scheduled SQL Server maintianace job last night which ran at 2:00Am and 4:00Am. This morning, I came in office and found all my jobs were still running; and they were all blocked by the first 3 jobs. I had to kill all of them. In this afternoon, I kicked off one of my many DTS packages which runs usually about 40 minutes, but it failed. I tried several times but no luck. I suspected one of user tables corrupted or one of stored procedures corrupted. After I recycle the server, and dropped the table and the stored procedure, and recreated them, the package went fine. The store procedure involves many updates and inserts.

The question I have is: is it possible to cause this problem because I killed the unfinished jobs (especially the sql maintanace job)?

NOTE: the sql maintanace job does not include the backup of database and transaction log.

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Why Is The Query Running For So Long?

Feb 7, 2003

When I execute the following stored procedure it runs for about a minute.

CREATE PROCEDURE EquipmentListByProduct
@iProdTypeId int

DECLARE@iError int, @iRows int

SELECT pn.prodTypeId, pn.prodId, pn.prodName
FROM prodNames pn
WHERE pn.prodTypeId = @iProdTypeId

SELECT@iError = @@ERROR, @iRows = @@ROWCOUNT
IF ( @iError <> 0 )

IF ( @iRows = 0 )


The table only has 22 records.
Do I need to index the table? If so how do I do this?

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Backups Running Too Long

Mar 11, 2003

My backups are running 5-6 hours on SQL2000. I'm sure they only used to take 1 hour or so. On another server, backing up the same database (both about 50 gig), the backup only takes 45 min - 1 hour. What can I look at to see why it's taking so long ?

(edit) I'm using a maint plan to backup to disk

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Montor Long Running Job

Jul 30, 2004

Trying to come up with a way to monitor (without profiler, hopefully with a job and a select statement) a specific sql job that may cause a problem if the duration is too long. It seems that there is an sp called sp_sqlagent_log_jobhistory that shoves a record in sysjobhistory, but only after all the job steps run. Anyone tried this before?

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Long Running Queries

Apr 3, 2008

1. could any one tell me in a simple way how to troubleshoot long running queries.
2.what is the default recovery model

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Long Running Queries

May 9, 2008


I want to find long running queries?

Can any one help me?

Prashant Hirani

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How To Check Since How Long This Job Is Running

Jun 4, 2008

Hello Gurus
I am using sql 2005 and one job status is executing in job monitor in 2005,How can i check since how long this job is running?
Please advice


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Long Running Backups

Jul 20, 2005

I've got a server (SQL 2K, Win2K) where the backupshave started running long.The database is a bit largish -- 150GB or so. Up untillast month, the backups were taking on the order of4 to 5 hours -- depending on the level of activity on theserver.I'm using a T-SQL script in the SQLAgent to run thebackups. Native SQL backup to an AIT tape drive.Now, for no apparent reason, the backups are takingon the order of 24 to 26 hours. The backups completesuccessfully -- no errors, just taking an outrageouslylong time to complete. DBCCs check out AOK, noproblems with the database.No changes to the machine. No hardware changes. Nosoftware changes. Weird.Multiple tape media have been tried -- it's not a caseof a tape going bad.We've had no problems with this box for almost 4years. Now it's gettin' jiggy with us!Any ideas on where to start with this one?Thanks in advance.

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Long-running Report

Jul 6, 2007

Hi. I'm fairly new to SSRS, and very new to this forum. I have a report based on a stored procedure. I've optimized the procedure so that it runs from 2-4 minutes (previously over half an hour). However, when I run the report that calls the sp, it runs forever (well over 45 minutes in some cases), and the users basically give up on it. Any ideas of why this happens and what steps I can take to improve performance?



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Long Running Packages

Dec 21, 2006

I need to execute a long running package (it takes about 16 hours to finish) to load a data warehouse for the first time with all historical data. This package it's a master package and execute other packages; I log the start time and the finish time of the package in a table to manage future incremental loads.

I executed the package on sql server where it is saved, but after 8 hours it was running, a new package was started automatically. Then two more packages started .. each every two hours.

I set the MaxConcorrentExecutable = 4, this could affect this strange behavoir ?

Anyone could imagine wath happened ?



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Long Running Query

Jun 2, 2006


I'm trying to optimize a long running (several hours) query. This query is a cross join on two tables. Table 1 has 3 fields - ROWID, LAt and Long. Table 2 has Name, Addr1,Addr2,City,State,Zip,Lat,Long.

Both tables has LatRad - Lat in radians, LonRad- Lon in Radians. Sin and Cos values of Lat and Lon are calulated and stored to be used in the distance formula.

What I'm trying to do here is find the nearest dealer (Table 2) for each of Table 1 rows. The Select statement takes a long time to execute as there are about 19 million recs on table 1 and 1250 rows in table 2. I ran into Log issues- filling the transaction log, so I'm currently using table variables and split up the process into 100000 recs at a time. I cross join and calculate the distance (@DistValues) and then find the minimum distance (tablevar2) for each rowid and then the result is inserted into another Table (ResultTable).

My Code looks like this:

Declare @DistValues table (DataSeqno varchar(10),Lat2 numeric(20,6),Lon2 numeric(20,6),StoreNo varchar(60), Lat1 numeric(20,6),Long1 numeric(20,6),Distance numeric(20,15))

Declare @MinDistance table (DataSeqno varchar(10) primary key,distance numeric(20,15))

Insert into @DistValues

Select DataSeqno,T.Lat Lat2,T.Lon Lon2,S.StoreNo,S.Lat Lat1,S.Long Long1,

distance=3963.1*Case when cast(S.SinLat * T.SinLat + S.CosLat * T.cosLat * cos(T.Lonrad - s.Lonrad) as numeric(20,15)) not between -1.0 and 1.0 then 0.0 else acos(cast(S.SinLat * T.SinLat + S.CosLat * T.cosLat * cos(T.Lonrad - s.Lonrad) as numeric(20,15))) end

from dbo.TopNForProcess T , dbo.Table2 S where Isnull(T.Lat,0) <> 0 and Isnull(T.Lon,0)<> 0

Insert into @MinDistance

Select DataSeqno,Min(distance) From @DistValues Group by DataSeqno

Insert into ResultTable (DataSeqno,Lat2,Lon2,StoreNo,LAt1,Long1,distance)

Select D.DataSeqno, D.Lat2, D.Lon2, D.StoreNo, D.LAt1, D.Long1, M.distance from @DistValues D Inner Join @MinDistance M on D.DataSeqno = M.DataSeqno and D.Distance = M.Distance

I created a View called TopNForProcess which looks like this. This cut down the processing time compared to when I had this as the Subquery.

SELECT TOP (100000) DataSeqno, lat, Lon, LatRad, LonRad, SinLat, cosLat, SinLon, CosLon FROM Table1 WHERE (DataSeqno NOT IN (SELECT DataSeqno FROM dbo.ResultTable)) AND (ISNULL(lat, 0) <> 0) AND (ISNULL(Lon, 0) <> 0)

I have indexes on table table1 - Rowid and another one with Lat and lon. Table2 - Lat and Long.

Is there any way this can be optimized/improved? This is already in a stored procedure.

Thanks in advance.

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Jobs Not Running To Completeion

Jun 10, 2005

I have a backup job which runs on sqll server 2000. About every two weekes the job doesn't complete. I t doesn't fail but just stays at executing until it's stopped. I t then won't run again until the server is rebooted. Anyone any ideas on what might course this. The database is approx 1.5 gig. It backs up between 5 and 8 hours. Normally there should be none or very little access to the database whilst it is backing up. The db is used for an intranet application.Any help much appreciated!Cheers

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SQL7 Jobs Not Running

Oct 16, 2000

Jobs not running within SQL Server Agent on SQL7 despite being schedulled. The only explanation
I can think of for causing this is due to a date correction on the NT Server ( backwards ) by the NT Administrator.
I can run jobs manually, but the scheduled run times are being ignored.

I'm hoping that the jobs will start running again as schedulled when the system catches up to the date it was
previously at.

Has anyone had experiences of this and found a way to get things running again ?

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Permissions Used For Running Jobs

Oct 1, 2002

I have a DTS package that exports data to a file, then run Win32 process pkzip to compress it to make it 4MB from 30MB so it can be emailed.
As this is to be run daily, I scheduled it, i.e. created a Job.
When running as a Job it fails in the pkzip section. The sqlservice account is not an NT system account for security reasons.

any ideas ?



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Scheduled Jobs Not Running..

Dec 20, 2007

We have DTS Packages that are scheduled to run nightly and show up in EM under JOBS under SQL Server Agent. A password got changed and some of the nightly jobs blew up.

Went into the Packages and entered the new password and successfully executed the packages BUT when I go back to jobs under the SQL Server Agent, the jobs STILL will not run - they fail with a login failure - as if i never fixed the DTS package. HELP

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Jobs Running On The Server

Mar 30, 2008

hi every 1,
i am having a real tough time to figure this one out .

i need to find out what jobs are schedule in the server that sends data out to ever .
we are doing the migration from 2000 to 2005 and need to know which jobs send data to the another server .
i looked at the sysjobs_view , it tells the origination server and all the jobs that are running on it, but that's pretty much it.
on the sql agent , i see all the jobs but dint know which jobs are sending data out side the server .
some jobs are regular backup
maintenance jobs
how will I figure out which once are gong out .
hope you people can help . any help will be so much appreciated.

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Backup Jobs Not Running.

Apr 15, 2008

HI Guys.
i cannt' understand what's going on the server.. actually i have created a two jobs for full backup for my databases.. One is running perfect but one is giving me following error.

Can any one tells me where i m doing mistake.

Executed as user: Domainuser. Cannot open backup device 'Database_Full(\'. Operating system error 53(error not found). [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 3201) BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 3013). The step failed.

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Running Replication Jobs

Oct 27, 2005

Hi all,

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