T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Update One Column For One Table From Another Table?

Jul 8, 2014

I have to tables say 'employee1' and 'employee2'

employee1 has lastname
employee2 has firstname, lastname

i have to update firstname in employee1 from firstname in employee2 table and the common field for both tables is 'lastname'

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: How To Quickly Update XML Column In A Table To NULL

Mar 9, 2015

I have a table with hundreds of millions of records and need to update an xml column to null. I do something like this:

UPDATE [Mydb].[MySchema].[MyTable]
SET [XMLColumn] = null

Currently it is taking around 6 hours.

Is there a quicker way to do this?

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Update One Colum With Other Column Value In Same Table Using Update Table Statement

Jun 14, 2007

Hi,I have table with three columns as belowtable name:expNo(int) name(char) refno(int)I have data as belowNo name refno1 a2 b3 cI need to update the refno with no values I write a query as belowupdate exp set refno=(select no from exp)when i run the query i got error asSubquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when thesubquery follows =, !=, <, <= , >, >= or when the subquery is used asan expression.I need to update one colum with other column value.What is the correct query for this ?Thanks,Mani

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SQL Server 2012 :: Update Table From Variable Table Column?

Oct 6, 2014

I am trying to use a stored procedure to update a column in a sql table using the value from a variable table I getting errors because my syntax is not correct. I think table aliases are not allowed in UPDATE statements.

This is my statement:

UPDATE [dbo].[sessions_teams] stc
SET stc.[Talks] = fmt.found_talks_type
FROM @Find_Missing_Talks fmt
WHERE stc.sessionid IN (SELECT sessionid FROM @Find_Missing_Talks)
AND stc.coupleid IN (SELECT coupleid FROM @Find_Missing_Talks)

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Cursor Table Update

May 6, 2015

SELECT [ServersList] AS 'ID'
FROM dbo.Servers


How do loop a table server(serverlist,flag) table with these 2 columns.And ping each of the servers in the table and update the flag column to '1' if ping has been successfull or flag to '0' if ping has been unsuccessfull.

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Update One Table With Value Of A Column In Another Table Plus A Constant

Sep 19, 2012

Need to update one table with value of a column in another table plus a constant:


The above statement works except the concatenated string has space between TABLE_B.COLB text and '10'. How to remove the space (4 characters) so that the string shows as one word 'TABLE_B.COLB10'?

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Update Table Column Based On Value From Another Table?

Sep 2, 2005

Hi, I have two tables. I want to update two columns in my first table,[ADD_BSL_SALES] and [ADD_BSL_COST] with two values [Sales] and[Costs] held in my #temp table but based on a RUN_DATE from my firsttable.Can anyone point me in the right direction?Thanks in Advance ´?ŐBryanCREATE TABLE [GROSMARG_AUDIT_ADDITION] ([RUN_DATE] [datetime] NULL ,[SALES_DIFF] [numeric](19, 6) NULL ,[COST_DIFF] [numeric](19, 6) NULL ,[ADD_BSL_SALES] [numeric](18, 0) NULL ,[ADD_BSL_COST] [numeric](18, 0) NULL ,[ADD_SALES_DIFF] [numeric](18, 0) NULL ,[ADD_COST_DIFF] [numeric](18, 0) NULL) ON [PRIMARY]GOINSERT RUN_DATE,datetime,INSERT SALES_DIFF,numeric(19,6),INSERT COST_DIFF,numeric(19,6)INSERT ADD_BSL_SALES,numeric(18,0),INSERT ADD_BSL_COST,numeric(18,0),INSERT ADD_SALES_DIFF,numeric(18,0)INSERT ADD_COST_DIFF,numeric(18,0)--- Second TableCREATE TABLE #DUPTOTALS[Sales][Costs]

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Update A Table By Copying A Column From Another Table

Jul 20, 2005

I need to update a table by copying a column from another table(having the samestructure, but on another database), from the record having the sameprimary key.1 - What is the correct query?2 - I tried copying them record by record, but the datatype is ntext,(it displays <longtext> in the result pane), and trying to update it results in thefollowing errormessage:The text, ntext, and image data types are invalid in this subquery oraggregateexpression.I tried variations of the following:UPDATE TABLESET column0 = (SELECTcolumn0FROManotherDB.dbo.TABLEWHEREanotherDB.dbo.TABLE.column1 = column1)WHEREanotherDB.dbo.TABLE.column1 = column1

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Update Table A With Data From Table B Without Specifying Every Column

Mar 25, 2008

hello all,

I don't know how to update table A with data from table B without specifying every column.
These two tables have the same fields and same structure.

I know that it's possible to do the following:

update table A

set A.name = B.name,

A.job = B.job
from table B

But I have many columns and don't want to describe every column, is that possible?


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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Update Table With Multi-line Comments?

Apr 14, 2014

How to update column with multiline comments.

eg. I need to update Notification column in my table as below.

Exit Formalities Notification sent to:

Employee: LastName, FirstName
EmployeeEmail: EmployeeEmailAddress

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Update A Field In 3rd Table From 2 Joined Tables

Jul 29, 2015

I have a script that is supposed to run thru 2 joined tables and update a field in the 3rd table. The script works but takes approx. 4 hours to run against 250k records.

SET Con_Mailings = STUFF((SELECT '; ' + c.ListName
FROM [server].[xxxxx_MSCRM].[dbo].ListBase c with (nowait)
INNER JOIN [server].[xxxxxx_MSCRM].[dbo].[ListMemberBase] b with (nowait)
ON b.ListID = c.ListID
WHERE b.EntityID = a.TmpContactID
FOR XML PATH('')),1,1,'')
FROM [xx_Temp].[dbo].[Lyris_CombinedTest] a

I should end up with something like this in the con_mailings field:

'Mailing1, Mailing2, Mailing3'

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Comparing Column Values In Same Table

Jun 16, 2014

How to resolve the below task

create table #temp ( idx int identity(1,1), col1 int, col2 int )

Here i want a flag success or fail on basis of below conditions.

I need to take all the col1 values and then i need to compare to each other.

if any difference found, i need to check difference more than 30, then it should raise the flag as "Failure".

if all the col1 values are ok , then we need to check Col2 values same as above.

--case 1

insert into #temp(col1,col2)
select 16522,18522
union all
select 16522,18522
union all
select 16582,18522

--select * from #temp

--truncate table #temp

Because of difference in col1 values . the value of flag should be fail.

--case 2

insert into #temp(col1,col2)
select 16522,18522
union all
select 16522,18522
union all
select 16522,17522

Here also the col1 is ok but col2 values have difference so it should be Fail.

Otherwise it should be success.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: How To Find And Add Column Of Percentage In Table

Mar 16, 2015

i made a procedure to the below output now i need to add column percentage depends on these output

block Response Heads Dept Actuals
1Sales Sales01.Sales (net of Sales Tax)1087.5999999999999
1Finance Sales02.LESS:-EXCISE DUTY 22.800000000000001
1Sales Sales03.Net Sales 1064.8
2HR HR 04.Personnel Cost 170.60000000000002
3Materials & productionCOGS 05.Material Cost 376.70000000000005


block Response Heads Dept Actuals percentage
2HR HR 04.Personnel Cost 170.60 170.60*100/1064.8(dept=03.Net
3Materials & productionCOGS 05.Material Cost 376.70 376.70*100/1064.8(dept=03.Net

How to write make a query for that?

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Stored Procedure To Truncate And Insert Values In Table 1 And Update And Insert Values In Table 2

Apr 30, 2015

table2 is intially populated (basically this will serve as historical table for view); temptable and table2 will are similar except that table2 has two extra columns which are insertdt and updatedt

1. get data from an existing view and insert in temptable
2. truncate/delete contents of table1
3. insert data in table1 by comparing temptable vs table2 (values that exists in temptable but not in table2 will be inserted)
4. insert data in table2 which are not yet present (comparing ID in t2 and temptable)
5. UPDATE table2 whose field/column VALUE is not equal with temptable. (meaning UNMATCHED VALUE)

* for #5 if a value from table2 (historical table) has changed compared to temptable (new result of view) this must be updated as well as the updateddt field value.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Search Special Characters In Column Of Table

Jul 14, 2014

I am using SQL Server 2008. In one of my table, one column has values like

"Aamj Gxmolwn Slf Yytrzgan Hiwd Fnlmyw"

So to fetch the data having only special characters in it, I used below query

Select * From Table Where Column Like '%[^0-9a-zA-Z]%' Escape ' '. Its returning both the records. Here I would like to fetch records for those Unicode characters only which are not within 00201 - 0070E [URL].

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Dynamic Join On EXECUTE Table Column

Jun 23, 2015

Not sure´╗┐ if this is ever going to be possible, but I'm trying to do a dynamic join on EXECUTE, but the execution string has to come from a table column.... i.e

select * from (select table1.theSql,table1.userid from table1 ) as a

inner join (execute a.thesql) as b

on a.userId=b.userid

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Query To Display Different Values From Same Column In Same Table?

Sep 18, 2015

I have a table with a column AttributeNumber and a column AttributeValue. The data is like this:

OrderNo. AttributeNumber AttributeValue
1.-Order_1 2001 A
2.-Order_1 2002 B
3.-Order_1 2003 C
4.-Order_2 2001 A
5.-Order_2 2002 B
6.-Order_2 2003 C

So the logic is as follows:

I need to display in my query the values are coming from Order_1, means AttributreValues coming from AttibuteNumbers: 2001,2002,2003...and Order_2 the same thing.

Not sure how to create my Select here since the values are in the same table

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: How To Vary Column Names In Cross Apply Based On Different Columns In Each Table

Feb 26, 2015

I am using CROSS APPLY instead of UNPIVOT to unpivot > one column. I am wondering if I can dynamically replace column names based on different tables? The example code that I have working is based on the "Allergy" table. I have thirty more specialty tables to go. I'll show the working code first, then an example of another table's columns to show differences:

select [uplift specialty], [member po],[practice unit name], [final nomination status]
,[final uplift status], [final rank], [final uplift percentage]
,practiceID=row_number() over (partition by [practice unit name] order by Metricname)
,metricname,Metricvalue, metricpercentilerank


Rheumatology Table:The columns that vary start with "GDR" and [GDR Percentile Rank] so I'm just showing those:

GDR (nvarchar(255), null)
GDR Percentile Rank (nvarchar(255), null)
GDR PGS (nvarchar(255), null)
GDR Rank Number (nvarchar(255), null)
PMPM (nvarchar(255), null)

[Code] ....

These are imported from an Excel Workbook so that's why all the columns with spaces for now.

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Update Column From Another Table

Sep 25, 2007

Is it possible to update from one table to another?Pls examine my code here:
UPDATE tStaffDir SET tStaffDir.ft_prevemp = ISNULL(tStaffDir_PrevEmp.PrevEmp01, ' ') + ' ' + ISNULL(tStaffDir_PrevEmp.PrevEmp02, ' ') + ' ' + ISNULL(tStaffDir_PrevEmp.PrevEmp03, ' ') + ' ' + ISNULL(tStaffDir_PrevEmp.PrevEmp04, ' ') + ' ' + ISNULL(tStaffDir_PrevEmp.PrevEmp05, ' ') Where tStaffDir_PrevEmp.ID=tStaffDir.ID
I am trying to concatenate the columns from tStaffDir_PrevEmp to tStaffDir but I have this error where tStaffDir_PrevEmp is recognised as a column and not a table.
Pls advise how this can be done. Many Thanks.

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Update A Column In Every Row Of The Table

Jan 30, 2007

I have a table wherein I have to update a particular column (receipt code) based on another column of the same table (receipt number). i have to do calculations in order to generate the correct receipt code, and i have to do this on every row of the table. how can i do this? will this update be in a loop or something?

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Update A Column In A Table?

May 13, 2014

I need to write a update statement which will update the same table with value from the same column but the values will be changing.

For an example.

The source table is as below.

1 AAA H1
2 isa1
3 isb2
4 AAA3b3 H2
5 same

Now the records with rowid 2 and 3 should be updated with H1 as Header which is present in the Rowid 1.

Similarly the record rowid 5 should be updated with H2 as header from rowid 4.

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Update XML Column In Table

Jan 2, 2014

I am trying to remove a user from Reporting Services via code. I have found that the way to do this is to remove their details from an XML field in the table SecData

The name of the column is xml_description

An example value of the column is below:

<Name>Content Manager</Name>


I would like to remove the bolded part in the column when I put in the user's name.

So the code would start with:

Declare @username varchar (20)
Set @ username = 'EMEAMJohnson'

Followed by the logic to remove the bolded part of the column.

The column is called xml_description and the name of the table is SecData.

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Update Column From Another Table

Apr 26, 2007

Hello all, was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for this.

I have a db with a column classifications, and in that column are 'Accountants - (1234)' 'Book-keepers - (18) etc etc. Now what I want to do is remove the - (xxxx) section and obviously the white space, so I am just left with 'Accountants' 'Book-keepers' etc.

1. Is there an easy way to do this?

Ok so my thoughts were create a another table and put the ammended classifications in that to update the first table. Your probably asking why not just do it on the first table...Answer. There are over 150,000 records to change.

So I now have my first table with column classification and my second table with the correct classification ammendments.

I can sit down and manually type

UPDATE table1
SET classifications = 'Accountants'
Where classifications = 'Accounts - (xxxx)'

until i have completed the entire list in table 2 but I was hoping you good people would know a way to work through the list so it would automatically update each classification correctly.

The problem I have here is I dont know how to work through table 2 and match it to something in table 1 and update it.

Any help is greatfully appreciated

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Update A Column / Other Table

Apr 11, 2008


I am quite new in SSIS and I have a question. I don't know what is the best way to get it work...

So simply I have in my SQL Server database 2 tables :

First table "SER" fields

where I have only the field SER_ID filled like
1234 NULL
1235 NULL
1236 NULL

Second table "SRE" fields
and the content would be for example
1 1234 2345
2 1234 2346
3 1236 2347

The 2 tables are related by the fields : SER_ID = SRE_SER_ID

So I would like to have the following result in my table "SER":
1234 True
1235 NULL
1236 True

"True" because one or more entry is present in table "SRE" for each SER_ID (= SRE_SER_ID)

Hope my example is clear....
Thanks for your help

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Update Table With Value Of Another Tables Column?

Sep 6, 2007

How do I update a table's column, with the values of another tables column where the primary key between is Part_Number?
table2 = temp_table 
Update Actuator_Components Set Scanned_Drawings = table2.Scanned_Drawings

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Update Table - Insert New Column

Jun 8, 2005

This should be easy for someone, but I just can't seem to find a sample to do this.....I have created a table...CREATE TABLE dbo.test   ( oId int NOT NULL UNIQUE,          test1 varchar(50) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY                            )Now, I need to go back and simply add another column to the table such as       test2 varchar(50)Not sure if the insert is the way to go and been playing around with various statements but with no luck.Suggestions?Thanks all,Zath

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Alter Table New Column And Update

Nov 17, 2006

Hifor MS SQL 2000/2005I am having a table (an old database, not mine) with char value for the column [localisation]Users[name] [nvarchar] (100) NOT NULL ,[localisation] [nvarchar] (100)NULLNow i have created a table [Localisation]Localisation[id_Localisation] [int] NOT NULL,[localisation] [nvarchar] (100) NOT NULLI am adding a new column to UsersALTER TABLE [Users] ADD [id_Localisation] int NULLand I want to update the Column [Users].[id_Localisation] before to drop the column [Users].[Localisation]something like UPDATE [Users] SET id_Localisation = (SELECT Localisation.id_LocalisationFROM Localisation FULL OUTER JOINUsers ON Localisation.Localisation = Users.Localisation)Users.Localisation can have a NULL value (then no id_localisation return)but it doesnt work because it returns > 1 rowthank youhow can I do it ?

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Update Column Of A Table With A Sproc

Jun 10, 2008

I have a table with this structure

ID | Ticker
1330 |AAB-Bank
1336 |AEGON
1367 |ALZSE
1420 |ASSGEN
2812 |AVLN

I have a sproc called usp_validTicker that will take 2 parameters: ticker and date. It will return the valid ticker for that date.
I like to have the sproc going through each ticker in the table and return the valid tickers.

For example
exec usp_validTicker 'AAB-Bank','2008-6-10' will return 'AAB' and my final table will be

ID | Ticker
1330 |AAB
1336 |AEGON
1367 |ALZSE
1420 |ASSGEN
2812 |AVLN

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Trigger On Table Which Will Not Allow To Update Value 1 Into Column

Sep 25, 2014

I need to create trigger on table which will not allow to update value "1" into column and if tried to update.. then it should show error massage "Good To GO"

ID Name Roll
1 Ron 1
2 Jon 0
3 Nil 3
4 Par 1

if you try to update value "1" in Roll then it will through error


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How To Update A Column With The Sum Of Two Columns In A Table

May 9, 2008

I have a simple question that is more about performance on my code for updating a column with the sum of two columns:


Table = dbo.adding

c1 c2 c3Sum
1 2
3 5
4 6

Now if I just simple write

Update dbo.adding
set c3SUM = c1 + c2

This works, but there is a null in c1 or c2 then I know I can write this:

if exists (select * from dbo.adding where c1 is NULL)

Update dbo.adding

set c1 = '0', c3SUM = '0' + c2 where c1 is NULL

if exists (select * from dbo.adding where c2 is NULL)

Update dbo.adding

set c2 = '0', equals = c1 + '0' where c2 is NULL

Update dbo.adding

set c3SUM = c1 + c2

This works as well, but I am not sure how perficient it is being that from my understanding the code will evaluate the table three times and update it based on the criteria. If the table consists of 100,000 rows then this might not be a good solution

Is there a more proficient way to do this... I personally try to as little coding as possible to help increase performance. I know I can make this very complex and declare variables and put everything in a loop, but I personally think that would be less profient..

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How To Update One Column To Be The Same For All Records In Database Table?

May 6, 2007

I have a set of records in database table and I want to update one column to be the same for all of them.
Can you suggest code solution?

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Update Table And Views With A Hidden Column

Aug 30, 2000

My client want me to update a table and the view with a new column which should be hidden. I am kind of confused on how to go about this in order to get a good result. PLEASE HELP!!

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SQL Server 2012 :: How To Update One Column Value To Another In Same Table

Jun 21, 2014

my table payment_details structure is

payment_id payment_code
1 null
2 null
3 null
4 null

here payment_id is a primary key and i need to update the whole payment_id column to payment_code column.so i just tried the below query

update payment_details
set payment_code = payment_no
where payment_code is null

but it shows subquery error?

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