Update Using Join

Jan 29, 2015

set ecomm = 1
from sku
join invt
on sku.style = invt.style
where invt.first_rcvd = '12/22/2014'

I keep getting an error using this query. It keeps failing at the "FROM" portion. What I want to do is update column ECOMM within table SKU if the STYLE has been received on a certain date.

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Jun 30, 2004

Hi all,

Can someone please help me with this update statement?
SET Stats.JobShownInResults = Stats.JobShownInResults + 1

SELECT Query that returns IDs from Search criteria

From Stats
inner join Jobs
ON Jobs.JobId = Stats.JobID
I'm trying to increment a value in 'Stats' every time a job in 'Jobs' is returned in a search.

Any help much appreciated,


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Update With A JOIN

Mar 22, 2013

In the last weeks I came to work with SQL Server more closely and - not being used to it - I stumbled over the sematics of an UPDATE statement using a JOIN (something which is not available in e.g. Oracle).I wonder what the difference between these two updates is:

update foo
set ..
from bar
where bar.fid = foo.id;
update foo
set ...
from foo f1
join bar on bar.fid = f1.id;

In both cases I have an inner join between foo and bar, but in the second one, foo is actually listed twice in the update statement. As far as I can tell, both carry out the same thing - at least with my test data.

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Update & Inner Join How?

Apr 23, 2008

Best Greetings,

i want to make an update query for a table but the where clause will check a join with other talbe

update table1 inner join table 2 on x.table1=y.table2 and y.table1= y.table2
set z='anything'

or shall it be

update table1
set z='anything'
where x in (select x from table2) and y in (select y from table2)

i dont know how the syntax be any idea plz ,also table 2 it will be derived from table1 in the form of

select x,max(y)
from table1
order by x

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Update With Inner Join

Jun 16, 2006

in a table TBL1 I have to set DESCRIPTION for a TYPE1 equal to DESCRIPTION for a TYPE2 where their ID is equal in TBL1 and their key fields appear together in another table TBL2. In english, in TBL1 the description and id are equal but the type is different. a relationship between their key fields is shown in TBL2. Any thoughts on how to write this?

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Update Using An Inner Join

Jul 6, 2006

I am trying to update a file based on data retrieved from a join and performing a calculation prior to updationg my result field. I end up with "Column qualifier or table B undefined. "

can anyone see what my problem is?

update a
set a.yr2004 = (b.smal + b.smat) * a.qtypre
from commodityf a inner join itmrvb b
on a.i@stid = b.stid
and a.cinbr = b.itnbr

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Help With Inner Join In Update

Aug 29, 2007

Here is my update statements which doesn't work, can you show me an example.

UPDATE zurnacik_user SET zurnacik_user.usergroupid=15
INNER JOIN zurnacik_userfield
ON zurnacik_user.userid = zurnacik_userfield.userid
WHERE zurnacik_userfield.field5 = "Kadýn"
AND zurnacik_user.usergroupid = 2


ERROR: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'WHERE zurnacik_userfield.field5 = "Kadýn"
AND zurnacik_user.usergroupid = 2
SE' at line 4


I from Turkey, Thank You...

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Update Using An Inner Join

Jul 23, 2005

Hello,I have two tables (table1 and table2). I want to set a flag in table1 foreach common row with table2. I use the following syntaxUPDATE table1 SET flag='Y' from table1 INNER JOIN table2 on (table1.a =table2.a) AND (table1.b = table2.b)However the situation arises where I may have a row in table2 that matcheswith two or more rows in table1. The requirement is that I only want toset the flag on a single row in table1.

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Nov 28, 2006

I am trying to update 1 table with the top records from another table foreach record in the first tableUPDATE HPFSLOWMOVINGSET TOP 1 LASTRCTDATE = (SELECT DOCDATE FROM IV30300 INNER JOINHPFSLOWMOVING ON HPFSLOWMOVING.ITEMNMBR = IV30300.ITEMNMBR ANDHPFSLOWMOVING.LOCNCODE = IV30300.LOCNCODE WHERE DOCTYPE = 4)This updates all records with the same lastrctdate. I need to update eachrecords with the top lastrctdate where the itemnmbr and locncode equals.Thanks for any help you can provide!Darren

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Update With Inner Join

Nov 15, 2006

I have an MS Access query that needs to be converted ot SQL Server 2005

Access Query:
UPDATE tblCheckNumber INNER JOIN tblHistory ON
tblCheckNumber.Autonumber = tblHistory.AutoNumber SET
tblHistory.CheckAmount = ([tblchecknumber].[amount1]), tblHistory.CheckNumber =
[tblchecknumber].[checknumber], tblHistory.CheckDate = [tblchecknumber].[checkdate],
tblHistory.AccountNumber = [tblchecknumber].[AccountNumber],
tblCheckNumber.Updated = "YES"

(((tblHistory.CheckAmount) Is Null Or
(tblHistory.CheckAmount)=0) AND ((tblHistory.CheckNumber) Is Null) AND
((tblHistory.CheckDate) Is Null) AND
((tblHistory.AccountNumber) Is Null));

SQL conversion:
SET tblHistory.CheckAmount = ([tblchecknumber].[amount1]), tblHistory.CheckNumber = [tblchecknumber].[checknumber], tblHistory.CheckDate = [tblchecknumber].[checkdate], tblHistory.AccountNumber = [tblchecknumber].[AccountNumber], tblCheckNumber.Updated = "YES"
FROM [DEV_TAXREF].[dbo].tblCheckNumber
INNER JOIN tblHistory
ON tblCheckNumber.Autonumber = tblHistory.AutoNumber
WHERE (((tblHistory.CheckAmount) Is Null Or (tblHistory.CheckAmount)=0) AND ((tblHistory.CheckNumber) Is Null) AND ((tblHistory.CheckDate) Is Null) AND ((tblHistory.AccountNumber) Is Null));

I get the following error:
The multi-part identifier "tblHistory.CheckAmount" could not be bound.

What is wrong?

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May 30, 2007

I need to Update a table with information from another table.  Below is my psuedo code - need help with the syntax needed for Sql2000 server.
JOIN tblStateLoc ON tblCompanies.LocationID = tblStateLoc.LocationIDUPDATE tblCompaniesSET tblCompanies.StoreType = tblStateLoc.StoreTypeWHERE tblCompanies.LocationID = tblStateLoc.LocationID

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Update Right Join Sql Problem

Jan 28, 2008

 Hi all,I have a problem with a sql update statement in a store procedure :update table1 set id_cl=t2.id_cl, mail=t2.mail from [table1]t1 right join [table2]t2 on t1.id_cl=t2.id_clWhat I would like is :- Update mail in table 1 from table2 when id_cl are identical -> works- Insert a new id_cl in table1 if it exists in table2 and not in table1 -> doesn't workI thought that the 'right join' would have been able to do that but apparently not.Could you help on this ?Thank you

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Should I Join The Update Queries

Mar 21, 2004

I have a page that will require several hundred update queries to be sent to the database. How much of a performance increase will i get by joining them all into one statement and sending them as a batch instead of running them one by one?


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Update Table With JOIN

Jun 2, 2004

Ok, I have tried this a million ways, and I am just stumped...

I have a access statement I am trying to convert to a T-SQL Statement.. There is no reason I should be having such a hard time with a simple query. Please Help!

INNER JOIN Tbl2 ON Tbl1.ID = Tbl2.ID
SET tbl1.Field1 = tbl2.Field1

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Update A Field Using A W/Join. Please Help.

Nov 21, 2005

I am tryin t to update the tbl1_ID from the tbl2_ID. How do I do a Update Join that will do a comparison on the param column and value columns so that I could get the correct ID into tble 1.
Tbl1 is my destination table and tbl2 is my source. Please Help.

ID Tbl1_ID tb1Param tbl1value

1NULLParam1 0
1NULLParam2 F
1NULLParam3 2
3NULLParam1 0
3NULLParam2 E
3NULLParam3 0
5NULLParam1 0
5NULLParam2 F
5NULLParma3 2

tbl2_ID tbl2Param tbl2value

100param1 0
101param1 1
102param1 2
103param1 3
104param1 4
105param2 E
106param2 F
107param2 H
108param2 HF
109param2 HS
110param2 L
111param2 LS
112param3 0
113param3 1
114param3 2
115param3 3
116param3 4
117param3 5
118param3 6

Here is what Im trying to do if you can understand this.

Update Tbl1
SET tb1ID = B.tbl2_ID
FROM tbl1 AS A JOIN tbl2 AS B
ON A.tbl1Param + A.tbl1Value = B.tbl2Param + A.tbl2value

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UPDATE Using Aggregate And Inner Join

Aug 24, 2004

I want the sum of an amount to update another table using inner join.

The following query -

SET A.[Col3] = SUM(B.[Col3])
ON A.C1 = B.C1

Gives me an error saying I cannot use SET with aggregate Column.

How do I perform this aggregate update?



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Update Using Join Conditions

Apr 7, 2008

I have three table For example
Employee (Empid , Empname , Esal)
Department (Deptid , Deptname , empid )
Staff (staffid , Staffname , Empid)

It is just example
how can i update Empname whose staffid =1 accor to staffid)
using Join Conditions :- Pls help me out ..
how to update data using JOIN Conditions


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How To JOIN In UPDATE - Across 2 Tables

Oct 15, 2014

I have a customers CRM DB that I need to run an update query on, affecting around 14,000 records. The fields used in the entity in question are split across two tables. I need to update a field in one tabled based off of the result of a field in the other table.

So this is what I started with:

USE db1
UPDATE tbl2 SET field1 = '1' WHERE tbl1.CreatedOn < '2013-28-09 00:00:00.000';

This didn't work, SQL complained about being unable to bind tbl1.CreatedOn. I assume because it's in a different table to the one I'm updating.

I attempted a JOIN to the best of my limited SQL knowledge, thinking I could just shove the two tables together and it might be happy.

USE db1
INNER JOIN tbl1 ON tbl2.Id=tbl1.Id;
UPDATE tbl2 SET field1 = '1' WHERE tbl1.CreatedOn < '2013-28-09 00:00:00.000';

This also didn't work, complaining of syntax error near 'INNER'

I'm obviously missing something, but IU don't know what it is.

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Update One Table Using Join With Another?

Mar 13, 2006

I have a table with date values that are currently null.

I've created a query that identifies the dates that should go into the date field for the table. I'll call the table "shipping" and the SQL Query, "query".

query has the following fields:
CN int
CSN int
shipdate datetime

shipping has the following fields that are relavent:
CN int
CSN int
shipped_date datetime

I want to update shipping, setting shipping.shipped_date=query.shipdate
where query.cn=shipping.cn and query.csn=shipping.csn

How do I word it to get a proper update using query analyzer?

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Concatenate On Update Join

Jul 23, 2007

Looking to concat. two fields (w/o having to go to external scripting) in the process of an update that's running through a join.

Currently (to get events that cross today and update from the 'event' table to the current/daily table):
UPDATE tblEmployee SET tblEmployee.Status = tblFuture.Status
FROM tblFuture INNER JOIN tblEmployee
ON tblFuture.EmpID = tblEmployee.EmpID
WHERE DateDiff(DAY,GETDATE(),tblFuture.Start_Date) <= 0 AND DateDiff(DAY,GETDATE(),tblFuture.End_Date) >= 0

But I want to be able to set:
tblEmployee.Status = tblFuture.Status + tblFuture.Remarks ...

That doesn't work.

I've searched a bit here and there, but nothing successful thus far. Kind of new to SQL Server (not that I've done this in Oracle or MySQL). Anyhoo ... any ideas?


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Help With Inner Join In Update Statement

Aug 27, 2007

Here is my update statements which doesn't work, can you show me an example or provide a hint.


update property
inner join propinv on propinvid=propertyinvid
set property.lotsize='100'
where property.lotsize <> '' and property.lotize is not null

Thank you

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Update With Complicated Join

Mar 4, 2008

I have the table tbOld with columns as fieldID (PK), Class, Name, other1, other2, other3 and tbNew with the same structure (fieldID (PK), Class, Name, other1, other2, other3).
Most Class-Name combinations are the same in both tables but have different FieldID, others are only in the 'tbNew' and absent in the tbOld, some are only in the 'tbOld' but we are not interested in those.
We need to update data in tbNew for columns other1, other2, other3 and make them the same as in tbOld where possible (where class-Name combination is present in the tbOld)
The update statement based on the join on two columns does not work (both columns are not PK, as FieldID is PK in each table, but we can't join on it)
Any help is highly appreciated.

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Update Statement With Join

Mar 12, 2008

Hey guys,
Up to this point I've been dealing with mostly select statements but time has come, and I need to do an update. Basically I'm not sure how to structure the query.

I'd like to update the field "new_applicationreceived" to the value of "new_lastcontact" based off the results of the following select query:

select new_lastcontact from lead
LEFT JOIN StringMap ON Lead.SalesStageCode = StringMap.AttributeValue
AND StringMap.AttributeName = 'SalesStageCode'
AND StringMap.ObjectTypeCode = 4
where new_applicationreceived is null
and lead.salesstagecode = 5

I'd really appreciate your help - I'm very worried about messing up the data and don't want to screw something up.

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Update Join Syntax From *=

Oct 29, 2007


Our product was written against an older version of SQL and the non-ANSI standard join operators (*= and =*). Our group is now looking to move our database to SQL Server 2005.

We are now faced with updating a lot of legacy queries that use this method of joins and I was hoping for a shove in the right direction.

I have run across a query similar to the following:
SELECT <many fields go here>
FROM a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h
WHERE a.fld1 *= d.fld1
AND e.fld3 *= h.fld3

The query, as it is with the non-ANSI join operators, returns a single record. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to format the FROM statement to create the LEFT OUTER JOIN statement(s) to get the query to work.

The SQL Server 2005 books online seems to be lacking in the area of examples where you have multiple joins using different tables; they focus on one table joining against multiple tables instead.

Anyone have any reading suggestions or other ideas on how to get this to work?


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Update With Inner Join Is Not Working

Mar 31, 2008


Please some one help me with this
I have a storedproc

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[usp_updateCustomerList]

(@CustomerID int,
@FirstName varchar(20),
@LastName varchar(20),
@Address1 varchar(35),
@Address2 varchar(35),
@Address3 varchar(35),
@Address4 varchar(35),
@OrderAmount money,
@OrderStatus varchar(6))


UPDATE OrderDetails SET Customer.FirstName=@FirstName,Customer.LastName=@LastName,Customer.Address1=@Address1,Custome.Address2=@Address2,Customer.Address3=@Address3,Customer.Address4=@Address4,
From OrderDetails
ON OrderDetails.CustomerNumber = Customer.CustomerNumber
where OrderDetails.CustomerID = @CustomerID

When iam executing the stored procedure iam getting error

The multi-part identifier "Customer.FirstName" could not be bound.

Please someone help me with this.

I want to update two tables so ia joining the two tables with customer number which in both the tables.

and customerID is only in OrderDetails table.

so someone please help me with this.


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Problem In Update And Join ?

Sep 21, 2007














When i use this update statement .

Msg 512, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=, <, <= , >, >= or when the subquery is used as an expression.

The statement has been terminated.

(0 row(s) affected)

how to solve it ?

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Join In An Update Statement

Sep 1, 2006

I have a join between two tables. I need to updated column a from table a with column a from table b. How do I do that with a set statement?

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SQL - Left Outer Join Update

Mar 14, 2007

Having a little trouble with this sql...
 UPDATE tblCalibrationReview SET poNumber = CalibrationReview.[PONumber],     calCertNumber = CalibrationReview.[CalCertNumber],     q1Review = (CASE CalibrationReview.ReviewQ1 WHEN 'Yes' THEN 1       WHEN 'No' THEN 0  WHEN 'N/A' THEN 3 ELSE 3 END),          followUp =  CalibrationReview.[Followup]    FROM CalibrationReview    LEFT OUTER JOIN tblEquipments ON tblCalibrationReview.equipmentId = tblEquipments.ID WHERE CalibrationReview.[EquipmentNumber] = tblEquipments.AssignedID
The left outer join.  I need to read CalibrationReview.EquipmentNumber, look at tblEquipments and get the ID field where that number matches and update tblCalibrationReview.equipmentId with that number.
I'm getting the error when running:
The column prefix 'tblCalibrationReview' does not match with a table name or alias name used in the query.
Thanks for any input,

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Can We Have An Inner Join Clause In An Update Statement

Aug 14, 2001

I'm trying to inner join an update statement.
Something like this:

update #point_connection_temp AS a inner join #point_connection_temp_two as b on a.key_fld = b.key_fld set a.next_point = b.next_point
where #point_connection_temp.next_point is null
order by a.key_fld

I'm getting an error message:Incorrect syntax error near AS
Any help will be greatly appreciated.Thank you!!!!!!!!!1

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Select Update Join Issue

Jul 31, 2007

I've got myself in a bit of a pickle and would appreciate some help. After hitting Google and blazing the SQL books online I find myself on the trusty devshed forum.

Here's the statement:


UPDATE enquiries SET enq_dbtype =
(SELECT d.prop_dbtype
FROM enquiries as a JOIN enquiryproperties as b ON a.enq_id = b.enq_id JOIN sqlcluster.prop_file_db.dbo.property as d ON b.prop_id = d.prop_id
WHERE enq_datetime BETWEEN '12/19/2006' AND '05/15/2007')

The issue:

Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=, <, <= , >, >= or when the subquery is used as an expression.

As you can see, the table JOINs in the SELECT mean that there are too many rows are returned. Any ideas how I can limit the number of rows returned? There can be multiple entries in the enquiryproperties table for each enquiries row. The SQL statement needs to be limited so only one row is returned for each enquiries entry.

GROUP BY and DISTINT won't help me.... any ideas.

THanks... Will - BuR

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Join Two Tables And Update Values In One

Feb 21, 2012

I have two tables A and b

projectID Setid value
301 1 abc
301 2 xyz
302 4 def
..... .... ..

SettingsId Setvalue
1 ter
2 yet
4 44
... ....

I want to update all the Setid of table A with that of values from table b. How can i do this?

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How To Use Inner Join In Update Method For 1 Table

Aug 23, 2007

i need to use inner join while updating..
im using only one table..


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One Statement Update - Join, No Cursor ?

Jul 20, 2005

HI AllI have a process that I am trying to accomplish with one statement. Icannot think of any way to do it other than using a cursor.I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction.I want to update the Domain in Table A with the Domain in Table Bwhere A.Account = B.Account with the highest rank.----------------------------------Table A--------------------------------------------------------------------Account|Domain--------------------------------------------------------------------Micorsoft|null----------------------------------IBM|null-------------------------------------------------------------TAble B--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Account|Domain|Rank--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Micorsoft|microsoft.com|9-------------------------------------------------------------Micorsoft|yahoo.com|2-------------------------------------------------------------Micorsoft|hotmail.com|1Thanks!!!

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