What Command Is Used To Get Back The Privileges Offered By The GRANT Command?

Mar 10, 2007


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Grant Command

Dec 20, 2007

hi to all,

can anyone tell me what is differences between take ownership and control permission in sql server 2005?

thank you
honey sachdeva

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Command To Grant Sysadmin To The User

May 29, 2007

what is the command to grant sysadmin to the user?


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Grant Permission On More Than One Table In A Single Command

Aug 24, 2000


Does anyone know how i can grant select permission on more than one table in the same database using a single grant commmand....its painful to use grant statement seperately on each table

thanks and regards,

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Passing Status Back From Command Line Application To SQL Job

Jun 4, 2007


I have created a job in SQL Server 2005 in which one of the step executes a .NET console application which is created in .NET to update some status to database before the next step. i need some help in sending some status back to sql job when i come accross any problem in the console application for ex when there is a exception i need to send some status to the job, so the job gets failed permanently. i tried few other methods of updating some temporary status database with this error information and have another intermediate step in the job to check for the status... it worked but i dont like doing it. please let me know if there is any other method to do this.

Thanks in advance


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Defining Command,commandtype And Connectionstring For SELECT Command Is Not Similar To INSERT And UPDATE

Feb 23, 2007

i am using visual web developer 2005 and SQL 2005 with VB as the code behindi am using INSERT command like this        Dim test As New SqlDataSource()        test.ConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("DatabaseConnectionString1").ToString()        test.InsertCommandType = SqlDataSourceCommandType.Text        test.InsertCommand = "INSERT INTO try (roll,name, age, email) VALUES (@roll,@name, @age, @email) "                  test.InsertParameters.Add("roll", TextBox1.Text)        test.InsertParameters.Add("name", TextBox2.Text)        test.InsertParameters.Add("age", TextBox3.Text)        test.InsertParameters.Add("email", TextBox4.Text)        test.Insert() i am using UPDATE command like this        Dim test As New SqlDataSource()        test.ConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("DatabaseConnectionString").ToString()        test.UpdateCommandType = SqlDataSourceCommandType.Text        test.UpdateCommand = "UPDATE try SET name = '" + myname + "' , age = '" + myage + "' , email = '" + myemail + "' WHERE roll                                                         123 "        test.Update()but i have to use the SELECT command like this which is completely different from INSERT and  UPDATE commands   Dim tblData As New Data.DataTable()         Dim conn As New Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection("Data Source=.SQLEXPRESS;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|Database.mdf;Integrated                                                                                Security=True;User Instance=True")   Dim Command As New Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM try WHERE age = '100' ", conn)   Dim da As New Data.SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter(Command)   da.Fill(tblData)   conn.Close()                   TextBox4.Text = tblData.Rows(1).Item("name").ToString()        TextBox5.Text = tblData.Rows(1).Item("age").ToString()        TextBox6.Text = tblData.Rows(1).Item("email").ToString()       for INSERT and UPDATE commands defining the command,commandtype and connectionstring is samebut for the SELECT command it is completely different. why ?can i define the command,commandtype and connectionstring for SELECT command similar to INSERT and UPDATE ?if its possible how to do ?please help me

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Grant All Privileges To A User

Aug 24, 2006

Is it possible to grant all privilege for all tables of a specified database through script? Because i have to send the script to user side and i can't do it manually in Enterprise Manager.regards,

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Using A Variable In SSIS - Error - Command Text Was Not Set For The Command Object..

Nov 4, 2006

Hi All,

i am using a OLE DB Source in my dataflow component and want to select rows from the source based on the Name I enter during execution time. I have created two variables,

enterName - String packageLevel (will store the name I enter)

myVar - String packageLevel. (to store the query)

I am assigning this query to the myVar variable, "Select * from db.Users where (UsrName = " + @[User::enterName] + " )"

Now in the OLE Db source, I have selected as Sql Command from Variable, and I am getting the variable, enterName,. I select that and when I click on OK am getting this error.

Error at Data Flow Task [OLE DB Source [1]]: An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code: 0x80040E0C.
An OLE DB record is available. Source: "Microsoft SQL Native Client" Hresult: 0x80040E0C Description: "Command text was not set for the command object.".

Can Someone guide me whr am going wrong?

myVar variable, i have set the ExecuteAsExpression Property to true too.

Please let me know where am going wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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Grant/Revoke Column Privileges

Oct 20, 1999

How can I set / view column privileges.

I want to remove the select privilege from a salary column to a certain group of users.


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Do Somebody Know How Long (in Chars) Script(command) Can Be Solved By SQL Command?

Aug 30, 2004

Do somebody know how long (in chars) script(command) can be solved by SQL Command?

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Command Text Was Not Set For The Command Object Error

Sep 19, 2006

Hi. I am writing a program in C# to migrate data from a Foxpro database to an SQL Server 2005 Express database. The package is being created programmatically. I am creating a separate data flow for each Foxpro table. It seems to be doing it ok but I am getting the following error message at the package validation stage:

Description: An OLE DB Error has occured. Error code: 0x80040E0C.

An OLE DB record is available. Source: "Microsoft SQL Native Client" Hresult: 0x80040E0C Description: "Command text was not set for the command object".


Description: "component "OLE DB Destination" (22)" failed validation and returned validation status "VS_ISBROKEN".

This is the first time I am writing such code and I there must be something I am not doing correct but can't seem to figure it out. Any help will be highly appreciated. My code is as below:

private bool BuildPackage()


// Create the package object

oPackage = new Package();

// Create connections for the Foxpro and SQL Server data

Connections oPkgConns = oPackage.Connections;

// Foxpro Connection

ConnectionManager oFoxConn = oPkgConns.Add("OLEDB");

oFoxConn.ConnectionString = sSourceConnString; // Created elsewhere

oFoxConn.Name = "SourceConnectionOLEDB";

oFoxConn.Description = "OLEDB Connection For Foxpro Database";

// SQL Server Connection

ConnectionManager oSQLConn = oPkgConns.Add("OLEDB");

oSQLConn.ConnectionString = sTargetConnString; // Created elsewhere

oSQLConn.Name = "DestinationConnectionOLEDB";

oSQLConn.Description = "OLEDB Connection For SQL Server Database";

// Add Prepare SQL Task

Executable exSQLTask = oPackage.Executables.Add("STOCK:SQLTask");

TaskHost thSQLTask = exSQLTask as TaskHost;

thSQLTask.Properties["Connection"].SetValue(thSQLTask, "oSQLConn");

thSQLTask.Properties["DelayValidation"].SetValue(thSQLTask, true);

thSQLTask.Properties["ResultSetType"].SetValue(thSQLTask, ResultSetType.ResultSetType_None);

thSQLTask.Properties["SqlStatementSource"].SetValue(thSQLTask, @"C:LPFMigrateLPF_Script.sql");

thSQLTask.Properties["SqlStatementSourceType"].SetValue(thSQLTask, SqlStatementSourceType.FileConnection);

thSQLTask.FailPackageOnFailure = true;

// Add Data Flow Tasks. Create a separate task for each table.

// Get a list of tables from the source folder

arFiles = Directory.GetFileSystemEntries(sLPFDataFolder, "*.DBF");

for (iCount = 0; iCount <= arFiles.GetUpperBound(0); iCount++)


// Get the name of the file from the array

sDataFile = Path.GetFileName(arFiles[iCount].ToString());

sDataFile = sDataFile.Substring(0, sDataFile.Length - 4);

oDataFlow = ((TaskHost)oPackage.Executables.Add("DTS.Pipeline.1")).InnerObject as MainPipe;

oDataFlow.AutoGenerateIDForNewObjects = true;

// Create the source component

IDTSComponentMetaData90 oSource = oDataFlow.ComponentMetaDataCollection.New();

oSource.Name = (sDataFile + "Src");

oSource.ComponentClassID = "DTSAdapter.OLEDBSource.1";

// Get the design time instance of the component and initialize the component

CManagedComponentWrapper srcDesignTime = oSource.Instantiate();


// Add the connection manager

if (oSource.RuntimeConnectionCollection.Count > 0)


oSource.RuntimeConnectionCollection[0].ConnectionManagerID = oFoxConn.ID;

oSource.RuntimeConnectionCollection[0].ConnectionManager = DtsConvert.ToConnectionManager90(oFoxConn);


// Set Custom Properties

srcDesignTime.SetComponentProperty("AccessMode", 0);

srcDesignTime.SetComponentProperty("AlwaysUseDefaultCodePage", true);

srcDesignTime.SetComponentProperty("OpenRowset", sDataFile);

// Re-initialize metadata




// Create Destination component

IDTSComponentMetaData90 oDestination = oDataFlow.ComponentMetaDataCollection.New();

oDestination.Name = (sDataFile + "Dest");

oDestination.ComponentClassID = "DTSAdapter.OLEDBDestination.1";

// Get the design time instance of the component and initialize the component

CManagedComponentWrapper destDesignTime = oDestination.Instantiate();


// Add the connection manager

if (oDestination.RuntimeConnectionCollection.Count > 0)


oDestination.RuntimeConnectionCollection[0].ConnectionManagerID = oSQLConn.ID;

oDestination.RuntimeConnectionCollection[0].ConnectionManager = DtsConvert.ToConnectionManager90(oSQLConn);


// Set custom properties

destDesignTime.SetComponentProperty("AccessMode", 2);

destDesignTime.SetComponentProperty("AlwaysUseDefaultCodePage", false);

destDesignTime.SetComponentProperty("OpenRowset", "[dbo].[" + sDataFile + "]");

// Create the path to link the source and destination components of the dataflow

IDTSPath90 dfPath = oDataFlow.PathCollection.New();

dfPath.AttachPathAndPropagateNotifications(oSource.OutputCollection[0], oDestination.InputCollection[0]);

// Iterate through the inputs of the component.

foreach (IDTSInput90 input in oDestination.InputCollection)


// Get the virtual input column collection

IDTSVirtualInput90 vInput = input.GetVirtualInput();

// Iterate through the column collection

foreach (IDTSVirtualInputColumn90 vColumn in vInput.VirtualInputColumnCollection)


// Call the SetUsageType method of the design time instance of the component.

destDesignTime.SetUsageType(input.ID, vInput, vColumn.LineageID, DTSUsageType.UT_READWRITE);


//Map external metadata to the inputcolumn

foreach (IDTSInputColumn90 inputColumn in input.InputColumnCollection)


IDTSExternalMetadataColumn90 externalColumn = input.ExternalMetadataColumnCollection.New();

externalColumn.Name = inputColumn.Name;

externalColumn.Precision = inputColumn.Precision;

externalColumn.Length = inputColumn.Length;

externalColumn.DataType = inputColumn.DataType;

externalColumn.Scale = inputColumn.Scale;

// Map the external column to the input column.

inputColumn.ExternalMetadataColumnID = externalColumn.ID;




// Add precedence constraints to the package executables

PrecedenceConstraint pcTasks = oPackage.PrecedenceConstraints.Add((Executable)thSQLTask, oPackage.Executables[0]);

pcTasks.Value = DTSExecResult.Success;

for (iCount = 1; iCount <= (oPackage.Executables.Count - 1); iCount++)


pcTasks = oPackage.PrecedenceConstraints.Add(oPackage.Executables[iCount - 1], oPackage.Executables[iCount]);

pcTasks.Value = DTSExecResult.Success;


// Validate the package

DTSExecResult eResult = oPackage.Validate(oPkgConns, null, null, null);

// Check if the package was successfully executed

if (eResult.Equals(DTSExecResult.Canceled) || eResult.Equals(DTSExecResult.Failure))


string sErrorMessage = "";

foreach (DtsError pkgError in oPackage.Errors)


sErrorMessage = sErrorMessage + "Description: " + pkgError.Description + "";

sErrorMessage = sErrorMessage + "HelpContext: " + pkgError.HelpContext + "";

sErrorMessage = sErrorMessage + "HelpFile: " + pkgError.HelpFile + "";

sErrorMessage = sErrorMessage + "IDOfInterfaceWithError: " + pkgError.IDOfInterfaceWithError + "";

sErrorMessage = sErrorMessage + "Source: " + pkgError.Source + "";

sErrorMessage = sErrorMessage + "Subcomponent: " + pkgError.SubComponent + "";

sErrorMessage = sErrorMessage + "Timestamp: " + pkgError.TimeStamp + "";

sErrorMessage = sErrorMessage + "ErrorCode: " + pkgError.ErrorCode;


MessageBox.Show("The DTS package was not built successfully because of the following error(s):" + sErrorMessage, "Package Builder", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Information);

return false;


// return a successful result

return true;

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Sql TOP Command

May 19, 2007

Hi,I'm using the sql TOP command to retrieve the top N number of results where N is a value passed into the stored proc...eg: select TOP(@N) table.*from table...etc..if @N is not passed into the stored proc then by default i want it to select every row from the table. e.g to achieve something similar to...select table.*from table...how can i do this with with as few lines of code possible? thanks!      

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Need Help With Sql Command

Aug 26, 2007

Hello, i have this sql command:
sqlcommand2.CommandText = "Select Count(UserIP) From InboundTraffic Where InboundURL Contains('" & SiteDomain(i).ToString & "') and DateTimeReceived > #" & Last30Days & "#"
My problem is that it is counting every field in the coulmn UserIp even though every field under Inboundurl currently contains 'a' and SiteDomain has a value of something like google.com.  Should it not be returning nothing?  Thanks!

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Is There An SQL Command For This?

May 6, 2004

Okay I have a column


I want to return the value that appears most i.e. in this case Blue.



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The SQL Command For...

Sep 6, 2004

Suppose a company has ten branches and a total employees of 10,000 ones. At the employees' table, how may I calculate the difference between every employee's salary to the average salary of own branch and write to the other field of table, just with a SQL Command?

ID | Branch | Salary | DifferenceToAverage

M.Sadegh Samiei

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SQL Command Help

Oct 21, 2004

There are 2 relevant fields in the table: SystemID & Description
For anything w/a SystemID of 1001, I want to add "ABC-" in FRONT of the description.

For example: If The description was XYZ and the systemID 1001, i want it to change to: ABC-XYZ

Thank you

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Bcp Command

Sep 29, 2005

I am using the bcp command to export  a bulk text file into the database,
bcp elearning.dbo.BulkData in mobile.txt -c -t,  -SZOHL-02 -Usa -P1234567890  -E
I have 6 fields in the table to which i am exporting data.One field is numeric and i have to set the identity to yes,It gives me an error string data trucncated. When i remove the identity field, i am able to export data.So, how do i tackle this prob?I used the -E attribute to keep the identity .But still i get the error. The text file has comma seperated fields.I am using sql server 2000

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BCP Command

Nov 2, 2000

Hello, i'm a junior progammer,
I must use the BCP command for create a file that is needed to be used by another program.I have my template to use EX.:


I've tried but my result was 1 line whith ascii character.
Please help me.

Massimo Nardi

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Aug 24, 1999

Hi !

Does anyone know the sql-statement to check the actual length in a varchar2 columns.

For example in Oralce you can do this

select length(column_name) from table;

I want to check that a program hasn't been wriiten the whole column with spaces.

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Sql Command Again

Aug 26, 1999

Does anyone know if there is any possibility to create a copy of a table in the database something like:

create table table_copy as select * from table;

I have found the backup table tool kind of unreliable !

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Bcp Command

Dec 21, 2004

Hi all,

I am trying to run a .bat file with this bcp command.

BCP "database.dbo.state" OUT "C:TEMPstate.dat" -SServerName -U"userid" -P"password" -m1 -n -a65536 -E -q

However, it is not producing me a file as I expected.

Is there any other configuration I need to set before it work?

Any help would appreciated.

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Bcp Command:

May 8, 2008

im using bcp to export data from MyTable to MyTable.bcp file

the command is in a batchfile, ExportData.bat which i invoke from the command prompt.


bcp MyDB.Dbo.MyTable out MyTable.bcp -N -U<user> -P<password> -S<Server>

is there any method to retrieve the number of rows exported by bcp ommand?
(apart from the messages printed in the command prompt)

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Apr 14, 2008

what is the command to check whether the sql server is running 32 bit or 64 bit ?

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Run Command

Apr 14, 2008

using server 2000

is it possible to run a command from tsql. the same as if i hit start>run>command and then entered my command and hit return?

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What Is This Command For ?

Apr 24, 2008

Hi I found the below code in the Log of IIS server. Some one run this code from my website. Any one can tell me what does the blow code is upto??


advance thanks

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ADD Command

Jun 19, 2008

I have 5 columns in a table called B. 2 of it is Time and User.
how do i add the all the time for an user and insert it into a table called C with columns User and Totaltime? For example,

Table B

so my table C should be as follows,

Table C

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How To Use This Command

Mar 1, 2006

sp_attach_single_file_db 'DBname' ,'MDF File'

can you pls. give me step by step instruction how to use this commnd,
to attach the mdf file only without log file and data file

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What Does This Command Mean?

Apr 6, 2006

I'm just going to paste part of a query that I'm working with. What is the OJ? Is that like a outer join for the whole group?

{oj ((((( Customer

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Sql Like Command Help

Dec 27, 2006

Hi all

criteria = "Select * From Familias Where Print LIKE '"%text2%"'"

Can someone help me with this cmd? The error is on "%Text2%" part.

I dont know the sintax!

Email: Nightmare.gmr@gmail.com
MNS: Fjulr@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance

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What Does This Command Do?

Oct 26, 2007

One of our vendor software developers created this SQL for SQL Server, but the vendor has gone. Can anyone explain what this command does. A user executes this at the command line of their machine
A command file has this:
osql -S (local)SQLEXPRESS -E -i DropDB.sql
The SQL file has this:
IF EXISTS (SELECT name FROM sys.databases WHERE name = N'Caching')

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OLE DB Command

Aug 12, 2007

I am having trouble figuring out how to use the OLE DB Command (for updating a record). On the first tab (Connection Managers), I can select my database server under 'Connection Manager'. When I looked at the second tab (Component Properties) I thought, this does not seem to have anything related to choosing a data TABLE to use. The third and fourth tabs do not seem to work because they require an output and none is there, and I can't add one (?)

When I selected the 3rd tab, I see the following at the bottom of the window :

Error at ReadAL3Files [OLE DB Command [6638]]: An OLE DB error has occured. Error code: 0x80040E0C. An OLE DB record is available. Source "Microsoft SQL Native Client" Hresult: 0x80040E0C Description: "Command text was not set for the command object"

So I look at the properties for the components, to see if there is one where 'text' is not set. Then I think, maybe I have to enter the update statement directly (under SQL Command). There didn't seem to be a way to build this kind of statement, so I guessed at the syntax

update [dbo].[BriteMeter]
set sampledatetime = [Column_7],
GradeID = [Column_8]
where SampleID = SampleID;

and switching to tab 3 and 4 showed a different error :
Statement(s) could not be prepared
Invalid column name 'Column 8'
Invalid column name 'Column 7'

I've tried entering those column names as described here : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms141138.aspx. Tried putting them in quotes, square brackets, I always get that error.

Am I approaching this right or am I missing something?

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OLE DB Command

May 8, 2006

Hi All.
I'm using OLE DB Command in order to update my oracle DB. I use MS provider to connect to oracle (I tried the oracle provider too).

I try to execute the simple query as

VALID_DATE_TO = to_date(?,'dd/mm/yyyy')
AND VALID_DATE_TO = to_date('01/01/9999','dd/mm/yyyy')

I declare the appropriate parameters.
So, the error is fell:

[OLE DB Command [1247]] Error: An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code: 0x80040E07. An OLE DB record is available. Source: "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle" Hresult: 0x80040E07 Description: "ORA-01861: literal does not match format string ".

[OLE DB Command [1247]] Error: The "input "OLE DB Command Input" (1252)" failed because error code 0xC020906E occurred, and the error row disposition on "input "OLE DB Command Input" (1252)" specifies failure on error. An error occurred on the specified object of the specified component.

[DTS.Pipeline] Error: The ProcessInput method on component "OLE DB Command " (1247) failed with error code 0xC0209029. The identified component returned an error from the ProcessInput method. The error is specific to the component, but the error is fatal and will cause the Data Flow task to stop running.

What is this?!!

Any ideas ...

Thanks in advance.


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Run A Dos Command?

Apr 7, 2006

Hi all,

I am just wondering is there a way to run a dos
command in the stored procedure? Please fill me in on how to go about
doing if is there is a way. If this is not the correct forum to post
this question, please let me know. Thanks in advance.


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