Backup A Single Table In Server

Jul 24, 2015

I need to backup a single table in SQL server. I use SQL Server 2008 r2 and this is new for me

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SQL Server Admin 2014 :: Restoring A Single Table From Backup

Dec 12, 2014

With all the new functionality, can 2014 now restore a single table from a standard backup without using any third party tools? I have looked, but can't see this listed as a feature (though that doesn't mean it's not there, maybe I've just missed it).

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Backup A Single Table ?

Apr 16, 2008

Is there a tool out there to backup only one table at time
in SQL Server 2005 ?

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SIngle Table Backup/Restore

May 31, 2002

Hi guys,
How to make single table backup / or Restore individual table from the Database backup file.SQL server 6.5 got an option to do this...Anyone know in SQL 7.0 or 2000
I appreciate ur immediate reply!

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SQL Server 7 In Single-User Mode After Backup?

Sep 13, 2000


This question came to me from a friend and I don't have a lot of details so I apologize in advance. I thought it might be worth a shot to ask here since I couldn't find anything on point in the MS help or KB. A SQL Server 7 database running on an NT 4.0 box is having a full database backup nightly. The backup routine is pretty standard, created using the Maintenance Wizard. It backs up two databases on the server. The problem is that when folks come into work in the AM, the databases are in Single-User mode and someone has to go in and change this. Is this normal behavior? My (admittedly limited) understanding of SQL 7 backups is that they are relatively transparent, and Single User mode is not necessary. You can operate normally other than you can't to any unlogged txn's while the backup is running. They have not done anything explicit to put the databases in Single-user mode when the backup begins. Any ideas how to prevent this from happening? (Or how to automate the switch out of Single-user mode when the backup is completed?)


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Need To Backup Single DB  With Copy-only Backup Option On

May 6, 2015

I need to backup a single DB  with "Copy-only Backup" option on. I Want to place the backup on a different location, we have a media set which is used for daily backups. I want this backup placed on a different


I have added this location to "back up to" The old one is still there. I I then hit OK th backup hangs for 2-3 minutes and gives me an error which points to the old media set. SO I want to create a  new  media set and call it  "onlyonce" but what I am not sure about is  what this Means "back up to a new media set and erase all existing backup sets"  Does that mean all old backups will be deleted?

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Combine Data In Single Row From Single Table

Apr 4, 2006

How can i combine my data in single row ? All data are in a single table sorted as employeeno, date


Employee No Date SALARY
1 10/30/2006 500
1 11/30/2006 1000
2 10/25/2006 800
3 10/26/2006 900
4 10/28/2006 1000
4 11/01/2006 8000

Should Appear


1 10/30/2006 500 11/30/2006 1000
2 10/25/2006 800
3 10/26/2006 900
4 10/28/2006 1000 11/01/2006 800



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Can Write More Than One Trigger For A Single Table(sql Server 2000)?

Jan 17, 2008

    Can u please send the answers for this
  1 . Can write more than one trigger for a single table(sql server 2000)?
  2. how to create the editable gridview? While clicking particular cell it should be  changed to
       Edit mode , and I want option for creating new row and delete option, search option

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SQL Server 2008 :: Return A Single Table With Three Columns

Jan 26, 2015

I have multiple databases in the server and all my databases have tables: stdVersions, stdChangeLog. The stdVersions table have field called DatabaseVersion which stored the version of the database. The stdChangeLog table have a field called ChangedOn which stored the date of any change made in the database.

I need to write a query/stored procedure/function that will return all the database names, version and the date changed on. The results should look something like this:

DatabaseName DatabaseVersion DateChangedOn
OK5_AAGLASS 2015/01/12
OK5_SHOPRITE 2015/01/10
OK5_SALDANHA 2014/12/23

The results should be ordered by DateChangedOn.

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DB Backup - Single User Mode

Oct 30, 2007

Hello ,Is it possible/recommended to do SQL server instance backups in Singleuser mode ?Thanks in advance,atv

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SQL Server 2012 :: Stored Procedure - How To Return A Single Table

Nov 21, 2013

I have this SP

ALTER PROCEDURE GetDelayIntervalData(@start datetime, @stop datetime, @step int)
DECLARE @steps bigint
SET @steps = DATEDIFF(hour, @start, @stop)/ @step
DECLARE @i bigint
SET @i=0

[Code] ....

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SQL Server 2012 :: Merge Multiple Rows From Single Table

Nov 17, 2014

I have resulting rows from a query similar to the following:

The data is coming from a single table that contains only one coverage code column and one coverage code date, but the end user wants the two coverage code types and dates combined into a single row. So the SELECT looks something like this:

[Employee ID] = emp.employee_id,
[Coverage Code 1] = enr.coverage_code,
[Coverage Date 1] = enr.coverage_date,
[Coverage Code 2] = case when enr.product_type = 'Accident.Accident'
then enr.coverage_code else NULL end,

[Code] ....

I basically want to merge the like Employee ID's together into a single row like the following:

I know I have done this before and it is probably pretty simple.

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SQL Server 2012 :: How To Add Column To Multiple Table Using Single Script

Feb 12, 2015

I am looking a script which allow me add single coilumn to multiple table of my database.

For Example :-

I am having 4 table

1-Emp , 2-Dept , 3-Location , 4-Salary like this I have around 100 of table

Now I want to run below command to add column Rowchecksum in all table where table name start with Archivebbx keywords.

Alter table EMP
Add Rowchecksum varbinary(8000)

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SQL Server 2008 :: Comparing / Merging Records In Single Table?

Jun 2, 2015

I'm trying to avoid a large amount of manual data manipulation.

Here's the background: Legacy system that has (well let's call apples apples) pretty much no method of enforcing data integrity, which has caused a fairly decent amount of garbage data to be inserted in some tables. Pulling one of the [Individuals] table from within this Legacy system and inserting it into a production system, into the Table schema currently in place to track [Individuals] in this Production system.

Problem: Inserting the information is easy, how to deduplicate the records that exist within the staging table that the legacy [Individuals] table has been dumped into in production, prior to insertion. (Wanting to do this programmatically with SQL or SSIS preferably, so that I can alter it later to allow for updating existing/inserting new)

Staging Table Schema:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[stage_Individuals](
[SysID] [int] NULL, --Unique, though it's not an index intended to identify the [Individuals]
[JJISID] [nvarchar](10) NULL,
[NameLast] [nvarchar](30) NULL,
[NameFirst] [nvarchar](30) NULL,
[NameMiddle] [nvarchar](30) NULL,


Scenario: There are records that duplicate the JJISID, though this value is supposed to be unique for every individual. The SYSID is just a Clustered Index (I'm assuming) within the Legacy system and will be most likely dropped when inserted into the Production [Inviduals] table. There are records that are missing their JJISID, though this isn't supposed to happen either, but have valid information within SSN/DOB/Name/etc that can be merged into the correct record that has a JJISID assigned. There is really no data conformity, some records have NULLS for everything except JJISID, or some records will have all the [Individuals] information excluding the JJISID.

Currently I am running the following SQL just to get a list of the records that have a duplicate JJISID (I have other's that partition by Name/DOB/etc and will adapt whatever I come up with to be used for those as well):

select j.*
from (select ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY JJISID ORDER BY JJISID) as RowNum, stage_Individuals.*, COUNT(*) OVER (partition by jjisid) as cnt from stage_Individuals) as j
where cnt > 1 and j.JJISID is not nullNow, with SQL Server 2012 or later I could use LAG and LEAD w/ the RowNum value to do my data manipulation...but that won't work because we are on SQL Server 2008 in this environment.


With, the following as a potential solution:

GSquared (3/16/2010)Here's a query that seems to do what you need. Try it, let me know if it works.

Performance on it will be a problem, but I can't fine tune that. You'll need to look at various method for getting this kind of data from the table and work out which variation will be best for your data. Without access to the actual table, I can't do that.

AS (SELECT master_id,
MIN(ID) AS first_id,
MAX(Account_Expiry) AS latest_expiry
FROM #People
GROUP BY master_id)
SELECT P1.master_id,


Unfortunately, I don't think that will accomplish what I'm looking for - I have some records that are duplicated 6 times, and I'm wanting to keep the values within these that aren't NULL.

Basically what I'm looking for, is to update any column with a NULL value to the corresponding Duplicate [Individuals] record value for that column.

**EDIT - Example, Record 1 has a JJISID with NULL NameFirst & NameLast BUT Record 2 has the same JJISID and values for NameFirst & NameLast. I'm wanting to propogate the NameFirst & NameLast from Record2 into Record1

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DB Engine :: Multiple Partition Schema On Single Table In Server

Apr 22, 2015

I want to  create multiple partition schema on a single table.

For example - i need to create partition  base on region id and Territory Id.

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Database In Single User Mode After Backup

Feb 7, 2001


I have a problem with databases that are left in single user mode after transaction log backup.
I have a database maintenance plan job that backs up the transaction log and checks data and index linkage every hour.
Sometimes the job fails and when I look in the report file it says that it has tred to put the database in single user mode and failed because the database is in use and then in the next step it says that it cannot perform the operation because there already is a user in the database.

Why is the database put in single user mode?
What can I do to avoid finding my databases in single user mode?

Below is a part of the report file:

[Microsoft SQL-DMO (ODBC SQLState: 42000)] Error 15089: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Cannot change the 'single user' option of a database while another user is in the database.
[1] Database BV Produktion: Check Data and Index Linkage...

** Execution Time: 0 hrs, 0 mins, 1 secs **

[2] Database BV Projektering: Check Data and Index Linkage...
[Microsoft SQL-DMO (ODBC SQLState: 42000)] Error 924: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Database 'BV Projektering' is already open and can only have one user at a time.
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Only the owner of object 'dms_user' can run DBCC CHECKTABLE on it.
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Database 'BV Projektering' is already open and can only have one user at a time.
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact your system administrator.

The following errors were found:

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Database 'BV Projektering' is already open and can only have one user at a time.
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Only the owner of object 'dms_user' can run DBCC CHECKTABLE on it.
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Database 'BV Projektering' is already open and can only have one user at a time.
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact your system administrator.
** Execution Time: 0 hrs, 0 mins, 9 secs **

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Creating Multiple Databases From A Single Backup F

Nov 9, 2006

I want to create two databases by restoring from a
single backup file in sql server. I am using 2005-sqlexpress .Is it possible?

Thanx in advance..

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Restoring Multiple Databases From A Single Backup

Jan 16, 2008

I have a backup that contains multiple databases. I am restoring it to a different server. How do I restore each database? Tried to restore under SQL Server Management Studio, but can only restore one of many from the backup (it appears it has only 1 logical file name in the backup) If you can refer me to a web page that would be great. I tried googling the topic but nothing seems to come up.

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Backup Of SQL Database In Single User Mode ?

Oct 30, 2007

Hello ,

Is it possible to do the backup of SQL server instance in a Single user mode ?
What is the recommended practice ?

Thanks in advance,

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Copying A Single Database Table From VWDE To SQL Server Management Express

Apr 9, 2007

Hello, As the heading states, I'd like to copy a database table from VWDE over to SQL SME, where it'll replace its namesake. I've tried the 'attach' method but was denied due to server permissions. Is there another way of doing this, or will I have to delete the database and then run a script to reinstate (annoyingly convoluted)? This would be so much easier if the host supported SQL 2005 Express.    Thanks in advance 

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SQL Server 2012 :: Insert Values In A Single Table With Four Columns From 4 Different Sources?

Jan 30, 2014

I am trying to insert values in a single table with four columns from 4 different sources. is it possible to run these 4 insertions in parallel. all these insertion are independent of each other

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Single Command To Change The Backup Device Path

Feb 29, 2008

Hi guys.

acutally my network dept. has change the backup file server IP address.. i m now hving problem for taking backup.
i have around 85 backup that runs everyday.. what i m doing now running every single command to drop backup device and then adding again.. but it's taking agess to do..

is there any simple script that just update the device path folder..

Thanks and looking foward.

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SQL Server 2012 :: Insert Multiple Rows In A Table With A Single Select Statement?

Feb 12, 2014

I have created a trigger that is set off every time a new item has been added to TableA.The trigger then inserts 4 rows into TableB that contains two columns (item, task type).

Each row will have the same item, but with a different task

TableA.item, 'Planning'
TableA.item, 'Design'
TableA.item, 'Program'
TableA.item, 'Production'

How can I do this with tSQL using a single select statement?

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Updating A Single Column On A Table SQL Server 2005 (45 Records), The Session Hangs...

May 12, 2007

Hello, I am pretty new with SQL Server 2005.

I have installed SQL Server Express Edition. I have migrated a set of tables from Oracl10g (by using Microsoft's Migration Tool Kit).While I am trying the following simple update command, the session hangs and it never finishes !!!!!!!!!!!!


select pos_key from pos_station where staff_key = 1105


update pos_station set pos_key = 1 where staff_key = 1105


The table has a few constraints and a couple of indices in place.

Then I create another table (but no contraints or indices), just copy the data from the problematic one and the update WORKS (in msecs) :

update pos_station_new set pos_key = 1 where staff_key = 1105


Is there any way to tell if the table (any table in SQL Server) is corrupted or not ?

How can I tell if a session is waiting for something and what is that something ?

Thank you very much for your help.


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SQL Server Table Backup

Jul 23, 2005

Anybody know how to backup a table with particular range.Ex one column contains date..I need to backup only data belong from date to is possible via programming in C?if yes give example ( don`t tell backup SQL command)RLN

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Insert Data Into A Table From Two Tables Into A Single Table Along With A Hard Coded Value?

Feb 9, 2012

I'm trying to insert data into a table from two tables into a single table along with a hard coded value.

insert into TABLE1
((select SYSTEM_ID from TABLE2 where
=('USER1'))),(select SYSTEM_ID from TABLE2 where USER_ID

I get the following-

Msg 512, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=, <, <= , >, >= or when the subquery is used as an expression.

The statement has been terminated.

Do I need to use a cursor?

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Transact SQL :: Avoid Same Table Multiple Times Rather Than Put Records In Single Table And Use It Throughout

Nov 19, 2015

There are 3 tables Property , PropertyExternalReference , PropertyAssesmentValuation which are common for 60 business rule

 PE.PropertyExternalReferenceValue  [BAReferenceNumber]
, PA.DescriptionCode
, PV.ValuationEffectiveDate
, PV.PropertyListAlterationDate


Can we push the data for the above query in a physical table and create index to make the query fast rather than using the same set  tables multiple times 

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SQL Server Admin 2014 :: Backup Of Indexes For A Particular Table?

Aug 9, 2014

how to take backup of indexes for a particular table.

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SQL Server Admin 2014 :: Backup Of Indexes For A Particular Table

Aug 9, 2014

How to take backup of indexes for a particular table.

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Create Single Table By Linking All The Table

Sep 29, 2014

i have 6 table in SQL Server and i have created one view and create single table by linking all the table,now i want to join two column like

Column A and Column B = Column C
Atul Jadhav Atuljadhav
Vijay vijayvijay

in above exambe column A having firstName and Column B having second name and i want to join this two column in C column "atuljadhav" and if column B is blank then it join A value tow timestriger code as it is auto update column and every time (update, append, modify, delete) it should be update automatic

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Trying To Return A Single Record For Each Client From Child Table Based Upon A Field Of Date Type In Child Table

Nov 1, 2007

I have table "Clients" who have associated records in table "Mailings"
I want to populate a gridview using a single query that grabs all the info I need so that I may utilize the gridview's built in sorting.
I'm trying to return records containing the next upcoming mailing for each client.
The closest I can get is below:
I'm using GROUP BY because it allows me to return a single record for each client and the MIN part allows me to return the associated record in the mailings table for each client that contains the next upcoming 'send_date' 
SELECT MIN(dbo.tbl_clients.client_last_name) AS exp_last_name, MIN(dbo.tbl_mailings.send_date) AS exp_send_date, MIN(dbo.tbl_mailings.user_id) AS exp_user_id, dbo.tbl_clients.client_id, MIN(dbo.tbl_mailings.mailing_id) AS exp_mailing_idFROM dbo.tbl_clients INNER JOIN
dbo.tbl_mailings ON dbo.tbl_clients.client_id = dbo.tbl_mailings.client_idWHERE (dbo.tbl_mailings.user_id = 1000)GROUP BY dbo.tbl_clients.client_id
The user_id set at 1000 part is what makes it rightly pull in all clients for a particular user. Problem is, by using the GROUP BY statement I'm just getting the lowest 'mailing_id' number and NOT the actual entry associated with mailing item I want to return.  Same goes for the last_name field.   Perhaps I need to have a subquery within my WHERE clause?Or am I barking up the wrong tree entirely..

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BCP A Single Table

Sep 28, 1999

I've managed to BCP in a single table form a backup DAT file into a database, but it took WAY to long (1 hour+ on a meaty server) and I can't understand why.

The table only had a few rows of data and only had a few small dependancy tables.

The table has a primary key, hence an index so the BCP becomes a logged operation but it still should not take this long.

Here is the BCP command line that I ran :-

bcp <dbname>.dbo.<tablename> in <DAT filename> /U sa /P /S <server> /m 1 /n

Could anyone please shed some light on this. Is there anyway of 'fast' bcp'ing this table into the database overwriting the existing one.

Failing that, is there any way of scripting the transfer of a table from one server to another.

Many thanks.


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Restore A Single Table

Mar 18, 2002

Does anyone know of a way to restore a single table using SQL 7.0? I know that I can build a dummy database and do a database restore, then copy the table from database to database. But....was wondering if there is a way to restore a single table from a backup. Is losing the ability to restore a single table one of the 'features' of 7.0?

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