Encrypt Data In Database

Jun 23, 2007


I have a .net application and i added a code that encrypts data saved in database. However, there is already data in the fields that was entered before this change.
I know need to check if the values in those fields are encrypted and if not i need to encrypt them.
How can I perform such a check and update the relevant data?
I use TrippleDES in .net to encrypt/decrypt the data.


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How To Encrypt My Password Or Sensitive Data Before Storing Them In A Database , Using SQL Server 2005?[urgent Plz Help]

Jan 7, 2007

Hi there ,1. i have a database and i want to encrypt my passwords before storing my records in a database plus i will later on would require to  authenticate my user so again i have to encrypt the string provided by him to compare it with my encrypted password in database below is my code , i dont know how to do it , plz help 2. one thing more i am storing IP addresses of my users as a "varchar" is there a better method to do it , if yes plz help me    try        {            SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlConnection();            myConnection.ConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["projectConnectionString"].ConnectionString;            SqlDataAdapter myAdapter = new SqlDataAdapter("SELECT *From User_Info", myConnection);            SqlCommandBuilder builder = new SqlCommandBuilder(myAdapter);            DataSet myDataset = new DataSet();            myAdapter.Fill(myDataset, "User_Info");            //Adding New Row in User_Info Table               DataRow myRow = myDataset.Tables["User_Info"].NewRow();            myRow["user_name"] = this.user_name.Text;            myRow["password"] = this.password.Text; // shoule be encrypted             //not known till now how to do it                       myRow["name"] = this.name.Text;            myRow["ip_address"] = this.ip_address.Text;                        myDataset.Tables["User_Info"].Rows.Add(myRow);            myAdapter.Update(myDataset, "User_Info");            myConnection.Close();            myConnection.Dispose();        }        catch (Exception ex)        {            this.error.Text = "Error ocurred in Creating User : " + ex.Message;        }  

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Encrypt Data

Jan 8, 2007

Hi All,
In SQL 2000, i need to Export Data,so that datashould be encrypted.When i try to import that in any database it should authenticate the user and should get decrypted.IZAT Possible.

Can any one help?


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Encrypt Data

Jan 8, 2007


In SQL2000 i need to Encryptdata when I export data using DTS.LikeWise I should when i import data I should authenticate that user and decrypt that.

Can any one help?



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How To Encrypt Database In SQLServer2000, Please Help Me, Thanks

Dec 26, 2005

I have 2 questions:

1. How to encrypt data of database in SQL Server 2000 ? Someone can't see true data

if without password or something else.

2. If i have 2 database . All of them have same table, structure, ....How to update or insert or change in the second database when i update or insert or change in the first database automatically ?

Thank you very much.

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Possible To Encrypt Database Assembly?

Oct 11, 2006


I've built a simple Visual Basic .NET project containing the following code...

Imports System
Imports System.Data
Imports System.Data.SqlClient
Imports System.Data.SqlTypes
Imports Microsoft.SqlServer.Server

Partial Public Class StoredProcedures
<Microsoft.SqlServer.Server.SqlProcedure()> _
Public Shared Sub WhoAmI()
Using connection As New SqlConnection("context connection=true")
Dim command As New SqlCommand("SELECT SUSER_SNAME()", connection)
End Using
End Sub
End Class

From Visual Studio, I want to encrypt the contents of this assembly, as a proof-of-concept.
Even though assembly contents are stored as varbinary(MAX) in the database, converting to varchar(MAX) will expose the code.

However, the Dotfuscator Community Edition reports the following error: "Dotfuscator Community Edition cannot operate on SQL Server applications.... please try Standard or Professional Edition."

Has anyone tried encrypting a database assembly and deploying to the database?

A good test would be to issue the following TSQL script against the database holding the assembly...

-- Does the sample code above run?
EXEC dbo.WhoAmI
-- Is the code readable?
SELECT * , Convert(varchar(MAX), content) FROM sys.assembly_files

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Encrypt Data Issue

Sep 24, 2004

Does SQL Server 2000 provide any data encryption/decryption functionality so that certain fields (e.g. SSN, Age and Salary) will be encrypted before writing into the table and decrypted once loading out of the table?


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Encrypt/decrypt Data

Nov 16, 2004

We like to secure datas.
Only a few people are autorized to read this information, but today, these informations are readable with a simple query with a query analyzer for exemple.

I'd like to encrypt datas with reversible function in one field of a table

Is there a function able to do this kind of work in SQLServer V7 or 2000 ?

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Best Approach To Encrypt Data?

Sep 12, 2007


I want to encrypt certain data like password, ssn, credit card info etc before saving in database. Also, this encrypted data can be queried using standard SQL statements like:

select * from users where userid=454 and password = 'encrypted data'

The mechanism to encrypt data could be in a .net application. The code that does encryption/decryption should also be protected so that it doesnt work if it falls in wrong hands.

Can anyone suggest what would be the best way to accomplish above?


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How To Md5 Encrypt Data Using TSQL

Aug 3, 2007

how can i encrypt using md5 for encrypt my data using TSQL and from Enterprise Manager?

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How Can I Encrypt Or Mask A Column In The Database

Sep 26, 2007

How can i encrypt or mask a column in the database?

Any help will be appreciated

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Encrypt Data In A Stored Procedure

Jul 11, 2006

I am trying to insert data in a table using a stored procedure, but somehow I cannot store the values passed by the stored procedure in the table.

Table has two fields FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME with varbinary data type(I need to encrypt the data)

My stored procedure is as follows. Please let me know what i am doing wrong!


ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[SP_InsertInfo]
-- Add the parameters for the stored procedure here





-- Insert statements for procedure here

Insert into [dbo].[INFO] (FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME)
Values ( encryptbykey( key_guid('key'),'@FIRST_NAME'),
encryptbykey( key_guid('key'),'@LAST_NAME')


EXEC sp_InsertInfo 'larry', 'Smith'

when I run the SP, the data stored in the first_name, last_name fields are @FIRST_NAME', @LAST_NAME' instead of larry, smith respectively.


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Encrypt An Existing Database In SQL Server 2005

Dec 3, 2007

Hi! I have an existing database in SQL Server 2005 and I would like to apply encryption on my database. Does anyone have an idea on this?

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Hash/Encrypt CSV To Lookup Repeating Data?

Oct 1, 2007

Hopefully this makes sense, not sure what to even begin researching...

I'm trying to optimize all facets of this process, as it will take over the resources on my server if not done efficiently.

I have CSV files containing INTs that I need to upsert (match to an existing/earlier imported array or create a new record set) millions of times a day. To be clear, this data is a small subset of the actual import, this arrays contents are not the main data of the process, and the value of the entire array is meant to be related to higher level tables.

The contents of the CSV array are 99.9+% repeating, meaning they will very often share the exact same contents as a a previously imported array. A rough guess is there are 20k combinations existing, and less than 1k new per month, and will range from 6 cols x 15 rows to 6 cols x 50 rows.

So current plan is to use a MD5 hash during the (not SQL related) export process to identify the contents of this CSV file, and export only the md5 (32 digit hex) as a lookup to identify the contents. If the SQL import process finds a new (unknown) MD5 it will request the actual contents, otherwise it will simply use the MD5 as a key/id/code for the actual array contents that are already stored.

There's probably a certain terminology I'm not familiar with for this type of thing.. I've never heard of something like this. I realize collision is a threat, but I'm unsure how much I should be worried about it with this type of data (similar size/contents, but a relatively small amount of possibilities). I think up to even 0.1% collision would be acceptable which is probably way more than enough.

Does this sound like a bad idea to anyone? Are there certain hash functions I should use for this type of thing? Anyone have suggestions of where to look next?


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Encrypt And Decrypt Text Format Data

Oct 19, 2007


We have migrated a CRM Database from SQLServer 2000 to SQLServer 2005.

Database contains very sensitive data about customer in text format (Datatype varchar(20)) how can i encrypt the same without any change in the table design.


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Transact SQL :: Any Way To Encrypt Varbinary Column Data?

Nov 4, 2015

Is there a way to encrypt 'varbinary' column data?

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SQL Security :: How To Determine What Certificate Is Used To Encrypt A Database In 2014

May 28, 2015

I use a number of certificates on my database server.  I'm trying to verify the correct certificate is being used on the correct database.

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Is There Any Built In Facility To Encrypt A Column Data In SQLSERVER/MSDE

Jun 8, 2005


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Encrypt Function

Feb 16, 2003

Hi all

I have got an application developed on SQL7 which I have migrated to SQL2K.
It handles authentication internally and therefore stores usernames & passwords in a local table. The passwords are stored encrypted utilizing a function called "encrypt" taking the password in clear-text and returning a varbinary. When a user logs on his password input is encrypted the same way and compared to the stored password. So far so good...
Problem: On SQL2K the encrypt function returns a different result as it does on SQL7., which reults in authentication failures.
Unfortunately I cannot find any documentation about the encrypt function e.g. in BOL. Furthermore I cannot ask the developer who introduced the function anymore.

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RC4 Encrypt And Decrypt

Jul 22, 2002

Hi Guys.

I am looking for TSQL code for RC4 encryption and decryption.

I found VBcode for RC4 encryption, it will take atleast 2 days for me to go thru that and rewrite the whole code in SQL.

If anyone has the code, please provide me.

(I know sql does accept extended ASCII characters)


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How To Encrypt Password?

Apr 16, 2008


I do have one application in VC++ as a Front End & Sql Server 2005 as a Back End.

i want to store my username's password in encrypted format, means no one can able to see the password.

Ex:- if i enter password as a "xyz" then it should be save as a some encrypted [base 64 encoding scheme] format.

Can any one help me out?

Prashant Hirani

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Encrypt Column

Nov 3, 2006

Is there a way to encrypt one column of data in a table in SQL Server 2000? Thanks!


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Encrypt On CLR Decrypt In SQL?

Jan 8, 2008

Hi folks,
I'm trying to encrypt a small token of data on my client c# application and have it decrypted by SQL on the server side, the problem is i cannot find articles on the subject. I don;t really want to get involved with certificates but base the system on a simple symmetric key that is shared by both parties.

I'm attempting to use the TRIPLE_DES algorithm on both sides and thus far have used the decryptbypassphrase on the server side with the data encrypted on the client side by .Net with no initialization vector setup.

If anyone can recommend any articles or have example (client and server side) code for this situation it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


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Encrypt In .net, Decrypt In Sql

Feb 29, 2008

Does anyone know what my .net app guys need to share with me if encryption was done in the .net app but decryption needs to occur in certain sql queries? I read about master keys, certificates, symmeteric keys, algorithms etc but dont know how that stuff would carry over from the framework into sql. All I know is that the algorithm is AES_256, they must be adding authentication to the encryption and i know the hash algorithm, and symmetric keys are involved. Will they be sharing certain kinds of files with me that need to be registered in the db? Will I have to use CLR if I want the two worlds to come together?

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How To Encrypt Views?

Apr 10, 2007


I found that I could encrypt StoredProcedures in Sql Server Express but have no idea about encrypting views. Any idea?

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Encrypt Password

Sep 29, 2006


I would like to encrypt and decrypt password in my own tables

select stuff

from mytable

where password = decrypt('ackdo$$y')

How can I do this? Is there any decrypt or crypt function?


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How To Encrypt The Stored Procedure ?

Feb 17, 2008

I would like to know that how can I encrypt a stored procedure, so that it can not be decrypt by me or not by any one ? I have tried using the SQL encrypt,but there is a decrypt command which decrypt the same. I do not want any one to decrypt without a password or encrypt the stored procedure so that it can never be decrypted.
Thanking you,

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Encrypt -> Decrypt Into SQL Server

Apr 12, 2001

Please help!!!!!!!
Is there are ways to encrypt data in the table (SQL Server 7) and then retrieve (decrypt) this information?


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Encrypt Stored Passwords

Sep 18, 2001

I'm running SQL 70 SP 3 on Nt4.

We store passwords of users of our website. They need to be autenticated and based on that it gives them access to what they are entitled. But its not like NT or server authentication.

This has been setup so that we have a user table and it stores the password. However, it stores it in plain text. Is there any way I can encrypt this field so it is unreadable? Is there a property or a datatype that I can't find? Is there a way to simulate the encryption?

Any ideas or help are appreciated.


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Hide/encrypt Password In Sql Under EM?

Mar 1, 1999

I am setting up several isql job in Enterprise Manager and as a cmdexec job I need to pass the user id and password( -P). I shtere any way not to pass this as text and perhaps hide/encrypt it since any one who opens the task scheduler and looks at the job can read the password?


DAvid Spaisman

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Encrypt Password Field

May 30, 2006

hello guys! i have a question hope you'll help me..how can i encrypt the data that is stored in my password field everytime i insert value to it and decrypt it if i want to retrieve it? thanks in advance!!

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Encrypt/decrypt MS SQL 2005

Aug 3, 2006

hi guyz!! is it posible to ecnrypt data everytime i insert it to a table and decrypt it everytime I select it using the MS SQL 2005 alone?

like for example i have this query statement below

insert username,password users values ('daimous','my_password')

what i want is every time i insert a value to the password column that value should be encrypted first.

select username,password from users

everytime i select the value of the password column should decrypted.
Thanks in advance!!!

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Encrypt Connection With Certificate

Feb 7, 2007

I have been trying to create a certificate for use with SQL2005. I found openSSL to create a cert but I am not sure how to use it.

When I go into SQL Config Manager / Protocol Properties / Certificate Tab... I do not see any certificates. The list is empty. Where are these certs pulled from and how can I create one on my own?

Here are the Reqs:

Certificate Requirements

For SQL Server 2005 to load a SSL certificate, the certificate must meet the following conditions:

The certificate must be in either the local computer certificate store or the current user certificate store.

The current system time must be after the Valid from property of the certificate and before the Valid to property of the certificate.

The certificate must be meant for server authentication. This requires the Enhanced Key Usage property of the certificate to specify Server Authentication (

The certificate must be created by using the KeySpec option of AT_KEYEXCHANGE. Usually, the certificate's key usage property (KEY_USAGE) will also include key encipherment (CERT_KEY_ENCIPHERMENT_KEY_USAGE).

The Subject property of the certificate must indicate that the common name (CN) is the same as the host name or fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the server computer. If SQL Server is running on a failover cluster, the common name must match the host name or FQDN of the virtual server and the certificates must be provisioned on all nodes in the failover cluster.

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