Export Data From Sql Server 2005 Table To Text File

Feb 27, 2008

I want to transfer data from table to a text file.I m trying to use bcp utility and xp_cmdshell.but the export is not successful.
My query is:

EXEC master..xp_cmdshell'bcp "Select * from test..emp" queryout "c:dept.txt" -c -T -x'

and its output is:

Starting copy...
3 rows copied.
Network packet size (bytes): 4096
Clock Time (ms.) Total : 16 Average : (187.50 rows per sec.)

but there is no row copied into c:dept.txt

where is the problem??


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Export Data From Table To Text File

Apr 22, 2002

I need to export data from a table to a text file, where the data in the table is deleted after written to the file. It is simple using DTS, but I want to do the export in "chunks" of data, committing the delete say after every 1000 rows.

My thought was a stored procedure would be easy enough to do this (done these in Oracle many times), but I don't know the quickest way to export a row of data from a stored procedure to a text file. Isn't using a command-line shell too slow? What are my options?

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Export Data From SQL Database Table To Text File

Jun 22, 2001


I'm trying to export data from one of the table in my SQL 7.0 database into text file. Can someone tell me how can i do this using SQL Query instead of using BCP (command line) ?? Thank you in advance.

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How Can I Export/import Data On Table To/from Text File

Dec 24, 1998

I needs export data on table to text file so I can process this data
with another database engine ie. Informix.

Can anybody help me to solve this problem ?

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Export Data To Text File From SQL Server 2000.

Mar 31, 2008


Can anyone please help me on how to export data from SQL server 2000 to text file using C#. I could use bcp command to directly import data, but there are some changes need to be made to some codes from other tables in database and the data to be downloaded is also very huge. probably 10 million records.

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How Do I Export Data From MS SQL Server Tables To Text File With 'insert' Statements

Jan 3, 2005

I am trying to take an entire MS SQL database and put it in an sql file. I have succesfully copied the tables into an sql file by highlighting the tables in enterprise manager and choosing 'generate sql script'.

That gives me the structure, but now I would like the data (in insert statements). I have looked in enterprise manager's export wizard and sql analyzer to no avail. There seem to be a lot of options for exporting data except this one! Please point me in the right direction.

At the end of the day, I would like to be able to put everything in a text file. Then, should I have problems, I can just copy my text into query analyzer and have a brand new database.

Thank you in advance.

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Export Text File To A Table

Dec 5, 2000

Anbody please help
I am trying to export a text file to a table using enterprise manager
and all tasks
But the process keeps adding strange charater like squares at the end
of each line and also replaces each empty line in the text file with a record in the table with that square type character. I used the following code to delete all rows with that character (as a work around) but no joy. I am losing hope.

Code is
WHERE column1 = ' '

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How To Export Data In Text File

Dec 15, 2014

How to export data in text file using sql server 2008 job.

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Export Sql Data To Text File

Feb 8, 2007

Hi all,

I am new to ssis. I try to create a package completely by vb.net to export a table in sql server to text file. i got the following error while i run the package,

An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code: 0x80004005.
An OLE DB record is available. Source: "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers"
Hresult: 0x80004005 Description: "[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]
Data source name not found and no default driver specified".
The AcquireConnection method call to the connection manager "OLEDBSrc"
failed with error code 0xC0202009.
component "OLE DB Source" (1) failed validation and returned error code 0xC020801C.
One or more component failed validation.
There were errors during task validation.

i have posted my code below,

Dim pkg As New Package

Dim OLEDBConMgr As ConnectionManager

Dim FileConMgr As ConnectionManager

Dim SrcComponent As IDTSComponentMetaData90

Dim SrcInstance As CManagedComponentWrapper

Dim DesComponent As IDTSComponentMetaData90

Dim DesInstance As CManagedComponentWrapper

pkg.PackageType = DTSPackageType.DTSDesigner90

Dim e As Executable = pkg.Executables.Add("DTS.Pipeline.1")

Dim thMainPipe As TaskHost = e 'as Task Host

Dim DataFlowTask As MainPipe = thMainPipe.InnerObject 'as MainPipe

'---------------OLEDB Connection Manager

OLEDBConMgr = pkg.Connections.Add("OLEDB")

OLEDBConMgr.ConnectionString = "Data Source=srcServerName;Initial Catalog=srcDBName;Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;Auto Translate=False;"

OLEDBConMgr.Name = "OLEDBSrc"

OLEDBConMgr.Description = "OLEDB Connection to flightinfo database"

'---------------FlatFile Connection Manager

FileConMgr = pkg.Connections.Add("FLATFILE")

FileConMgr.ConnectionString = "//FilePath"

FileConMgr.Name = "FLATFILE"

FileConMgr.Description = "Flat File Connection to the file"

FileConMgr.Properties("DataRowsToSkip").SetValue(FileConMgr, 0)

FileConMgr.Properties("Format").SetValue(FileConMgr, "Delimited")

FileConMgr.Properties("ColumnNamesInFirstDataRow").SetValue(FileConMgr, False)

FileConMgr.Properties("Unicode").SetValue(FileConMgr, False)

FileConMgr.Properties("RowDelimiter").SetValue(FileConMgr, vbCrLf)

FileConMgr.Properties("TextQualifier").SetValue(FileConMgr, "<none>")

FileConMgr.Properties("HeaderRowsToSkip").SetValue(FileConMgr, 0)

FileConMgr.Properties("HeaderRowDelimiter").SetValue(FileConMgr, vbCrLf)

FileConMgr.Properties("CodePage").SetValue(FileConMgr, 1252)

'Create Source Component

SrcComponent = DataFlowTask.ComponentMetaDataCollection.[New]

SrcComponent.ComponentClassID = "DTSAdapter.OLEDBSource"

SrcComponent.Name = "OLEDB"

'Get the Design time instance of the component

SrcInstance = SrcComponent.Instantiate

'Initialize the component


'Specify the Connection Manager

If SrcComponent.RuntimeConnectionCollection.Count > 0 Then

SrcComponent.RuntimeConnectionCollection(0).ConnectionManagerID = OLEDBConMgr.ID

SrcComponent.RuntimeConnectionCollection(0).ConnectionManager = DtsConvert.ToConnectionManager90(OLEDBConMgr)

End If

'Set the Custom Properties

SrcInstance.SetComponentProperty("AccessMode", 0)

SrcInstance.SetComponentProperty("OpenRowset", "[dbo].[srcTableName]")

'ReInitialize the metadata




'Create Destination Component

DesComponent = DataFlowTask.ComponentMetaDataCollection.[New]

DesComponent.ComponentClassID = "DTSAdapter.FlatFileDestination"

DesComponent.Name = "FLATFILE"

'Get the Design time instance of the component

DesInstance = DesComponent.Instantiate

'Initialize the component


'Specify the Connection Manager

If DesComponent.RuntimeConnectionCollection.Count > 0 Then

DesComponent.RuntimeConnectionCollection(0).ConnectionManagerID = FileConMgr.ID

DesComponent.RuntimeConnectionCollection(0).ConnectionManager = DtsConvert.ToConnectionManager90(FileConMgr)

End If

'ReInitialize the metadata




Dim path As IDTSPath90 = DataFlowTask.PathCollection.[New]

path.AttachPathAndPropagateNotifications(SrcComponent.OutputCollection(0), DesComponent.InputCollection(0))

' Get the destination's default input and virtual input.

Dim input As IDTSInput90 = DesComponent.InputCollection(0)

Dim vInput As IDTSVirtualInput90

vInput = input.GetVirtualInput()

'Iterate through the virtual column collection.

Dim vColumn As IDTSVirtualInputColumn90

' Iterate through the virtual input column collection.

For Each vColumn In vInput.VirtualInputColumnCollection

' Call the SetUsageType method of the destination

' to add each available virtual input column as an input column.

DesInstance.SetUsageType(input.ID, vInput, vColumn.LineageID, DTSUsageType.UT_READONLY)


' Verify that the columns have been added to the input.

For Each inputColumn As IDTSInputColumn90 In DesComponent.InputCollection(0).InputColumnCollection



Dim pkgResult As DTSExecResult

pkgResult = pkg.Execute

Is there anybody know it? plz help me.



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How To Export A Temp Table To A Text File?

Apr 24, 2006

Hello everyone:

I create a temperal table to load data in a stored procedure. At last I want to export this temp table to a text file.

Any suggestion will be great appreciated.


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Export Table To A Text File Using Sqlcmd

Mar 26, 2008

How do i use sqlcmd to export the rows in a table to a comma-delimited text file?


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Problem With Export Of A Table To A Text File

Aug 24, 2006

Dear MSSQL- experts,I have a strange problem with SQLSERVER 2000.I tried to export a table of about 40000 lines into a text file usingthe Enterprise managerexport assitant. I was astonished to get an exported text file of about400 MB instead 16 MB which is the normal size of that data.By examining this file with a text editor I found that the fileincluded alongside the data of my table MANY zeros which caused the bigfile size.Does someone of you have an idea what could cause the export oftrillions zeros into my textfile and how to only export the significantdata of my table ?Best regards,Daniel

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Export Data Into Text File Using Delimited

Sep 8, 2005

I need to export data from SQL server 2000 database into text file uisng Delimited. Because my destination database will be teradata. Could you let me know if you have any method for this.

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Export Data To A Text File And Append...

Sep 11, 2001

I'm beginner in SQL and I would like to do a simple thing :
Extract data from different table to a text file.
I would like an automatic schedule job to extract these data and also I need that the result are "append" in this text file.
Could you help me and give me the process to follow.
Thanks in Advance

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Export Data And Insert Into Text File

Apr 29, 2015

I have the data of ACTTAB, APTTAB and etc, how to i export this data from SQL and insert into a text file??? this is the first time i need to do. as for the 2nd thing is that after export the data from SQL into text file, i need to import this data into mongoDB. So basically how to export this following data (ACTTAB, APTTAB and etc) into text file?

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How To Export 'text' Data Having &> 8192 Character Into File

Sep 17, 2002


I have a table with text data with more than 8192 character in it. When I tried to select or into a file I could only see the first 8192 after setting 'Max character = 8192' properties. Please tell me how to select the entire data.

John Jayaseelan

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Alingment Problem When Export Data To Text File

Feb 17, 2008

Hi All.
I'm new in SQL i have a problem when export mytable to text file.below is my result export my table use a bcp:
0714142020 KURNIA 63360 86
0614142469 HATA 6666444 36J
my problem is how to make a third column to right alingment like below.
0714142020 KURNIA 63360 86
0614142469 HATA 6666444 36J

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Import Text File To Sql Table In Sql Server 2005

Mar 7, 2008

hi guys
i need  to import text file to sql table in sql server 2005 ...using query how do i import text file to sql table .......................
 i need query
i dont want go Import/export options

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Populating A Table In SQL Server 2005 Express From A Text File (*.txt)

Apr 10, 2008

I'm experienced using queries to extract data, but I'm new to actually creating tables, except through Access. I work with many records of data, so populating the data by hand is not an option. I created a test database (ValTest) and a test table within that database (ClaimTest). I created a text file (DataTest.txt) with the same layout as I defined for ClaimTest. I want to populate ClaimTest with the data from DataTest.txt. I was told the only way to do that using SQL Server Express was to use a utility called BCP. So I found a page on the Microsoft website talking about BCP. It gave some examples, so I opended up the Command Line window, pointed to the directory that contains the database and text file and typed "BCP ValTest.ClaimTest in DataTest.txt -T -c". I get 3 errors: Named Pipes Provider: Could not open a connection to SQL Server [2], Login timeout expired, and An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server. When connecting to SQL Server 2005, this failure may be caused by the fact that under the default settings SQL Server does not allow remote connections.

I tried looking around and finding where I could change the settings, in case that was indeed the problem, but was unable to find anything. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Problem Importing Csv Delimited Text File Into A Sql Server 2005 Table

Apr 25, 2006

I am using the Bulk Insert command and trying to import a CSV delimited text file into a table and I am having problems with the quote field delimiters ", " The command below works but it takes in all the "" quotes as well and the field delimiter comma , works only if the commas are the separators only. If I have a comma within a address field for example then the data gets imported into the wrong fields. What can I use to identify that the text qualifier is ". I don't see where I can use the bulk insert command to determine this. Is there another command that I can use or am I using this command incorrectly. I thank you in advance for any response or suggestion you may have.

BULK INSERT AdventureWorks.dbo.MbAddress

FROM 'a:mbAddress.txt'





CODEPAGE = '1252',




Here is a sample ascii file I am importing as well you can see that 6330 has a extra comma in the address line.

6317,26517,1,0,"1403 W. Kline Ave","","","MILWAUKEE","WI","53221","","",0.00,"MILWAUKEE",79,"",1/25/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6318,26225,1,0,"501 Dunford Dr","","","BURLINGTON","WI","53105","","",0.00,"RACINE",101,"",1/25/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6319,20101,1,0,"2115 Cappaert Rd #35","","","MANITOWOC","WI","54220","","",0.00,"MANITOWOC",71,"",1/25/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6320,23597,1,0,"728 Woodland Park Dr","","","DELAFIELD","WI","53018","","",0.00,"WAUKESHA",133,"",1/25/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6321,23392,1,0,"7700 S. 51st St","","","FRANKLIN","WI","53132","","",0.00,"MILWAUKEE",79,"",1/25/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6322,26537,1,0,"W188 S6473 GOLD DRIVE","","","MUSKEGO","WI","53150","","",0.00,"WAUKESHA",133,"",1/26/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6323,25953,1,0,"3509 N. Downer Ave","","","MILWAUKEE","WI","53211","","",0.00,"MILWAUKEE",79,"",1/26/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6324,19866,1,0,"10080 E. Mountain View Lake Rd. #145","","","SCOTTSDALE","AZ","85258","","",0.00,"MARICOPA",13,"",1/27/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6325,25893,1,0,"W129 N6889 Northfield Dr. Apt 114","","","MENOMONEE FALLS","WI","53051-0517","","",0.00,"WAUKESHA",133,"",1/27/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6326,26569,1,0,"8402 64th Street","","","KENOSHA","WI","53142-7577","","",0.00,"KENOSHA",59,"",1/27/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6327,24446,4,0,"83 Sweetbriar Br","","","LONGWOOD","FL","32750","","",0.00,"SEMINOLE",117,"",1/30/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6328,19547,1,0,"4359 MERCHANT AVENUE","","","SPRING HILL","FL","34608","","",0.00,"HERNANDO",53,"",2/8/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6329,26524,1,0,"264 Lakeridge Drive","","","OCONOMOWOC","WI","53066","","",0.00,"WAUKESHA",133,"",2/10/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6330,23967,1,0,"3423 HICKORY ST","100 Tangerine Blvd., Brownsville, TX 78521-4368","Texas Phone Number: 956-546-4279","SHEBOYGAN","WI","53081","","",0.00,"SHEBOYGAN",117,"",2/15/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6331,25318,1,0,"3960 S. Prairie Hill Lane Unit 107","","","Greenfield","WI","53228","","",0.00,"MILWAUKEE",79,"",2/20/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6332,24446,1,0,"83 Sweetbriar BR","","","LONGWOOD","FL","32750","","",0.00,"SEMINOLE",117,"",2/21/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6333,26135,1,0,"P.O. Box 8 127 Main Street","","","CASCO","WI","54205","","",0.00,"KEWAUNEE",61,"",2/21/2006 0:00:00,"admin"

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SQL Server 2012 :: Loading And Reformatting Text File Data Into Table

May 29, 2015

I am looking for a way to convert the following format into a sql table. The format it is Bib Tex.

Essentially a new row in the table would be for each entry, denoted by an @ logo and each column is denoted by an =, as you can see from the example data no one contains all the possible columns and some fields can be over two lines long.

To load this I was considering loading it into a table as each line being a row. Adding a row number, then a column counting the @ signs in order and essentially grouping each record, then for each group running through and looking for the column keywords 'author' , 'title' etc then splitting the data out into those constituent parts using substring and charindex.

author = "von Hicks, III, Michael",
title = "Design of a Carbon Fiber Composite Grid Structure for the GLAST
Spacecraft Using a Novel Manufacturing Technique",
publisher = "Stanford Press",
year = 2001,

[Code] ....

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Export To A Text File In SQL Server Express

Oct 2, 2006

I have a table in a database has the same filed with a text file:




(24 hour time)

- 9999999

- 999999

- 99999999

'0' = No

'1' = Yes

'0' = valid

'v' = void



So that, after export data from the table, the file file must has that struct
Tell me, how can i do???

















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Table Data Export To .sql File.

Nov 16, 2006

Rookie qustion here quys,
Using SQL Sever 2005 Express and Visual Web Devoloper Express.
I'm trying to get data from my local SQL sever database to my shared hosting database. SImple enough but...
1.) GoDaddy does not allow remote connections to the DB server
2.) With GoDaddy you can't just upload an .MDF file to your remote directory and script a connection string. You have to reference the DB server. Can't upload DB file to DB server.
As a work around, I've seen several .sql files that have all the T-SQL that will create a database and tables then insert the data. I've google'd extensively and searched several forums with no luck as to how to export my local data to file. I could then copy and paste into an online utility GoDaddys has to insert the data.
Is there a relatively easy way to export table data to a .sql file??? When I try using SQL Server Management Studio Express and "Scipt Table As> Insert To> File", It just gives me something like the following...
INSERT INTO [pubs].[dbo].[authors]           ([au_id]           ,[au_lname]           ,[au_fname]           ,[phone]           ,[address]           ,[city]           ,[state]           ,[zip]           ,[contract])     VALUES           (<au_id, id,>           ,<au_lname, varchar(40),>           ,<au_fname, varchar(20),>           ,<phone, char(12),>           ,<address, varchar(40),>           ,<city, varchar(20),>           ,<state, char(2),>           ,<zip, char(5),>           ,<contract, bit,>)
Plenty of data in this table, no data in script   ???
Can SQL Server Management Studio Express do what I wanting to do? If not, any suggestions? Know of a better hosing company?

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Table Data Export Into An XML File

Sep 16, 2002


I need to export data from some tables into an XML file format.

Any help please?

John Jayaseelan

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Sql 2005 Data Export To Flat File Help

Aug 15, 2007

Hi-I have a sql 2005 server (New to me) that I need to get a report out of of type .inputIt needs to be in the format: HeaderRowreportTitile + rowcount()+ DateFixedWidthcol1  (spaces pad this field to 25)   FixedWidthCol2FixedWidthcol3..... FixedWidthcol1  (spaces pad this field to 25)   FixedWidthCol2FixedWidthcol3.....  The columns in the flatfile HAVETO run into eachother, with NO delimiters.If i try and export it  as a fixedWidth file, the columns DON'T line up. If I try as a delimited file, I can't do it w/o having a delimiter character in between.I'm creating an SSIS file (New to me) to do this, is this my best shot of getting a flat text file that I can then ftp to another server? thanksDan

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SQL 2005 -- Export Table To A Fixed Width Flat File -- Posting Again

Dec 7, 2006

I am sorry, I am posting this message again, since I did not get anyreply.I want to export a table into a "fixed width" file using SQL 2005import export wizard.This is the version I have:SQL Server 2005 - 9.00.2047.00For some reason it joins all the rows together. For EX: if the tableis like this:Create table Mytable (col1 varchar(50) null, col2 varchar(60) null,col3 varchar (100) Null)Insert into MyTable values ("abcdef", "12345", "8900")Insert into MyTable values ("xxxxxxx", "11111111", "22222222")Insert into MyTable values ("yyyyyyyyy", "5555555555555555","6666666666")Insert into MyTable values ("abcdef", "12345", "8900")Insert into MyTable values ("xxxxxxx", "11111111", "22222222")Insert into MyTable values ("yyyyyyyyy", "5555555555555555","6666666666")It is not exporting every row in a single line. Actually if I open itin "Ultra Edit", it is all in one line.I used to do this regularly with SQL 2000 import export wizard and itexported every row in one line.I looked at the setting:The header row delimiter has {CR}{LF}Code page has 1252 Ansi-Latin.In the Advanced tab:String:dt_str.I tried changing the header row delimiter to just {CR} or just {LF}.Also I tried changing the string to dt_text and nothing seems to help.Please help.Thank you

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Export Stored Procedure To Flat File And Add Aggregate To End Of The Text File?

Jan 31, 2008

What is the easiest way to accomplish this task with SSIS?

Basically I have a stored procedure that unions multiple queries between databases. I need to be able to export this to a text file on a daily basis and add a total records: row to the end of the text file.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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How Do I Export An MDF File To Another DB With SQL Server 2005?

Aug 1, 2006

Hi whoever can help,

I have created a web site using VWD platform.
DB tables have been created with the build in facility within Visual Web Developer tool.
Now that I have hosted my site (towardes production) I do need to pupulate/create all the tables on the hosting server (that includes ASPNETDB tables).
I guess some export tool can help (have tried with SQL Server Management Studio Express but I can not figure out how to perform the task.

Can you please help on that.

Thanks & Best Regards

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Insert Data From A Text File Into The Table

Apr 15, 2006

Hi. my websever mysql manager allows to Insert data from a text file into the table.
currently i have a table with the following fields.

email name country

so i wanto insers data from a text file into this table.
so my question is : how the text file format should be prepared.

i.e. the first record would be > xxxx@yahoo.com john us

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Inserting Data From Text File To SQL ME Table

Nov 24, 2006


I have an application taht requires the use of a table. The device that this application works on, has a local memory that does not allow me to insert the 800,000 records that I need. Therefore I have two approaches:

1. To insert less records into my local memory database e.g 40,000 but not row by row, bulk insert is better. How do I do the bulk insert?

2. This is the most prefferable way: To find a way to insert all 800,000 records into a table on the storage card which is 1GB. What do you suggest? Will using threads be helpfull? Any ideas?

I use C# from VS 2005, SQL ME, compact framework 2.0 and windows 4.2.

Thanks in advance,


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Read Data From Text File And Insert To Sql Table

Mar 28, 2008

hi my friends
i want read data from text file,and write to my table in sql,
please help me


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Dec 31, 2003


how can i export from sql sever table data to another text or csv file thorugh sql server stored procedure..import is working fine...

can u give me a solution ..

Thanks and Regards

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Export Text File

Feb 6, 2008

Using SQL 2005. Need to create fixed lenght text file from table. Was able to create the file, but all the data was in one big line. Selected fixed length with field names. How can I get my text file to have field names, fixed lenght with each record on it's only line. Thank you. David

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