Need Date As Yyyymmdd Format And Time

Oct 30, 2014

I am using below query to get the data and time+2 hrs

selectdateadd(hour, datediff(hour, 0, getdate()) + 2, 0)

getting results as like this

2014-10-30 13:00:00.000

but i don't need any dashes between dates i mean i am expecting results as shown below

20141030 13:00:00.000

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Want To Get The Date Format 'yyyymmdd Hh24miss'

Apr 15, 2002

Hi folks,

Want to Have following date format yyyymmdd hh24miss in an insert statement please do suggest me the easiest way of inserting using a convert(char, GETDATE(), ????). Can some body fill the question mark if not does any body know how this can be solved.,

Thanks in Advance

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Create Dts Variable For Date In Character Format Yyyymmdd

Nov 23, 1999

I'm trying to create a variable for use in a DTS job for yesterday's date in the string format YYYYMMDD for use in pulling yesterday's material transactions from my ERP system. I've got the Query statement created and working fine, but I have to manually go into the DTS job and insert the proper date manually. I'm looking into an Active-X script inserted into the workflow for the job to create a global variable, but I can't seem to come up with anything that works.
Any help or direction would be appreciated.
Thanx in advance!!

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Analysis :: Calculated Column That Makes Integer In YYYYMMDD Format Form Date Column

Oct 12, 2015

I am trying to create a whole number DAX calculated column that is derived from a date column. Basically it gets the date from the source data column and outputs it as an integer in the YYYYMMDD format.So 01/OCT/2015 would become --> 20151001...I've been fidgeting with DAX but my problem is that I keep missing the leading zeroes for months and days. So 01/March/2015 becomes 201531 which is not what I want (I need 20150301 in this case).

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How To Find 'x' Number Of Days From 'yyyymmdd' Format?

Nov 15, 2004

I need to find out the count of number of records older than 100 days from a table having 'order_date' as yyyymmdd format eg. 20041115. Thanks in advance.

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Sharepoint Integration With Erroneous Date Format In Date Time Picker

Sep 5, 2007

Dear Expert!

A server with SQL 2005 sp2, Reporting Services and Sharepoint services (ver 3.0) (in integrated mode) gives an odd error. When viewing a Reporting Services report with a Date Time Picker, the date chosen is wrong. The preferred setting is Danish with the date format dd-mm-yyyy. The date picker shows the months in Danish but when selecting a date, and clicking on the Apply-button, the date reformats to US (mm-dd-yyyy).

When choosing 5th of September 2007 and clicking apply, it shows in the picker, 9th of May 2007.
When choosing 26th of September 2007 and clicking apply, it shows, again in US format, the RIGHT date but adds a timestamp €ś12:00 AM€? in the end, making further enquiries to fail.

The report itself receives the right date and shows correctly. The only case it fails is, when the time stamp appears.

The server is a 32-bit one with 4 GB RAM. A testserver with identical collation on the Reportserver database cannot recreate the error. The site containing the reports has been set to Danish in the regional settings. To Reinstall is not an option.

The test report has no database connection whatsoever.

When setting the site to US, the timestamp won€™t appear at all.

The server has been restarted and the installation procedure was of the simple kind. No special tweaks at all.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Johan Rastenberger

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Date Time Format For Date Parameter

Jan 24, 2008


I am using the calender parameter and I need to convert my data date format to the one that matched that is returned on selecting a date from this calender. Can you show me what this format is.

how can I convert my existing date format to this format. The existing date format is 2007-07-26 21:27:13.000

thank you

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Date Time Format

Jul 22, 2006

In a select statement a date field contains 1/1/2004 3:00:00 AM.In my select statement how do I get the field to show as 1/1/04?

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Date Time Format

Jun 21, 2006

I want to retrieve a date time field from SQL server. The format I want it to be retrieved is:

YYYY/MM/DD-hh:mm:ss:lll (l = millisec)

example '2006/06/21-15:26:39:994'.

Can somebody please tell me how to do it. I know how to do it in Oracle, but not in SQL server.

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Convert INT YYYYMMDD To Date Mm/dd/yyyy

Aug 24, 2007

I can't seem to find a way to convert an INT type in the form of YYYYMMDD toan actual date form of mm/dd/yyyyCan anyone pointt me in the right direction?Thanks

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Date Format With Time Stamps

Feb 5, 2015

I have a table where the date and time stamp are logged together and I want to only show the date in a 10 character output. Also I want to return as blank some dates in the field that are 01/01/1800.

The current table format is 2013-06-28 00:00:00:000..I just want the date. I was using RTRIM function but it keeps erroring out.

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Date Time Format Change

May 19, 2008

Would it be possible to change the date time from varchar to datetime. it currently showing as varchar in the following format 20080401 0845
can it be changed to date/time format into something like this 01/04/2008 08:45. If someone could help that would be great. Many thanks

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Need To Convert A Date And Time To A Different Format

Jul 20, 2005

Precisely, here's what I need:When I run getdate(), I get, for example:August 9 2004 5:17 P.M.I want to turn the date portion into:8/9/2004 format and update one column with itI want to turn 5:17 P.M. into:hhmmss and update another column with it.I've been playing around with datepart, with substr, with you name it,and I'm stumped.Any code samples, other help most appreciated.Thanks,Google Jenny*** Sent via Developersdex ***Don't just participate in USENET...get rewarded for it!

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Date Conversion - Flat File - YYYYMMDD

Jul 19, 2007


What is the new way to transform flat file dates into SQL datetime datatype. Being average user in SQL 2000 DTS I would simply use "Date Time String Transformation Properties" and transform the date into the format I need, in SSIS I haven't found an elegant way of doing this.

My thoughts are to use €śdata conversion€? utilizing substring expressions€¦

Thanks the help

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Stored Procedures-date Time Format

Apr 25, 2001

I have many existing tables within my db with the date format mm/dd/yyyy
Is it possible to run a stored procedure in order to convert the EXISTING records to the date format dd/mm/yyyy?

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Format Date/time Field In Ssrs

Jan 9, 2008

hi all

I have two date/time fields as below:


result can sometimes look like this 14:01:42.3840000

how do I format this

I have tried

=FormatDateTime((Fields!ClosedDate.Value)-(Fields!CreatedDate.Value), 2)

but this gives an error

I want the result to look like this



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Date/Time Format For Webservice API Calls

Feb 5, 2008


I want to retrieve some parameter values from Reporting Services using GetReportParameters from

It works fine unless the parameter types are date/time. In such a case it seems as if the format of the parameter depends on the ReportServices installation:

On a German installation the date/time format is "" but on an English installation the format is different (mm/dd/yyyy) (and of course the time part is also different).

Is there a way to determine the format to be expected? (... even in the case I've no knowledge about the server ReportingServices is running.)

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Convert The Format Of A Date Time String Transformation....

Jul 27, 2004

Im working with a breaking system and I wont to convert the (FROM) datetime column to accept just time like (4:00:00 AM) without the date (7/23/2004) but it doesn’t have column format like the access ??
I found something in the SQL help :

How to convert the format of a Date Time String transformation (Enterprise Manager)
To convert the format of a Date Time String transformation
1.On the Transformations tab of the Transform Data Task Properties or Data Driven Query Task Properties dialog box, click the Source column containing the date or time to be modified, and then click the Destination column where you want the modified string to be placed.
2.Do one of the following:
•If there is a mapping arrow connecting the two columns, click Delete, and then click New.
•If there is no mapping arrow, click New.
3.In the Create New Transformation dialog box, click DateTime String.
4.Click the General tab, and then click Properties.
5.In the Date Format list, select the format you want.
6.Click Naming to display the Calendar Names dialog box, where you can select long or short day or month names and the A.M. and P.M. designators you want.
7.In the Language list, select the language you want, and then click Set Language Defaults.
But unfortunately I didn't find the "Transformations tab" I look a lot in the SQL Enterprise Manager

Do anybody work with the Transformations or at least know where is it please ???

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Convert Datetime To W3C Date And Time Format

Dec 21, 2014

I have a standard datetime and I need to convert it to the client specification of:

eg: 2009-04-16T19:20:30+08:00

I am not sure of the easiest way to do this.

The test code below gets me part of the way but I am unsure on how to get the offset on the end without hardcoding to much.

DECLARE @datetime DATETIME = '2014-12-20 12:30:00'
SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(30),@datetime,127)

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Data Selection Not Happening For A Date Because Of Time Format

Jul 14, 2006

hello all,

i am making a query which select the data again a particuler date.

I insert values in the table for with current date(Today's date) and the records is inserted with the date format(2006-07-14 16:12:09),now when i run the query after 2 or 3 minutes to select the records inserted today, my query returns no results.

I think it is because of the the time (14:16 in this case) that after 2 minutes, the query looks for the records inserted at (2006-07-14 18:12 or 2006-07-14 19:12) and does not get the result.

Is there a method to not consider the time(14:16) when running the query but the query fetches the records including the records inserted at this time(14:16) no matter at what time I run the query today?

Please anyone help me!

Thanks in advance!

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Problem In Inserting A Record Whose Values Are Of Date And Time Format.

Jan 11, 2007


I am trying to insert date and time into my table.

insert into <table_name> values('12/12/2006','12:23:04');

but it displays error at " ; "

can anyone help me to figure out the problem

Thanks a lot in advance.



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Convert Date Time(string Format) To Database Timestamp

Apr 3, 2008

I have two fields DSRHADTI which is an isodate and DSRHTIME which is 8 char time field in format 10.31.00. I want to take both these fields and put them into a field that is database timestamp so I have converted DSRHDATI to 10 character field. I am then trying to use substring to put both into 18 character field using derived column transformation editor. but it does not like the below. It's red syntax error what am I missing.


One I get the above to work I plan on convert 18 char to datetimestamp.

Am I on the right track on how to do this?

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Date Time Format Options When Writing To A Flat File

Apr 24, 2006

We are using an ADO.NET provider in SSIS to read data from a SQL Server 2000 table that contains DateTime columns to write to a Flat File Destination. When the date values are written to the file they are formatted in TimeStamp to the 10th decimal position; e.g.€ś2006-04-24 12:00:00.123000000€?. Since SQL Server supports values to Timestamp(3), we need to truncate the last seven zeros to put the data in this format €ś2006-04-24 12:00:00.123€? to keep the file as small as possible.

Since we have several hundred DateTime columns in scope for our requirements we are looking for the least logic/effort to accomplish this task. We can do this via Data Conversion and Derived Column transformations to cast the dates and strings but it is very labor intensive. It would be something like singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall eight times in a row with each verse taking 3 minutes each. Yikes.

We have tried casting the DateTime columns to varchar in the SELECT statement but receive this format €śApr 24 2006 12:22PM€?.

Is there a configuration we've missed that forces timestamp(10) with non significant digits?

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Transact SQL :: Create Table Named With Ending Date-time Format

Jun 25, 2015

what would be the TSQL in trying to create a new table with date-time format ending via a select into like:

into tblResults_
from qryResult

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How To Convert Long Date Format To Short Date Format In Store Procedure.

Feb 1, 2008

E.g, i have a store procedure. The start date is long date (4/15/2007 3:00pm). i want to select the start date with a particular date (short date format 4/15/2006). Thanks in advance.

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DB Design :: Convert Integer Date (MMDDYY) And Integer Time (HHMMSS) To DateTime Format?

Jul 20, 2015

Working on a new database where the Date and Time are stored in a Date Time Field.

Then working on an OLDER database file within the same SQL Database contains these 2 items as integers:

transDate = "71615" (July 16, 2015)
transTime = "12345" (01:23:45 AM)

How do we convert both of them into a single SQL DateTime field such as "2015-07-16 01:23:45.000" so that it can be used in a join restricting to a date time in a different SQL File that properly has the DateTime in it?

This works well for converting the transDate Part in the select statement:

   dbo.IntegerToDate(at.transDate) as transDate

   * That returns: "2015-07-16 00:00:00.000"

* The resulting data must work directly in a Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Query using either using the "on" statement or part of the "where" clause. In other words, NOT as a stored procedure!

Also must be able to be used as a date difference calculation when comparing the 2 files Within say + or - 5 seconds.

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SQL's America Date Format Conflict With Australian Date Format

Nov 14, 2006


I am trying get my VB6 application to insert a record into a table (SQL Express) which has a datetime column but it would not process if the data format is differ to *American Date format*.

The date() function in VB returns 15/11/2006 which is in Australian Date format (DD/MM/YYYY) according to my setting in "Reginal and Lanuage Option-> Locale 0> English (Australia)" setting.

I get the following error:

Msg 242, Level 16, State 3, Server KITSQLEXPRESS, Line 1
The conversion of a char data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range datetime value.
The statement has been terminated.

My computer's locale is set to English (Australia) and I expect the datetime format would follow what is set in system locale

I've read an article somewhere on the net about how SQL 2005 eliminate the confusion of date conversion when read/write datetime records into a table...but it seems to me that it is still as in-flexible as MS Access

Is there a setting in the database that takes care of it?


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Conversion Of Oracle Date Time To Sql Server Date Time In SSIS

Jun 30, 2007

This is driving me nuts..

I'm trying to extract some data from a table in oracle. The oracle table stores date and time seperately in 2 different columns. I need to merge these two columns and import to sql server database.

I'm struggling with this for a quite a while and I'm not able to get it working.

I tried the oracle query something like this,



this gives me an output of 20070511 23:06:30:000

the space in MM : SS is intentional here, since without that space it appread as smiley

I'm trying to map this to datetime field in sql server 2005. It keeps failing with this error

The value could not be converted because of a potential loss of data

I'm struck with error for hours now. Any pointers would be helpful.


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Converting SQL Date Format To Oracle Date Format

May 28, 2008


I have a column date in my database which I should send it to Oracle database. The Date format in Oracle is number. I don’t know how should I convert the date to that format?
Example :
SQL FormatOracle Format
02/16/05 105046


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Transact SQL :: Converting 24hrs Time To 12 Hours Time Query Format?

Apr 21, 2015

    CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),attnc_chkin_dt,101) as INDATE,
    CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),attnc_chkin_dt,108) as TimePart
FROM pmt_attendance

indate   04/18/2015
time part :17:45:00

I need to convert this 17:45:00 to 12 hours date format...

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SQL Server 2008 :: Loop Through Date Time Records To Find A Match From Multiple Other Date Time Records?

Aug 5, 2015

I'm looking for a way of taking a query which returns a set of date time fields (probable maximum of 20 rows) and looping through each value to see if it exists in a separate table.


Query 1

Select ID, Person, ProposedEvent, DayField, TimeField
from MyOptions
where person = 'me'


Select Person, ExistingEvent, DayField, TimeField
from MyTimetable
where person ='me'

Loop through Query 1 and if it finds ANY matching Dayfield AND Timefield in Query/Table 2, return the ProposedEvent (just as a message, the loop could stop there), if no match a message saying all is fine can proceed to process form blah blah.

I'm essentially wanting somebody to select a bunch of events in a form, query 1 then finds all the days and times those events happen and check that none of them exist in the MyTimetable table.

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Conversion Of Date From Legacy Systems With 7 And 6 Digit Format To DD/MM/YYYY Format

Nov 19, 2014

We are migrating data from old DB2 systems to sql server 2012, the DATE FORMAT in those systems is in decimal format with 7 digits. CYYMMDD format.

I need to convert this into DD/MM/YYYY format.

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Printing Local Time Zone In Time Format

Nov 16, 2007

I am in need of a format string or simple vb code that can add the local time zone to the end of a time field.. Something like:
9:36 AM EST
9:36 AM PST

This timezone will just come from the machine that the reporting server is on. I don't see this listed as a standard format, and I have come up empty so far in my research - anyone got a solution for this?

Thanks a bunch!

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