Prevent Users From Stopping Agent?

May 22, 2014

prevent users from stopping sql server agent?

I have SQL2000 server installed and then SQL management studio 2008 R2 express edition in users desktop. I noticed that the user can stop the SQL server agent. Even a user is a reader access only.

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Stopping SQL Services Affects Users ?

Oct 12, 1999

If I stop MSSQLServer service on my SQL7 server using net stop and then restart it seconds later with net start, how will this affect my users ? Will they notice this ? Gets disconnected ?

The reson is to memory recycle my server.


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SQL Server Agent Stopping

May 7, 2007

I have a SQL Server agent that keeps stopping for no reason. It happens about every other day. I have to go in on the server and manually start it. What would cause this to happen? We have about 50+ computers that need to sync with the server and do so successfully without having to manually start the agent every other day. How do we fix it?

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Stopping The Distribution Agent

Oct 2, 2007

Maybe I'm just totally not getting it, but can someone tell me how to stop/start the distribution agent? The Books Online document - "How to: Start and Stop a Replication Agent (SQL Server Management Studio)" - shows how to stop/start the Snapshot Agent, Log Reader Agent and Queue Reader Agent, but not the Distribution Agent. Is it that stopping one of these agents in turn stops the Distribution Agent. I am trying to work through how to add an article to a peer-to-peer topology and need to stop the agent as part of that.


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Snapshot Agent - Stopping

Jun 15, 2007

Hi am trying to create a snapshot (Merge replication) - My database is approx 6GB and one of my tables has 14.5M records - I have a total of 1500 articles to replicate.

When I start creating the snapshot - it seems to just stop on the Table that has the 14.5M records. When I delete all the data in that table it works fine. I have also check disk space and also the log files and tempdb size and all seem ok.

I am using SQL 2005 with the latest SP

Is there any form of verbose logging that I could enable to let me see what is going on

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Sql 2000 Replication And Stopping Log Reader Agent

May 10, 2006

I am unclear what syntat to use to stop (suspend) the log reader agent.

Things I Understand:
I understand how to manually stop the reader agent using the enterprise manager.

I understand how to schedule the load reader frequency (properties of the agent)

My Intention:
to stop the log reader agent, execute another scheduled job, then restart the log reader

Any suggestions are appreciated: comment here or send


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How To Prevent Users From Logging To DB During Its Maintenance

Jun 11, 2004

I am really a DB admin beginner, so hopefully it'll be easy for you to answer my simple question:

How can I temporarily prevent users (except "sa") from logging to database(s) or better to DB Server while there are applied scripts on them ?

I have already tried TCP/IP port changing, hiding server, running a single user mode but the reult was very poor. Please note that "sa" has to be able to connect to DB Server from a third party application but other users not.

Any idea and/or a known solution ?
Thanx in advance for your hints

BTW - MS SQL 2000 SP3a

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Prevent Other Users From Changing Data Of A Table

Sep 20, 2006


How do i prevent other users from changing the data of my tables? Means one can change data using only my login rest others cannot even DBA or also from server administrator

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How To Prevent Domain Admin Users From Accessing SQL 2000 Databases?

Mar 6, 2008

Based on our database infrastructure, we need to secure our SQL databases. The security issue concerns on allowing a limited number of Domain Admin users to access the SQL databases.
We tried certain ways, based on the documents in the Microsoft web site, but we couldn€™t reach to the point of preventing the Domain Admin users accessing the SQL databases.

Thanks in advance.

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Allow Several Users To Execute And Edit Agent Job

Feb 14, 2008

Is there a way that I can allow several users to read, edit (add/delete steps), and execute the same job? I've read that you cannot assign a windows group as the owner of a sql server agent job but hopefully there is a workaround.


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Reporting Services :: Adding (new) Child Domain Users To SSRS As System Users?

Jul 28, 2015

We have an existing SSRS server, and have just created a new child domain. We'll be migrating users from the parent to the child, and want to add the users of that new domain with access to SSRS. In the parent domain they are able to access, but after migration with the child domain account, they cannot.

I have added the group CHILDDomain Users with a system user role on SSRS, and PARENTDomain Users was already there.

Is there any additional step I should/could take to get this active?

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Why Out Of The Blue Would VPN Users Be Unable To Connect To Database And Local Users Are Unaffected?

Mar 6, 2008

I have had this issue just pop up. I have local users who can connect fine, but my users that require connection by VPN cannot connect. I get the server not available or access denied error. I did confirm that the VPN'ers are connected to the network correctly and can see that their shares and mappings are correct. Any ideas? Thanking you all in advance!!

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SQL Security :: Did Not Create Any New Users And There Are No Other Users Listed In Accounts Section

Sep 28, 2015

I am trying to revert back to Windows 7 after upgrading to Windows 10, however it will not let me and the following message occurs: "Remove new accounts.Before you can go back to a previous version of Windows, you'll need to remove any user accounts you added after the most recent upgrade. The accounts need to be completely removed, including their profiles.You created one account (NT SERVICEMSSQLSERVER) Go to Settings> Accounts> Other users to remove these accounts and then try again".However I did not create any new users and there are no other users listed in the Accounts section.

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Stored Procedure To Get All Users Or All Users Of A Specific Country

Apr 30, 2008

hi alli've got two tables called "webusers" (id, name, fk_country) and "countries" (id, name)
at the meantime, i've a search-page where i can fill a form to search users. in the dropdown to select the country i included an option which is called "all countries".
now the problem is: how can i make a stored procedure that makes a restriction to the fk_country depending on the submitted fk_country parameter?it should be something like
SELECT * FROM webusers(if @fk_country > 0, which is the value for "all countries"){    WHERE fk_country = @fk_country}
who has an idea how to solve this problem?

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Difference Between Database -- &&> Users And Security --&&> Users

Nov 28, 2006

Hi Team,

In SQL Enterprise Manager, when we expand "Database -->Users", we see the

users there. When we expand "Security --> logins" we see the same users there.

Can you differentiate these two.



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Execute Sql Server Agent Job Task - Job Immediately Returns Success... However Agent Job Is Still Running???

Nov 30, 2006

when I run a package from a command window using dtexec, the job immediately says success.
DTExec: The package execution returned DTSER_SUCCESS (0).
Started: 3:37:41 PM
Finished: 3:37:43 PM
Elapsed: 2.719 seconds

However the Job is still in th agent and the status is executing. The implications of this are not good. Is this how the sql server agent job task is supposed to work by design.



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Stopping A Runaway Job

Oct 16, 2001

I would like to create a job that wakes up every 5 minutes or so and stops any job that has been running for, say, more than an hour.

Alternatively, when it is a jobs scheduled time to run, if the job is already running, I would like it to stop the previous execution and start over.


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Stopping Replication

Dec 3, 2002

Hi, I am unsure whether i can delete some system created tables from a database.

I was testing replication and then used the wizard to disable it all. I am however left with three tables that are replication based that have not been deleted. they are :

these tables are causing problems with some third party software due to the length of their names. I have tried to 'Exec sp_rename' but i get an error saying the objects are not valid for this operation.

Can i just delete them or will this cause problems if i want to start up replication in the future?

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Stopping Execution

Jul 13, 2004

Quick question...
I was under the impression that RAISERROR stopped excution in my DTS SQL Task, but it really just passes right over it.

For example:
RAISERROR('test error',19,1) WITH LOG
CREATE TABLE delete_me (data int)

Even though I rasie the error, the table still gets created. Any ideas on how I stop the task from going to the next line?

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Stopping Job If Running After 7 A.m.

Mar 31, 2008

I'm trying to stop a SQL Server Agent Backup job if it is running past 7 a.m. Can you reply with your ideas.


Deb Dawicki
Sansum Clinic
System Administrator III

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Stopping A Script

Jul 23, 2005

In query analyser, I can stop a script with the "return" statement butif the script contains multiple batches (separated by GO) then thereturn statement only stops the current batch.Is there a way to stop the whole script?

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Procedure Stopping

Jul 20, 2005

Hi,Please look at the code at the bottom of this procedure (UPDATECOVENANT PRINT DATE). When I put it at the tope of this section, itdoes the update and fails to return the SELECT results. When I put itat the bottom, the SELECT returns results and the UPDATE fails.Can anyone suggest what might be causing my problem?Thanks/************ SPECIFIC PROGRAM SEARCH ************************/IF @PRG_ID != 0 -- PRG_ID suppliedBEGINSET @strWHERE = 'WHERE PRG.PRG_ID = ' + cast(@PRG_ID as varchar(15))EXECUTE (@strSELECT + ' ' + @strFROM + ' ' + @strWHERE + ' ' +@strORDERBY)RETURN(0)END/************ NON-SPECIFIC PROGRAM SEARCH ************************/IF @ORG_ID != 0 -- Add ORG_ID to whereIF @intAND = 0BEGINSET @strWHERE = @strWHERE + 'ORG.ORG_ID = ' + cast(@ORG_ID asvarchar(15))SET @intAND = 1ENDELSEBEGINSET @strWHERE = @strWHERE + ' AND ORG.ORG_ID = ' + cast(@ORG_ID asvarchar(15))ENDIF @PRG_Closed != 2 -- Add PRG_Closed to whereIF @intAND = 0BEGINSET @strWHERE = @strWHERE + 'PRG.PRG_Closed = ' + cast(@PRG_Closedas varchar(15))SET @intAND = 1ENDELSEBEGINSET @strWHERE = @strWHERE + ' AND PRG.PRG_Closed = ' +cast(@PRG_Closed as varchar(15))ENDIF @strWHERE != 'WHERE '-- if some parameters supplied..BEGIN-- Execute searchEXECUTE (@strSELECT + ' ' + @strFROM + ' ' + @strWHERE + ' ' +@strORDERBY)RETURN(0)END/************ UPDATE COVENANT PRINT DATE ************************/-- Added by JSHAW 02/25/2004IF @PRG_Covenant != 0 -- PRG_Covenant suppliedBEGIN--SET @ORD_Date = GETDATE()UPDATE PROGRAMSSET Covenant_Printed = convert(char(10),@ORD_Date,101)WHEREPRG_ID = cast(@PRG_ID as varchar(15))ENDGO

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Stopping Insert Duplicates

Oct 16, 2006

Hi Forum, I want to stop insert data if value already entered in Column, Im used to .mdb and am new to .mdf much thanks Paul

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Stopping SQL Server Services

Dec 13, 2001

Anyone got any "gotchas" or "nightmares" they want to share out of experience where the services have been shutdown without the proper forethought?

I'm trying to put a case in for a SQL DBA to be paged and to be in charge of shutting down the services and/or put together a checklist of things to verify first.

While I realize shutting down the services is supposed to be a graceful shutdown process I'm willing to bet there are a host of considerations.

Appreciate any Input.


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Stopping A Service In A Script

May 29, 2002

How do you start/stop a service within a sql script?

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Server Stopping In Sudden

Oct 31, 2000

i am having sql7 with sp2.
Recently our server got bounced back. No body stopped the server, there are no work load at that time. Server suddenly stopped and started.
It is weired.
Can anyone have any clues , how it happened and why it happened.


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Problem With Stopping SQL Services

Oct 26, 2000

Recently upgraded a 6.5 server to a 7.0 server. (same server)
When we try to stop the 6.5 service, the 7.0 service stops too.
Why is this happening? Aren't the 6.5 and 7.0 installations supposed to be independent of each other once the upgrade is done.

Further we would like to uninstall the 6.5 server from the machine as it is no longer being used. What considerations need be taken into account in our scenario.


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Schedule Task Not Stopping

Jan 16, 2001

I've been running SQL Server for 5 years now and have not seen the following.

We have a scheduled night run task where we do various maintenance functions as well as print out the issued insurance policies for the day. All indications are that the run completed except that I did not get an email notification of success or failure.

When I went to enterprise manager, under jobs the night run seems to be stuck in the mode of "Performing completion actions". I cannot get it our of this mode back to "Not running". Trying to stop the task has no effect.

Any ideas/suggestions??

Thanks in advance.

Mike Byrd
Information Systems Manager
Texas Windstorm Insurance Association
Austin, Texas

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Stopping A Stored Procedure

Nov 9, 2005

What is the command to stop a stored procedure from continuing to run? I have a procedure that has a problem, and due to a bug it runs wild in some scenarios, so I need to be able to stop it.

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Stopping Transactions Being Logged

Mar 28, 2004


I have searched google and have found no real answer to this....

We are creating a database to support an application which is loading in data as part of the cutover from their current db to SQL Server.

The datafile is around 56GB and when the data processing occurs, as its not just inserts, the transaction logs fills out to around 65GB, and probably more, just that we ran out of space. So question is, is there a workaround for stopping the logging of this processing at all. I have seen that bulk-logged mode may be used, but the option with TABLOCK must be used, and there is no way to get hands on code which performs this processing.

Is there a way to turn off transaction loggin at any point?


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Stopping Query Execution From PHP

Sep 27, 2005

We have a console.php which takes in SQL queries and displays them in aresult.php webpage.Sometimes the query takes minutes to execute or crashes the PHPapplication. Is it possible to cancel a query during execution?If yes, how does one go about it.The PHP Console is used by multiple users simultaneously.The queries are executed on a Remote Database.

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Stopping And Starting Mirroring

Jul 25, 2007

My problem is primarily with SQL backup but the instant question is with mirroring in SQL 2005. I have a log file that is out of control and I need to do a backup with truncate_only, but this is command is evidently disallowed while mirroring is enabled. Is it possible to temporarily deactivate or remove mirroring in order to get the backup log under control? Is it possible to do that and then 'resume' mirroring?

A secondary issue is that I don't think mirroring is actually working at this point in time anyway. In the Mirroring section of the database properties the Status window says "No connection: cannot connect to the mirror server instance," so the question of stopping and restarting may be moot.

How does one reestablish mirroring if the connection is lost?

Lots of questions, I know... I'm reading up on it, but I'm obviously not the guy who set it up in the first place! Thanks in advance for any help...


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Debug Not Stopping At Breakpoint

Nov 25, 2011

I'm trying to debug stored procedure code with SSDT, but the debugger don't stop at the breakpoint.

I imported the schema of northwind database from Denali to a new database project and used Run to publish it to localdb.

So, I inserted a breakpoint in SalesByCategory stored procedure, opened a new query window, write an execute statement and started the execution with debug.

The debugger stop at the exec statement, but never get into the stored procedure. I'm using a breakpoint in the stored procedure, already tryed F5, F11, nothing works.

Application Debugging option in localdb is checked.

The operating system is windows server 2008 R2. I'm still using CTP 3.

Did I forget to check/do something ?

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