Select Integer Only From Substring

Nov 19, 2014

I would like to select the integer only from the substring of parameter.

The query as below:

DECLARE @Capacity VARCHAR(100)
SET @Capacity = Substring('KK10eads-00l5b1', 2, 4)
print @Capacity

The result i get is K10e

However, i only want 10

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Substring A UniqueIdentifier In SELECT

Dec 14, 2007

Is there any way to return a substring value of a UniqueIdentifier in a SELECT Statement, i have been able to Convert the Guid to a String, but when trying to Substring the conversion it failed to recongnize the new column. Any ideas?

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Select Where String Contains Substring

Oct 17, 2007

i'm using sql server 2005 and i need the sql i can use to select rows where the string contains a substring (in access i used instr but now it tells me it's not a built-in function.

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Problem In Select Query, Substring

Oct 26, 2007

declare @s varchar(50)declare @t varchar(50)set @s='sandeep(hello)fees account'set @t=@sselect substring(                 @s,                 charindex('(',@s)+1,                 charindex(')',@s)                 )
What i wanted to get is the text in between '(' and the closing ')'   but when i tried the above statments iam not getting the right answer

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Select Where Value Is INTEGER

Feb 12, 2014

I am trying to select only values within a column are intergers.

My statement looks like this:

(I am using MSSQL querying into a Pervasive DB via a Linked Server)

SELECT Invoice, Invoice_Date, Description, INVOICE_Code_1

Obviously, this is not working...

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How To Select A Word Substring In A Coumn Header From Right To Left

Oct 10, 2007

I have an application providing me with multiple headers which I havemergerd into one big header (below), this header my not always be thesame but I need to be able to extract a periodstart and periodend fromit. The periodstart will always be the third substring from the end(or 3rd from right) and the periodend will always be the firstsubstring from the end (or 1st from the right).How can I extract the periodstart and periodend?E.g:- Header'Jensen Alpha TR UKN GBP BM: Caut Mgd BM (50% FTAllSh 50% ML £ BroadMkt) RF DEF:RFI 3Y 31/08/2004 To 31/08/2007'I currently have the sql: convert(Datetime,(dbo.FDHGetWord(@FullHeader, 20)) ,103) but this only works in thisinstance, I need to use someting like the RIGHT function or REVERSEfunction but I can't get the sql right.Can someone please help!????

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Can A Column Be Derived Using Substring But The Parameters Are A Result Of A Select Statement?

Apr 6, 2007

I have a table which has a field called Org. This field can be segmented from one to five segments based on a user defined delimiter and user defined segment length. Another table contains one row of data with the user defined delimiter and the start and length of each segment. e.g.

Table 1





Table 2















My objective is to use SSIS and derive three columns from the one column in Table 1 based on the positions defined in Table 2. Table 2 is a single row table. I thought perhaps I could use the substring function and nest the select statement in place of the parameters in the derived column data flow. I don't seem to be able to get this to work.

Any ideas? Can this be done in SSIS?

I'd really appreciate any insight that anyone might have.



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URGENT HELP PLS: Select Substring('NY',status/1024&&1+1,1) From Master..sysdatabases Where Name=DB_NAME()

Jul 20, 2005

Hi Everyone,All the very best for 2004!!i need urgent help with this problem, the users are about to skin mealive!!we have an access front end with linked to sql server 2k tables.when a user tries to insert a record into one of the tables it"randomly" returns a generic ODBC error and fails to save. on otheroccasions the same record will save.a trace was applied and the following select seemed to appear rightafter the insert statement whenever it failed:select substring('NY',status/1024&1+1,1) from master..sysdatabaseswhere name=DB_NAME()i had a look at other articles in the groups re this select statement,but could not find a clear answer.i have tried the insert statements as both SQL pass throughs and justplain docmd.runsql'scan someone help me with the following:* what is the purpose of the select?* what other investigations can i do to get more info on why thisshould be happening?* how can i stop it?the table i am doing the inserts into is showing as have a numericdata type field in sqlserver, but the linked table shows this numericfield as text - could this be the problem?? this field is not used inthe insert statement.i could not find any references in the MS knowledge base.any and all help would very gratefully received.Edwinah63

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Need Query To Select VarChar Rows That Can Convert To Integer

Jul 23, 2005

I have a table of zip codes, some with Canadian zips. I'd like to takea zip code and search for nearby zips. For example:Dim theZip As Integer = textbox1.text....Parameter.Add(@ziplow, SqlDbType.Int, 5).Value = (theZip - 10)....Parameter.Add(@ziphigh, SqlDbType.Int, 5).Value = (theZip + 10)SELECT * from ZIPCODES where Cast(zip_code as Integer) BETWEEN @lowzipAND @highzipProblem is the letters in the Canadian records cannot be cast asintegers for this process. I get this error:Syntax error converting the varchar value '53151 1' to a column of datatype int.Is there a SQL query that can exclude if no cast can be made to anInteger?Thanks!Anton

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Linq Question: Select Returns A DBNULL For An Integer Column

Feb 21, 2008

I have quite a few tables which allow NULL values. I have to struggle a lot with DBnull Exceptions :|example: col1,col2,... are all columns of type Integer and possibly NULL. var query =    from person in table    select new { person.col1, test = (int?) person.col2, person.col3, person.col4, ...};  As soon as my result encounters a DBNull value.. the whole query fails. This is really bad.How would I return the valid values.. and set the keys where there is no value to a null type? (e.g. int -> 0)I tried using "(int?)" but I'm not *really* sure what it does :-) Anyway.. it has no effect :-) 

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DB Design :: Convert Integer Date (MMDDYY) And Integer Time (HHMMSS) To DateTime Format?

Jul 20, 2015

Working on a new database where the Date and Time are stored in a Date Time Field.

Then working on an OLDER database file within the same SQL Database contains these 2 items as integers:

transDate = "71615" (July 16, 2015)
transTime = "12345" (01:23:45 AM)

How do we convert both of them into a single SQL DateTime field such as "2015-07-16 01:23:45.000" so that it can be used in a join restricting to a date time in a different SQL File that properly has the DateTime in it?

This works well for converting the transDate Part in the select statement:

   dbo.IntegerToDate(at.transDate) as transDate

   * That returns: "2015-07-16 00:00:00.000"

* The resulting data must work directly in a Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Query using either using the "on" statement or part of the "where" clause. In other words, NOT as a stored procedure!

Also must be able to be used as a date difference calculation when comparing the 2 files Within say + or - 5 seconds.

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Jul 5, 2001

Hi all,
I have just started using SQL7 and quite dumb at it.
Here is my problem

i have tables ip_address and ip_subnets. both contains more than 20,000 records. Though ideally each subnet should correspond to only one ip address it is not so due to SMS inventory and remote clients configurations etc.

As an example If my ip address is I need to select only ( or atleast 141.151.128.*)as the valid subnet. In other words I need to compare upto 3rd octet and only if it matches with ip address then declare that as the valid subnet.
Pls note that ip addresses vary for each machine though there will 4 octets, I can't use character positions as the nos in each octet might vary from 1-255.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Pasted here under is the query script I am playing around with charcter poistions which are not working in my favor. Just added to explain my problems in more clearer way
select distinct system_data.name0, System_IP_Address_ARR.ip_addresses0, System_IP_subnets_Arr.ip_subnets0, system_disc.client0 from system_Data, System_IP_Address_ARR, system_ip_subnets_arr, system_disc where system_data.machineid = System_IP_Address_ARR.itemkey and system_data.machineid = system_ip_subnets_arr.itemkey and system_data.machineid = system_disc.itemkey and system_disc.client0 = 1 and substring(System_IP_Address_ARR.ip_addresses0,1,10 ) = substring(System_IP_subnets_ARR.ip_subnets0,1,10) and substring(System_IP_Address_ARR.ip_addresses0,10,1 ) = '.' and System_IP_subnets_ARR.ip_subnets0 not in ('11%.%.%.%','12%.%.%.%', '10%.%.%.%' , '10.%.%.%' , '1.%.%.%') order by System_DATA.name0


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Need Help On Substring

Nov 5, 2001

Hey you sql programming guru's

I need help seperating a name from first name and last name

The field is like this,

last name, first name
example Doe, John
I need to seperate the last name from the , to the first character
and the last name from the , to the last character.

I think I have to use a substring but not sure how tell it to stop and
start when it gets to the comma.

Can someone please help me.


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Aug 8, 2001

Need to do something like SUBSSTRING in Access, any ideas?

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Using Substring

Oct 4, 2004


Can anyone show me how to do the following:

I have this snippet of data


I want to return the id (the id may not always have the same number of numbers) after the last pipe (|) delimter.

So i want a rs like this :

Thanks in advance

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Substring Help

Feb 4, 2005

please help me in developing query to satisfy this...
i have table called test and the table data looks like this.


the query needs to return all rows data after . the result set should return this


appreciate your help..

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Feb 3, 2004

I have a field that contaings 15 characters. I want to just pull the first 6. So anything that matches these 6 will be returned.

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Apr 8, 2004

We have entries like below in a table. I need a query by which I can get the CustomerName from the below entries.



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Jun 2, 2004

I an trying gto devide this one field that contains city state and zip into 3 seperate columns. The Column right now looks like this:

GARDENA CA90249107

I tryed this:

use cimpro1
select substring(cust_shipto_addr_l3, 1, 19) as 'City',
substring(cust_shipto_addr_l3, 20, 21) as 'State',
substring (cust_shipto_addr_l3, 22, 31) as 'Zip'
from opcshto

For some reason, when I run the query I get this for State:


When I use the substring to only pull characters 20 and 21 it pulls everything startign at 20. I just want it to select character position 20 ans 21 for the state. As far as the substring for City and Zip, everything comes out fine. Its just State that I am having trouble with.

Any help is appreciated.

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Sep 13, 2006

iam trying to write a string function which will give me the id part of a mail id
but iam geting the string along with @ and when iam trying to remove the last char (@) iam getting error

select substring(leadassignedtombemail,1,(CHARINDEX('@', leadassignedtombemail)))
from lead_details -----> Gives me id along with @

select substring(leadassignedtombemail,1,(CHARINDEX('@', leadassignedtombemail) - 1))
from lead_details ------------>gives me error "Invalid length parameter passed to the substring function."

select (CHARINDEX('@', leadassignedtombemail) - 1) from lead_details
works and gives me the length of id without counting @

where did i go wrong

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Help With Substring

Dec 1, 2006

i am trying to get the last name of the customer, but my db has the names stored as (first,middle, last) order in a single field. i am using the statment:
,RIGHT(ActCustName,LEN(ActCustName) - CHARINDEX(' ',ActCustName) ) AS LAST

but it only works if the customer does not have a middle name, otherwise it returs the middle+last as the last name. what should i do/ any ideas??? here is my code

select ActPrjMgr
,RIGHT(ActCustName,LEN(ActCustName) - CHARINDEX(' ',ActCustName) ) AS LAST
,left(ActPrjType,2) as Status
,left(ActBillingPeriod,11)as ppedate
,left(ActivityDate,11) as actdate
where ActBudCat = 'labor'
and ActBillingPeriod = '11/17/2006'
and actprjcode <> ' '
and actprjcode is not null
--and ActBillingPeriod = @StartDate
order by ActPrjMgr

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Mar 19, 2007

Hi All

Iam new to sql, Iam using sql 2000 and have a field datatype varchar.

An example of the string: -

CN=Leighton Morgan/OU=WR/O=Extranet

I need to write a query that will allow me to extract the following:-

Name: Leighton Morgan
Company: WR
and lastly the word Extranet

Please can you help

Many Thanks

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Mar 19, 2007

Hi All

Iam new to sql, Iam using sql 2000 and have a field datatype varchar.

An example of the string: -

CN=Leighton Morgan/OU=WR/O=Extranet

I need to write a query that will allow me to extract the following:-

Name: Leighton Morgan
Company: WR
and lastly the word Extranet

Please can you help

Many Thanks

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Mar 19, 2007

Hi All

Iam new to sql, Iam using sql 2000 and have a field datatype varchar.

An example of the string: -

CN=Leighton Morgan/OU=WR/O=Extranet

I need to write a query that will allow me to extract the following:-

Name: Leighton Morgan
Company: WR
and lastly the word Extranet

Please can you help

Many Thanks

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Jan 25, 2006

i have a column that has "Full name" of an individual.

I want to create a new column with just the first name.

How do i populate this column with just the first it just takes the string until the space from the "full name" column.

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Oct 22, 2007

can anyone help me with the following report.

Create procedure Rpt_StaffDevelopmentReport
(@cmb1 as varchar(100),
@cmb2 as varchar(100) with encryption as

--@cmb1 is the site name (s.sitename), @cmb2 is the staffname in the form €˜surname,forename€™

--@cmb2 will need to be split based on the €˜,€™ within the string
--tables needed are staffDevelopment , staffMember and Site

Three Tables.

Siteid, sitename, address1, address2

Staffed, surname, forename,sex, address1, address2, siteid

Staffed, development, personal

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Substring Problem

Feb 1, 2007

In  my status table I m having field like
Actionby (COLUMN NAME)
I m having mail id along with TravelDept in some rows.
I want to retreive rows containing TravelDept.When i am retreving i wnat to retreive value 'TravelDept' which is having mail id also.
i have written one query,but its retreving only the value which is having mail id.
i want to retreive TravelDept value with mail id and Only TravelDept values also.
my query is:
select replace(SUBSTRING(S.Actionby,CHARINDEX('',S.Actionby,1) , CHARINDEX('(',S.Actionby,1)+0 ),')', '')  from status S;
But this query retreiving only 1 row only insteadof 3 rows.
Total 3  rows having TravelDept value.I want to retreive all these 3 rows.
please help me.

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Substring Sql Statement

Aug 31, 2007

I have a SQL column that contains something like this:

ORLANDO        ,FL.    32803

COCOA       , FL. 32922-8617

SATELLITE BCH,FL  32937-3523

TAMPA       , FL. 33609-3105

EAU GALLIE      ,FL.   32935
I need only the name of the city, dont need FL or the zip code, how can I do a substring statement on sql to get only that?

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Can You Use Substring In ASP.NET On A DropDownList ?

Oct 26, 2007

I'm using the GridView to display some accounting infromation. I have a project where I have a 14 character control number. I would like to have a dropdown list to select the account classification of records to be displayed. The accounting classification is the first two characters of the control number.  So the dropdown list needs to show unique first two characters and the GridView will be filtered on these two characters.  I have been trying to use "substring" in the ASP.NET code; not even sure you can.
Any suggestions on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.  See code below:
<asp:DropDownList ID="DropDownList1" runat="server" AutoPostBack="True" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource2"
DataTextField="control_num" DataValueField="control_num">
</asp:DropDownList><asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource2" runat="server" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:GPCRReportsConnectionString %>"
SelectCommand="SELECT DISTINCT [substring(control_num,1,2)] FROM [Request]"></asp:SqlDataSource>
ERROR: Invalid column name 'substring(control_num,1,2)'.

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T-SQL SUBSTRING For RequestDateTime

Dec 11, 2007

I tried to mimic some code I found but on RequestDateTimeSUBSTRING(RequestDateTime,(charindex(':',RequestDateTime)+1),len(RequestDateTime)) AS 'Date Downloaded'I can only use SUBSTRING on char type strings.How would I get maybe only up to the first : character in the RequestDateTime? 

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Substring(very Very Urgent)

May 6, 2008

 hi frenz:
Can any one send me the code for
substring multiple cell values of same column and put it into one cell of that column.

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Updating A Substring

May 29, 2008

 Hi I am trying to update a part of a date string using the following sql statement. Alas, I'm having no joy.cmd.CommandText = "UPDATE tb_bookings SET SUBSTRING(startDate,12,5) = @newStartTime  WHERE requestPackID = @reqPackID";   The date has been saved  in the db in the following format:Fri May 23 17:30:00 GMT+0900 2008 Any idea why this isn't working. Any help much appreciated.Barry 

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SQL Substring Syntax

Jan 28, 2006

I'm trying to do write a query in SQL that returns the last two characters in a field.
If the actual fields are sheep, dog, cat, parrot
I want the query to return ep, og, at, ot
After rooting around I've discovered the SQL 'substring' function.
The problem I have is that the field has a variable length, so I need a way of passing the strign length to substring.
Its probably simple to solve, but not for a rookie like me without an example and I am (as always) grateful for any ideas. 

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