Accounts :: How To Disable Auto Login Last User / Black Screen At Boot

Dec 24, 2015

Alright so for some reason ever since I've "upgraded" to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 I've been having numerous issues with my computer taking a very long time to boot and I've noticed it is logging me in sometimes without asking me for my password at boot. I really want to stop the black screens as waiting 5-10 minutes every time I turn my computer on is annoying. Also I don't see why it would log me in without prompting for my password as why else would I have a logon password?

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How To Disable Auto Login Last Active User

Feb 19, 2016

My system upgrade to windows 10 from 7. But my system encounter a auto login last active user problem.

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Accounts :: Hide Other User Name From Login Screen

Nov 13, 2015

I have my user account which is connected with ms account which shows my email along with my user name on login screen. I made one more admin account without ms account and made it a default user with password. Now on login screen on left side both my accounts show up. Is there way to hide my original account from this login screen because I do not want anyone sitting with me could know my email as this account shows my email along with user name.

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Accounts :: How To Auto Login If Use Microsoft Account

Nov 25, 2015

I use "netplwiz" to set auto login feature. But i found that if i use local account, it works well, but if i use Microsoft account to log in windows 10, it will still ask me for passwords when waking up from sleeping mode or power on.

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Accounts :: Duplicate User Name At Login

Sep 24, 2015

I'm running Widows 10 on my MacBook via Parallels Desktop. When the W10 login screen appears, I get my user name appear and it logs itself in but is declined. Next, my user name is displayed twice and I click the top one and enter my PIN number and I'm logged in. I would like to delete the second user name display.

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Accounts :: How To Disable Second Login Option

Nov 24, 2015

I have two login issues.

1. After installing W10, it seems rebooting brings up two accounts with the same email address. The first account is linked to my account and uses the password to login. The login is what I wanted and I set up the PC to auto login with those credentials. But now this second login option pops up and kills the auto login. This second login seems to allow for a local or domain login. How do I disable that second login option?

2. I was putting up with item 1, but today I have managed to lock myself out altogether. Since I have my W10 connected to a TV and am viewing from a distance, I right clicked on the desktop and changed the font size to 150%. It asked me to logoff so that this change could take effect. When coming back up the logon password box only seems to take 5 characters. My password is 9 characters. I am now locked out of my PC.

I am now on my Chromebook and have confirmed the password is still valid (just in case that is the problem).

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Two Accounts - How To Disable Automatic Login When Turn On PC

Aug 1, 2015

This is a thing that was also on 8.1 (that I hated a lot) and i couldnt remove. I have 2 accounts on my pc (home and my own account) and everytime i turn the pc on, the last account that was used logs in automatically (mine asks password actually, but the home's one doesn't, so it just logs in).

This is a thing i hate, since makes me waste time login out and login with the account i want to use. Is out there any option for disable that? In 8.1 that wasn't possible.

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Outlook Auto-login When Boot PC

Aug 12, 2015

Win 10 (or Edge) is automatically  logging me in to my Outlook/Hotmail account when I boot the PC. I do NOT want to be auto-logged in… how can I change this behavior.

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Accounts :: Can't Login - User Profile Service Failed

Dec 26, 2015

I just tried to log in to my Admin account and got the error "The user profile service failed the sign-in. User profile service cannot be loaded".I can log in to my user account and do admin tasks when prompted by UAC. SFC /SCANNOW shows no errors and CHKDSK shows no errors.I did a system restore at boot and can now enter the admin account but it has several access errors. I changed another user account to an admin account and that works. However, if I create a new admin account, I get the same error "The user profile service failed the sign-in. User profile service cannot be loaded".

I'm unsure how to proceed from here. Should I do an in place repair install or is there another fix? The fundamental problem is I can't create a new working admin account.

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Accounts :: User Profile Failed Login And Can't Access Safe Mode

Oct 31, 2015

I am running Windows 10 onmy HP Pavillion. I upgraded from Windows 7 around a month ago. Recently I was running a disk battery calibration check and after I restarted from that I get the message when I login that the "User Profile Failed the Logon. User Profile Cannot Be Loaded". From everything I have seen online it sounds the best method is to login under safe mode as an admin and either create a new user profile or repair the current one.

Now the problem is when I go to advanced startup options and select safe mode, it starts up but then asks me to login using one of my two accounts. Neither is the administrator as this doesn't show up for me. The current account that I am getting error obviously won't work under safe mode and the other account I don't remember the password. I inserted a travel/jump drive to try and change the PW on this but it wouldn't work. So basically I have no way of getting to start it up as an administrator. The local PC place said WIndows 10 has had known issues with this. However I had this problem happen with Windows 7 too so I am not sure.

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Can't Disable Ctrl Alt Disable On Login Screen

Sep 28, 2015

I activated the ctrl alt disable login screen for Windows 10 by using this registry key from this forum.(Lock Screen - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums).

I downloaded and installed the key to disable only to find it didn't work so I tried to manually do it by changing the number from 0 to 1 only to find its already at 1.
I also tried going the user passwords2 to find the box to disable ctrl alt disable login is already ticked, but is greyed out meaning I can't untick the box.

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Accounts :: Screen Won't Auto-lock?

Nov 7, 2015

Lock Screen
Screen Time-out settings
Screen: when plugged in, turn off after 5 minutes
Sleep: When plugged in, pc goes to sleep after 10 minutes

Require password on wake-up is checked.

When left alone, the screen will never turn off.

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How To Disable Login Screen

Oct 6, 2014

How can I get rid of the login requirement when booting into Win 10. It is bad enough that it DEMANDS a login on a home personal PC (If someone is in my house then I have been broken into), BUT MS goes farther and insists it has to be a passwork of a certain strength containing this many characters and so many upper and numeric - there has to be a way to defeat this. I tried leaving the field blank and it will have nothing to do with that. 

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Multiple User Login Screen Like Windows 7

Jul 26, 2015

I need that option back of Windows 7, where you would be offered with multiple user login screen. I am up for pretty long, so might not be making myself clear, so explaining more. I have two accounts (offline accounts), A and B, and when I turn on or Restart my desktop I want both the user account login option on the login screen, NOT the stupid way it does now, by straightly logging into the last accessed account.

I would like to do it without installing any additional software, if possible.

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Disable Login Screen Netplwiz Did Not Work?

Mar 14, 2016

I want to remove the login screen from Windows then but when I followed the suggest route through typing netplwiz into Run, and unchecking the account, it still doesn't work. I think the issue might be the other accounts. In my list, there is me, the administrator, but then there are also these other accounts. I went to User Accounts in Control Panel to remove them but they aren't there. What to do? I attached a photo to show what it looks like when I run netplwiz.

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Installation :: Black Screen Of Doom But Booted To Login Screen (no Cursor Just Blank)

Jan 18, 2016

I did a bit of research and this seems to have been an issue for a while, or has been in the past. Was upgrading to windows 10, I first had to restart my pc cause it was initially stuck on that preparing to install problem with the green bar being stuck around 25%.

It then got through that and began the installation process with the big circle and rebooting process. However around 91% when I last looked at it it was just black screen, this stayed this way for about 3-4 hours. I then decided to reboot the pc and it has now booted to the login screen. Is this a known bug or could there be a possible issue?

The problem seems a bit different as some people I saw have had to fall back on PC restore points etc. So not sure if it installed or what could be the problem.

Also side note, I upgraded my pc when windows 10 first publically released, but rolled back because I had about 5min shutdown times.

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Customization :: Change Color Of User Login Screen

May 3, 2015

How to change the color of the user login screen. Mine is the ugliest color. None of the information I found on Windows 8 will work on Windows 10. I am unable to open its answer for some reason. Says I don't have permission.

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Disable Windows Login Screen Every Time Reboot?

Jul 29, 2015

How Do I Disable The Windows Login Screen Every Time We Reboot?

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Black Screen On Login

Jul 22, 2015

So.. I screwed up.. I used a small program called something like Windows 10 Login Background Changer (something along those lines) and when I restarted my computer, it never reached the login screen. I can move the mouse and open Magnifier (was pushing random controls), but I don't know how to get past here.

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Black Screen After Login

Aug 12, 2015

Windows 10 loads and all good, after typing in password all good, programs load, then after 10 seconds black screen with mouse cursor active, if I run a command prompt and type in explorer.exe the desktop comes back for 10 seconds then back to black screen, I run a nviadia 460 GTX, I'm assuming theres some driver issue, have installed latest driver but same result.

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Black Screen After Login

Aug 2, 2015

I got updated to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 yesterday, everything was as it should be, but today I got a new Driver Update from Nvidia for Specially for Windows 10 It installed fine and asked to restart so I did and it restarted like normal until It asks to type my password in after that, I get a Black screen after I type in my password it has the mouse pointer and Ctrl+Alt+Del works I tried to open task manager(to manually run file explorer.exe) but it won't work I have an acer laptop(E5-573G-76NF) and I don't have the Windows disk to access recovery options as windows 8.1 pre-installed so I can't Do a system restore.

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Accounts :: User Account Lost From Startup Screen

Jan 5, 2016

My wife's account is no longer on the startup screen of my computer. I have delted her account & reset it multiple times and deleted from the registry as well. Every time it does not come back BUT when I add it back in as a user it says she can sign it but again, its not on the startup screen. When I reset her account the registry does not have her account back in either. I have tried both family user & other user but never shows up on the startup screen ????????

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Black Screen On Login (still Able To Input Pin)

Sep 11, 2015

I just bought this computer a few weeks ago and this problem has been persistent since I've gotten it. sometimes when I login, the screen is black or partially black, the rectangle for my pin is still visible however. My screen is touchscreen. I can "erase" the black with my finger and the normal login screen appear underneath. Inputting my pin is no problem and after login I don't see this problem anywhere else.

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Black Screen With Cursor After Login Or Log Out?

Dec 28, 2015

Whenever I log in, or out, there's a black screen with a cursor that can't move...

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After Login Black Screen Appears

Nov 13, 2015

I made the update today. Finally windows starts up, desktop appears but everything went very slow. I decided to make a restart. So far "so good".

After restart, after login screen, it has a black screen and nothing happens. If I move the mouse it will show it. The black screen remains. I try to go to safe mode, with shift + restart. Not working either. What can I do??

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Accounts :: Multiple Users On Login Screen

Nov 6, 2015

I'd like to use Prey project on my notebook. I recently updated from windows 8 pro to windows 10. Prey software is effective only if thief can use my notebook.

I set up guest account without password but every time i start computer I have to enter username and password. the same situation was when i used win8. I tried this Sign in - Show All Users or Last User in Windows 8.

Also created aconther account with password- still i have to enter username.

How can i get windows to list users on startup? Or alternative to Prey project?

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