Adding Network Location(s) Always Fails

Dec 9, 2015

I only have this problem with Win10 Pro x64, regardless of the version/build numbers (v1511, build 10586.29 currently). After making a few connections to my network location that I add, in this case a WebDAV file server for school I use, Windows will eventually decide that the location doesn't exist anymore. If I remove the drive, and add it again via "Add a Network Location", no matter what address I enter, the location "...doesn't exist..." (click for image). The wizard will start, I give it an address, and after a few moments it tells me it cannot find the location, while the Windows Security box's bar is still moving from left to right trying to connect.

If I use a third-party program, it will work at first like above, but after I connect so many times after system shut downs, these programs will eventually stop working too (but they at least retain a cache so I can view my drive offline); this is because Windows Explorer decides again the location doesn't exist. If I decide to boot via my Win8.1 install, it works as I would expect it to. EDIT: A few days later I tried one of the 3rd party ones (MountainDuck for example) and it's working again. I imagine it will eventually quit again though like before.

I've done everything I can think of to rule it out including:

Disable AV suite & protection/defense components
Make sure any networking related services are running
Use DMZ on router briefly to rule it out
Using Windows Troubleshooter
Disable firewall
chkdsk (via my USB copy)
DISM repairs via my install.wim file
Run system repair (via my USB copy)

Interesting enough, this is a relatively clean install. My first Win10 install had huge problems with the v1151 update, so I formatted and installed Win10 v1511 right. This problem, exactly the same, occurred with my first install too, eventually just ceasing to work like now. Whereas I'd expect the problem to start after I installed some program or service, it always happens a few weeks later out of the blue, when nothing new has been installed that could explain why it stopped working (or at least to me).

At this point, I'm lost and don't know if this can be fixed, or if this is another problem to add to the list of "Windows 10 killed networking in general".

I've attached a CBS log, but importing my install.wim file doesn't change it, nor does it probably change my login background which I know also makes the system find errors.

Attached Files : CBS.log   3.72MB

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After spending many anxious days trying to elude a hacker, I Reset my desktop PC yesterday to get a clean Windows 10 install. The legacy network connection I know is routed through the Hacker who is using Teredo tunneling software. I am trying to set up a new and secure VPN network connection to the Internet. But the PC keeps whirring without any visible connection progress. The Network Connection dialog box tells me that Windows 10 is trying to create a WAN Miniport (IKEv2). The legacy connection is on Ethernet with a Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller, which I imported to the new Windows install.I am worried that I don't have the correct adapter settings and that a new connection can not be created while the legacy one still exists.

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This is all after upgrading from Windows 7 three days ago.
After two days of enjoying Windows 10, my internet just started going out. The pc would freeze for a sec and then id get a red x in the bottom and my wifi would be gone. In device manager, it always shows my wifi network adapter operation was unsuccessful. I switched to a different adapter and installed the latest drivers, which say are compatible with windows 10, and the same issue still happens. I also tried some CMD command I found online related to old VPNs and that didn't work.
Usually it only fixes if i unplug and replug the adapter. Disabling and enabling doesn't work. I repaired winsock and renewed tcp/ icp and that didn't work.. What can I do? I cant go 20 minutes without losing internet.

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I have extensively viewed the net for a solution, and have tried (as far as I know) every suggestion to make the change without success.

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How to change Network Location from public to private in Windows 10?

Have tried regedit, powershell etc.

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Networking :: Windows Will Not Stop Changing Network Location To Public

Jan 25, 2016

I have been fighting this problem ever since Windows 7. Every time I try to access my computer from another device on my network, I find I am unable to connect. I go into the Ethernet settings, and see that Make This PC Discoverable is turned off. If I switch it on, go back, and then immediately open the settings again , it is switched off again. When I look at my Network and Sharing Center, my network is set to Public network.

The only way I've been able to successfully set it to Private and keep the Make This PC Discoverable setting turned on is to change the Category setting in the registry for my network to 1. It works, and I'm able to do whatever it was I wanted to do over the network. But then the next time I want to access my PC from my LAN again, same thing.I have tried all the suggestions I can find, most of which are mentioned here: Network Location - Set to Private or Public in Windows 8.Nothing prevents it from going back to Public again after a while.This is incredibly frustrating as it completely defeats the purpose of having a local area network!

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Networking :: Work Offline / Online Button With Network Location?

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I have a network drive, which I set up to save a copy of a folder for offline use using the instructions here:

Working with network files when you are offline - Windows Support

I am not able to find any option for setting the drive to work online or work offline. I did manage to set it up to work offline yesterday, but forgot how. Now, I cannot find any work online or work offline button. Is it in a different place in 10?

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Network Path Not Found When Trying To Access Computer On Home Network

Mar 5, 2016

Error code 0x80070035
I have two computers that I'm trying to get to communicate with each other so I can move files back and forth between them.  My plan is to make one of them the home's backup and main storage system.  the problem is that I can only seem to get one of them to actually communicate equally.  Computer 1 is a factory Lenovo Intel i3 computer.  Computer 2 is a home made AMD that I just built a few weeks ago.
Both are running Win 10 Pro.
Both are physically attached to the router. Heck, they're physically stacked on each other on my desk....
Using File Explorer, on the left side Panel under Network, it shows both computers: AMD and Lenovo.
Computer 1(factory) is able to the files on Computer 2 easily by going over through File Explorer.  But, if I click on one of the files, I get the message that I DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION. If I try to cut/Paste files from Computer 1 to computer 2, I get the same message.
Computer 2.  I am also able to see the computer listed under Network in the left panel.  When I click on Computer 1 to access it, I get a Network Error Windows cannot access Lenovo   (Computer1) Error code 0x80070035
I've tried the Diagnose option and it doesn't work.
If I click on a Drive under Network on the very computer, I can see the drives, I can see the directory list.  If I click on a file, I get the error.  Example on the left side panel on my AMD computer I select:
It's at this point that I get the error: Windows cannot access  amdcPerfLogs as an example
I've tried running through Homegroup setup and Googled for days on setting up a network with Windows 10 and can't seem to figure out what I'm not doing here to make these computers talk and communicate with each other.  I eventually, want to get all my computers to talk to the AMD so I can use it for a main storage/backup for the home network.

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RAM Isn't Adding Up (System Is Currently Using)

Aug 17, 2015

Ever since i've got Windows 10, from time to time (not all the time) my RAM usage would not add up to the RAM my system is currently using. In says my RAM usage is around 80% sometimes goes up to 90% (with nothing but my browser running), but it isn't showing the data for it/what is actually using it. I have 8GB total.

Screenshot of Task Manager and Process Explorer [URL] ....

Intel i5 4690k
Corsair CX600M
Windows 10

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Networking :: Find Network DVR In Network And Sharing Center?

Oct 1, 2015

How do I find my network DVR in Network and sharing center?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Adding RAM And XMP

Jan 30, 2016

I've got an ASUS X99-A motherboard with 8 DIMM slots. I have a 16GB 4x4GB kit of HyperX Fury, and am thinking of buying a second, identical kit to add to boost myself up to 32GB while taking advantage of all 8 DIMM slots. What I'm curious about is whether this will negatively affect my XMP profiling. I am not overclocking the RAM, but I do want to keep it running at 2400MHz and not board-defaulted to 2133 if possible. It would basically be two dual channel kits in 8 DIMM slots, instead of one quad channel kit.

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I am running win 10 and I have lost being able to add a folder to my desktop to hold items I want to save. Like I backup my acc'tng. 2 to 3 times a week and save in a folder but now I can't create these folders. I was able to go to open space on desktop and right click and a list would come up and there was new folder add and I would click and it would at this folder then I could name it now I can't. When I go there now the list I get is View, sort by, refresh, display settings and personalize. How to add a desktop folder?

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Adding A Site To The Desktop?

Oct 25, 2015

I haven't found a way to add a site to my desktop icons. This was easy with 8.1.

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Adding Apps To Startup

Sep 8, 2015

I seem to have lost the ability to add an application to my startup function.  I'm refering to the auto-load of an application upon bootup. 

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Adding A Home Key To Edge?

Sep 12, 2015

adding a home key to the edge to do this? Is it even possible in 10.?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Adding USB 3.0 PCIE

Feb 10, 2016

I have a not so old CPU and I am getting frustrated with the transfer speed (since the mother board only supports USB 2.0) and I was planning to upgrade my motherboard to I could take advantage of the 3.0 transfer speed. While shopping for a compatible motherboard, I happened to see this PCIE add-on (see attached file).

Will I be getting the full 3.0 speed or still the same 2.0 with this attached on my motherboard (Asus P8H61-M)?

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Adding Other Clocks And Time Zones?

Sep 19, 2015

It is impossible to add other clocks and time zones. The system shows only the local time.

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Adding A Site To Desktop With Icon

Nov 8, 2015

With win 8.1 all I had to do was right click the page and I was shown a small dialogue box asking me if I wanted to put the site on the desktop. Why did they change this?

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Adding Bat File To Start Menu?

Oct 15, 2015

I created the file google.bat with the following content: start "" "[URL] ...."

What I want to do is add this file to the start menu.

The objective is to be able to execute it with Cortana by saying "hey Cortana, open google".

If I add the file into C:Users**User**AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsSystem Tools

it doesn't show on the start menu.

At one point I added a folder (and it did show on the start menu) into c:program dataMicrosoftwindowsstart menuprograms

but when I restarted the computer it disappeared.

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I have an email address, let's say it's Well in Windows 10, almost any time I try to type it, whether on my yahoo email or on any webpage, it comes out At first I thought maybe I was accidentally hitting the 8 and adding it in myself, but now I'm very careful when I type it and it's like Windows auto-corrects it to that.

I may have once typed that into a form- I sometimes do just add a number onto my real email when I'm filling something out and want to make a dummy email, but it's like now Windows has decided that is my true email. It's causing serious problems because now if I ever miss that auto-correct it's done, I may send someone a bad email address. I read about turning off auto-correct and I don't want to do that, I just want it to recognize that is valid. 

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Adding New Folder To Email Account?

Nov 17, 2015

How do I add new folders to my Windows 10 email account. I have tried right clicking everywhere by cannot get anything. Was easy with windows xp!!! 

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Bought a Windows 8 Dell Laptop.  Downgraded it to Windows 7.  Then upgraded it to Windows 10.  My previous users were brought over.Next did a clean Windows 10 install.Created the first user as ROOT, and by default appears to be an administrator.
Now wish to add normal users (myself and individual family members).  Seems like I can add a family member and "other user".  When doing so, they ask for an email so I put one in.  But then when I try to log in, they ask for a Microsoft account.How do I add users without them having a Microsoft account?

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Accounts :: Adding Picture To Second Local Account

Jan 10, 2016

After making a second local account, is there a way to add a picture to said account?

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Customization :: Adding Pics To Show In Slideshow When Not Using PC

Dec 16, 2015

I used to be able to choose whatever pictures that were in my computer to show in a slideshow when not using my PC. I would go to personalization and all my pics would have a little checkbox to choose if I wished. I am unable to do that now and so my slideshow is doomed to the same pics forever. How can I control what to put on my screen while my PC is not in use.

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Networking :: Adding A Netgear Wireless Adapter To PC

Oct 19, 2015

I have been connecting my PC to my router via a Ethernet cable and have had no issues but I want to move the PC to another room and run it off a wireless adapter. I tried a TP-Link USB adapter but it didn't work so I switched it for a Netgear one. That doesn't work either which makes me think there is something not right with my PC. I have installed and uninstalled multiple times, tired different USB ports but the Wireless Adapter doesn't seem to get an IP address and there are no Wireless settings in the control panel.But there are no Wireless setting and no connectivity to the Adapter.

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