Browser/Email :: Disable / Remove Do You Want To View In Full Screen?

Feb 10, 2016

how to Disable/remove Do you want to view _ in full screen? Notification bar when viewing video in full screen in IE 11 for all websites?

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Browser/Email :: Favorites Bar Full - How To Remove Saved One And Add Another

Jan 10, 2016

I have my favorites set up and there are many. The fav bar is full so how can I remove one and add another that I have saved.

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Browser/Email :: How To Remove / Disable Windows Edge Browser

Aug 13, 2015

I am wanting to remove or at least disable edge browser in Windows 10. I will never use this web browser and so would like to get it out of the way.

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Browser/Email :: How To Keep IE In Full Screen

Mar 5, 2016

How to keep IE in full screen. Its been a while and my addled brain has forgotten.

I've tried the full settings etc but it reverts to small window when using later on.

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Browser/Email :: How To Bring Window Up To Full Screen

Sep 16, 2015

How to bring a page to full page while using Edge in Windows 10?

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Browser/Email :: When Edge Is Not Full Screen There Is A Missing Scroll Bar

Dec 31, 2015

When edge is not full screen there isn't a way to scroll from side to side. Shouldn't there be a scroll bar?

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No Longer Able To View Desktop - Only Full Start Screen

Jan 11, 2016

My computer has a mind of its own apparently. I can no longer view my regular desktop. All I get is the full start screen with all the stupid tiles on it. I have tried changing my settings, restarting, shutting down and rebooting, nothing is working. When I click the windows logo all I get is that same full start screen. Am I missing something? All I want is for it to show me my regular, normal desktop. Not these tiles!

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Browser/Email :: Does Disabling Windows Search Disable Email Notifications

Sep 30, 2015

Er, does it? It's not a big deal if it does or not, just curious.

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Browser/Email :: How To Remove All Favorites From Edge Browser

Nov 14, 2015

So I decided to give Edge another try, and seeing that I am still unable to directly import my favorites from Firefox I went around it by exporting them to a HTML file, importing them into IE and then into Edge.

Well only half of them ended up appearing in edge and I now have a ton of empty I would like to delete them all and start again but I cant find a way to completely remove them all.

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Browser/Email :: How To Remove Email From POP Server After Receiving

Oct 13, 2015

Having set up a POP3 email account within WIN 10 Preview, 10565, I'm unable to locate how to remove a received email from my provider's server. I'm prepared to hang my head in shame if it turns out the solution was really before my eyes, or is otherwise trivial.

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Browser/Email :: How To Disable Microsoft Ad Choices

Nov 25, 2015

how to disable (totally) Microsoft Ad Choices in Windows 10?

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Browser/Email :: How To Disable Edge PDF Reader

Sep 14, 2015

How do I disable the Edge PDF Reader? - the one the opens a PDF file in a window that gives the user no option to enlarge or reduce or print or open with the Adobe reader, thus rendering it useless. All you get is a Save As option. I would like instead for it in invoke Adobe Reader.

I do not have this issue in IE 11 or in Chrome. I have already associated PDF extension with the Adobe Reader in File Explorer, but Edge still opens up the file in its useless no-option window.

Is there any way to disable it and have Adobe Reader present the file instead?

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Browser/Email :: Can Disable Mail Altogether

Oct 25, 2015

1. Can I disable Mail altogether? I am perfectly happy with 'Live Mail' - but not about constant duplication.

2. And, if I can't, where does all the incoming mail go, it I don't tediously delete each one?

3. If I do have to tediously delete each one, whilst I have found a 'trash' folder, I have yet to find an equivalent of 'Delete all'. Can't believe I have to go through the folder, tediously deleting each one in turn, yet again.

4. Or does it matter? Do they fall off the end of the plank automatically, in the course of time?

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Browser/Email :: Can Disable Restricted Mode

Jul 18, 2015

But I installed windows 10 build 10240 and my browser cant watch most videos on youtube cuz restricted mode always on. when I click off and save, it will refresh page and this mode still on.

I try with edge, chrome ( firefox has problem with certificate. cant visit too much site)

try to delete cookies, reset win10, upgrade from 8,1, clean install. and I cant disable this mode.

I tried to use vlc or kmplayer too and it still fail

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Browser/Email :: Microsoft Edge - How To Disable Ads

Nov 22, 2015

how do I disable ads in edge browser. I have become fond of this new browser of microsoft's but I am really getting annoyed with the ads filling up the webpage.

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Browser/Email :: Remove Firefox Search Bar

Dec 14, 2015

I didn't like the Firefox Search Bar. I rarely used it. It takes up valuable real estate that can be used by other ADD-ONS Icons.
I Just do my searches directly in Bing or Google.

To remove the Firefox Search Bar (this actually just moves it and stores it away, you can bring it back),

-Click on the upper right menu icon (three lines).
-Left Click, Hold and Drag the Firefox Search Bar down to the Additional Tools and Features area. It will be saved there in case you want to bring it back.

The Firefox Search Bar is now gone and the space can be used to add additional ADD-ONS Icons.

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Browser/Email :: How To Remove Yahoo And Bing

Dec 22, 2015

I have tried countless ways to delete Yahoo and Bing search engines from my laptop but to no avail. How to do this? I have tried the options route on the toolbar, the add/remove programs in the Control Panel and a piece of software downloaded from the internet which would 'clean' out malware. Nothing seems to have changed. I am supposed to be using Mozilla Firefox which is being listed as my default browser.

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Browser/Email :: How To Remove Recent Tabs

Sep 4, 2015

if i go to history and want to remove it all of a sudden it shoes history and recent tabs and even after the history is deleted by checking the padge and hitting delete the recent tabs still shows the last 9 or 10 sites you have been on?

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Browser/Email :: Remove All Favorites Bar Entries In EDGE?

Aug 31, 2015

I use my Favorites Bar in IE11 to hold a boatload full of links. I think it is easier to click on the >> and go to a new link than clicking on the Star to go to a new link.

I decided to use the Favorites bar in EDGE but I forgot that you cannot reorder the entries to put what I consider my most used favorites at the front of the Favorites bar. So I thought I would delete the Favorites Bar folder from my Favorites and create a new one from scratch with my most used favorites. I followed the links to get to the Favorites but the Favorites Bar folder is not there! Where it went? Can I delete it if I find it or at least delete all but the entries I want? Or if those options are not available, how I can delete all of the entries in my Favorites bar without having to do them one at a time?

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Browser/Email :: Completely Uninstall And Remove All Traces Of Edge

Dec 25, 2015

How do I quickly remove and uninstall Edge? Any .reg or .bat file to do it all for you?

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Browser/Email :: Remove Exchange Account - Settings Are Not Active

Feb 23, 2016

In Mail I have two accounts. One is my personal MSN account and the other is a Exchange account with my former employer. Obviously the former employer has deactivated my account.

I want to remove the Exchange account. It currently is giving "attention required" I looked at the post to remove an account. When I go to settings under this mail account I only have two (links)options:

1 Fix account

2 Change settings

Neither of these are active. I do not have a option to delete the account.

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Browser/Email :: How To Remove Send A Smile / Frown On Internet Explorer

Jul 29, 2015

that smiley icon is a bit of annoying.

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Browser/Email :: Mail And People Apps Show List Of Old Accounts / How To Remove Them

Sep 12, 2015

So one time I decided to use windows 10 manager mail and people backup tool and then when mail app started to act unresponsive I imported them back and since then I can't remove add/delete any old email accounts.. Where is this thing stored or how can I remove them?

Remove an account - Cannot add any accounts to Mail, Calendar or People apps doesn't work since I cant access the accounts inside the app.. Enabling onedrive or this command didn't do anything either. Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml"}

All I see is this e.g. People app..By mail app just this error if i try to add any account as seen on the right picture. Its like they're burred deep inside the system and I just can't get rid of them to add them new again. I reinstalled both apps and its still showing this list.. How can I remove these accounts?

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Browser/Email :: Browser Icon On Bottom Of Screen Have Disappeared

Feb 10, 2016

The browser icons that used to sit on the bottom of my screen have disappeared. How do I get these icons back?

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How To Remove Invalid Email Address From Start Up Screen

Mar 7, 2016

I have had windows 10 on my pc now for a month or so, and decided to set up a windows account.. but I didn't read the example and I used an in valid email domain. Instead of using one of the 3 domains..., or I used therefore I couldn't get the verifying email with the 7 digit access code.....

So now when I turn my pc on the window screen comes up with the user and ask me for the password.....which doesn't exist because the email address wasn't verified....and now I'm locked out of my pc.....I got online with windows tech and they said I need to reinstall windows 10....

I have tried using a media creation tool they suggested but my pc wont boot up from cd drive (it is set to boot from this first) runs but doesn't install....I don't get screen asking me to press any key to boot from cd drive.......and I have played with setting in my bios......

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Possible To Disable Conversation View In New Mail App?

Jul 29, 2015

Is it possible to disable CONVERSATION view in the new Windows 10 Mail app? It is so annoying as I am not a fan of conversation view.

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