Can't Use Any Microsoft Account Feature

Aug 7, 2015

I upgraded to Windows 10 the second day it was available and have had problems with not being able to use any Microsoft account features. When trying to sign in on the Xbox app I get the error 0x3fb and get a button that says try again. When I try to click "Sign in with a Microsoft account instead" it just sits there and does nothing no matter how long I wait or how many times I click it. The same issue occurs when I try to make a new local account or add a Microsoft account to the Cortana app. not being able to use the features of Windows 10 make the upgrade pointless.

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Browser/Email :: Save As Feature In Microsoft Edge?

Dec 1, 2015

Microsoft Edge didn't come with a "Save As" feature when downloading something from the internet allowing us to change the name of the file as well as the location in which it is being saved. And I was hoping that with updates it would be added. However, I still don't see the feature, even after this November update.

Does this will ever be added? I have been using Edge since it came out, but if this continues, I will be switching back to IE.

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Accounts :: Logging In With Microsoft Account Rather Than Local Administrator Account?

Jan 9, 2016

I would like to use some of the features that require you to log in with a Microsoft account rather than my own local administrator account. But when I did that, it totally changed my settings for my local account including desktop, etc. So I deleted the Microsoft account. how to keep my local account settings when signing in with a Microsoft account.

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Merging Local Account With Child Microsoft Account?

Oct 27, 2015

Now that there are no parental controls on local user accounts, I set up a Microsoft account for each of my children so that I can limit screen time and accessibility to websites. I am now trying to merge their old local accounts to the new Microsoft accounts. I can log in to their local accounts and I can log in to their new Microsoft accounts, however, I cannot sign in to the Microsoft account from their local account (I'm only assuming this is how to do it). I go to settings, accounts, Sign in with Microsoft Account instead, enter email and password, enter old password, click Next and get the message "Oops, something went wrong Whatever happened, it was probably our fault. Please try again."

My goal is to save everything they have on their local accounts (Minecraft files especially) and get it over to the Microsoft account so that I take advantage of the parental controls. So, deleting profiles is not an option, but if there is a way to get everything moved over, then I can delete the local account, but how to move everything over.

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Use Local Account To Log In But Microsoft Account For Store

Aug 10, 2015

Title says it all. I like to boot up and log in with no password but I want to use my Microsoft account when I am fooling with store apps.

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Sign In With A Microsoft Account Instead

Dec 14, 2015

I have tried to sign in with a Microsoft Account on by Windows account - When I do then it asks for my password on by Windows account. When I enter it I get the message "Oops something went wrong. Whatever happened, it was probably our fault. Please try again." 

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Microsoft Account Put Password On PC

Nov 21, 2015

A few days ago I signed into my Windows account and it gave my PC a password that I know but I do not want a password and I cannot take it off all I can do is change it 

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Can't Login To Microsoft Account

Dec 29, 2015

Just got a new laptop, when it started it up it asked me to create a username and password so I did. I then went into settings and click on sign in to my Microsoft Account so I could access my sons games, etc.

It says it's unable to connect or some error, try again or cancel are my options. Weird part is it doesn't even allow me to enter anything in it just goes right to you can't login.

I'm doing a system reset, if I can't login this time what do I do? 

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Cannot Sign In To Microsoft Account

Jul 31, 2015

The situation is that I upgraded from win7 to 10 and I have a basic "local administrator account". When I go to my account settings and try to click on "Sign in with a Microsoft account instead", nothing happens (there is a brief background window that flashes and then nothing happens).

Similarly, if I try to login to the xbox one app, it also says that it could not sign me in. If I click on the "sign in with a different Microsoft account", it presents me with the option to "choose an account: Microsoft account". When I click on that, again nothing happens at all.

I get the same results if I try to turn on Cortana-- when she eventually asks to connect to a Microsoft account, I click "sign in" and again nothing happens (here again I sometimes see a brief window flash in the background but I never get a login screen.

Last but not least, I get this same result if I try to add a Microsoft account to the Mail App in Win10. As soon as I try to click to add an Outlook/Hotmail account, it flashes and nothing happens. I am able to add other types of accounts to Mail (google, etc). (Oh, and if I try to login to the Microsoft Store I also get the same login problem as described).

I'm really bummed b/c I cannot use a lot of features in Windows 10 and how to hook into a Microsoft account.

Things I have tried: I run windows updates constantly just to be sure, I have rest my "clock" and time settings repeatedly, I have made sure my location settings are turned 'on'. I have tried turning all of these things off and then on, then rebooting and checking for updates...still no way to login to Microsoft account .

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How To Get Out Of Whole Microsoft Account Login

Dec 1, 2015

Now I can't remove accounts or change one letter spelling error in calendar name. Will I be able to if I some how get out of the whole Microsoft account login in Win 10? Should I just try to add an additional calendar with the same name but correct spelling? I would like to be rid of the start up log in and the feeling of not being in control. I am in my seventies and usually OK with sorting out issues but dealing with all the new stuff at once is a bit much. 

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Can't Sign-in With Microsoft Account

Sep 4, 2015

I am enjoying my upgrade of Windows 10 except for I can't sign-in with my Microsoft account. I went from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. I can log in with a local account (same as Windows 7). I can't download any apps from the Windows Store, Microsoft Edge doesn't work like it should. BTW, when I click on "sign in with Microsoft account instead" in the settings, a window wants to pop up but suddenly disappears.

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Why Can't Sign Into Microsoft Account

Aug 7, 2015

Currently I am signed into a local account in Windows 10. so I tried to sign into my Microsoft Account to use all MSN apps... But every time I click on the " Sign in with a Microsoft Account instead' nothing happens! As a result I can't use the essential MSN apps ! I don't want to go back to Windows 8.1 and then again upgrade to 10!

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How To Use Cortana Without A Microsoft Account

Nov 2, 2015

Is there a way to use Cortana without using a Microsoft account or converting my local account into a Microsoft account?

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Accounts :: Cannot Sign In With Microsoft Account

Dec 26, 2015

I recently was forced to create a new user account on my Windows 10 PC since old one got corrupted. This new one is a local account/administrator. When going to the account settings I then go to the "Sign in with a Microsoft account instead" option which works totally fine. I am asked to input the email of my Microsoft account and password. So far so good. After I do that I then encounter a screen that says "Sign in to this device using your Microsoft account". It asks me for my current Windows password one more time and says the next time I sign into windows I'll be using my Microsoft account password. So I then enter my windows password and here is where the lovely screw up happens that says "Oops, something went wrong. Whatever happened, it was probably our fault. Please try again."

I've tried countless times and attempted to skip this page by clicking next and nothing. I can't use my Microsoft account at all on this computer it seems anymore.

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Apps :: How To Get Rid Of Game Bar Without A Microsoft Account

Aug 13, 2015

Every time I open a game that I run in borderless windowed or windowed mode, I get this stupid "Game Bar" garbage.

I did a little research, and it seems you can stop it from auto-opening in windowed games by opening the Xbox "app" and disabling it from there. However, whenever I open the Xbox "app", I'm asked to log in with a Microsoft Account. I do not want to do this because I don't have a MS Account, nor do I want one. And it seems that even if you log in with a Microsoft Account, you're forced to create an Xbox Gamertag before you can access the settings.

How do I stop this garbage "Game Bar" without a Xbox/Microsoft Account?

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Change The Microsoft Account Associated With Logon?

Mar 5, 2016

So we setup a MS account for my daughter, using her email address, but accidentally put in my birthdate so it got created as an adult account. This means I can't add the account to my "Family" so I can setup parental controls. According to Microsoft, there is no way to change an adult account into a child account. The only thing I can do is delete the account and then wait 60 days before recreating it. This means that in the mean time she doesn't have a MS account to use to log on so I'm kind of screwed.

The only thing I came up with is to create a dummy MS account for her to use for 60 days until I can recreate it using her email account like it is now. Is that even possible? I would need to associate her current local account with the dummy account and then be able to change it to reassociate it with the new account once I recreate it after 60 days.

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Microsoft Account - Missing Password?

Oct 15, 2015

My friend have perched a copy of MS Office, but he can not download it because Microsoft account is asking for the password to the old windows account.The windows account was made 10-12 years ago and the password is forgotten.

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BSOD :: Cannot Login To Microsoft Account

Aug 11, 2015

I upgraded my win7 to win10 and after that i tried to start cortana. It asked to login to my Microsoft account, but i could not, because a small gray window popped up and after 5 seconds its gone ( I think it must be the "login panel" ). I tried to login different ways, at the account settings, at the xbox and also at the store but did always the same thing.

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Accounts :: Can Have Two Users With Same Microsoft Account

Jan 27, 2016

I like the security and convenience of having an account with administrative privileges, which I only use for installing and changing critical settings and an account which I use for all other purposes, which does not have administrative privileges.I would like to abandon Chrome, which allows me to synchronize my bookmarks and all other settings across all users in my Windows 10 boot and even in my logon to Windows 7 in the multi-boot of my desktop computer. Every single change I make in one Chrome browser instantly appears when I open the Chrome browser of any other logon. This is working perfectly across both of my Win 10 users and both of my Win 7 users of my multi-boot desktop.

I would like to be able to switch to MS Edge as my browser and have the same synchronization across both of my Windows 10 logons as I presently have with Chrome but this feature is not available in Edge unless both of my Windows 10 logons (that are on the same installation of Windows 10) are Microsoft User accounts. But Windows 10 won't allow me to have two logons with the same Microsoft account. It has only allowed me to have one of those accounts be a Microsoft account and the other a Local account.

Are any of the following (or anything else you know about) possible in order to get synchronization:Use the hidden administrator as my second account with administrative privileges and be able to synchronize it with my account without administrative privileges? (Is it automatically a MS account rather than a local one and is it automatically the same MS account as the MS user account I have created)?Open a second Microsoft Account with a different email address? If I do this and create a logon (a Win 10 Microsoft Account User) with that different email address, can I synchronize the two MS accounts so that changes I make in Edge (such as passwords and Favorites) in one logon will appear (be synchronized) in the Edge browser of the other (different Microsoft Account User) logon?Change some setting or Registry entry that I don't know about so that I can get synchronization without having to do either of the two above?

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BSOD :: Can't Sign In To Microsoft Account

Sep 6, 2015

When i go to sign to microsoft account in windows 10 through "Sign to Microsoft account instead" , when i click this , nothing shows up like a pop up window for sign in .

I've tried turning on & off the services "RPC - remote procedure call" & "Microsoft Account Sign In Assistant". I've also set them to start type "Automatic Delayed".

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Microsoft Account Error 0x85050013

Aug 1, 2015

I just upgraded to Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3. I decided that for the time being I will use my local account to log into the computer and that I will sign in separately with my Microsoft Account into the apps that I need to use.

I had no problem doing this with Store, Weather, News. But when I try to do it with Mail & Calendar and People apps I get a message saying: Something went wrong... We're sorry but we weren't able to do that. Error code 0x85050013.

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Adding Users Without A Microsoft Account

Aug 8, 2015

Bought a Windows 8 Dell Laptop.  Downgraded it to Windows 7.  Then upgraded it to Windows 10.  My previous users were brought over.Next did a clean Windows 10 install.Created the first user as ROOT, and by default appears to be an administrator.
Now wish to add normal users (myself and individual family members).  Seems like I can add a family member and "other user".  When doing so, they ask for an email so I put one in.  But then when I try to log in, they ask for a Microsoft account.How do I add users without them having a Microsoft account?

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Apps :: Reinstall Calendar Without Microsoft Account

Jan 31, 2016

My new ASUS laptop came with Windows 10, so this is not an upgrade install, but an OEM purchase, and therefore not a pre-release build. My problem is this: I accidentally uninstalled the Mail/Calendar app that comes with Win10, thinking that they were two separate apps. In uninstalling Mail (which I have no use for), the uninstall also took away Calendar (done through a Powershell command).

I understand I can get these back through the App Store, but only if I have a Microsoft Account. I do not want, and do not have, a Microsoft Account. Is there ANY way I can get the Calendar app back on my machine? I do not want to convert my local account to a Microsoft Account.

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Locked Out Of Computer After Creating Microsoft Account

Oct 10, 2015

I downloaded Windows 10 and created a Microsoft account. I wrote down the password. The next day a log in screen appeared (which I never had before) so I tried to log in. My password didn't work. I tried everything. I called Microsoft and filled out a form and emailed it in. They Told me I have two step verification and they would have to download a program to my computer and I will lose all my software.

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Accounts :: Unable To Remove Microsoft Account

Feb 10, 2016

I signed in with a microsoft account in windows 10 because I wanted to try minecraft windows 10 edition. Now I want to remove it but I am unable to. To remove the account I go click the start menu, click my name, click change account settings, scroll down to accounts used by other apps, click my email, click remove, but nothing happens. I did switch to a local account. When I click remove, the settings window just disappears without anything happening. I also ran the SFC Command but it found nothing. Edit: I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10

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Accounts :: Creating A Microsoft Account Already Verified?

Dec 12, 2015

In Windows 10.x, when I create a Microsoft account for a user, he will have to verify it when he will sign-in (login) on the system to enable some functionality.

Is there a way to create a Microsoft account already verified?

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