Can't See Program Data Folder

Dec 23, 2015

The ProgramData folder is not displayed in Explorer. I can search for programs that currently exist in this directory but can't access it. how to proceed?

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Installation :: Restore Users And Program Data Folders To Original Drive

Aug 5, 2015

How to restore these folders to their original drive after they were moved during sysprep...

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Map Data Folder On D Drive

Feb 10, 2016

What is the MapData folder which has recently appeared on my D drive? (This is the drive containing all my user folders with the exception of Pictures.) It contains subfolders diskcache, mapscache and files overrides.json, updater.nma

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Location Of Calendar Data Folder

Feb 28, 2016

I'm going to reload my OS. I haven't been able to find the folder that contains the calendar data so I can back it up before my reinstall.

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Cannot Sync OneDrive Music Folder - It Contains Too Much Data

Aug 10, 2015

I don't sync my OneDrive music folder because it contains too much data. However, everytime I open Groove music, it creates a folder called Music in my local onedrive space. This folder then tries to sync and gives a conflict.

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Opening Folder - File Does Not Have A Program Associated

Dec 10, 2015

Every time im trying to open a folder on my PC Im getting this message:

"This file does not have a program associated . Please install a program or , if one is already installed , create an association in the Default Programs control panel "

The only way to open the folder is to use right mouse button click and choose open, very annoying to work like this. The only strange thing I see is that when I klick right mousebutton on top it seems windows wants to open my folder with "cmd"...

Also see JPEG below.

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Apps :: No Startup Folder - How To Auto Start A Program

Nov 1, 2015

Since there is no START folder, how do you set up an exe file to run whenever windows 10 starts?

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Create Shortcut Target Path Points To Wrong Program Files Folder

Oct 9, 2015

When I create a shortcut to file in Program Files, the target path for that shortcut will be to Program Files (x86), even though the start in path will be correct. Furthermore, even though the target path is incorrect and no icon is displayed for the shortcut, the shortcut still works.Shortcuts to items placed in the Program Files folder by an installer do not have this problem. It is only for files that are manually placed in the Programs Files folder by me the user, i.e. copy and pasted there.

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Unknown Program Named (Program) Appears In Startup

Dec 17, 2015

i have this problem since a long time ago , and i can't seem to figure out how to fix it!

i am sick of this file, the option of "Open file location" is grayed out for it !

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How To Use The Mouse To Change From Open Program To Open Program

Aug 30, 2015

See the subject, 

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Performance :: Unable To Delete A Folder - Invalid Folder Name

Jan 22, 2016

Unable to delete a folder on an external USB HDD. Tried with take ownership. Tried Takedown, and some options on

Owner of Files and Folders - Change in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

I booted from USB (WinPE/Paragon) and accessed command prompt from there. Deleting the folder: invalid folder name.I can rename the folder, but not move it.

As far as I can see I am the owner/administrator and having full control on the folder...?

W10 Unable to delete folder-invalid folder name.pdf

Have combined all screenshots into 1 PDF - else the post would be way too big. never uploaded a PDF before.

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Move Documents Folder From Doctor Web Folder

Jan 13, 2016

My 'documents' folder suddenly got moved into another folder named 'Doctor Web.' Looking into this, I find that Doctor Web is a piece of security software originating in Russia, apparently quite respectable, but it's not something I ever installed. According to its properties, the Doctor Web folder was created in 2014, but it wasn't on my computer two days ago when a backup I ran had no errors. Today, it choked on the new folder. I'm attaching a screen grab to illustrate the situation.

My question is, is there some method by which I can move the 'documents' folder from the 'Doctor Web' folder. put it back where it belongs and delete the 'Doctor Web' folder? I have access to all my documents, but I am not at all happy with them being spontaneously moved like this. Al

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Double Click Folder Opens New Folder

Oct 2, 2015

I have a fresh installation of Windows 10 Pro and for some reason when I double click a folder, it opens a new folder. Also the the folders that show in the left side pane, if I click on eg music, it opens a new folder. I have 2 drives and when I open a folder from each and cioy from ssd to secondary hdd, the hdd folder instantly closes. This siddenly happened yesterday and I didnt change any options in the folder options.I made a bat file and did what it said here but didnt work URL...

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No Screenshots Folder In Pictures Folder

Jul 31, 2015

I tried to take screenshots via the WinKey+PrtSc and the Fn+WinKey+PrtSc method. As expected, the screen briefly dimmed and then reestablished normal illumination as you would expect when taking a screenshot with previous Windows OS-es. (No functionality at all apparent via Ctrl+ WinKey+ PrtSc.) When I went to locate the screenshots in C:Users*****Pictures, there was no "Screenshots" folder. I tried searching for the folder and for the screenshots to no avail (though my search skills are rather novice, so I may have missed some obvious way to locate the missing folder). Screenshots will save to the clipboard through the two operable methods above and can be pasted to Paint. I tried visually searching numerous folders and hidden folders for the screenshots, to no avail.

So, I looked in the registry and found:


The ScreenshotIndex DWORD value is "3".In Win8, from what I have found trying to understand and solve this issue, you would also find an expandable string at this location: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerUserShellFolders.It required value data which pointed to the pictures folder (%USERPROFILE%PicturesScreenshots).There was no such expandable string value present in my User Shell Folders location. I never had this problem in Windows 8/8.1 and I realize things may be done very differently in Windows 10, so I didn't add the expandable string that the tutorial I was reading referenced in order to to fix this problem in Windows 8.

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Data Recovery From SSD?

Nov 26, 2015

My laptop was recently broken beyond repair recently and I am looking to recover the data from the HD.

The laptop was an Acer Aspire S7-392 with a 256GB mSATA SSD by Kingston.

The operating system on the HD was Windows 10 (I upgraded from Windows 8.1 just before I broke the laptop).

I have removed the HD and put it in a mSATA to USB3 enclosure.

When I plugged the External enclosure with the hard drive into another PC running Windows 10 it said that the HD could not be recognised and offered me the option to format it.

This is where the extent of my knowledge runs out and I am at a loss with how to proceed with recovering my photos etc from the HD.

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How To Update OS But Keep Data

May 9, 2015

So I have a 120Gb SSD running Windows 7, and a 1Tb HDD with all my data such as programs and games. When Windows 10 is released, I want to be able to completely replace my Windows 7 with Windows 10, so basically just wipe the SSD and then install Windows 10 (or upgrade). My question, is will the data on my other hard drive just work like it does now?

Once I've upgraded to Windows 10, will it literally just still work? I don't want to have to reinstall all my programs, or start all my games again (the ones with locally installed data). Also, I do have a couple of programs stored on my SSD that would obviously need to be moved to my HDD to avoid being removed when I wipe it, so can I just move the whole install directory? Or is it more complicated?

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Where Are Data Files Stored

Dec 4, 2015

I have removed the hard drive and have in in a caddy, but the data files are not where I expect them to be. In the Users folder, all the folders (Documents, Desktop etc) are empty.

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Disable Data Logging

Jul 29, 2015

Is there a 100% way to do this yet? I see like 10 guides online. Which one is the right one or does the job fully?

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Wiping Out Data Without Removing OS?

Oct 25, 2015

I want to prepare my desktop before selling it and wipe all personal data. I am aware of tools like DBAN which would wipe out the entire disk including Win 10. I would prefer not to do that.

On a related note - my desktop is HP - came with Windows 7 - has the disk partitioned to C: and Recovery Image D:. If I do wipe out the entire C: drive, how exactly will I be able to recover Win 7 from D: ? It won't boot, right?

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How To Go About Installing And Managing Data

Jul 27, 2015

I have 2 hard disks. 1 old, one new. Both 7200 RPM. Both almost full, with 3 drives each.

Now my current Windows installation is on the new one but I want to put it on the old but both hard disks are full of data.

So how do I change this?

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Windows Hides Old Data?

Aug 2, 2015

IS hiding your Desktop app icons from Windows 7 along with pictures a hidden feature in 10? I have installed Windows 10 Pro thru my upgrade and all of my Desktop app icons and pictures/videos were all hidden. I just went into folder options and unhid everything. Wasn't sure if this was normal behavior after an upgrade?

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Apps :: Can't Migrate Data

Aug 21, 2015

I was able to load Quicken 2009 on my Win10 sys and it seems to work but I can't migrate the data from my XP sys to my Win10 sys. I do a backup on the XP sys and try to restore it on the Win10 sys but it says the file is invalid.

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Data Recovery From Faulty HDD?

Nov 12, 2015

Data Recovery ? I have a HDD which was used with Win10 and crashed . Boot sector went kaput, nothing to do with Win10. what do I need in terms of Hardware and Software to spin up this drive and recover data files or directories from this drive to an external device such as a thumb drive, DVD ,etc. ? Can I safely (safely) plug it into my working PC if there is provision for another HDD, slot and connector and try to access the drive etc. ? 

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Bad Sector Data Recovery

Mar 4, 2016

I have had a HDD fail due to bad sectors. I think that I have managed to recover all of the files on the drive to a new drive.

How do I turn this into a bootable windows system?

At the moment it is simply a data partition full of files. 

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How To View Data Usage

Feb 29, 2016

Where can I view data usage in WIndows 10?

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Will Data Delete If Update PC

Mar 21, 2015

I want to try Windows 10, but I fear that all of my files will be gone.

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