Customization :: How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Taskbar Items

Feb 2, 2016

UNPIN UNWANTED ICONS FROM TASK BAR I just upgraded two systems to Win 10 this weekend but am having trouble finding out how to remove unwanted icons from the task bar.


These take up space I prefer to use for desired icons. I don't need or want them there but there is no "un-pin" option for those. I have searched and all I can find are results to hide the entire task bar or instructions on how to add to the taskbar but not a word on how to remove those unwanted items.

I would also like to know how I can un-pin one specific drive which is encrypted so it is not available on always wants me to format it! Better to hide from taskbar. Still needs to remain visible to encryption program of course.

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Customization :: Change Taskbar Items To Display Only Filename Not The Program Name

Dec 10, 2015

some programs display the filename before the program name in the taskbar eg notepad and MSword2013

some programs display the program name first eg powerISO + most others

because my taskbar space is limited i need only the program name displayed next to the program icon.

if i have several copies of the same program running at once and i can only see the program name in the taskbar

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Customization :: Removing Unwanted Apps From All PCs?

Feb 19, 2016

We're looking at using Windows 10 at our school. I've got a few for testing. One of the things I'm trying to figure out how to do is remove things like the XBOX tile. Things we don't want students in during a class etc. Anyway I can't seem to find a way of removing them. I've found several pages listing powershell commands but they don't work. At least not for the xbox tile. Also I need a way of doing this for all PC's group policy or registry so I don't have to do it one by one.

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Taskbar Items Gone

Dec 27, 2015

My PC has decided to not show up my taskbar items today! The only icons are: Start button, cortana, task view and the notification center. The thing is that none of these will open and all my other icons are gone, even the date and time. I have tried to restart my pc and explorer.exe with no luck, and when i try customizing the taskbar i get an error saying there is no default control panel.

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Customization :: Remove All Unwanted Tools And Services?

Feb 10, 2016

As we all know, the classical Windows XP has a tool.... XpLitePro ... to remove all unwanted software and services you wish to have deleted. XpLite could both remove hidden programs/services which are not visible in configuration screen/ remove programs section

Question: Does Windows 10 have such a tool already? I can't hardly wait to remove unwanted stuff..

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Taskbar Items Not Working?

Aug 2, 2015

Start, Search items won't open from the taskbar. Clicking on Start or search results in the busy icon showing for less that a second and nothing else happens!

Tried restarting explorer - no joy.

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Place Items On Desktop Instead Of Taskbar?

Dec 11, 2015

Is it possible to place items on the desk top instead of the task bar,and if so how.

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Organize Order In Which Taskbar Items Show?

Jan 16, 2016

I would like to put the taskbar items in a specific order but don't know how to do that.

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Installation :: Taskbar And Menu Items Not Working

Aug 2, 2015

After an apparently smooth upgrade to Win 10 I realised the buttons on the taskbar don't lauch the programs anymore. Nor do the items on the start menu. The only few that work are the ones added by Win 10 such as Microsoft Edge, and inexplicably Skype and Viber.

I have detected a possible cause in the default application that opens .lnk files: there is no program associated. I have tried several ways (such as editing regedit, launching patches, etc.) to set the value to Iexplore.exe, but without success.

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Customization :: Making Items On START Smaller

Oct 19, 2015

included a pic from my Start Menu. I would make the tekst in the LEFT PANE look smaller.Is there a way to do so?

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Customization :: Can't Add Or Remove Items From Start List

Jul 29, 2015

The situation is I can't add any item to the "start list', which is the list on the left of the start icons.As far as I've read, it's supposed to be as easy as dragging an icon, but it can't be done I get an "x" when I reach the destination at the left.Strange also, is that in my context menu there is no option named "start list", which posters point as an option to add a program icon to the list. Also, right clicking on an item on start list does not show me the "remove from this list option".

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Customization :: Arranging Context Menu Items?

Oct 29, 2015

I spent yesterday fiddling with my context menu (Right-Click Menu). I downloaded and installed nearly a dozen different apps/programs. I settled on a couple and went to work adding commands. Here's the problem: Once the items show up in the Context/Right Click menu, there's no way to arrange them. Alphabetically, for example. They appear alphabetical in the software interface and in the registry, but not in the menu itself.

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Customization :: Change Order Of Items In File Explorer Jump List

Feb 11, 2016

In versions prior to 10 one could drag and drop items in jump list. In Windows 10 it's different (but certainly not better. Why do they mess with this stuff????)

In Windows 10, if you open File Explorer, you can drag and drop the pinned folders under the Quick Access header on the left. When you right click File Explorer icon pinned to taskbar, the items will be in the same order as established in the Quick Access heading in File Explorer. 

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Customization :: Removing Items Listed In Left Pane Of Windows File Explorer

Jan 17, 2016

When I open File Explorer there are a number of items listed in the left pane. Is there a way to remove some of them that I do not use like Videos and Music? Also at the bottom, after Network is Homegroup. I do not use Homegroup. Can I delete it from this list? I have other computers that do not list Homegroup so why does this one list it? 

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Customization :: Taskbar Color Customization

Dec 1, 2015

Taskbar color choices are extremely limited in W10, very difficult to read tabs. What is wrong with MS.....?

I tried run<"control color">, but it was useless as well.

Is there any external tools that will allow me to customize taskbar color independently from accent colors and borders.

I saw some suggestions to modify registry, but I do not want to go this route.

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Customization :: Taskbar Not Always On Top

Jul 29, 2015

This is an issue that has bugged me for years. Windows still cover autohidden taskbar!

When the taskbar is hidden, and any window is maximized or snapped, the mouse is sometimes unable to trigger the taskbar. I have to shrink the window before the mouse can touch the taskbar.

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Customization :: Possible Way To Have 3D Taskbar

Sep 5, 2015

Is there any possible way to have a 3d task bar and window borders like earlier versions of Windows?Really not liking the 'flat everything' and limited customisation. By 3D I mean gradient edges that give a solid effect.

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Customization :: How To Put Recycle Bin In Taskbar

Aug 6, 2015

Tried pinning to start and right-clicking there but there is no "pin to taskbar" option. how to put the recycle bin in my taskbar?

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Customization :: Use Different Taskbar Locations On Different Displays

Aug 7, 2015

When I first upgraded, the taskbar on my first display was located on the left side of the display and the taskbar on my second display was located on the bottom. I liked this. But I wanted to see how I'd like having both on left hand side. I went into taskbar properties. `Taskbar location on screen` was set to `custom` and I changed it to `left`.

I decided I didn't like this and wanted to change it back. But `custom` no longer appeared in this drop down and I couldn't find any other option to change them separately. Is there any way to change it back? Perhaps a specific registry key?

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Customization :: Icons On Taskbar Smaller Now

Aug 19, 2015

I'm trying to work out how to get the below icons larger:

I'm sure when I upgraded, they were twice the size ... but for now they seem to have got a lot smaller. I've had a look around, and can't seem to find a way to make them larger (I have 20/20 vision, but even I'm having trouble seeing which icons are which )

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Customization :: Washed Out Taskbar Fonts

Dec 7, 2015

Have washed out toolbar fonts? Is there a tweak to make them crisp ?

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Customization :: Green Line Under Taskbar?

Aug 8, 2015

I know this has to do with virtual desktops... but it's super obnoxious. Is there a way to get rid of it? I don't really need or want multiple desktops anyway, and it's irritating that it shows a little green bar under every program even when I only have one desktop...

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Customization :: Change Taskbar Opacity?

Jul 30, 2015

I'm currently testing Windows 10 (in virtualbox), I use Classic Shell to change the taskbar opacity. a way to do this manually?

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Customization :: How To Change Taskbar Icons

Oct 23, 2015

The apps that are pinned on the taskbar those ones. Any way to do that?

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Customization :: Taskbar Clock Configuration

Aug 11, 2015

There appears to be no way of configuring a taskbar clock on my Windows 10 desktop - I have tried every visible menu option.. The taskbar properties menu provides no option for a clock although I have seen Windows 10 displays that show a clock (and calendar).

Note: My original Windows 7 system, before the upgrade, had the taskbar clock disabled as I already had a clock gadget on display - could this be the reason? 

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Customization :: Google Icon On Taskbar

Aug 20, 2015

Looking for steps or procedures required to place a Google icon on Windows 10 Taskbar? 

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