Disabling Client For Microsoft Networks

Feb 19, 2016

I was recently reading this article on ShieldsUp [URL] .... about disabling the client for Microsoft networks.Are there any real security benefits for doing this and if so what would happen if I did? e.g. would I still be able to receive updates from Windows? I've already unchecked file and printer sharing and not bothered about any file sharing.

I'm using Win 10 btw ..

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Sound Freezes / Glitches In Modern Apps Like Microsoft Edge / Hyper YouTube Client

Sep 21, 2015

So i wanted to watch youtube video in microsoft edge. When I start watching video sound starts gliching/freezing, that happens when i use hypper youtube client from microsoft store.

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Networking :: Not Able To Connect To Some Networks

Oct 17, 2015

There are a few networks I cannot connect to and I'm not sure why. Most networks like the one I have at home, I am able to connect, however when I am at my friend's house or some cafe, it doesn't let me connect to the internet. I tried updating my drivers and it still doesn't connect. It was able to connect few months ago when I had windows 8.1 but when I upgraded to windows 10, I started facing these problems.

It doesn't tell me what to problem is either. It just says "Cannot connect to network"

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Networking :: Active Networks Not Showing?

Nov 7, 2015

I am connected to a wireless network but the connection is not showing on the Network and Sharing Center active networks. Also, I am unable to change my Network Location from Public to Private as there is no link on the Home-group page. I upgraded from Win 8.1 to Win 10 and already updated wifi drivers.

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Networking :: Error - You Are Not Currently Connected To Any Networks

Jan 10, 2016

I can't change my profile location to private, and I can't make my computer register that it's connected with either my WiFi or my Ethernet. I've looked through the steps posted here, but to no avail. I don't even have the NetworkList key in my registry! I am online with Firefox and Chrome just fine, but Edge won't connect, nor can I connect to the Store. I did a wipe and reinstall a few days ago, partially to try and resolve this issue, and partially to resolve some other issues dating back to the Insider builds, but this problem is still happening. I'm at my wits end, and I can't even connect to my wife's PC to transfer files. I've enabled network discovery and file sharing on public networks, but that didn't even make a difference. Also, since I reinstalled Windows, I've been unable to activate it, but I think that is tied to this network problem. It's like all the new apps and features won't recognize the connection. I'm not running any security software besides Windows Defender, so that shouldn't be an issue.

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WiFi Network Not Listed In Available Networks?

Aug 4, 2015

So I installed windows 10 and everything was fine until recently when my computer suddenly disconnected from the wifi network in my house. I've tried everything and nothing working, i even tried using the the Ethernet cable and it worked but as soon as I disconnect the cable it'll have no wifi access. It's not my wifi or router because My phone and other things connect and work fine. My network just won't show up on the list.

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Uninstalling / Disabling IE11

Oct 17, 2015

I for one have had no trouble with windows 10. One thing I did do before I upgraded was ran antimalware, updated my driver, cleaned out all the rubbish shortcuts that did not work.

Then ran all updates then upgraded. All I had to do was update one driver, then let windows 10 put in the updates it wanted. Then uninstalled IE11 and only using Edge,.

As you can see it is no where in the file system, If just disabled it would show up.

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Disabling Safe Mode?

Feb 23, 2016

I work in an education environment and these kids are very savvy. They have figured out how to put the computer in Safe Mode and make it impossible for me to track them. how to Disable Safe Mode?

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Reinstall After Disabling Raid 0

Jul 31, 2015

I currently have Windows 10 installed on a Raid 0 of Two Samsung 840 Evo's. Because of a change in the way I am using the PC I need to disable the raid and leave them as separate drives.

The reason I am concerned is that windows 10 is bound to your Hardware, not you. So for me to reinstall windows after disabling raid would I need a new copy or would just installing windows 10 again work?

Alternately if I was to re-install windows 8.1 on my machine after disabling raid. Would I then be able to do the upgrade again and get windows 10 that way?

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Disabling / Removing OneDrive?

Aug 13, 2015

I honestly don't use OneDrive and I just see it as bloatware. Anyways to remove it? I tried looking in the Windows built in uninstaller but I don't see it there.

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Disabling The Media Keys?

Mar 8, 2016

I detest them. And on this particular cheapo keyboard, they're in a *particularly* annoying location for me. So what I want to do is to turn them OFF! Preferably permanently, altho in Win 10...this might be impossible. (A hint in DosBox suggested deleting certain junk keyboard devices...but Windows 10 put them back in when I rebooted. NO!! But Windows is the god of the computer, so YES.) Still, as long as I have SOME method to turn these buttons off, that would be a huge improvement.

This is a generic keyboard, using the default Windows 10 driver.

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Networking :: Logging Onto Corporate WiFi Networks

Jan 13, 2016

I can logon without problems to WiFi networks where I provide a passphrase/password to the Wifi-point. This is the case at home and at friends' and family.I can also logon on to public WiFi networks such as on trains, hotels, restaurants and what not. Some of these are like the situation described above, some are hotspot like.Where I run into problems is in corporate network situations. I'll have been provided with a UID and Password (which work, I verified them on my smartphone), see the WiFi signal I am to log on to and what is supposed to happen is:

After I have made the connection to the WiFi spot, my browser is to open automatically and bring me to a URL where I can enter the UID and Password after which I'll be connected. This does not happen. ORI should open my browser and attempt to access any url after which I am guided to a URL where I can enter the UID and Password

I'll see the WiFi point, make the connection, the browser does not open automatically and when I open it myself and try a URL (e.g. CNN.com), instead of requesting a UID and Password I just get the error 'server not found'...

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Windows Can't Detect Networks Proxy Settings

Oct 16, 2015

When I go to a web sit, windows can't open it. when I run troubleshoot I get the message : windows can't detect networks proxy settings. I only have this problem since I downloaded windows 10. 

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Disabling Caps Lock On Keyboard

Dec 30, 2015

I would like to disable caps lock on my keyboard having previously done it but itsa not working now.

I have tried this:

[URL] ...

...but the scancode binary number mentioned isn't there in my registry.

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Installation :: Disabling Secure Boot

Jul 29, 2015

will one have installing Windows-10 on a machine now running Windows-7 64-bit with an older BIOS? In particular, the BIOS setup area has no references to UEFI. So, references to "disabling Secure Boot" don't make sense. (I have a DELL Vostro 1500, bought in March 2008, which is still very functional.)

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How To Install ISO From USB Without Disabling SecureBoot And FastBoot

Aug 19, 2015

I'm on a Samsung laptop that came with Windows 8, I downloaded Windows 10 ISO and wanted to install fresh from the USB, then this happened:

1. The USB drive won't show up on the boot menu if I don't disable FastBoot in the BIOS.
2. The USB won't boot if I don't disable secure boot in the BIOS.

So I do disabled FastBoot and SecureBoot and the USB drive boots up normally and Windows 10 gets installed.

One problem that I found is that if I enable SecureBoot back again after having installed Windows 10 it won't boot anymore until I disable SecureBoot.

My question is, is it possible to install it without disabling secure boot? (I tried Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool and Rufus 2.2 to create the bootable USB). And if not am I really missing something by keeping SecureBoot off on the BIOS?

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Disabling Front Jack Detection

Aug 12, 2015

I recently installed Windows 10. But the drivers for my VIA soundchip which came with the motherboard don't work with it. I am able to install it but when I try to run HDVdeck it doesn't open. It did work in W8.1. Any fix?? Or can I disable front jack detection any other way??

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Networking :: Treat All Future Networks As Public Settings

Oct 3, 2015

In Windows 7/8 there was a setting, a small checkbox "Treat all future networks as public and don't ask me again".

You can see it in this picture - [URL] .....

In my version of Windows 10, I don't appear to have that option. I could try deleting this registry key ...

Delete the key: HideWizard

Perhaps there's a simpler way than export, delete key, if wrong result import saved registry file. Have I missed a setting somewhere to set the network location?

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Networking :: How To Auto Connect To Multiple WiFi Networks

Jan 5, 2016

How to configure my Win10 to automatically connect to multiple wifi networks?

I have wifi at home so when I get to the office I have to configure the "manage wifi settings" on my laptop, click "forget" my home wifi, and manually enter the office wifi password. I repeat the same process when I get home from the office or use the wifi in my brother's house. I had this on my Windows 7 but can't figure out how to in Win10.

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Networking :: Disable Connect To Networks Shared By Contacts?

Nov 8, 2015

Settings > Network & Internet > Manage Wi-Fi Settings

Here on Microsoft Support page, there's a tutorial on how to "turn off Connect to suggested open hotspots and Connect to networks shared by my contacts"

Configure telemetry and other settings in your organization (Windows)

I used the exact code mentioned there:

REM Disable Wifi Sense
REG ADD "HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWcmSvcwifinetworkmanagerconfig" /V "AutoConnectAllowedOEM" /T REG_DWORD /D "0" /F

But the above code only turn off "Connect to suggested open hotspots" and not "Connect to networks shared by my contacts". How can I turn off "Connect to networks shared by my contacts" via registry?

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Networking :: Change All Connected Networks To Private Instead Of Public

Jan 31, 2016

Is there a way I can change all connected networks to private instead of public with a click-able script? The problem was that a User was connected to an open network using a VPN which then also connected showing Public. With both as Public, they could not map to a network resource. I fixed it using the "go to home-groups and change network settings, etc." But surely there is a way it could be handled with a simple script to edit same? End result was the VPN showed private while the open WiFi he connected to still showed public but he could access the server now.

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Networking :: Unable To Access WiFi Networks When Using USB Adapter

Nov 16, 2015

I've recently upgraded my home PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I've been using a Realtek USB Wi-Fi adapter to connect to the internet. After installing the new OS and running it for the first time, I couldn't connect to my home network.

After reinstalling the drivers supplies by the manufacturer and reattaching the adapter, I attempted to again connect to the network. The "Verifying and connecting" message displayed, but after closing Settings and returning to the same page, all of the Wi-Fi settings have disappeared, like the drivers have crashed.

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Networking :: No Wireless Networks Found After Update To 1511

Nov 29, 2015

I just updated my media center to version 1511 of windows 10. Via wifi, downloaded and installed ok i thought. But have found i cannot see any wireless networks. Normally about 7 up in my area.

I've tried uninstalled the device and installing it again.
I've tried checking for newer drivers, but isn't any.
I've tried resetting these in command prompt (admin) net sch advfirewall, int ip, int ipv6, winsock and rebooted afterwards.
I've tried plugging the usb wifi adapter into a different usb port.
I've tried restarting the Router. Mobile phone picks up wifi in the same room.

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Disabling Password And Quiet / Muffled Speakers

Mar 27, 2016

Windows in general and I know that Win 10 has many of the things win 8 and 7 had so here goes. It might be worth mentioning that I have win 10, pro, fully updated and patched.

1. How do I disable the password screen when windows boots ? It's very annoying. I tried the netplwiz thing and didn't work. When I did that, another account would appear in the login list called other.

2. My laptop's speakers (lifebook 1780) are muffled and quiet to about 50% of the volume they should have. All volume is turned up, drivers are updated, all sound and device settings are calibrated and set accordingly to the highest quality. Should I try rolling back the driver ? It worked for some I think. It's worth mentioning that if I reduce the quality of the sound to less 41hz or whatever, the speakers increase slightly in volume.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Unable To Access WiFi Networks When Using USB Adapter

Nov 16, 2015

I've recently upgraded my home PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I've been using a Realtek USB Wi-Fi adapter to connect to the internet. After installing the new OS and running it for the first time, I couldn't connect to my home network.

After reinstalling the drivers supplies by the manufacturer and reattaching the adapter, I attempted to again connect to the network. The "Verifying and connecting" message displayed, but after closing Settings and returning to the same page, all of the Wi-Fi settings have disappeared, like the drivers have crashed.

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Installation :: How To Install NFS Client

Mar 5, 2016

How do I get the NFS client on Windows 10 Pro?

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