Drivers :: Ethernet Doesn't Have A Valid IP Configuration?

Oct 8, 2015

Very frustrated!! I had internet connectivity prior to windows 10 upgrade. The above message is what I am receiving. Network Center states: Unidentified network. I have done the following: Taken modem/surfboard, router and pc down gracefully then brought back onlineUsed windows troubleshooterread thru (and walked thru) dozens of forums with solutions to other "similar" issues**I have tried to connect directly from pc to modem. I get the same results. I have zero connectivity from my pc so I plan on using a thumbdrive if I need to reload drivers. I'm about to revert back to 8.1 and call it quits..

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Networking :: Ethernet Doesn't Have Valid IP Configuration

Aug 24, 2015

So... I just updated from win 7 to win 10, as I got it for free. All went smoothly, but there was no ethernet connection. I'm running a custom built pc, connected to my router via ethernet cable.

At first windows detected the cable, but said: ''Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration." I was on about around the settings, and deleted the ethernet network from windows' settings. I thought it would come back by just re-plugging the cable. This didn't happen. What happened was, that the whole 'Ethernet' tab disappeared from the 'Network & internet' menu!

I also don't have 'Wi-fi' or 'Airplane mode' tabs in the menu... Well I have a pc that doesn't have support for wifi so that might be why...

how to get win 10 to detect the ethernet cable, and maybe that way bring back the 'ethernet' tab?

Oh, and I tested the ethernet cable on my laptop (running win 7), and it worked fine.

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Ethernet Doesn't Have A Valid IP Configuration After Updating

Aug 6, 2015

I updated to Windows 10 yesterday and after a few quirks I got it to running as normal, or so I thought. I use an Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet but all I get when I diagnose is "Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration". It used to work fine before updating by the way. This is what I've tried

Restarted the computer
Turned off the computer, waited a few hours, then turned it on again
Unchecked IPv6
Re-installed the LAN driver
Tried a different ethernet cable

Tried to follow the tutorial on this website for Windows 8 for this issue but when I type ipconfig /release, it tells me that "an error occurred: an address has not yet been associated with the network endpoint"

Another thing I've noticed, when I enable the Ethernet connection, my computer skyrockets to exceedingly high temperatures (over 99C according to the monitor I have). When I disable it or disconnect it it goes back down to normal. Not sure why this is happening.

EDIT: Looks like the temperature only rises when I check IPv6

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Networking :: Ethernet Cable Doesn't Have Valid IP Configuration?

Feb 10, 2016

Where to start so to begin with my issues started when we got a new router. We had issues with the old one so we installed a new router and got it working fine WiFi worked alright but Ethernet would not connect it my computer when I ran the troubleshooter said one or more network Protocols were missing from my computer I'm running windows 10 version 1511. I went on google on my laptop to start finding a fix and I must have tried every option in the book just about I am losing my mind over how to fix this. Finally I tried reinstalling the Network drive Uninstalling my current one going on google finding my most updated one ect. and now the issue is no longer about the protocols but its saying my Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration

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Network Not Working - Ethernet Doesn't Have Valid IP Configuration

Aug 5, 2015

After I installed Windows 10 on my computer I cannot connect to internet through the ethernet port. I've tried everything. I get the message that "Ethernet Doesn't Have A Valid IP-configuration". I tried to reinstall the network driver, ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew as admin but it cannot find the "Default Gateway" and when I type ipconfig /renew it cannot connect to the DHCP server.

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Networking :: Exclamation Mark - Ethernet Doesn't Have Valid IP Configuration

Oct 22, 2015

8 hours ago my computer was connected via Ethernet and functioning fine during online gaming.

This morning approx. 4 hours ago I awoke to notice the computer updated and restarted during my sleep. Now the network icon has an exclamation mark and displays "Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration."

WiFi functions fine. Other devices connect to WiFi fine. PS3 is wired to a different port on the router and functions fine, so attempted to change ports the laptop connects to, with no success. Bypassed the router completely and went just Ethernet straight, still will not connect via wired connection.

I have powered off the laptop, router/modem with no success in rectifying the issue.

Here is ipconfig all ---

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.10240](c) 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
C:WINDOWSsystem32>ipconfig allError: unrecognized or incomplete command line.
USAGE: ipconfig [/allcompartments] [/? | /all |
/renew [adapter] | /release [adapter] |
/renew6 [adapter] | /release6 [adapter] |

[Code] ....

I have checked network adapters and ensured drivers are up to date. Which they are.

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Ethernet Does Not Have A Valid IP Configuration

Aug 4, 2015

I'm facing an weird problem in Windows 10. I've upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1. If I restart my PC then it shows my network connectivity is limited for both wired and wireless. After troubleshooting it says 'Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration'.But if I shut down my PC and then start it again then there is not any issue in network.I was using a legit copy of Windows 8.1.

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Networking :: Ethernet Does Not Have Valid IP Configuration

Jan 18, 2016

I am running Windows 10 demo version. I have problems connecting to the net. I am shown the error along the lines of "Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration".

From command prompt I run "ipconfig/all" and here is the console's output:

When I run "ipconfig/renew" it fell through : I should add, I have no problems on Windows Vista however.

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Networking :: Doesn't Have A Valid IP Configuration - No IPv4 Connection

Sep 17, 2015

I've been having the above issue at different times and it is getting a bit irritating to restart the modem(router).How can I permanently fix it so that my internet can be online 24/7 without me having resetting the box?And how come it says that I have no IPv4 connection but IPv6 does have a connection?

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Networking :: Doesn't Have A Valid IP Configuration - Limited Connection

Sep 5, 2015

My internet was working fine for quite a while after upgrading to win10, but one day both the wifi and ethernet stopped working. They both show a limited connection, or sometimes even fail to identify the network. The error message in the troubleshooter for both ethernet and wifi is 'doesn't have a valid ip configuration'. I have tried rebooting and resetting the router, re-installing network drivers, and restarting everything involved.

The wifi card is called "TP-LINK Wireless PCI Express Adapter" and the ethernet adapter is "Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller" and is connected by a Cat5e ethernet cable.

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Networking :: Doesn't Recognize Ethernet

Nov 27, 2015

I ran Windows 8.1 on my desktop machine a few months ago, and later upgraded to Windows 10. Everything worked great at that time, but since have replaced Windows with Linux. Now I'm trying to install Windows again, with the same 8.1 disk that I used for my earlier installation, and my ethernet connection isn't found. (this is a direct wired ethernet, not wireless) I've installed with a local user account, dug into every networking utility in Windows, but whatever I do the internet goes undetected. I've run the ethernet thru different routers, and even circumvented the router all-together, but no luck. Has my 8.1 disk "expired"?

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Drivers/Hardware :: How To Enter BIOS Configuration

Dec 2, 2015

My System Specs: available

i cant find "UEFI FirmWare Settings"

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Drivers/Hardware :: Ethernet Driver Not Working After Installation

Feb 23, 2016

So I tried to update from Windows 8 to 10 last week. That didn't work for me, so I had to format everything and install Windows 10 afterwards. At first neither W-LAN nor LAN would work. Then I un- & reinstalled the W-LAN driver so now everything's fine except for my ethernet connection.

- Adapter is enabled
- I have un- & reinstalled the driver multiple times (even tried compatability mode, since some sites state that the latest version for AR8161 only supports win 8)
- I was about a thousand times in the properties menu of the ethernet adapter

The full name of the adapter is "Qualcomm Atheros AR8161 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.30)"

I just ran diagnostics on the ethernet adapter and after trying to fix some network protocols Windows prompted me with this. So I tried to fix this by entering

Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup

sfc /scannow

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

sfc /scannow

In cmd which sadly didn't do the trick. Neither did entering

netsh int ip reset c:
in cmd (admin ofc) after editing the permissions for the "26" folder in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Nsi/{eb004a00-9b1a-11d4-9123-0050047759bc}

So the group "everyone" has "full control".

I am still stuck here w/ the "One or more network protocols are missing on this computer" -problem.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Must Reinstall Ethernet Adapter Driver After Every Restart

Oct 1, 2015

I recently upgraded directly from Windows 8.1 64-bit to Windows 10 and I am having some problem with my Ethernet Adapter. My Ethernet Adapter is a Killer e2200 Gigabit Ethernet Controller, which is built in to my motherboard (MSI Z87M GAMING). When I first installed Windows 10, I found both a software suite and just the drivers themselves on the Killer website. I first tried the whole suite, but it didn't really work very well, felt unnecessary, and basically didn't seem to actually install any drivers. I then used the actual .inf file for my Ethernet Adapter to install manually. I uninstalled the driver and software, and then installed the driver manually through Device Manager by saying "have disk" and navigating to the folder and selecting the .inf file I downloaded. This works, but I have to repeat the process of uninstalling and reinstalling the driver every time I restart Windows.

There are additional variables that could also contribute to the problem. I am using one of those adapters that plug into the electrical outlet to extend the Ethernet line to reach my basement. I don't know if this really should have any effect on my problems, but I figured I should mention it. The product is made by TP-LINK. I also have VPN software on my computer, and part of running the VPN software is having it install a "TAP-Win32 Adapter V9" driver under Network adapters in Device Manager. This could be contributing to my problems, but I do need to have access to my VPN. I did not experience this problem at all under Windows 8.1 using the driver install disc that came with my motherboard.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Realtek Ethernet Not Showing In Adapter Settings

Sep 27, 2015

Messed around with the drivers, now the ethernet device doesn't show up in the network adapter settings, although it shows up in the Device Manager. It is also apparently in sleep mode.So after formatting and installing Windows 10 x64 on my Dell Inspiron 3542, I decided to update/re-install the drivers from the official Dell download page. Windows Update had taken care of the hardware but the versions were outdated, so I set to work. After successfully installing almost all the drivers, I ran the Ethernet Controller Driver and after installing it, the ethernet device was disabled. BTW, the device shows up as "Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller".

I enabled it but it still remained disabled. In the Properties dialog box it gave me the option to disable it, which means that it thinks that the device is enabled, which it is not. It is visible in the Device Manager, so it is being recognized. After restarting to come to the same result, I deleted the driver from Device Manager and re-installed it, which didn't work. (I don't remember if I attempted a roll-back, although if I did then it obviously didn't work either.)

Then I went to the Realtek official website and downloaded the Win10 Auto-installation Program. It asked me to remove the previous installation from Dell, and near the end, it gave me the error, "The Realtek Network Controller was not found. If Deep Sleep Mode is enabled, Please Plug the Cable". And after this, or after deleting and re-installing the Dell driver (I unfortunately don't remember when), the ethernet device disappeared from the adapter settings. Now there's only Wi-fi there.I really want my ethernet back, even though I have wi-fi to connect to the internet. The only solutions I can see are to either get the Dell driver working or to remove the device from sleep mode.

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Drivers :: Doesn't Recognize Monitor

Feb 13, 2016

I'm having trouble to get picture on my main and only monitor when booting up. The green led indicator on the monitor is just flashing.

Usually I have to push the restart button 10-15 times until picture finally appears. Sometime I am able to log on in the dark. Hit space and logon, then do a win+p until picture appears.

I've tried to uninstall the drivers, but that didn't solve it. I had to use a different monitor to get in for the first time after that. Driver is the most recent one.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Doesn't Recognize SSD

Aug 18, 2015

When i go to disk management all i see is NTFS file system , my SSD no longer shows , is this normal ?

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Task Scheduler Error - One Or More Specified Arguments Not Valid

Dec 11, 2015

What is wrong with Task Scheduler on Windows 10?

Here is where I add my task:

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Antivirus :: EXE File - Symantec Certificate Not Valid

Jan 30, 2016

I have 2 files - supposedly the same version but not the same size.

1 has Verisign certificate and the UAC says it is a know vendor

2 has Symantec certificate and the UAC says it is an unknow vendor.

I checked the certificate in file explorer and the Symantec certificate is 1 day newer than the Verisign

That alone seems odd that a company would have 2 certificate licenses 1 day apart for the same software.

Does W10 UAC chk the certs? If so, then is it saying the Symantec cert isn't valid?

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Drivers/Hardware :: DVD-ROM Doesn't Show After Upgrade

Nov 12, 2015

after upgrade to 10 my dvd-rom doesn't show i get the message.Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

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Drivers/Hardware :: Touchpad Doesn't Deactivate

Nov 5, 2015

I installed the new Win 10 home and now I'm unable to deactivate the touchpad. I tried to fix it in system controls and of course by "alt+F9" but nothing works... or elseway, it still works.

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Drivers :: USB Doesn't Recognize Camera Device

Aug 9, 2015

My computer with Windows 10 no longer recognizes my Hero 3+ GoPro Camera, nor my Nikon D5100. I have looked for drivers, but to no avail. Any way that I can pull pictures/video off these devices and put on computer?

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Drivers :: USB Gigabit LAN Doesn't Have A Driver (Error)

Dec 15, 2015

I have been attempting to run a USB Network Adapter on my new computer, but I get an error saying that it has no driver.

I've been trying to find a way to work around this error, but I have had no success.

Here is the Hardware Ids:


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Why Doesn't Printer Work Since Upgraded - All Drivers OK

Aug 4, 2015

Why doesn't my printer work since I upgraded to Windows 10? I checked the drivers. all is ok.

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Cannot Open Desktop Icons Or Create Valid Shortcuts

Feb 10, 2016

Since the last win 10 update, my desktop Folder icons do not work right. When I left click I get this

when I right click I get this

The only way I can open a folder (such as Downloads) is to right click, then select open.

I have tried creating new shortcuts and they do not work. Regular program shortcuts work fine. If I create a new short cut to a file, (ie a photo), I have to right click and select OPEN to view the file, then when I create a shortcut, it does not work unless I right click and select open.

I restored system to earlier date and all is well. When restarting computer I get force fed update. Selecting NEW from context menu was not there. I fixed that. Why come I get cmd when I try to open a folder?

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Cannot Perform Clean Install - Valid Sources Required

Jan 8, 2016

I have a problem in the installation of Windows 10. I have a CD installer of windows 10 pro 64 bit and I want to replace my Windows 8 OS thats why I perform a clean install. But whenever I try to install the OS. I have this error:

"Windows cannot find the Microsoft Software License Terms. Make sure the installation sources are valid and restart the installation."

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