Drivers/Hardware :: Using Storage Spaces / Mirror

Sep 27, 2015

I upgraded from W8.1 to W10. After the upgrade my mirrored volume was 'gone' (created with disk management). Fortunately I was able to restore the data on one of the disks.

I cannot manage to recreate a mirror on Windows 10. I tried using disk management as well as Storage Spaces but I get errors when the formatting begins.

Even with new disks, all the same it does not seem to work. I can not figure out why...

I get: Cannot remove Storage Space (huh.. remove?? I am creating one!!).... Parameter is wrong: 0x00000057.

Could there be some history of the previous mirrored drive which is preventing me from creating a new one or should I just do a clean Windows 10 installation?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Storage Spaces - Unable To Remove Failed Drive / Repair Pool?

Feb 10, 2016

I had 3x 3TB drives in a parity pool. It started to fill up so i added a fourth 3TB drive and months later one of the original 3 began to fail on me. Performance was slow, then slower, then it showed disconnected.

I retired the drive and added a replacement, literally the same model 3TB drive. I cannot however, get it to remove the failed physical disk and repair the pool. I even tried adding another 2TB drive i had available in case it needed the extra space (didn't make sense but i was reaching).

I get the "drive could not be removed because not all data could be reallocated. add an additional drive to this pool and reattempt this operation."

I have searched a lot and don't really seem to be getting anywhere. The only way i was able to retire the drive was through powershell. I'm assuming it's a GUI issue and perhaps i'm not approaching it correctly via powershell. Attempting to repair virtual disk didn't work.

I really don't want to lose this data. I wasn't able to backup much before the drive failed completely.

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How To Undo Storage Spaces

Sep 17, 2015

How do I undo storage spaces in Windows 10 Home ? I've searched but can't find information pertaining to how to reset my external drive to the way it was before storage spaces altered it making it unusable for back ups. 

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Drivers/Hardware :: How To Change Drive Letter Of Mirror Drive

Oct 24, 2015

I have just set up a mirror drive(software RAID1) and want to change the drive letter. I am getting a message "The parameter is incorrect". I am wondering if I am stuck with the one assigned when the mirror drive was set up.

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Installation :: No Storage Drivers In Installer

Oct 18, 2015

Trying to install Windows 10 on Thinkpad T60 2004-4AU, don't have a hard drive in it so I am using a 64GB SanDisk Glide flash drive and it does not see it, it says "We couldn't find any drives. To get a storage driver, click Load driver."

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Drivers/Hardware :: USB Storage Devices

Sep 4, 2015

I've been using Win10 since the general release. This was an update install on a Win7 laptop.Apart from a few issues (waking from sleep on scheduled tasks, lack of control on updates) I have a problem with external devices.

If I use several USB flash drives/harddrive I'm able to eject one or two but then I can't eject any others. When this happens I don't get the menu option to eject/safely remove the device through "explorer" and the drive doesn't appear in the "safely remove" icon on the task bar. I can still access the drive without issue just don't have any way to eject except to shutdown the laptop. If I reboot the laptop but leave the device attached the eject option reappears.

The laptop is fully patched and I can't work out what is happening and google hasn't revealed any similar problems except the normal "device is in use" message.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Block USB Storage?

Oct 28, 2015

Is there any software that can block USB storage on PC but not the mouse and WiFi adapter connected?

Also, is there a way that I can get notified in any ways when someone connects a pen drive or phone to the PC?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Adding Extra Storage To Surface Pro 3?

Sep 2, 2015

I want to add extra storage to my Surface Pro 3. I have 128gb on my HDD and would like to add at least another 64gb.

Would I be better with an SD card or Flash Drive?

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Drivers/Hardware :: System Storage Not Displaying Drives?

Oct 4, 2015

What that page is called, but when I want to change save locations, none of my drives show up. It worked before but now it just doesn't want to display anything sadly. Here are a few pictures of what I am talking about.

My drives wont show up in this section either...

The thing is though, they display properly in the "This PC" Section so I know they are plugged in correctly.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Internal SATA HDDs - Convert To NAS Storage

Dec 14, 2015

I've about 4 SATA HDD's that I've removed from computers that I've junked -- all SATA about 12 TB.

Is it possible to build an enclosure and create a NAS drive -- I can easily make external USB drives but I think a NAS storage system would be better. What I need to do --should in theory be easy just need some sort of network card and an OS.

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Drivers/Hardware :: What Keeps Waking Sleeping Mechanical Storage Drives

Sep 9, 2015

Windows 10 really likes to start up my storage drives. I have them set to sleep after one minute in the balanced power profile but not long after they spin down something else causes them to start up again.

They will eventually turn off but spin up again at a later time for no reason. I see that there is no data being written to them in task manager.

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Customization :: Can't Right Click On Empty Spaces On Start Menu

Jan 31, 2016

Since this started out as me trying to customize the start menu, I guess I'll post this here. If the mods feel another place is more appropriate.

I've seen screen shots of people right clicking on empty spaces of the start menu to go to properties, but when I right click on start menu empty spaces, nothing happens. I can right click on the icons perfectly fine but the empty spaces do nothing for me.

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How Can Mirror One Desktop But Not The Other One

Aug 18, 2015

Windows 10 User here, so I am using one gaming monitor and one HDTV My question is Can I mirror one desktop so My brohter can watch a movie and the audio on that particular desktop is just tru HDMI to the TV Speakers, while I am gaming on the other one with headphones?

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File Explorer Mirror Image

Feb 10, 2016

My file explorer has started to display from right to left instead of the default left to right?

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Automatically Mirror Files From Windows To Network Drive?

Feb 23, 2016

How do I automatically mirror files from a hard disk drive to a network folder?

In this case I want to mirror the contents of an entire disk containing photos (no system files) to a shared folder on an OpenMediaVault server running on my home network.

This is separate from the regular backup of the rest of my system which is done with backup software. For the contents of this disk, I don't want them compressed into a backup container file. I want them to be exact duplicates of the original files, kept up to date in that shared network location (login required).

Also, it doesn't matter if they update in real time. Once a day is fine, for example.

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Connecting Lenovo V570 To Samsung Blu-ray Player (h5900) For Screen Mirror

Sep 26, 2015

I'm trying to connect a Lenovo v570 to a Samsung Blu ray player (h5900) for screen mirroring. But not matter how many times I try windows wont connect to the device. As far as I can tell all my drivers are updated.

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Performance :: Want To Set Up Storage Space

Jan 15, 2016

Can the C: drive be part of a pool, having all drives (including the c: drive) look like 1 drive? If so, how do I do that? I created a storage space, but it made me set it up as drive D:, and I see no way to combine it with C:.

Next: I want to have the C:/boot drive be part of the redundancy equation. I plan to use Parity. I can see where it would be if all drives looked like 1, but I don't see how it would be if not part of the pool.

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OneDrive Offline Storage

Feb 3, 2016

I had my systems set up to store a copy of the stuff I had on OneDrive on the local PC's under Windows 8.1. Since I upgrade to W10 that option has disappeared? Am I missing something? I have Googled and Binged and can't find anything specific to W10 and the W8 explanation ain't there no more in W10! I really liked the ability to access my OneDrive Stuff if/when the internet is down.

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How To Upgrade A Low Storage Device

Aug 13, 2015

I don't have a lot of storage on my device. How large is the Windows 10 upgrade and how can I get it onto my device?

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How To Handle SSD Storage Upgrade

Nov 19, 2015

I just made purchased a new computer and would like to replace the HDD with an SSD. I haven't turned on the computer yet. Could I just swap out the drives and use a windows 10 boot disk, or is it better to turn the computer on and setup the windows 10 that it came with and then clone the SDD? (This will be go in the 2.5" bay of this computer - [URL] ....).

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Secondary Storage Setup

Aug 17, 2015

I just did a fresh install of windows 10, and I have decided to try and start with a better form of organization. I want to try and keep my SSD with my OS on it as clear as possible. By doing that I wanted to keeps all my pictures and documents, videos, etc on my second hdd.

That is simple enough. What I want to know is if there is an easy way to have it set so every time I add pictures or music it stores on the secondary drive and still shows up in my "Pictures" file. How do you organize?

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How To Make 2nd HDD Storage Drive

Mar 14, 2016

I just built my first computer for gaming last night. Everything is perfect and up to date and things are running smoothly. I have a 250gb ssd as my primary drive and i would like to use my 2nd drive which is a 1tb hdd as my storage. I only want to use the ssd for my os.

The 2 drives are Samsung 850 EVO 250gb
Western Digital Black 1tb.

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Performance :: Storage HDD Slows PC Down Substantially?

Jan 20, 2016

I'm running Windows 10 Pro from SSD and before I installed my storage drive (drive H) it would boot up in less than 15 seconds. With my 2TB Seagate drive installed, it has taken as long as 45 minutes to boot! Every time I start the PC, it says scanning and repairing Drive H. I have scanned the drive with SeaTools and it came up with no problems. I also scanned it from within Windows using sfc /scannow and it also found no issues. Even transferring files to the H drive, is impossible as it just stops transferring altogether and causes the PC to freeze and trying to download Steam games to it, results in a timeout error.

It is not listed in the BIOS as a boot drive so I am absolutely stumped! I have replaced SATA cables and changed the SATA port with no difference.Remove the drive and the PC boots and behaves like it should.

I have replaced the drive twice under warranty thinking that it was a drive issue, but every drive has the same problem. My other 2 HDD's (both 500Gig) have no issue like this at all.

BTW, I have my games folder on the drive, nothing else and it still has about 70% of it's capacity free. It is fine when the drive is empty, but the more data that you put on it, the more it slows the computer down until it gets to the stage where I am at the moment and nothing more can be installed or transferred onto it even though there is tons of storage space available on it.

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Networking :: SMB To Shares On USB Storage Does Not Work

Nov 29, 2015

I have several usb-connected drives and several SATA drives on a Win7Pro-64 system just upgraded to Win10. The only account on the machine is a local administrator account. On each drive I have a shared folder.

Where before I could connect via SMB/Samba from non-Windows networked devices using the local account credentials, I can now only access the shares on SATA drives. Any share on a USB drive is inaccessible to, say, ES File Explorer or Astro on a Android Tablet (although the share name can be read).

I can still access all shares from another Windows 10 machine. All devices have the proper Workgroup.

Clearly there is some SMB policy change in Windows 10. I've seen one fix for network drives but it doesn't seem to apply here (and also doesn;t work). Also not working is anonymous login to shares with with Everyone access, which also used to work.

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Windows Storage Files - Can't Delete

Jan 10, 2016

I received an ASUS Transformer T100-HA, which is essentially a Windows 10 tablet with a keyboard docking platform. I love it. Not entirely a fan of Windows 10 yet, but it is somewhat growing on me.

In the Windows 10 Settings panel, under the Storage options and the main OS drive, (a built-in 64GB SSD) I have the option to clear out temporary files and other data that is taking up space where it is not needed.

However, when I click the button to delete temporary files, it tells me to wait a moment, then goes back to showing the 16.4GB of occupied space that it had before.

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Storage Drives And File Movement

Mar 22, 2016

When moving Library Files and certain Users files to D: storage drive, Can Documents, Library, Pictures, and Video Folders be moved and combined to 1 main folder, with same location path? Or do they have to have different location paths and create 2 sub Documents folders under 1 main Document folder?

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