Drivers/Hardware :: Use Bluetooth Headset As Microphone / Speaker Device?

Oct 23, 2015

I can get it to pair and says it is paired but it says it is disconnected in the playback and recording settings dialog box. Is it possible my devices are too old the Bluetooth dongle is BT2.0 and the headset is a MotorolaT225 hands free speakerphone for my cellphone which works fine. If they are then what headset does work with win10 out of the box?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Bluetooth Speaker Driver Install Fails - Device Manager

Jul 30, 2015

On Windows 8. 1, I had no issues with this speaker. It's a JBL Charge. After upgrading to 10 it worked fine until a reboot when it failed to connect (it pairs, but won't connect, and the speaker doesn't appear as an audio-out option in Sound settings).

The Bluetooth wizard in PC Settings says "Driver error" next to the speaker icon.

Poking around in device manager, I see this error:

"This device cannot start. (Code 10)
{Conflicting Address Range}
The specified address range conflicts with the address space."

The only references I find to this error online are for different (and quite old) version of windows, and seem unrelated to Bluetooth.

I can't even look at the "resources" tab because it appears to have vanished in Windows 10!

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Headset / Left Speaker Won't Work

Jan 2, 2016

I recently bought the g633 gaming headset of Logitech, I enjoyed it for a while until one day it decided to stop producing sound from the left speaker, which more of just being annoying also makes my left ear feel strange.

I enjoyed the amazing comfort and sound from this headset, it worked perfectly, the last time it worked was the first day of this year (2016), I was gaming at 3:00 am as I ussually do, felt tired and went to sleep. When I woke up it stopped working. I have tried all different sound types provided by the LGS and turning them off. I have tried the balance thing for volume and didn't work, except for the first time, it worked for a little until it decided to stop again.

The second time it worked was when Windows said something about an enhancement for my headset, this time it worked for something of an hour, but the same happened in the end. Lastly, the last time it worked was when I decided to uninstall the headset, and reinstall it, then reinstall the LGS, this time it worked for something of 7+ hours ans stopped again

My drivers and updates are up to date. I use the USB cable provided by Logitech. When I use the Jack the same happens, as well as in other devices, but by the fact that sometimes it works again I have hope. OS: Windows 10 home, 64X

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Drivers/Hardware :: External Speaker Fails To Mute Internal Speaker

Mar 5, 2016

I am running Windows 10 Professional with current up-to-date updates on my Dell Inspiron Laptop.

Several days ago I noticed that plugging in current headset no longer muted the internal speaker. I know that it is not the headset as it works perfectly on another computer.

Doing a web search has not resulted in finding the problem, let alone a solution. Further my anti-virus is up-to-date, as are the microphone and speaker drivers.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Rear Speaker Switch To Side Speaker

Aug 14, 2015

I have a problem with any Realtek driver since I updated from Windows 8.1 to 10 (x64).On every boot, I have no sound on the rear speakers : the black pin switches automaticaly to "side". I have to reconfigure the black pin to rear every time !

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Drivers/Hardware :: No Bluetooth In Device Manager?

Dec 19, 2015

i have acer aspire 4750G with intel core i5. when i upgraded to windows 10, it didn't trace bluetooth device in device manager.

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Drivers/Hardware :: How To Completely Remove A Bluetooth Device

Sep 10, 2015

I have tried for days to remove a Bluetooth Speaker that did not install proper, I remove it try to re-pair does not pair, then upon reboot it is installed again with error. No matter how many times its removed Windows keeps re installing the device on its own.

How do you completely remove a bluetooth device, all traces so you can start fresh?

I have searched the internet for 2 days and no one has the answer yet. Not even on the MS forums

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Drivers/Hardware :: Doesn't Detect That Laptop Has Bluetooth Device

Aug 23, 2015

Just realised that, since I upgraded from Win 7 64 Home Premium to Win 10, it has not detected the laptop's Bluetooth device. It doesn't even feature as a device in Device Manager ... not even one with a problem.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Bluetooth Tile Present But Zero Device Installed - Action Center

Dec 4, 2015

I'm not sure if this is the right place or if it should possible be network related... but for some reason, the "Bluetooth" tile is back in my Action Center, but I have zero Bluetooth devices on or installed.

It was there after the latest build 10586, then I think the first Cumulative Update came out and it went away... I doubt there was any causal link between them... but now after a restart of the computer, the tile is back... and I don't know why.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Speaker Not Plugged In

Dec 27, 2015

ever since I purchased a new computer this summer I have had the problem with using my speakers, my HDMI and headphone(Corsair Gaming H2100 Headset) sound is working flawlessly. When I bought it it had Windows 8 installed and I had the exact same problem then. I have both Realtek HD audio and NVIDIA HD audio installed, and I have tried to use both independently with the same result, this has been bugging me for months and I truly do not know what to do.

Edit: the speakers worked without any problems until I got the new computer.

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Not Removing Bluetooth Device?

Aug 12, 2015

Platform: HP Stream 7 Bluetooth Device: LG HBS750 headphones

The device was paired, but would not connect. I attempted to remove the device, but the tablet has been trying to "REMOVE DEVICE" for 3 days now.

I can't stop or interrupt the process. 

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How To Rename A Bluetooth Device

Mar 15, 2016

How do I rename a bluetooth device in Win10?

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Bluetooth Device Removal

Sep 24, 2015

I am trying to remove two old Bluetooth devices in Windows 10 that keep showing up in Device Manager. I have tried to find them in Settings> Devices> Bluetooth and remove them but there isn't an option. When I uninstall them in Device Manager they keep coming back. How do I unpair and remove old Bluetooth Devices in Windows 10?

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Drivers/Hardware :: How To Get All Sound Through Just Left Speaker

Mar 5, 2016

Ive come to the conclusion I've blown my right speaker as it is hardout crackling and nothing ive done changes it. I was wondering how can I send all my sound to the left speaker. I tried changing the levels but all that does is turn off the right speaker i dont get the sounds that should be going to the right speaker coming through the left which is what i want to do.

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How To Choose Which Bluetooth Device Want To Connect With

Aug 7, 2015

I have multiple bluetooth speakers. I don't see any way to select which speaker (or any device, for that matter) that I wish to use. On my Android phone, I can select any of the 10-20 devices that show when I enable bluetooth. How do I do that on Windows 10 on a PC/Laptop? It seems like Windows 10 just tries to connect to the first thing it sees when you turn on Bluetooth.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Speaker Icon Not Working - Cannot Get Any Audio

Feb 1, 2016

My speaker icon is not responding and I really want to turn off the speakers! What can I do? Also when I try to watch a video, even with my speakers at 100% and the videos speakers are at 100%, I still don't get any audio.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Logitech 5.1 Center Speaker Not Working?

Dec 1, 2015

I have a problem for a long time with my 5.1 Logitech surround system. My center speaker is not working (physically yes). I have ASUS Maximus Hero VII motherboard. Plugged jack layout: orange: subwoofer/center channel, black: rear speakers, lime: front speakers. E.g.: while I'm watching a film, I can hear every effect clear, but I can't the dialogs, which is the center speaker's task i think. I'm using VLC the config is correct in the program.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Via HD Audio Drivers Not Working For Microphone

Aug 25, 2015

I installed windows 10 for my Asus laptop(which was running windows 8.1 pro and the mic worked perfectly) , and the microphone just doesn't work. I tried to install the latest win 10 drivers for Via, and that didn't work. Are there any fixes for this problem, or am I just out of luck?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Fan Spins Up When Turning On Headset?

Oct 31, 2015

as the title mentions I did a windows 10 refresh, mainly due to some random issues I was having. Since then everything has run smoothly, all previous issues resolved except for the fact that now every time I turn on my headset (Turtle Beach px5 - bluetooth connected via a bluetooth adapter) The fan speeds up just for a second, and will do the same when I turn the headset off. This is the same sort of very brief spin-up the fan has always done during a boot since first purchasing the pc. It has never spun up outside of booting the pc until just days ago when I refreshed windows 10.

My first guess was that there was a conflict and maybe one device was getting confused with another but the device manager shows no conflicts.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Audio Popping USB Headset

Sep 11, 2015

Ever since I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10, I've been experiencing brief audio popping/cracking noise. Sometimes I could go an hour and not hear anything, other times I hear a pop every 30 seconds. There has to be sound playing for the popping to occur. Its brief, but can get annoying when listening to music.

I have tried many things including:
-Updated drivers (Realtek HD Audio)(AMD GPU drivers)(Realtek Network Card)
-Tried disabling Realtek HD Audio since it doesn't effect USB audio
-I do not have a WiFi card so its not that
-Its not a DPC Latency issue; No spikes from LatencyMon
-Disabled sound enhancements from playback devices
-Its not the headphones themselves as they work fine on other sources
-I tried an old set of ear buds that weren't USB and they seemed to work fine so it may just be USB audio.

I do have a Dell XPS 435t/9000 that's about 4 years old with some hardware changes like PSU/GPU etc., maybe its the motherboard? (Though that's kind of a stretch). Dell says that certain computers don't support windows 10 upgrade, but I feel like that's just so they don't hold you responsible if you do upgrade, as everything else works perfectly.

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WiFi Becomes Limited When Connect To Any Bluetooth Device

Aug 22, 2015

I am facing a problem with the Bluetooth connectivity in my laptop(OS:windows 10). If i connect to any Bluetooth device (phone/audio), wifi becomes limited and I'll not be able to access the internet. I'm facing this problem only after upgrading to windows 10.

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Will Have To Re-sync Bluetooth To Windows Device After Upgrade

Aug 11, 2015

Do I have to sync my Bluetooth after I upgrade to Windows 10? Or will all of my device just work fine without me doing anything?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Headset Isn't Detected When Start Windows

Jan 14, 2016

I have a G35 headset and I plugged it in the back of my computer. Now, when I start Windows, its not detected until I re plug it in. Its only with this headset, nothing else too. The USB works because I re plug it in again and it detects again. My sound card is Realtek.

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Bluetooth Transfer Does Not Work But Device Pairing Fine

Aug 15, 2015

I have been trying to test Bluetooth file transfer on my Lenovo IdeaPad running Windows 10. I am using an Android phone and an Android tablet to transfer a file. NOTE: Bluetooth transfer from the phone to the tablet works as expected, therefore any error in the Bluetooth stack on these devices can be ruled out.

On the Windows 10 laptop, the pairing works. I've documented the process here. The error can be seen in picture 3.
I can pair the LG Optimus G Pro with Windows 10. However, when I initiate transfer from the phone OR the PC, the transfer fails. On Android, the error is just "Transfer unsuccessful". I've posted 3 images about the error on Windows when transfer is initiated.

1) Device paired confirmation: [URL]
2) Initiating transfer: [URL]
3) Transfer failure: [URL] (Connected party did not properly respond after a period of time...)

I have a Broadcom Bluetooth USB 4.0 driver installed. How to solve this? Lenovo has not published a Win 10 specific driver for my device (Y580)

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Bluetooth Not Reconnect When Disconnected Without Removing Device And Pairing It Again

Jan 16, 2016

I am running Windows 10 Home version 1511 build 10586.63 on a Dell XPS L502X laptop. I have just bought a Bose SLIII bluetooth speaker. I can connect it up to the laptop no problem and it works well, however when I disconnect it I cannot reconnect them without removing the device and pairing it again. On my Android phone it is detected and automatically reconnects. Why I have to recreate the device each time I want to connect on the PC? If I do a Win+A then 'connect' and select the speaker device, it tries for a few seconds then I get a yellow message 'Couldn't connect'. When I remove the device and 'Pair' it again it connects immediately. 

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Drivers/Hardware :: Realtek Audio Driver Causing Distortion On Speaker

Feb 10, 2016

In my right speaker, I have a slight distortion when i hear high-pitched sounds. I checked on my headphones and I dont hear it. I updated my Realtek audio drivers a few times. It improved the first time. I still have a subtle issue and I'm not sure what to do.

I switched the inputs on my speakers and I still seem to be getting it on the right speaker. it might be the speaker, but since it improved with the driver update.

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