Facebook Video Locks Up Computer

Aug 11, 2015

As per subject, using Chrome or Windows Edge, if I play a Facebook video, more often than not, the computer locks up and I need to do a hard shutdown.

Have manually installed latest driver for AMD Video card, how to solve this?

Running a Dell Precision 490 Dual Xeon 1.86 processor with 8GB RAM

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Video Up Side Down And No Sound On Skype And Facebook Video Call

Dec 20, 2015

Since installing Windows 10 my video picture is upside down and there is no sound. I can see the other party correctly but neither of us can hear. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Windows 10. Windows Media Player works ok. Skype Echo 123 doesn't work.

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Green Screen When Try To Watch A Video In Facebook

Aug 12, 2015

My windows 10 only shows a green screen when I try watch a video in facebook ....

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Browser/Email :: Facebook Video Not Working - Only Get Sound

Sep 13, 2015

Having problems with facebook videos ? I get sound but not the picture, YouTube video's work fine

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Updates :: Won't Update - Locks Computer Up

Jan 19, 2016

I've been working on my wife's computer that has had Win10 for the last several months. Her computer completely refuses to update Windows anymore. The updates will get stuck downloading at 0% even overnight and it uses up so much of the system resources that the computer slows to a crawl, taking ages to respond to any action, if it does at all.

Things I've tried:

1) Clearing out the Software Distribution folder
2) System restore
3) Windows update troubleshooter
4) Completely reinstalling Win10 via the Reset option in the Recovery menu (choosing to delete all files and programs)

The computer still locks up when trying to download any Win10 updates. The computer is a reasonably new desktop with 16GB of RAM and an AMD 8-core processor (I can get the more specific specs off of it if necessary).

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Computer Crashing Randomly And Locks Up

Mar 12, 2016

My computer has now crashed twice, where it locks up and and one monitor will look like an old TV when it loses is connection, I did just reinstall my ram to see if it would fix another small issue i was having, and when I was putting in one of the sticks I accidentally was putting it in the wrong way, and pushed, but not too hard, and when I realized i looked at the ram and there was no visible damage, tho i did not examine the ram slot, i did not notice anything, so I don't think its that, but i guess maybe it could be...

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BSOD :: Computer Locks Up While Running A Program

Sep 24, 2015

Since upgrading to Win 10 my computer locks up while running a program. Especially when downloading a video. But also, Photoshop, WordPerfect, My Canon Scanner, programs will just freeze and stop working. I have to use my Task Manager to close the program and start over again. Often, I have to re-boot the computer to start again.

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BSOD :: Computer Freezes During Video Playback In Any Browser

Nov 4, 2015

I have recently upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7, and have found 1 very annoying problem, any time a small video plays on a website in any browser my computer completely freezes. I cant move the mouse pres Ctrl, Alt Del. nothign works i have to hard reboot my PC. 1st i had thought it a video driver issue so have updated them but yet it still happens, i have played videos through Plex and have watched a few episodes of a show back to back and no problems it only seems to happen in a browser.

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Apps :: Video Streaming Failed With Unsupported Video Type Error

Aug 14, 2015

I upgraded my Lenovo U310 laptop from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 a week ago. Everything seems to have upgraded successfully. The only problem that I can find is that none of the video streaming from Windows 10 apps can be played. I get an error 'Unsupported video type or invalid file path' when I click on a video article in USA Today or when I try to stream video from any other apps, NBC News, MSN Money, etc... from Windows 10 store.

I have no issue streaming videos from any of the browser though. What could be missing that could cause video streaming to fail?

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Sign In Locks Up

Sep 3, 2015

About 20% of the time whenever I sign into my laptop since I have it locked using my Microsoft account my laptop decides to just lock up and be stuck trying to sign in. I either have to wait until it goes back to sleep or restart it which gets quite annoying. This isn't exactly a Windows 10 issue since I been having it since windows 8.1

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After Update PC Locks Up

Feb 18, 2016

I can't figure out if it is the skype update or another update that has killed my machine.  I can't uninstall skype in safe mode. PC locks after initial boot and ctrl-alt-del doesn't work to get task manager out. Right now it's frozen loading programs to uninstall.

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Desktop Locks Up

Mar 15, 2016

My desktop, which is set to never go to sleep (I use it as a Media Server), is locking up after it is idle for several hours.  When I go to wake it up, the monitors, nothing happens.  Caps Lock and Num Lock lights do not turn on or off.  The only way to get it to come back up is to power it down and back up.  As far as I can tell all the drivers are up to date.  I did install a new program, just before it started, but have since uninstalled the program without any change.  
I work in the PC repair field and built this PC myself.  It was operating magnificently just a week ago.  I do know it did do several Windows Updates before I installed, the subsequently uninstalled, a new program.

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Login Screen Locks Up

Jul 29, 2015

I tried to install Windows 10 fresh from a usb but it said my Windows 7 key didn't work and I never got a Windows 10 key so I'm not sure what to do, the upgrade install won't login. I enter password, then proceed but it locks up. if I click anywhere after a minute the screen goes black ave nothing happens.

a: where to get the Windows 10 key so I can do a fresh install

or b: how to fix this login screen

I tried safe mode repair but it said it's unable to repair and I should restart the pc.

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When Scale To 175 % Constantly Locks Up

Feb 18, 2016

When I scale to 175 % in windows 10 I have several issues.

1 ) Constantly locks up.
2) It takes about 3 minutes for my network drives to connect.
3) I cant access certain items from the control panel.

If I scale it back to 150 it seems to work fine but I often remote desktop into the computer so I cant change the scaling when using RDP.

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Right Click On File Name Locks Up Explorer

Sep 25, 2015

Whenever I right-click on a file name in Explorer the screen dims and clocks, and the file parameters don't display. I have to shut down explorer. I can open files, just not right click.

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Can't Delete Exe From Desktop - Locks Up Immediately

Mar 31, 2016

I have an icon on my desktop {HuniePop_v1.2.0_setup} that I cannot delete. Any time I select it {whether in File Explorer or on the actual desktop} it locks up the Windows Explorer process. More often than not, the process will go into 'not responding' and self-restart, but on occasion I'll have to hard-reset due to my inability to run anything from CMD to the Run window.

I've tried just about everything I can think of to remove this. I've tried the traditional ways {right click, delete}, I've tried system restore, I've tried safe-mode, I've got nothing left.

Any way before I completely reformat?

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Action Center And Start Menu Locks Up With No Way To Revive

Jan 25, 2016

I have a Surface Pro 4, fully updated.

I've noticed that periodically, whatever program that powers the Action Center, the Start Menu, and some of the icons in tht Notification Area locks up and I don't know how to restart it.

I won't be doing anything of note at at the time and all of a sudden, all of the above stops. Restarting explorer doesn't do it. Forcing into and out of tablet mode doesn't do it either.

How to jump start this without having to restart?

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BSOD :: Upgrade Locks Out ASUS Motherboards And USB Sockets

Dec 10, 2015

Having Windows 10! automatically upgraded the computer Operating System (OS) you find your ASUS Motherboard has become inaccessible due to no mouse or keyboard controls. You may also find your BIOS/UEFI is inaccessible or refuses to start.

First, if you have ASUS AI Suite versions 2 or 3 when Windows 10 installed and ASUS had USB+ power controlled app, then Windows 10 on starting disables all USB 2 and 3 ports. Only solution is crash the computer 2 or 3 times whilst Windows 10 is loading the basic system; I did this by holding down the power on button for more than 6 seconds. after the computer tries to reboot the third (3) time it should start with an accessible screen asking for the user to input a decision how to reboot.
Two Options; 1. start in safe mode and hack ASUS AI Suite by manually uninstalling the program. 2. Revert to Windows 7 and uninstall AI Suite correctly.

Second, if you cannot access BIOS/UEFI, it is because Windows 10 loaded something into the motherboard active memory; to recover switch off or remove mains power and wait until BIOS goes to battery backup; about 5 minutes. If you have additional graphics cards like I have, switch off power until the LED's on the cards go out. Then switch mains power back on and you should be able to access the BIOS/UEFI with the delete key before Windows 10 logo starts. 

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Loss Of Hotmail Account Locks New Tablet Completely

Dec 19, 2015

My new win 10 tablet is asking to the pw to this account, since the Hotmail account does not exist how can I get into my computer now! While windows 10 is seeking this email address, I am totally unable to access my tablet.

How can I fix this without a compete restart which will loose some valuable information that was stored on it. As this is a new system, there are no backups made.

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Facebook App Crashing

Aug 7, 2015

Facebook app crashes as soon as it loads on my laptop which has been upgraded to windows 10.

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People App Can't See Facebook

Aug 12, 2015

I followed the instructions, go to settings in the People app and add the account. I have Facebook app installed, it says to download it. I uninstalled Facebook and reinstalled. When you click to add the account it goes to the store and comes up with an error. How do we get this to work?

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Apps :: Nitro Reader 3 Create PDF Locks Print Queues

Aug 4, 2015

From my experience on 2 Win 10 machines, beware of creating a pdf using Nitro Reader 3. On both machines the print function hung, and all print queues got stuck. Even a restart did not fix the problem (because, I presume, the issue was in the print queues themselves). The only way I found to resolve the issue was with a System Restore..... and this option is apparently turned OFF by default in Win 10.

For now, I suggest uninstalling Nitro Reader 3, and using the built in Microsoft Print to PDF instead. (Also turn on System Restore!) For reading PDFs, if, like me, you don't like Adobe Reader, Edge works fine!

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Updates :: Forced Update Notification - Locks Up System Until Clicked

Nov 27, 2015

This has been happening for the last week. I need to know which update it rode in on so I can remove it. It is very irritating just like the Windows 8 to 8.1 forced update notification.

I have my system set to only notify me about updates, at which time I use the Update Hider diagcab to hide unwanted updates. But this is a new twist, now I am still forced to do updates from this obnoxious notification.

How would I shut this off, I disabled the Forced Windows 8 to 8.1 update notification through Group Policy Editor, would I remove this one the same way?

When it pops up, and it will pop up in the middle of my work, I can't DO anything except to click on it. This is mostly why I stick to Windows 7 because of cack like this.

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Recording Device Screen And Steam Voice Chat Locks Up

Dec 10, 2015

Whenever I use my in-game voice chat, my game freezes for a random period of time. It's gotten to the point where sometimes my game may freeze for up to five minutes before finally recovering. It's in every single game I play. In rocket league today, whenever I used the voice chat, the connection issues symbol came up and I froze. However, subsequent uses of voice chat for a short period of time after the initial freeze won't freeze the game. I would also like to point out that the game sound loops for the duration of the freeze. I thought I cleared it up last night and then it came back? I noticed that as well when you go to the setting in steam to test the mic after you hit the stop testing mic button it loops. As well the playback setting in windows when you go to the mic locks up for a few. I have tried this as well

Well I tried uninstalling all of the sound drivers and let them reinstall and still did the same thing. I manually installed the realtek driver and it seemed to fix it but when I shut down my pc it started again. I then tried this whole run. Press Windows key + X

Click Command Prompt (Admin)

Type in at the prompt OR Copy and Paste these one at a time : (Hit enter after each)

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
When the procedures are complete exit the command prompt:

Next, do the following:

Right click on the start button and click Command Prompt (admin) Click Yes

Type: cleanmgr.exe

That seemed to fix it for a night again then turned off the pc and it happened again. Then I was told to try quiet hours and it fixed it then another shut down to leave and back again. So I am still at square one I am sure it's a windows 10 issue as it's only when it's on steam and when I go into recording devices it freezes up there to and if I try to kill the close the window it gives me this Windows shell common dll is not responding then it asks me do I want to close the program or wait for it to respond.

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Stuck In Facebook And Can't Close

Jan 7, 2016

On Facebook, I clicked on a post and when I tried to close it, a message popped up and asked "Are you sure" and the window with the message is small and I can't scroll to bottom to close the message and go back to FB other posts. After restarting, it's still there.

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Apps :: Get The Games On Facebook?

Oct 24, 2015

How do I get the games on Facebook in Windows 10 that I had on previous windows versions?

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