Fallout 3 Not Detecting Save Games (no Games For Windows Live)

Aug 24, 2015

I recently reinstalled Fallout 3 but noticed every time I saved, they weren't detected in the Load screen. I checked the folder (C:UsersAlien2DocumentsMy GamesFallout3) and my saves were there! So the game is saving, but I'm unable to load any of them cuz they aren't getting detected.

I have Windows 10 which warns me the game is not optimized, but it runs fine. Also, I want to note I did not have to install Games for Windows Live when I installed fallout 3 through Steam, but when I click the warning Windows 10 gives me about the game not running properly, it sends me straight to an install link for GfWL which I decided to reinstall.

I had hoped to use the migrate method where you'd move the save files from My Games/Fallout 3 into whatever profile folder there is made from GfWL but after reinstalling and logging into my old account it didn't work.why I can't load my games?

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Gaming :: How To Save Progress In Windows Games

Nov 11, 2015

I play some Microsoft games, such as Microsoft Mahjong in my Windows 10 computer. I thought that if I install the game in another computer using my Microsoft account, I would be able to see all the levels I have played and continue from there. This is not the case. The game starts from level 1. Is there any way to save your progress to your Microsoft account or otherwise and resume playing from another computer? Like when you save your progress on Facebook in Android games and then resume from another device.

I only use my Microsoft account for specific apps. I don't want to connect my local Windows account to my Microsoft account, if this is possible.

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Games Cannot Write Save Files

Oct 16, 2015

As described above, I have games with varying degrees of the problem. Some cannot save settings, still some other cannot save game progression, the worst has it both. I was able to do various workarounds that let me partially solve the problem.

However, I hit a block with my newly installed Metro Last Light Redux, it doesn't write any saves anywhere. I Googled my problem and no solution fit me, I tried writing an "attrib" modification on "My Documents" using an elevated command prompt to rid the "Read-Only" attribute but that still didn't work. I tried taking ownership of the folders in question but still nothing.

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Putting Windows On New SSD But Keep Games On HDD

Aug 1, 2015

Right now i have a 1tb hdd with 550gb free, but im getting an ssd and was wondering if windows 10 would let me install windows to the ssd directly from the os and then delete windows off my hdd and make the ssd the active partition and use my hdd for bigger games.

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Browser/Email :: Windows Live Mail - How To Create / Save A Category In Contacts

Apr 14, 2016

I use Windows Live Mail, and every time I create a category in my contacts, add 25 names, I come back to find that it has been deleted. Is there a limit to the amount of contacts it holds? How to permanently save a category?

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Computer Freezes When Playing Games And When Not Playing Games?

Oct 3, 2015

I've been having this issue for nearly a year now (probably around 9 months). It started after my little sister made me get a virus by her trying to download something onto my laptop. I've since taken it to a reputable computer shop as well as followed instructions from other computer wizs and I think it's no longer there. Issue is, my computer has kind of developed another problem after that. It freezes on it's own sometimes, when I pick it up or even when it's on a desk and immobile. It would also freeze when I play a game sometimes, loud buzzing sound as the game continues in loops I believe. I had BSOD problems earlier this year that was solved (Apparently. I haven't gotten any in about 4-5 months) when I had Windows 7 but this issue still persists.

When it would freeze and I manually turn off my computer and turn it back on, the laptop would sometimes say no wifi could be detected. At all. Not mine, not my neighbors, nothing. I've never really taken it out of the house so I don't know if it'd act the same elsewhere. I would then shut it down and take out the battery for 30 seconds before putting it back in. Sometimes the wifi would work then or I'd go connect it to my Internet Modem and the wifi would start working over there too.

So I'm not sure what's causing this problem. It's not overheating as I had it cleaned less than 4 months ago by a professional. I've had this laptop for two years and I really wanted it to last me at least 4 because I'll be going into an animation program soon and to get a laptop of the same caliber costs $1000+.

Is there anyway I can solve this freezing issue/loss of wifi on my own? I'm thinking of taking it back to the computer shop (they've had a hard time trying to find out what's wrong with it) but I'm sure they'll charge me again and I'm not willing to end up paying a lot to get this fixed. Might as well buy a new one if it costs more than $500 to fix...

P.S. I'm also having issues with my sound card where I'd plug in my headphones and it would work but when I take it out, my laptop would say it's still plugged in. Addtionally, my CD Rom Drive makes a loud sound when I try to skip through CDs and DVDs. Sometimes it won't even skip and just continue making the sound. I don't know how my laptop has gotten to this state as I've taken very good care of it (minus allowing a younger sibling to use it but you live and learn). These issues don't bother me much as I can use a DVD player for my DVD's and the sound issue isn't an issue for me. I don't really care for it since I use headphones 90% of the time or have the sound off.

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Gaming :: How To See Just PC Games On Windows Store

Feb 10, 2016

As title says. I'm not able to "isolate" just PC games in Windows Store (the icon on taskbar). And I can't find Gears of War, Rise of the Tomb Raider, etc..

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Keep Apps And Games Downgrade To Windows

Aug 7, 2015

I need to downgrade to windows 7 again because some of my drivers are only supported up to windows 7, I don't want to bother with compatibility issues on 10. It shouldn't be any trouble but here is the thing. I can't really afford to redownload all my games because I do not have unlimited internet. Is there any possible way for me to keep my apps/games and downgrade to windows 7? Is all hope lost? (Upgrading to 10 was the worst decision ever, also for some reason there is no downgrade option in windows 10 recovery menu) I have my windows 7 disc.

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Windows Store Games Download Location

Mar 15, 2016

Where does the windows store download games to? 

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No Internet Connection Available Error In Windows Games?

Aug 7, 2015

As of now I've came across 2 Windows games Modern Combat 5: Blackout and Age of Sparta which shows me this below error even though I'm connected to 3G or 4G,

" No Internet connection available. Please make sure your device is connected to the Internet. "

I'm getting this error in Windows 10 now. I used to get it in Windows 8.1 too.

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Low FPS For Games

Sep 14, 2015

So I know the drivers are new for Windows 10, but i have a significantly low amount of fps for games I've been playing. I have an i5-4590 and a r9 280x. I use to max out fps on CSGO and now it maybe gets 40-50. Also, when i play rust i get 20-30 fps. I was talking to some guys I was playing CSGO with and they are getting maxed out fps with gpu that aren't much better than mine. I can't even get GTA V to run at all. I redownloaded the drivers too.

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Slow Alt Tab From Games

Mar 10, 2016

When i alt tab from a game to desktop it should be pretty much instant like with windows 7 but now with windows 10 everytime i alt tab out of a game there is a black screen for 3 seconds, its not instant like before. It is the same when i open up the game again it takes a long time.

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Alt Tab From Games Is Very Slow

Mar 4, 2016

When i upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10 i really noticed lag when alt tabbing from games. When im alt tabbing from games the screen goes black 2-3 seconds compared to windows 7 which the alt tab were instant from games. This also occurs when opening, the game takes 3 seconds to open. This is really annoying and i have tried disabling programs and updating my graphic driver.

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Can Cast Games In TV?

Feb 29, 2016

can i game stream in my tv without chrome-cast??

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PC Games Won't Play

Sep 2, 2015

I load a pc game from disk or on steam, I lose the mouse pointer, so cannot play. This happens on windows 7 and 10. My system is as follows: Intel i5 Cpu at 3.1 ghz, Amd Radeon HD7770 graphics card, 12 Gb ram, currently windows 10. When I move the mouse, it seems to be running behind the video, since icons on the game light up as it passes.

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How To Get Games On Steam

Dec 28, 2015

I know nothing about computers other than how to get games on steam. WMI provider host is using 10-100% of my cpu. Can i just disable it, or do i need it for something? I end process, it starts again, people saying it might have something to do with CimWin32

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Big FPS Drop In Games

Oct 9, 2015

Ever since upgrading today I started getting fps drops in games. In csgo and league I drop down to 190 which isnt bad but when it fluctuates between 300 and 190 it starts to stutter and is very hard to play. I have a r9 290x and might go back to win7 if I cant fix it.

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Low FPS All Games Since Upgrade

Sep 26, 2015

Ever since I upgrading to windows ten there seem to be a huge decrease in game performance when playing games and i have tried to rule out my computer as being the issue.

Just a look at the rig I am running:
AMD FX8370 OC @ 4.6ghz nice n cool
16 GB DDR3 1866 RAM ripjaw
and ALL SSD drives
all held together on msi 970 (killer) board

For instance, counter strike go. everyone knows it can be run on almost a phone by now im running 30 FPS when before windows 10 i would run 200 FPS

h1z1 before windows 10 was always over 130 FPS
now 20 FPS
and the list goes on.

Here are a few things ive done SINCE my FRESH windows 10 OS WIPE!! (don't tell me to run a file checker like Microsoft did via chat)

uninstall and reinstall more then 4 nvidia video drivers from the newest to a couple older ones hoping for better results & yes i made sure to get rid of all old drivers.

take out one video card hoping it was sli issue

check for ram leaks ( i know not likely due to problem occurring after windows 10 )

try another video card, installed proper drivers and got same results

And finally a clean OS wipe, played around with quite a lot of settings and still no go

next step is back to windows 8.1...

[URL] ....

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Gaming :: Games Freezing On PC

Sep 11, 2015

I am having a problem with games freezing on my windows 10 pc. The games that have been freezing are GTA 3, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas and Team Fortress 2. GTA V is working fine without any freezes. if i reboot my pc all games are working fine, the freezing usually happens when the pc have been on for a few hours and happens randomly. the games actually start but is really slow, i can skip the intro cutscenes but after that i cant do anything. I can Ctrl + Alt + Delete and close the games and the pc is working just fine its just the games that wont work.

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Gaming :: Playing Old DOS Games

Jan 6, 2016

I have an Old Dos Game that I was able to find in bin format and was trying to figure out how to play it on Windows 10. I was trying to figure out DosBox but maybe it's just me but it's too complicated.

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BSOD :: Freezing During Certain Games

Feb 23, 2016

I have been having an issue for a few weeks now where my computer will BSOD or freeze whenever I play certain games.

At first I thought it was a specific game (Xcom 2) that was doing it, but it has since started happening while playing other games that didn't have that issue in the past (One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 and Sonic Racing Transformed).

I included the file as requested on the posting instructions.

Note I ran the program today, but I havent had a crash since yesterday so I am unsure if the information will be there? If necessary I can run Xcom 2 for a while to force a crash, but for obvious reasons I would prefer not to if it isn't needed.

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Gaming :: Cannot Minimize Games

Sep 29, 2015

i can't minimize games in win10, when the game have same resolution from desktop.

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Gaming :: Lag In Most Games After W7 Update?

Jan 18, 2016

A few months ago I installed a windows 7 security update, and my computer basically turned to crap. Most programs couldn't be run unless I opened them in compatibility mode for vista, and games were very laggy. I fixed most of the problems by updating to windows 10, but the game lag is still here. I've updated all of my drivers, but I still can't seem to find the issue. Admittedly, my graphics card is quite bad, but I could still run a lot of games at low settings decently, but now most are abysmal. Oddly enough, there a few games that run just as well as they did before the update. They are Sniper Elite 2, Diablo III, Elder Scrolls online, and nearly all single player games. However, no other game, at least that I've tried, can run. What's causing this lag, and why these games in specific run fine?

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Where Is The Saved Games Folder

Oct 13, 2015

I search for the Saved Games folder and it is produced and is empty but I would like to access it from an icon. 

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Apps :: Get The Games On Facebook?

Oct 24, 2015

How do I get the games on Facebook in Windows 10 that I had on previous windows versions?

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Battlefield Games Will Not Load

Nov 16, 2015

I have the battlefield games suite but any game that comes up with a request for the game to make changes to the computer will not load.

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