Hard Disk Working Continuously And PC Very Slow

Jan 4, 2016

My computer (Asus transformer Aio) is very slow, it takes long to open a window or browse internet, or wake up from the screen saver. The hard disk is working non stop, the light is on all the time and I can hear it.

I tried to clean it with windows tools (defrag), and ran CCleaner and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware but they didn't find anything wrong. I just launched the Windows Defender complete analysis. The basic one says nothing wrong as well.

What could it be ? How can I manage this ?

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After Update PC Is Very Slow With Disk Always 100%

Sep 13, 2015

My son's PC upgraded to W10 and was running fine for 1 month. After an update 2 weeks ago, it slowed to a crawl taking 30-60 min to finish startup and 10 min to launch apps. Rolling back to Windows 8 didn't work. Malwarebytes didn't find anything but Chrome/Firefox stopped loading so I am limited in doing further scans. The only thing that works in real time is the mouse cursor. Based on the task manager, the CPU use is low but the C: disk is always at 100%. I don't want to wipe all stuff with a reset.

Intel I7-4770 3.4Ghz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 2gb

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How To Do Backup Of Whole Hard Disk

Dec 8, 2015

how can I do a backup of the whole hard disk C: (OS + apps) in w 10?

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Keeps Hard Disk Running At Or Near 100%

Oct 12, 2015

I upgraded from Win7 to Win10 when 10 was made available. I run 4GB RAM, A core2 6700 2.66 cpu, 64 bit, Comodo Firewall, spyware & antivirus. I did not notice this constant running of the HD using Win 7 with the same software.It seems something is demanding constant harddrive use at or near 100% much of the time. Some of the time there is such a demand the HD seems to be screaming for mercy.

I have checked for viruses, trojans, spyware and disk errors with nothing foundI use both online and offline malware check systems... nothing is ever found. I like the layout of the new Windows but I do not like all the demands it makes on the HD & CPU when I am trying to use it. Task MGR indicates CPU and HD usage is high usually above 30 percent for CPU & above 90% for HD.

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Recovered Data Hard Drive Slow And Hanging

Feb 5, 2016

I use a 2 drive set up, a small solid state for my operating system and whatever game I'm currently into, and a 2TB storage drive.
My storage drive (D:) bombed and I took it in for data recovery. The tech saved about 1.3TB of 1.6 used. He put the image onto my new drive and got it going again. However when I try to access explorer or anything pertaining to D: it hangs for about 45 seconds before giving me access. I ran CCleaner first off to knock out registry entries that lost their home but haven't seen any improvement.
What else should I do to get this thing back in order? I'm on Windows 10.

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Performance :: Slow Boot Time And 100% Disk Usage

Nov 16, 2015

I've been having this problem for a long time, I've tried resetting my pc to factory settings, didn't work. I tried windows trouble-shooter, didn't work. When I boot I am greeted with a zoostorm logo for about 50 seconds followed by a black screen for 1 minute, and then a windows screen for about 30 seconds. Booting takes about 2-3 mins and even when I'm finally in, my programs load extremely slow and I can only open chrome after a minute otherwise it lags. Remember I have reset my pc so nothing runs on startup apart from steam.

I have a gtx 970 and the latest drivers for it. Also I get 100% disk usage when performing certain tasks. my cpu,gpu and memory never go to such percentage and if they do its because I'm running a very cpu,gpu or ram intensive game. I have not changed anything in my bios since I got my pc and have never done anything to the disk drive (all I know is my HDD is 3tb and has a speed of around 120mb/s) The only thing I have changed on my pc since I got it was an upgrade to windows 10 from 8.1, gtx 970 from a 750ti and a 750w power supply by corsair.

I do not know if this problem happened when I had windows 8.1 but even if windows 10 is the problem there must be a way to fix it as I despise using windows 8.1 anymore. Another thing to note is that loading times for games take a little longer than my friends and my pc is slow at downloading games, my disk usage when installing games is usually 13mb/s and I get 100% disk usage from using 13mb/s. As you can see by this screen shot steam is downloading fallout 4 and 14mb/s of my disk are being used and everything else barely reaches 1mb/s

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Installation :: New Empty Hard Disk

Jan 12, 2016

I need to replace my failed system disk with a new one and wonder how I can go about installing a new win 10 bought and downloaded from Microsoft. I imagine the process would be the same as for a new custom built computer. I miss being able to buy a Windows on a DVD.

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Second Hard Drive Not Being In Disk Management

Jan 2, 2016

My WD red 1tb hard drive wont appear on disk management but I know it is being found some how because it comes up under hardware.

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Hard Disk Constantly 60 - 100% On Idle

Nov 6, 2015

Since upgrading to Windows 10, I have been having issues with constant high disk usage, I've googled and not really found any solution, I have disabled some features but hasn't made any difference.
I do run McAfee and I cannot end its processes to see if that is causing the problem but I think it is something else. Unless it is something within mcafee causing it I am unable to stop most of the processes.
THis issue is causing computer to be sluggish.
System is
Intel Core i5-4440 3.10Ghz
8GB Ram
1GB NVIDIA Graphics
1TB Hard Disk

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Performance :: Hard Disk (C) Takes Up Too Much Space

Nov 21, 2015

So I have a 200 GB Hard Drive on my computer. A couple of days ago I got a notification mentioning there was not ten GB of space left. I was surprised, but I assumed I just had more on it than I thought. However, since then I have re-installed Windows for my own reasons and was surprised to find despite removing all documents and applications in the re-installation, I only had 90 GB free. This leaves 110 taken up by an unknown cause. I could not find many large files in file explorer when I searched for large files (file:gigantic).

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Delete A Folder On External Hard Disk

Feb 23, 2016

I am trying to delete a folder on an external hard disk that was created on another computer. First it tells me that I need administrator permissions to modify it, which I grant. Then it tells me that I need permission from dougal obert to do so, dougal obert being my own user account on the machine I am using. I have given full control in the security settings both to administrators and myself, but nothing will enable me to delete this folder.

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Boot Disk - Unlocking Hard Drive

Jul 22, 2015

Two nights ago, I had a brief power outage at my house. Since then, my Windows 10 preview installation will not boot. It keeps giving a boot disk error. I first tried booting from my Build 10166 disc created from ISO and running the startup repair. I've seen errors using this tool on previous Windows versions, but the computer quickly rebooted, so I thought it was successful without errors. Nope, I still get the boot disk error message.

I booted again with my installation disc and tried running the "Refresh" option. This time, I get a message that the drive containing my Windows installation is locked and that I should unlock it before trying again. How I can unlock the drive? Unless I figure that out, it sounds like I will have to perform a clean installation.of Windows 10, which I don't really want to have to do again.

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Browser/Email :: Mozilla 41.0.1 Running Slow - Lots Of Disk Activity

Oct 13, 2015

After launching Mozilla hard disk activity seems to be permanently on, as if Mozilla where reindexing or something. It takes a long time (10-20 minutes) to stop and it makes browsing a very jerking experience. Of course I did a clean install to rule out some corrupted installation but no dice.

Launching Resource Monitor shows that all disk activity is being done by Mozilla FF and Windows Defender (Firefox being the first candidate).

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Very Slow Boot And High Disk Usage When Logon After Clean Install?

Jul 29, 2015

I was having long boot time issues with windows 7. It was taking more than 5-6 mins for my pc to become responsive on desktop. Then I upgraded windows 10 today , issue still persisted. After that , I tried clean installing the 10.

I still have issues which are :

1)After Windows logo I have a black screen for a couple of minutes then logon screen comes. ( Last reboot : 1.5 mins )

2)After logon , my formatted pc takes some time to became responsive due the system and svchost processes using hdd %100.

(2mins after logon , usage goes down and pc is responsive)

I checked my HDD and it was fine when using win 7.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Can't Access Old Hard Drive - Bad Disk

Feb 10, 2016

My old Windows XP Desktop stopped running 2 weeks ago, with a No OS Found error. Since then I've taken the hard drive out and connected it to my new Windows 10 desktop with a USB 2.0 to SATA Adapter. It does not show up in "My Computer", but is detected in Computer Management.

The drive's an old Western Digital WD2000 one, and started clicking (for a few seconds) as soon as I attached it to the PC w/the USB Adapter. The clicking stopped after that.

It shows up as "Disk 1, Unknown, with the amount of data on it (186.31 GB [out of 200]), and is Unallocated. I've already tried numerous utility and Data Recovery programs, such as Recuva, MiniTool Partition Wizard, EaseUS Data/Partition Recovery. No luck with these.

They were either not detected, or didn't find anything. MiniTool Partition Wizard said it's a "Bad Disk" I

Partition Find and Mount is still conducting a scan which has been going for the past 7 hours (35%).

BTW - I really can't leave the hard drive on for the night to conduct a long scan. It's been overheating, and I already have a large fan next to it to cool it down. It's not safe to leave this on for an extended period of time.

Only to find out I bought a USB 3.0 Adapter instead of a 2.0 my old XP supported when It still ran.

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Performance :: Audio Cutting Out And Mouse Lag While Hard Disk On 30%

Oct 15, 2015

I saw threads about people complaining that their audio and mouse is lagging, but in my case, it happens when I download something with bittorrent or when I'm installing something.

on Win 8.1 and Win 7 I have no problems playing games while something is downloading in the background, now on Win 10 64bit I can't even normally play music either on youtube or on windows media player.

Hard disk usage is hardly 40% and starts cutting, and cpu is not more than 60%.. But when I download something from Bittorrent or when i'm installing, a process named "System Interrupted" pops up in Task Manager and consumes CPU(10%-20%).

My audio is realtek, and it is updated (22-09-2015) and so is my graphic card and everything else. I saw that process "System Interrupted" is usually visible when there is a driver problem.

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Ηow To Restore Capacity Of Hard Disk After Image Recovery

Aug 5, 2015

I have 3 HDD's (2 internals (1 SSD 120 GB and 1 HDD-Sata 200 GB) and 1 external USB HDD (2 TB)). I have installed Windows 10 Pro x64 final οn the SSD 120 GB without problems and i have installed the extra programs that i use, also without problems. Then i decided to make an image backup to the external USB HDD. The image created succesfully. After that, i have removed the SSD 120 GB, installed the HDD-Sata 200 GB and tried to check to the HDD-Sata 200 GB if the Windows image recovery works. I used the Windows installation DVD and the external USB HDD to do the recovery.

The image recovered normally and the HDD works like as if i was using the SSD 120 GB. So my problem now is with the capacity of the HDD-Sata 200 GB which is shown as 120 GB. So any way to restore the capacity of that HDD again back to 200 GB? I don't want to format the disk now, just continue to use it as a backup disk just in case of failure of my SSD one. I know that i cannot use the HDD Capacity Restore Tool, because it is working only with 32-bit systems (which i currently don't have one right now) and even if i use it i don't know if it will restore my disk to full capacity but in a state that requires format from the begin (something that i am trying to avoid).

So in general, my question is how to restore the capacity of a hard disk after image recovery (when you backup to a new hard disk with capacity bigger than the capacity of the disk that i want to backup).

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Installation :: Install Windows 8.1 On New Hard Disk Before Upgrading?

Jan 30, 2016

I have a laptop that came with Windows 8.1. The hard drive failed and has been replaced with a new hard drive. If I want to install Windows 10 on this laptop, do I first need to install Windows 8.1. and then perform the upgrade to Windows 10, or can I just install Windows 10? Will Windows 10 use the Windows 8.1 license key in the BIOS to activate? Or will this not work unless I first install Windows 8.1. and then upgrade to Windows 10?

This computer has never had Windows 10 on it.

The computer has a new unformatted hard disk that has never had Windows 8.1. installed.

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Installation :: Backup Image To New Bigger Hard Disk?

Oct 9, 2015

Is it permitted to install the backup image of Windows 10 to a New bigger hard disk in the same PC. After that I will use the new hard disk only and format the old one.

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Repair Or Replace Hard Disk Alert Message

Jan 3, 2016

I'm getting an alert saying that I need to repair or replace my hard disk and back up my laptop. I've already backed it up. My computer has been having some issues. I thouoght it was something I could fix myself. I had gotten a kernal_data_inpage_error a few time and I thought chkdsk had repaired it then I started to get the hard disk error. Sometimes my computer works fine and sometimes it's practically useless it goes so slow. Since I started getting the hard disk issue my computer has been running smoothly. Smoother then it usually does. What's up with that? I need this for work. Will it hurt anything if I keep using it as long as it's still running and then when it finally does just replace the hard drive? I was thinking about replacing the hard drive anyways to have more space on my computer. Also, could the warning be a false alarm and I might could fix it myself? My laptop is made very weird and the whole stinking paptop has to disassembled to swap out the hard drive unlike my old laptop where you can just unscrew the bottom and bam everything is.

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Repair Or Replace Hard Disk Alert Message?

Jan 3, 2016

I'm getting an alert saying that I need to repair or replace my hard disk and back up my laptop. I've already backed it up. My computer has been having some issues. I thought it was something I could fix myself. I had gotten a kernal_data_inpage_error a few times and I thought chkdsk had repaired it then I started to get the hard disk error. Sometimes my computer works fine and sometimes it's practically useless it goes so slow. Since I started getting the hard disk issue my computer has been running smoothly. Smoother then it usually does. I need this for work. Will it hurt anything if I keep using it as long as it's still running and then when it finally dies just replace the hard drive? I was thinking about replacing the hard drive anyways to have more space on my computer. Also, could the warning be a false alarm and I might could fix it myself?

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Lost Second Hard Drive - Not Even Shown In Disk Management Either

Aug 13, 2015

The latest windows 10 update caused my computer to no longer recognize my second hard drive. How to get my drive It doesn't show up in disk management either.

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Hard Disk Suddenly Shows 100GB More Free Space?

Sep 4, 2015

I've recently upgraded to windows 10 home version from windows 8.1 . My hard disk space before the upgrade was around 50GB. After the upgrade it was reduced to around 32 GB. I figured it was just because windows was storing some of the older files temporarily to allow for a rollback.

Today, i started my PC after it got shut down due to low power, the hard disk is suddenly showing 130 GB free space. All programs seem to be in place working fine. I just couldn't figure out where the additional space came from.

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Installation :: Hard Disk Mirroring On Multiple Work Stations

Oct 13, 2015

Currently we run 5 workstations on win7/8 on old hardware. In the near future, we want to migrate to windows 10 - and use the free upgrade offer from ms.Problem is, we'll get new hardware for all workstations. So the plan is, to build the new hardware. install win7/8 on every new hardware and use the free upgrade on the new hardware. After that, a new clean-install will be made.the clue is, besides the OS it'll take very much time to install all 3rd party software on the machines.To skip this work, we would like to duplicate the harddisk after the setup of the whole system is done. This should be possible from driver-side, because the hardware will be identical.

But now comes the win10 licence question :-) I know win10 will recognice the hardware and validate the licence due to the win7 upgrade. but what will happen if i switch the harddisk to the new system?or i can try to keep the system unlicenced (no network connection. Best way?) until i mirror the harddisk. There is no internet to update the other parts of the system ...

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Drivers/Hardware :: Leave Some Of Hard Disk Space Unallocated?

Oct 19, 2015

Is it advisable to leave some of the hard disk space, say 1 GB or 2GB or ...... unallocated. Is there any benefit or harm.

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External Hard Disk Partition Changed From NTFS To FAT32

Apr 4, 2016

I tried to access a laptop hard disk using an adapter from a laptop. Once or twice It was successful but last time I checked it showed me files and folders with unreadable characters and it's partitions are also gone. When I checked its format I found out that it has changed from NTFS to FAT32.

When I try to open any file or folder it gives an error message saying it's not accessible and the filename or directory name is incorrect. I tried reading another hard disk to see if it's something to do with my adapter but they are all working fine. What happened or to recover the data unharmed?.

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