Hard Drives Missing In Windows

Oct 4, 2015

I recently have noticed that windows 7 and I just upgraded to windows 10 via the free upgrade, will not show all my hard drives ? On start up they show for a few seconds then go away. Both are WD. One is 500 gb, and the other is a new 1TB. I am not sure when this started but noticed it just recently when I tried to access my pictures on the 500gb drive. I have tried just about everything here with no luck. The 500gb drive does have a windows vista OS on it but the 1 TB is just for back ups etc. All was fine some time ago but now, all I see is my SSD with my OS and an external drive. Also the Hard Drives do show up in Bios. I might have found a reason this happens. Most likely on a windows and / or driver update. On my system the drivers for these missing Hard Drives you can see them in device manager by selecting view / show hidden devices.

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Apps :: Windows Search Returning No Results On One Of External Hard Drives

Oct 15, 2015

Windows Search returning no results on one of my external harddrives. I have already:

Tried indexing the HDD and rebuilding.Non-indexing and rebuilding.Indexing only specific folders on the HDD and rebuilding.Specifically disabling indexing for this drive in the drive's properties.Checked that I have the appropriate permissions on the drive (they are identical to my other HDDs).

Crude example of my problem:

I am looking for the following file, A:Example est.txt.I am inside the A:Example folder.I search for "test", "*" or "txt".It says there are no results.

And it says "no results" instantly - it doesn't appear to even try.

I do not have a second drive with sufficient space to move the contents to do a format - so I'm looking for non-destructive solutions.

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Hard Drives Are Wiped

Jul 28, 2015

I have 2 computers (asus and acer) that came with Windows 7 Home. The product keys are on the side of the computers. The hard drives have been wiped and are blank. How can I update to Windows 10? My guess is I have to download and install Windows 7 with the keys on the computer and then update, but where can I download a copy of Windows 7 from?

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Switching Hard Drives

Jul 29, 2015

OK so i have two computer one is a home computer and one is a gaming computer. On the home computer it is getting the free windows 10 upgrade. On my computer used for gaming its not because i am running a un-legitimate copy of windows. So my question is can i swap the hard drives so i can have a legitimate copy of windows 10 for my gaming computer?

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Networking :: Can't Share Hard Drives

Nov 15, 2015

I have two computers both now running Win 10. One is hard wired to my router, and the other is on wireless. I am not using Homegroups....just the old method of work groups, which used to work pretty well. (I also have some XP computers.) The computer on wireless can see the C drive on the hard wired computer, but not vice versa. I shows the C drive but when I click on it says it can't be accessed. I have set all the permissions for the C drive on that machine, giving full access to "everyone". I went to the Security tab and set the parameters to allow access for authenticated users. (When it runs through the files it frequently hangs with an error message, but continues when I hit return.)

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Hard Drives Not Listed In PC Since Upgrade

Sep 16, 2015

Since upgrading from 7, none of my hard drives are listed. The entire category is missing, all I see are Folders. The drives are there and accessible if I explicitly navigate to them, such as "C:", in which case my path becomes: > This PC >SYSTEM (C:), and I can explore the drive. They are all properly listed in Disk Management, where I can choose to open an explorer folder on them. The ones configured as shared still appear on the network. But none of several internal and external drives are listed in This PC.

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USB Hard Drives Perpetually Locked

Nov 28, 2015

After shutting everything that could conceivably be causing the problem down, Event Viewer now says that "System" at PID 4 is preventing any of my USB 3.0 hard drives from ejecting. Now this is strange, because it should not be doing this. I have no applications open, no file explorer windows open, and I closed out every background task that I could.

I do not believe I have a virus. MalwareBytes shows up clean, and there has been no indication of anything wrong.

This issue also occurred in Windows 8.1, and I didn't solve it there either.

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Bcd Error After Swapping Hard Drives

Aug 13, 2015

So last night I finally got around to putting windows 10 on my ssd and swapping windows 7 to the back burner on my computer. I would like to point out that I am fairly tech savvy and have built and repaired my fair share of computers in the past three years,this should have been routine. But sadly me being the bright and clever bastard I am not only forgot to specify an os specific partition copy so the hidden files would be copied but also forgot to format my ssd completely to remove bootsect before transferring windows 10 to it...

So now I have a little bit of win7 in win10 and vice versa so now in boot manager the operating systems are backwards...and that's not even the bad part,neither of them boot properly, they both load but not further than a base colour with a version number in the bottom right(one slip up and I'm in over my head) so I tried just booting my ssd no other harddrives connected and now it throws a bcd error...until I plug it into my vista build and then it runs buttery for the hdd it's the opposite no dice on my vista build but all clear on my main build(with no other harddrives that is)

I would like to resolve this with minimal data loss (most of the data Is on my win7 drive but I don't want to reinstall).

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External Hard Drives Not Showing Under This PC

Jul 29, 2015

My Maxtor external hard drive is not showing under This PC, but is under Device Manager. Updating the driver comes back as driver is up to date. Changing Bios setting between UEFI and Legacy do not make a difference. Using a different USB port does not make a difference.

I can get full access to the drive if I boot up LinuxMint from a USB stick.

Microsoft says this is a manufacturers driver problem.
Acer says this is Windows problem.

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Installation :: How To Install On Multiple Hard Drives

May 12, 2015

I am wondering what the best way is to install windows 10 on multiple harddrives, so that the OS is my SSD, the programs are on a HDD, and the user files are on another HDD. Any way to do this and it has worked successfully could you say that the windows 7 method works.

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LAN Not Recognizing Hard Wired Computers Or Drives

Nov 16, 2015

After Windows 10 Update to 1511,10586 , none of the wired, network computers/drives are visible in the "Net Work" window. The network has One other, wired, computer and WDMyCloud Drive that are no longer visible.

Using the "Run" option, with addresses, I can access any computer or shared drive. File copy etc between computers works fine.

WakeOnLan reports that it cannot find the host computer, but it wakes it up anyway.

I have entered the credentials in Credential Manager and updated the drivers for my Realtek Ethernet card. Network Diagnosis finds no problems.

The problem exist,after the update, on both wired computers. I have tried two previous existing administrative users and one administrative user added after the update.

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Can Use System Image After Raiding Hard Drives?

Nov 6, 2015

Can I use a system image after raiding my hard drives? Or do I need to reinstall everything myself.

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Performance :: Move Up Or Down Hard Drives Within System Protection

Nov 15, 2015

How to move up or down " hard drives within the System Protection "

Picture is provided, I like to permanently move the C: Hard Drive above the D: Drive maybe there is a windows registry adjustment or something?

Windows 10 LTBS-N (64-bit)

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Installation :: Dual Booting On Separate Hard Drives?

Aug 16, 2015

I want to dual boot windows 7 and windows 10 on 2 separate hard drives.

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Installation :: Boot And System Ended Up On Different Hard Drives?

Feb 23, 2016

I have two hard drives (C: and E. Normally I have windows 10 installed on C: and just my documents on E: drive.

I had to reinstall windows. The reinstall put the Boot on C: and the System on E: drive. (See image.)

Is there any way of putting the system back on C: drive? (I didn't want to reformat both drives and reinstall windows again if I can avoid it.)

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Drivers/Hardware :: Are All SSD Hard Drives Created Equal

Jun 15, 2015

Getting ready to move from Win 7-64 to Win 10-64 when 10 is available next month. It's my understanding that Win 10 will not install over Win 7 so I'd like to install a new 250Gb SSD (I currently have Win 7 on a 128Gb SSD as C: ) for a clean install on it. Once all my files & software are transferred I'll keep the current 128Gb SSD as an extra drive.

So, are all SSD Hard Drives created equal? I'm looking at NewEgg & the prices are all over the place. My current SSD is a Cruicial 128Gb which has worked 4 yrs flawlessly.

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Copying And Transferring Files Between 2 External Hard Drives?

Jan 28, 2016

With Win7 I used to open one external drive, then through My computer locate the other drive. I would have each drive on its own window. I could then select relevant files on one drive copy and paste into the other drive. With Win10 if I click on File explorer I can open one external drive, where can I locate the other drive to put in a separate window. If I click on the other drive, it just opens it in the same window. Win7 and previous versions used to be so simple. 

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Drivers :: Compatibility With Seagate External Hard Drives

Dec 22, 2015

My HP Pavilion all-in-one computer does not recognize my Seagate external hard drive after I installed Windows 10. Everything worked well with the Windows 8 but neither system will recognize the other once I upgraded to Windows 10. 

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Does Fresh Installations Delete Hard Drives Partitions

Jul 30, 2015

I want to upgrade to Windows 10, and unfortunatly, the only way for me to do so is by doing a fresh installations and deleting everything, wich I don't want to. I want to back-up my current data on a hard drive partition, if I do a fresh installation of Windows 10, will it delete my partition alongside my data inside it?

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Drivers/Hardware :: New Install - Hard Drives Show Up As Removable

Jan 10, 2016

I just completed an update installation on a desktop PC running Windows 7. Now my hard drives show up as removable drives.

Normally this is due to the need to install an AHCI driver. And that is normally the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver for Intel chipsets. The driver was installed in Windows 7.

Is this a case where I need to manually install a new IRST Driver for Windows 10? If so, should I uninstall the existing first, or will the new one overwrite the old?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Multiple Hard Drives Not Auto Detected?

Dec 5, 2015

I have multiple hard drives on my machine with a power switch between the PSU and drive itself. None of these drives are boot drives except the drive that holds the OS. Yet, W10 will not see any of these drives just by turning on the power switch. I have to switch on the HDD, and then go through the whole startup process to get W10 to see it. External USB drives are seen straight away. I don't understand why this is as I can see no difference between this system, and switching on external eSATA drives on my old W7 machine which always worked OK ?

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Getting Error Message When Booting With External Hard Drives Attached

Sep 11, 2015

Since upgrading to W10, My puter will no longer load when I have my external hard-drive attached. When I switch on my puter, I get a black screen with the message 'Non-System disk or disk error, Replace and strike any key when ready'.

When I reboot with the ext HD disconnected the reboot is fine and W10 loads no problem. If I reconnect the Ext HD while the puter is up and running, no problem, and both the computer and now attached external hard drive function perfectly.

I have tried reformatting the external hard drive but I still have the same start-up problem when the ext HD is attached on start-up.

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Networking :: 2 Network Drives Missing In Action

Jan 3, 2016

We have 2 desktops, 2 convertibles and an hp tablet. We started with total mess network wise - tried most of the fixes and none really worked. I removed homegroup and started over making sure ALL units were in homegroup and still had problems. After many tries of fixes etc. I discovered two of the units were in different workgroups??

We are finally able to see all computers on all the computers but are left with two network drives which show up as media units but never show up and available in the computer area on all computers. Both show up fine on my desktop but never on any of the other units.

Have rebooted, checked settings and what to check now. We have used networking of some sort for years and depend on it - have been without it now for way too long.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Drives Missing From File Explorer Navigation Pane

Nov 22, 2015

As shown below there are 2 drives missing from the Navigation Pane (vertical bar on the left of the File Explorer). How do I show them up there?

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1.6TB Of Data Is Missing From Hard Drive

Feb 1, 2016

There was a folder titled Windows.000 that was created after my previous upgrade to windows 10. This folder had all of my data on it and now it has completely disappeared. It feels like somebody has physically come into my home and gutted my hard drive. My C: properties say 1.9GB Free out of 2... WTF??

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Internal Hard Drive Missing

Apr 2, 2016

Updated from win 7 64 bit to win 10 home edition around a month ago. Yesterday AM while editing pictures in photoshop lightroom my wireless mouse and keyboard quit responding. I have all pictures and editing software on my internal D drive (2terabyte) and my C drive is a 128gb solid state. Aftr pulling out and reinserting my wireless mouse and keyboard plug in on the tower and trying the control alt delete command which did nothing I turned off power at the tower. Upon reboot ( left for work because it was taking too long ) and upon return it was behaving ok until I realized my D drive was not reading in my hierarchy. Rebooted normally which took over an hour. Shut it down and unplugged it for an hour. Restarted same results no D drive. rebooted agn ((20 min or so boot time) this time in safe mode and still no D drive.

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