How To Do Clean Install After PC Upgrade

Aug 17, 2015

I had a licensed windows 7 PC and did the in-place upgrade to windows 10. However my main hard drive (an SSD) is too small and I want to upgrade it. I understand that if I do a clean install (from an ISO/USB) then windows 10 should still recognise my PC as it was activated.

However, if I change the hard drive (or add memory, add a graphics card etc) does windows still recognise my PC or do I have to go through the stupidty of installing windows 7, installing the service pack, waiting for the inplace upgrade to windows 10, activating, and then wiping everything in order to do a clean install!?!?!

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Clean Install Recommended After Upgrade From Clean Windows 8.1 Pro Installation?

Sep 2, 2015

I have a new rig and made a clean install with Win 8.1 Pro.

After that I directly upgraded to Win 10 Pro within running system.

Are there any advantages to do now a clean Windows 10 installation?

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Clean Install After Upgrade?

Jul 31, 2015

i did the win 10 free upgrade i had to before i could do a clean install. im not having any problems with the upgrade so far but i have always did a clean install of windows before this.

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Installation :: How To Do Clean Install After Upgrade

Jan 30, 2016

I upgraded from Win 7 pro about a month ago hoping that would cure some problems I had with Win 7. It did not and Win 10 is working poorly too. I would like to do a clean install of Win 10 but not sure if I can get the correct Win 10 install file just from my Win 7 pro product key. Is there a download source for that since I have already upgraded to Win 10?

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Installation :: Clean Install After Upgrade

Jul 29, 2015

I got a legit copy of windows 7 and i did the update to windows 10, but my PC seems slow and it seems like there is a lot of junk and left over files... idk, i want to do a clean install, but i dont want to loose my genuine copy of windows. also, i have about 1tb of games installed on a seperate drive off steam. if i clean install and leave that drive as is, will the games still work or will i have to redownload them all?

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Installation :: Can Upgrade And Then Clean Install With A New HDD

Dec 12, 2015

I'm finally thinking to upgrade from W7 to W10.

Here's the situation at the moment:

1) 256GB System SSD
2) 1TB data HDD
3) 3TB Raid 1 HDD for backup

I want to mount a new 500GB SSD as primary system drive, so I was thinking to use this occasion to put W10 into my machine.

So my question is: Can I update to W10 as it is and then do a clean install changing the primary system drive while keeping the license?

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OS Will Not Activate After Upgrade / Clean Install

Jul 29, 2015

I upgraded from 8.1 (genuine Sony Vaio ) using the media creation upgrade option, it installed and activated to windows 10 pro.

I then used the same media creation tool to download the iso and used Rufus to put it onto a usb so that I could do a clean install.

I installed it and skipped the parts prompting for a product key, however once it loads up when I try to activate it states 0xC004C003 details section says the key has been blocked?

Have I missed something?

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Installation :: How To Do A Clean Install After 8.1 Upgrade

Sep 17, 2015

There is a lot of questioning about making a clean install of windows 10 once you upgraded from Windows 8.1 retail version.

So there it is :

-If you have NEW hardware : So if you want to make a clean install of win 10 on you're new computer (actually it all depend on you're motherboard). You will need to re install windows 8.1 with you're licence that came with (Of course install it on you're new comp). Then you have to make the free upgrade again. In other words you have to restart from 0. And yes you're license is still good for windows 8.1. After the free upgrade win to 10, it will save you're new motherboard with you're microsoft account to the microsoft activation server. Well, its good as long as the upgrades are free (One year from the launch)!

--So for later re install, as long as you don't change you're MotherBoard,you can start from the Win 10 installer and you will not need to enter any license key. You just skip these steps and when you get on the internet and log on to you're microsoft account it will auto detect you're account with you're mobo and activate automatically. In other words, there is no key from free upgraded windows 10

-If you don't have new hardware : Well its very simple, you mobo is already saved with you're microsoft account so you can just install you're win10 from the installer. You do not enter any license keys and it should activate by itself when you connect to internet.

I think its always good to have a retail version for the actual system that we use with a good license key.

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Clean Install Or Clone Then Upgrade

Aug 1, 2015

Received a MSI laptop with pre-installed W8.1. Planning to install a new SSD on m.2 slot. I have several options to update to W10.

p.s: I am keeping both SSD and HDD in my laptop

1) Clone from old HDD to new SSD using MSI burn recovery. Then update to W10
2) Upgrade to W10 on my old HDD. Get W10 activated. Perform a clean install on SSD. Lastly, format my old HDD as secondary drive

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How To Do Clean Install After Upgrade (No Product Key)

Sep 21, 2015

I recently upgraded to windows 10, and decided to do a clean install. So I made a image of my system (when it was windows 8.1), wiped my Hard drive (which still had the original windows 8 install,), and stuck a ios file on a usb stick. However during the install to my SSD (Which is different from my hardrive) the computer asked for a product code, something I do not have, and did not think I needed (my understanding was that windows 10 registered your hardware). If I skip it, it goes though the prossess of installing, but then restarts after finishing moving the files. I dont want to have to attempt to go though the effort of putting windows 8 back on the laptop, moving it over to the ssd, upgrading to windows 10, getting a product key that may or may not work, and trying it again.

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Use Upgrade To Perform A Clean Install On Another SSD

Jul 26, 2015

So I have an upgrade reserved from Windows 7.

I want to know if I can use the free upgrade to perform a clean install on another SSD.

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Installation :: Unable To Clean Install - Only Upgrade

Jan 31, 2016

I have a feeling this is bios/uefi related

Got a sabertooth z77 with two ssd on raid 0 (intel) another hard drive for backups (Regular sata) and another storage card (pciexpress sas highpoint 2720, with raid 5)

Windows 10 doesnt seem to like this.

Even booting the dvd itself its a drag and hr wont recognize the raid 0 not even with drivers (driver load will cause a watchdog blue screen)

Windows 7 and 8 dont mind. At all.

I feel like the csm thingy might have something to do.

Bios is latest. Sas raid is for storage only. Ill search for the manual of the board as the printed one doesnt have the options i got on the screen

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Updates :: Followed Steps For Clean Install From Upgrade

Oct 23, 2015

I've read the instructions on various websites.

I had Windows 8.1 Home activated and updated.

Upgraded to Windows 10 Home. It activated and updated.

Did a clean install of Windows 10 Home and it won't activate. I skipped both key input screens and it says my key is blocked.

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Updates :: Clean Install After Corrupt Upgrade

Jan 9, 2016

I have a laptop that was originally on Windows 8.1. I upgraded it to Windows 10 recently, however there were a variety of deeply embedded issues. I tried every troubleshooting method I could find, tried to revert back to 8.1, and tried to repair and reset Windows 10. Nothing was working, so I had to use installation media from doing a clean install on my PC to install a fresh version of Windows 10 on my laptop.

I was forced to format the hard drive, and delete all the partitions to even get the clean install to work (the upgrade did a real number on my initial system), and because of this I'm now unable to activate Windows 10. The upgrade was the Home edition, and I clean installed the Home N edition (as far as I'm aware there's little to no difference). I made a note of the product key that was listed in the upgraded 10 before the clean install, which I assume was my product key from 8.1 that carried over, as it is 20 characters long and not 25.

Is there any way I can activate my clean installed Windows 10 Home N in this situation?

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Installation :: Upgrade Perfect Now Should Clean Install

Jul 31, 2015

I did the upgrade on my Laptop from 8.1 to 10, went smoothly everything works so far. Now i have to decide do a reset and do a clean install since i always worry if later there will e a problem, should i safely think if no problems now that if i reformat a clean install that all drivers will be there and everything will be ok. Tomorrow i do my Alienware Aurora R4 desktop and prey it goes well. Then since i have 30 Hard Drives that i will be able to do a network share and be able to see it on my living room TV, will pray.

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Installation :: Should Transfer Upgrade Or Clean Install

Sep 28, 2015

So I've been using Windows 10 for the past two weeks now. I really dig it, however the hard drive I'm on is slightly slower than my 7200rpm drive which could boot Windows 7 up a lot faster.

I upgraded my Windows 7 installation to this current Windows 10 install and since I want to

1. Sell this current hard drive


2. Move to the other hard drive,

I'm in a bit of a dilemma here. I have a large amount of software and important documents installed on this pc.

In the event where I want to clean install to the other hard drive, I don't really want to be tasked with having to reinstall all of this software again, mostly because I don't have installers available for them.

So I guess I want to know what are the benefits to clean installing over upgrading on an already fast hard drive and what would be most convenient in my case if this option is more viable?

I've read differing opinions online over upgrade vs clean install and I want to know what I should do.

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Installation :: Clean Install On New SSD Without Installing Upgrade

Aug 11, 2015

I have reserved my copy of Win 10 (upgrade from Win7 Pro 32bit retail) , but i plan to fit a SSD and instill the 64bit version of Win 10.

does windows 10 need to be upgrade installed first so Win 10 recognizes my hardware or can i download the ISO and do a clean install

or will i need to install Win 7 64bit then do the updates and then apply for the upgrade?

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Installation :: Clean Install After Upgrade From 7 Don't Work

Jul 29, 2015

I have upgraded my 7 install to Windows 10 this morning. All works fine & 10 says my copy is genuine and validated.

After that, I decided to create a copy of 10 install on DVD with the Windows 10 tool.

At lauch of install, Windows doesn't recognize my old 7 key. I thought "ok maybe it will activate at the end of install"

But NO ! I get my clean & fresh install of 10 but it doesn't activate my copy.

So Win7/8 users who wants Win10, you should install your old version and make the upgrade manually. each time...

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Installation :: Not Activated - Clean Install After Upgrade

Aug 28, 2015

Upgraded grand-daughter's pc from 7 to 10. Seemed a bit sluggish running from a spinning HDD so I decided to do a clean install to a SSD using the same USB I had made to upgrade with. Installed just fine but now says the keys don't match and I have to buy a key? Thought the upgrade was tied to your hardware (motherboard/CPU) and a clean install after would be activated?

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Black Screen After Upgrade Not A Clean Install

Sep 15, 2015

So I've upgraded from windows 8 to 10, an upgrade not a clean install. Everything went well except the final part. When it said finishing etc. suddenly a black screen came and an error was shown. All I remember from the error was 'terminate the program'. Soon the error was gone and all I was left with was a black screen and the mouse cursor. Now the black screen comes up after the loading screen (the cursor as well).

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Installation :: After Upgrade Via Clean Install Query What Partitions To Keep

Aug 29, 2015

Just wondering looking at my partitions after upgrading to windows 10 . Do I need to keep the last too partitions? I love windows 10 and had presumed that after a clean install my old windows 8 and 8.1 would be removed are these last too files remainders from them and if so can i delete and how should i do so. Just took a snip of the partitions content!

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Installation :: Can't Reset Laptop After Upgrade - How To Get Clean Install

Aug 23, 2015

I upgraded my Asus X205TA to Windows 10. However I wanted get a clean install so I went into recovery and chose to reset the PC and clean all apps,files, etc.

Whenever I try this it fails then gives me a blue screen with options. Only booting back to Win10 only works.

Is there a way I can get my win10 key and install from a win 10 download?

I did go back to Windows Download tool and had it create a USB stick. Can I use this to do a clean install?

I don't want to move on unless I know I can get Win 10 installed on this again. I know once I erase everythign my there is no option to go back to Win 8.1.

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Installation :: Difference Between Clean Install And Upgrade (files Only)?

Aug 3, 2015

Just a curiosity of mine - Is there a difference between a clean install and performing an upgrade while keeping only the files? In other words, is this sort of upgrade the same as a clean install, only with the files restored to 'documents', desktop, etc.? Or, does the new windows folder contain remnants of the previous install.

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Installation :: Clean Install But Keep Any Upgrade Setup Preferences?

Sep 18, 2015

I've done the upgrade on my 2 computers and then later I did a clean install on the laptop. What I'd like is to do a clean install on my desktop PC but I sure would love to bring back the things I setup when I did the upgrade such as the start page and desktop screens. My start screen is perfect and I hate to set it all back up from scratch if there is any way to keep it somewhere and return it.

I will say, the clean install has always been my preference with any version of windows and it certainly made a nice difference in many ways on the laptop that I've already done both the upgrade and later the clean install.

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Installation :: How To Upgrade From Home To Pro Version Without Clean Install

Aug 23, 2015

I have BizSpark, and I'd like to upgrade my Windows 10 Home computer to the Pro version. I downloaded the "Multiple Versions" ISO from MSDN, but when I run it from within Windows, it only lets me re-install the Home edition. How do I upgrade without doing a clean install?

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Both Upgrade And Clean Install Hangs On Blue Logo

Aug 11, 2015

So I've waited for the notification to say that Windows 10 is ready to install and the installation got stuck on a black screen with a blue windows 10 logo. Now it says my Win 7 is invalid. So I made 2 bootable usb. One using Rufus and another using the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool. Same issue occurs with both. I am thinking of installing Windows 8.1 and try to upgrade from there but before I do that.

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