Installation :: Does Upgrade From 7 Create A New Registry Or Uses Old

Dec 19, 2015

I will upgrade to Win 10 during Christmas. Would like to know if an upgrade from 7 creates a fresh/clean new registry, or does it use the existing win7 one?

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Why Disable OS Upgrade Is Missing In Windows 7 Registry

Nov 23, 2015

I have been using the excellent reg edit tutorial on this site to disable upgrading to 10

Upgrade to Windows 10 Update - Enable or Disable in Windows 7 or 8.1

I like to go manually into the registry without downloading the app to do it, and it has worked well on one my windows 7 partitions.

However on my other windows 7 partition I cant see the DisableOSUpgrade DWORD in the registry key

Why it is missing, I am sure I am logged on as admin and also have enabled hidden files and folders? The size of that partition is 60GB.

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DVD Player On Laptop Won't Work After Upgrade - Configuration Information (in Registry) Is Incomplete

Dec 25, 2015

DVD player isn't recognized after my upgrade to windows 10 when I clicked on it in the device manager I got this message.. Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

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Create A Dvd After Direct Upgrade

Sep 2, 2015

I had win 8.1 previously. Now i have upgraded via the Microsoft notification to win 10.. Its all activated now.. So i was thinking to create a dvd disc for myseld of this win 10.. Is it possible to make one? from my current system installed.A sit is a direct upgrde ,there aren't any ISO files..

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Create ISO On A Flash Drive To Do Upgrade

Dec 30, 2015

I need to create a windows 10 PRO ISO on a flash drive to do an upgrade. They already have Windows 8.1 PRO so they need to upgrade to the windows 10 PRO version.

On the windows media creation tool, I only get an option for windows 10, not any other version of it. Where can i find the official ISO file for it.

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Create A Copy Of Install To Upgrade Other Computers?

Oct 11, 2015

I have recently upgraded my laptop that was running windows 8.1 to windows 10. When I was doing this, I was asked if I wanted to create a copy of the install to upgrade my other computers. I also have an older desktop pc running windows xp. Is it ok to use the copy to upgrade the xp, as I recently found out that you need to pay to upgrade from xp. Basically, by having one copy of windows 8.1, does this allow me to upgrade another pc running xp for free?

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Installation :: Create Skipable Product Key Installation ISO?

Nov 6, 2015

Im not trying to do anything illegal or anything but i want to create a skipable installation iso. Ive been able to successfully do this with windows 8/8.1. The reason for me to do this is I work at a computer repair shop and we do a lot of installs. To keep up a fast pace i find it easier to skip the product key initially and activate it later. I cant seem to find the ei.efg file to edit. Perhaps they changed the format of the install.


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Installation :: Cannot Create Recovery USB

Jan 23, 2016

I have a handful of questions and issues with "Create Recovery Drive"

1. How dose Windows 10 Recovery disk work? When I first tried to create a recovery drive, it specifies the drive size I would need. One said I would need a USB that would take up to 8GB, the other specifies 16Gb. Since USB drives come in it's denominations of 4,8,16,32,64,...., I got 16GB and 32GB respectively.

2. Does Recovery USB Drives need to be recreated once in a while as an update since system files are added to the USB?

I have three Windows 10 PCs I need to create Recovery Drives on each of them with system files inclusive.

3. New Del Desktop, arrived with Windows 10 (64Bit). It asks for a USB that would take 16GB, I inserted 32GB but it created a recovery drive that is 8+GB only. Why? I wish it would have asked for 16Gb so I don't have to spend to get the 32Gb USB. By the way, when I inserted a 16GB USB, it would not continue.

4. Dell notebook XPS, upgraded from Windows 7 (32Bit) to Windows 10 (32Bit). When I tried to create a Recovery USB drive, it asks for 16Gb USB. When I continued, it stalled at a windows that would not highlight the "NEXT" button. This button is grayed, so I cannot create a Recovery USB.

5. Third PC is a HP desktop I upgraded from Window 7 (64Bit) to Windows 10 (64Bit). The Create Recovery USB with system files did not work. When I started the recovery, it just kept chunning and chunning for a very long time and will not stop.

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Installation :: How To Create Recovery Media

Jul 31, 2015

I originally purchased Windows 8 and upgraded to 8.1. I installed the Windows 10 upgrade via the downloadable Windows 10 Installation Tool and burning the ISO to a DVD. I understand that this will work to upgrade my system should I need to recover but will this still work after the 1 year free upgrade period? Also, how to confirm if the ISO downloaded via the Installation Tool will work as a repair disk to recover using a system image? If that's the case I would be content with that, as it's how I've always done backups since Windows 7.

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Installation :: Create Bootable USB Drive With ISO?

Nov 10, 2015

Tried looking this up online, but couldn't find any specific information. I'm running on Windows 10 Home, and I have a Windows 10 ISO I want to put in a flash drive so it's bootable. How do I do this?

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Unable To Create Installation Media From All 3 Of PCs

Aug 17, 2015

This worked for me a few weeks back. Today I am looking to try to reload Windows 10 on one of my desktop PC's that has just never been right after upgrade from Windows 7. I figured, trying a clean install is in order. The trouble is, as of today, the MediaCreationTool is not working for me. I get the same error on all 3 of my Windows 10 computers: "Setup couldn't start properly. Please restart your PC and try again." I can say that the mediacreationtool worked splendidly a few weeks back, but I have already repurposed that jump drive so the media is no longer in tact.

Specifically, the tools on this page are not working for me: [URL] ...

My PC's have always been real smooth, but now all three are just not quite 'right'. Mouse disappearing hear and there while I am dragging it. Pauses before I can type, etc. Just weird random anomalies that are far from normal.

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Installation :: How To Create Reinstall Disc

Feb 23, 2016

I updated a Lenovo Laptop from it's original Windows 8 (not 8.1) to Windows 10. The Laptop is working fine with all the updates and added apps install. Now, how do I create a reinstall, recovery or image disc in order to restore the OS prior to the time just before creating this backup disc? Again, this was an update to Windows 10, not a clean install.

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Installation :: Unable To Create RecoveryDrive?

Oct 22, 2015

I did the free upgrade offer to Windows 10 from a Windows 7 Ultimate Dell T7500 with an Xenon motherboard. I am unable to create the "RecoveryDrive" USB from the utility: recoverdrive.exe.

I have google searched for solutions with no "direct" solution. I have upgraded 8 other windows 7 PC's to Windows 10. About half will NOT create the recovery drive. What is the recoverydrive.exe looking for, in order to declare a failure?

Finally, I find on this forum steps to download the windows 10 ISO, using that ISO to build a bootable USB. You are directed to have a Windows key. QUESTION: can this key be the one I have with the Dell Windows 7, to be used with a Windows 10 ISO?

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Installation :: How To Create UEFI Install DVD

Jan 7, 2016

I'm upgrading my mom's laptop from windows 7 to windows 10. Since my last upgrade I seem to have misplaced my USB Stick that has the UEFI Windows 10 install media on it. I do, however, have a few DVDs lying around that are large enough to make a Installation DVD. If I use the Microsoft Windows 10 Media Creation tool, will it create a UEFI Installation DVD?

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Set Up Program To Create Bootable USB For Installation

Feb 28, 2016

I am going to be installing an ssd into my laptop in the coming days and I am planning on using the windows 10 set up program to create a boot-able usb for installation. My laptop came with Windows 8 pre-installed and I updated it to Windows 10. If I do a fresh install to the ssd, will Windows recognise my PC and activate itself?

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Installation :: How To Create Factory Image Disk

Feb 10, 2016

First of all, I upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7. My device is a ASUS K55vd notebook. When I was running on windows 7 I successfully created a factory image disk via ASUS ai recovery application (a five bootable disk). Then I decided to upgrade my hdd to ssd. My idea is to have a clean factory installation of windows 7 on ssd so I didn't clone my old hdd.

What I did was mount the ssd and ran my recovery disk and successfully installed a fresh windows 7, it is then when I update my windows 7 and went to windows 10. Currently I'm running on windows 10 and there is the notification of creating a factory disk which I would like to do but as soon as I start burning the disk it says that the recovery partition does not exist even though I have my recovery drive ( R: ).

Next, I tried creating system repair disc from Control Panel>System and security>Backup and restore (windows 7) then this prompt came. "The selected disc cannot be used. The selected disc does not contain a valid Windows installation."

Lastly I tried creating system image also from Control Panel too. However it failed and says that the mounted backup volume is inaccessible.

In my reagentc /info:

In my disk management:

I would like to ask for some solution regarding that and I'm wondering if the previous factory image disc that I have from before (win 7) is still usable if I decided to factory reset my pc? And can I make a bootable disc in which it reverts my windows to the point where I freshly upgraded to windows 10 so that I would relieve myself the hassle of upgrading again to windows 10 when the factory image disc work (in which it will surely reverts my windows to win 7).

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Installation :: How To Create Auto-attended File

Aug 5, 2015

How to create Windows 10 auto-attended file ?It is normal for system builder use.

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Installation :: Cannot Create Partition On Selected Disk

Jan 22, 2016

Trying a Windows install on a Server box with 4 HDD's installed. This server also allows boot from a Micro SD card. I've got a 64GB micro SD card loaded as well.

Fails when trying to create any partition on any of the HDD's. Works if I temporarily remove one HDD or take out the 64GB internal micro SD card.

I Get a message "Windows cannot create partition on selected Disk" - even when totally empty. It doesn't matter if GPT or MBR disks either.

Seems that if you want to install a non server version of Windows (i.e Windows 10 Pro for example) 4 HDD's is the limit (a micro SD card counts as an HDD).

If I install Esxi on the SD card then no prob creating Windows VM's without removing HDD's.

I think after w10 is installed you can add more HDD's.

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Installation :: Could Not Create New Partition Or Locate Existing One

Jan 30, 2016

The error in the title appears when I try to format my C partition to install windows 10 there. This error does not appear when I install windows 7,I just formatted and installed 7 successfully however it doesn't work for Windows 10. Specs

2.9 GHZ xeon quad core
8 Gb Kingston hyperx
Nvidia GTX 750

I have two hard drives and 5 partitions in total but it just shows one big partition of 297 Gb.

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Installation :: Can Use Create A Recovery Drive To Install?

Sep 1, 2015

So my sister's Windows 8.1 laptop's hard drive is broken... with her OS on it. I'm getting her a new hard drive (internal) which I will fit, but it seems pointless to buy windows all over again when she still owns it. I was thinking I could create a recovery drive from my pc (Win10) and install it on her new hard drive when it's fitted.

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Installation :: Does The ISO Disk Create The W7 Recovery Image

Sep 13, 2015

I created ISO disks for both my 32 bit and 64 bit systems at the MS download site. If I use the ISO disk instead of the Windows Update method, does the install still create the W7 image in case I want to go back to W7 after installing W10?

Also, do I boot from the disk or do I go into the ISO disk and click on Setup?

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Installation :: Create System Restore Point?

Dec 30, 2015

After the recent (automatic) upgrade to windows 10 ( I have been running windows 10 for months), I can sign in to windows 10 but the desktop that appears with my sign in is something foreign and all my files, pictures and videos are NOT in any folders under Documents. So I thought I would go back to a restore point but am a bit afraid to since I cannot find a Restore file and I don't know how Microsoft and windows 10 works in this are or if my files are included in the automatic backup by the "system restore point" process. Then I thought I should, on my other windows 10 laptops, "create" a restore point from time to time as I feel is needed.

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Installation :: Can't Create Recovery Drive Message

Oct 30, 2015

When I attempt to create a recovery drive, I get this message.

Recovery Drive

We can't create recovery drive

A problem occurred while creating a recovery drive.

What is the answer, as I have tried this several times. 

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Create Installation Media For Another PC / Can't Find USB Device?

Nov 22, 2015

When trying to create Windows 10 installation media on a USB drive with media creation tool,despite having a 16gig USB drive plugged in and recognized by my laptop it's not being recognized by media creation tool..(refresh does nothing)

Question #1..does this USB drive need to be empty with no other files on it whatsoever?
Question #2..this USB drive was formatted in Windows 7 initially,do I need to reformat it now in Windows 10?
Question #3...Why the heck am I doing this on a relaxing Sunday afternoon??..??

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Installation :: Unable To Create Recovery Media

Aug 31, 2015

have a new dell inspiron 15-55580 with win 10 installed at factory. unable to create a recovery media drive using usb drive (16 or 32 GB). receive error message: a problem occurred while creating recovery drive."

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Installation :: Does The Media Creation Tool Create A Bootable USB Or DVD

Nov 21, 2015

Does the Media Creation Tool create a bootable USB or DVD. If not how can I make it bootable?

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