Installation :: How To Do Clean Install From DVD

Dec 25, 2015

My laptop got stucked in boot loop so i decided to do clean install from dvd. I wonder if i can leave D: partition and delete C: and those two of 350MB and 450MB size? Will i still get that unallocated space and be able to do install on it?

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Clean Install Recommended After Upgrade From Clean Windows 8.1 Pro Installation?

Sep 2, 2015

I have a new rig and made a clean install with Win 8.1 Pro.

After that I directly upgraded to Win 10 Pro within running system.

Are there any advantages to do now a clean Windows 10 installation?

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Installation :: Clean Install On A New SSD

Dec 4, 2015

I'm about to do a clean install of Windows 10 pro 64bit on to a new SSD I just received in the mail and wondering how I will be able to activate it? I originally did an upgrade from Win7 Pro to Win10 pro and then a clean install from there back when Win10 pro first became available. I read that I can use the Windows Key on the back of my laptop but I'm not sure that will work because it's a whole new SSD.

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Installation :: Able To Do A Clean Install

Jul 14, 2015

All the info I have found on a clean install has been about the Insider Preview, when the official upgrade is available at the end of July, will I be able to do a clean install?

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Installation :: Downgrading After Clean Install

Aug 21, 2015

So I did a clean install of windows 10 because my computer was running slow, but now I would like to downgrade back to windows and I don't have the "windows.old" because of the clean install.

Any way to downgrade to my old windows 7.

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Installation :: Can Go Back And Just Do A Clean Install

Aug 19, 2015

I originally followed the path to upgrade my 8.1 Pro to Windows 10. Everything went fine and I created the USB during the process. Activation was OK.

Then after a few days and some unusual problems I reloaded my last Image of 8.1 Pro.

Question is Can I go back and just do a clean install since I have already did the upgrade process?

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Installation :: Got PC To Clean Install Now How To Move To New SSD

Dec 20, 2015

Second PC with Win 7 Pro 32 bit was a struggle...but succeeded in Brinks clean install and activation of 10...but was a real struggle. can I transfer the new 10 install on an HDD to a new Sata SSD in the same box ? So far haven't figured out how to make the SSD with an installed image of the new 10 install from HDD to boot from the Sata at PC startup ?

What am I doing wrong...and how do I get the SSD image of my new 10 clean install to boot from the SSD ?

I think it has to do with partitions and active Windows partition but don't remember what/how to change the boot disk to the new SSD....

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Installation :: How To Do Clean Install After Upgrade

Jan 30, 2016

I upgraded from Win 7 pro about a month ago hoping that would cure some problems I had with Win 7. It did not and Win 10 is working poorly too. I would like to do a clean install of Win 10 but not sure if I can get the correct Win 10 install file just from my Win 7 pro product key. Is there a download source for that since I have already upgraded to Win 10?

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Installation :: Clean Install Without MSR Partition

Dec 12, 2015

I did a clean install on a new SSD that I had previously formatted and neglected to delete the partition ending up without a MSR partition. I've already installed lots of applications so starting over would not be something that I'd want to do. What are possible problems that I could be looking at going forward?

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Installation :: Clean Install After Upgrade

Jul 29, 2015

I got a legit copy of windows 7 and i did the update to windows 10, but my PC seems slow and it seems like there is a lot of junk and left over files... idk, i want to do a clean install, but i dont want to loose my genuine copy of windows. also, i have about 1tb of games installed on a seperate drive off steam. if i clean install and leave that drive as is, will the games still work or will i have to redownload them all?

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Installation :: Can Upgrade And Then Clean Install With A New HDD

Dec 12, 2015

I'm finally thinking to upgrade from W7 to W10.

Here's the situation at the moment:

1) 256GB System SSD
2) 1TB data HDD
3) 3TB Raid 1 HDD for backup

I want to mount a new 500GB SSD as primary system drive, so I was thinking to use this occasion to put W10 into my machine.

So my question is: Can I update to W10 as it is and then do a clean install changing the primary system drive while keeping the license?

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Installation :: How To Clean Install Insider

Feb 2, 2016

My Wife is a Windows 10 Insider, and would like to clean install the latest Insider build on a new HDD, replacing her current Insider installation. What would be the easiest or best way for her to do so?.

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Installation :: Keeps Booting From USB After Clean Install

Aug 2, 2015

I got a HP Notebook yesterday that had Windows 8.1 on it. Today I decided I wanted to reinstall Windows 10 (not upgrade, but clean install) on it and I do have experience in reinstalling operating systems. I reinstalled Windows 10 from a USB stick and when the computer restarted after the installation was done, it would keep booting from the USB stick. I exited the installation screen and then went to the BIOS to change boot priority to "OS Manager", but all I got was an error which I don't remember what it said, and then it just restarted again.

So my question is, how can I get Windows 10 to boot after is has installed and restarted?This is my laptop: HP 15.6 Laptop - Black (Intel Celeron N3050 / 500GB HDD / 4GB RAM / Windows 8.1) : Laptops - Best Buy Canada

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Installation :: Upgraded In Old HDD - Now Want To Do Clean Install In New SSD

Aug 1, 2015

I successfully upgraded from Win 8.1 to Win 10 (both Pro 64-bit) in PC's old HDD. Now I want do a clean install on a brand new SSD. I have a few questions before I buy the SSD.

1. First off, is it possible to do a clean install of Win 10 in the new SSD especially after I upgraded from Win 8.1 to Win 10 in the old HDD?

2. If 1 is possible, then at any point do I need to enter the Win 10 license key? I have used a Win 10 license key viewing tool to find out what it is.

3. Should I use the Win 10 Media Creation tool to create the ISO or just download an untouched Win 10 Pro 64 bit ISO, burn it to a DVD and do a straightforward install?

4. What happens to the Win 10 in the old HDD? Does it get deactivated on its own?

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Installation :: Can Non-bootable DVD ISO Do Clean Install

Aug 7, 2015

My computer has been upgraded to Windows 10 and activated. I have a non-bootable DVD Windows 10 ISO. Is it possible to do a clean install with that non-bootable DVD disk? Any alternative to do a clean install?

Heard imgburn can create a bootable DVD ISO, but after downloading the software then found it is infected, and decided not to install it.

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Installation :: How To Do Clean Install Without Upgrading

Aug 31, 2015

I haven't tried it myself (as I upgraded THEN did a clean install before this article appeared) but assuming it works this can be a big time saver.

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Installation :: Can Do Clean Install Of Win 8.1 After Upgrading?

Mar 6, 2016

A year ago I bought a Lenovo Yoga 2 that came with Windows 8.

Unfortunately, I upgraded to Windows 10 several months ago. It has been such a nightmare I want Windows 8 back.

Can I just buy a new copy of Windows 8.1 and clean install it on my laptop? Someone told me once its been upgraded to Windows 10 that I can't do that, but that just doesn't seem right.

I'm not very savvy when it comes to doing a reinstall. I'm not sure what to buy and I want to make sure trying this won't brick my computer. OEM, Full, etc seems like there is so many things to consider when trying to buy just a regular old version of Windows 8.1 ...

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Installation :: Clean Install With 8 Partitions

Jul 30, 2015

I've upgraded from windows 8.1 with uefi bios, so basically now i can do clean install 10 without product key? But the real question is: My pc have 8 partitions, the primary one, 5 of recovery, 1 oem and 1 efi. Can i delete all partitions and create only one?

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Installation :: Reset Vs Clean Install

Aug 19, 2015

I just upgraded my notebook from 8.1. Win 10 is activated. I did the upgrade by creating an ISO using MCT, expanding the files to a USB hdd, then running Setup. I would now like to do a clean reinstall. Since I do not have bootable external media for the notebook, I'm wondering if the System Reset with the "Keep nothing" option would be equivalentto a "bare-metal" clean install?

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Installation :: Clean Install From A USB Drive

Aug 5, 2015

I upgraded both of my PC's from Windows 8.1 Pro. If I want to do a clean install from a USB drive do I need one from each PC or will one work with both?

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Installation :: Clean Install With Activation

Aug 1, 2015

This method will give IMO the best way of updating your system to W10 via an "Almost" clean install.

1) Re-install CLEAN your old legacy OS -- at boot delete all the Windows partitions so there's NOTHING on the HDD (or Windows "C" partition.
2) Ignore / skip the prompt for Windows 10 is available.
3) let the install finish together with any updates the system finds during the install. DO NOT INSTALL ANYTHING ELSE at this stage.
4) VERY IMPORTANT -- ACTIVATE WINDOWS via entering your product key (of the OLD OS). You might need to use control panel and enter Change product key if you are using say your old MSDN / TechNet keys.
5) now go into Windows update via control panel and you'll be offered the Windows 10 upgrade

you are now done and activated -- it's as good as a CLEAN install -- plus you'll have the odd driver working that W10 might not find.

If you want REALLY to do a clean install later then there are many ways via ISO etc to do it -- but your OLD OS must be activated first before any W10 upgrade if you want to have an activated product.

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Installation :: How To Do A Clean Install After 8.1 Upgrade

Sep 17, 2015

There is a lot of questioning about making a clean install of windows 10 once you upgraded from Windows 8.1 retail version.

So there it is :

-If you have NEW hardware : So if you want to make a clean install of win 10 on you're new computer (actually it all depend on you're motherboard). You will need to re install windows 8.1 with you're licence that came with (Of course install it on you're new comp). Then you have to make the free upgrade again. In other words you have to restart from 0. And yes you're license is still good for windows 8.1. After the free upgrade win to 10, it will save you're new motherboard with you're microsoft account to the microsoft activation server. Well, its good as long as the upgrades are free (One year from the launch)!

--So for later re install, as long as you don't change you're MotherBoard,you can start from the Win 10 installer and you will not need to enter any license key. You just skip these steps and when you get on the internet and log on to you're microsoft account it will auto detect you're account with you're mobo and activate automatically. In other words, there is no key from free upgraded windows 10

-If you don't have new hardware : Well its very simple, you mobo is already saved with you're microsoft account so you can just install you're win10 from the installer. You do not enter any license keys and it should activate by itself when you connect to internet.

I think its always good to have a retail version for the actual system that we use with a good license key.

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Installation :: Clean Install Errors - Bad SSD?

Jan 15, 2016

Was using computer like any other day and it became unresponsive. Music was still playing normally but nothing would respond. Couldn't even use CTRL+ALT+DEL. So I turned computer off. Restart wanted to do a 'Startup Repair', that seemed unresponsive as well. Can't get into Windows anymore. Can't seem to do a clean install either. When I start computer it stays at the all black screen with a blue windows logo forever; the one with the circle of dots going around.

Was booting from SSD but do also have HDD. I bought SSD new in November 2015. I've never had so much trouble trying to do a clean install before.

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Installation :: Clean Install Using USB Cannot Verify Key As No Network

Oct 31, 2015

My kids Windows 7 machine had major issues, so decided to do a fresh Windows7 install. Format disk etc. install worked, windows update did not. Would do nothing but say "checking for updates", for hours, and hours. Spent 6 hours trying to fix that when i said what the heck, lets go to Windows 10. I have a windows 7 OEM key.

I used the tool to download and create a USB install and went from there.

Windows 10 goes through the install phase without issue, asks for the key, i provide the Windows 7 OEM key. Hangs for like 10 seconds then says the key is not usable. I sit there scratching my head. I can do a Windows 7 reinstall on this machine with the key, but not a Windows 10 ? Windows 10 upgrade website says you can do a fresh install in this way, using the Windows 7 key.

I talked to a MS guy, pretty useless. Kept wanting to connect to my computer to take a look, despite me not having completed the install because the key would not work.

BUT, here is the root of the problem i believe, i have no network connection, because Windows10 seemed to not install a driver for it. No green light on back of machine(when i do a fresh windows7 install, it does install a driver, and all is good).

I download the necessary driver from the MSI website, use the "install driver option" from the Win10 screen asking me for a windows key, yet the driver install files wont even show up when i click browse.

Then i click the "skip" option, thinking i can go into Windows, install the drivers that way and then put my key in later. Heh, stupid me, no, clicking skip just takes you back where it will reinstall everything and then ask you for the key again. So, install, skip, install, skip, install, skip.....

Pretty disgusted with MS right about now.

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Installation :: Unable To Clean Install - Only Upgrade

Jan 31, 2016

I have a feeling this is bios/uefi related

Got a sabertooth z77 with two ssd on raid 0 (intel) another hard drive for backups (Regular sata) and another storage card (pciexpress sas highpoint 2720, with raid 5)

Windows 10 doesnt seem to like this.

Even booting the dvd itself its a drag and hr wont recognize the raid 0 not even with drivers (driver load will cause a watchdog blue screen)

Windows 7 and 8 dont mind. At all.

I feel like the csm thingy might have something to do.

Bios is latest. Sas raid is for storage only. Ill search for the manual of the board as the printed one doesnt have the options i got on the screen

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Installation :: Do To Reformat SSD Prior To Clean Install

Dec 9, 2015

Will the iso file on the usb reformat my current SSD with licensed Win 7 Pro 64bit system installed ? Or do I need to reformat the SSD prior to using the USB to clean install Win 10 Pro 64bit ?I have multiple images of my Win 7 Pro and will probably set up a dual boot down the road...but want to be sure I don't goof here in step 1.

Will the Win 10 Pro 64bit iso file from Brinks tutorial auto format the existing SSD with Win 7 on it now when I launch it from the usb drive...or should I manually reformat the SSD first ?

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