Installation :: How To Recover Lost Partition And Data In It

Oct 6, 2015

I was running win 7 with 4 partitions , thought to upgrade to win 10. While installing it didn't allowed me to install. I thought i can run diskpart clean on one partition, selected one volume and ran clean command, but it still cleaned all the partitions. Long story short, I cannot boot my OS until I install OS on freshly created single partition. I was told to use partition recovery apps like partition and mount software, Do I have to install OS on it anyways and once OS is installed, instal the partition and mount software for the recovery?

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Performance :: Recover Lost Partitions And Data?

Feb 10, 2016

My laptop running Windows 10 updated to the latest build and would not boot. I kept getting Missing boot manager missing. Eventually I removed the drive and replaced it with my backup clone but that backup is missing a week of a lot of work so I was hooked the original laptop drive to my pc.

Short story, I confused the laptop drive with another disc I a, working on and went into admin tools, storage, and deleted the three partitions on the laptop drive. Since I have tried to recover the partitions with Acronis Disc Manager but the volumes it identifies do not fit. There are three partitions. The primary, the HP recovery and the HP Tools. Total disc is 465GB. The primary partition is 452.

The results I get have seven or eight partitions sizing various sizes between 190 - 350 GB. They all seem to intersect.

i them tried the free EaseUS app which lists multiple versions of every file ever deleted. Is there any easy way to do this?

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Upgrade Lost All Files - How To Recover Data

Mar 14, 2016

I've upgraded from win 8.1 to 10. after upgrade all my files were in local disk user and in the folders but were not in library folders e.g pics were in local disk user pictures but not in file explorer pictures. so i moved every thing to the folders and after restarting my laptop everything was gone... what can i do to recover my data.

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Recover Data After Deleting Partition And Creating New One?

Dec 18, 2015

while trying to troubleshoot a lousy 1.5TB WD drive I had accidentally deleted and recreated the partition on a different USB drive without noticing.What are my options? I don't have a spare drive to restore to. The drive was only using 350GB of 900gb, but it has been filled and erased several times without defragmenting. I have it unplugged now.

It's not entirely a disaster; aside from my (dubiously obtained) movie collection there's nothing really that I need and can't redownload or have on my SSD.

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Very Important Data Lost While Install Using Diskpart Clean Partition?

Jan 10, 2016

While re-installing Windows 10 on my Samsung ativ book 9 (15" core i7), I had two partitions (256 gb ssd) half capacity each one, one holds the os, and the other my data.

when selecting the partition where to install windows 10, it tolds me that I cannot so i googled it, i figured out that i have to clean the partition and then convert it to gpt using diskpart.

so i did but instead of cleaning the system partition it deleted all the disk data in a second.

I have now one unallocated partition (256 gb), i created 3 partition afterwars, 500mb efi, primary for os, and third for my data. windows 10 installated successfully, but my data all gone.

I tried every single data recovery app, but all of them just recover some folders that doesn't have any value like desktop.ini. (by the way, i tried in the days after this data earthquake not to have new data to avoid overwriting the old precious data).

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Installation :: Data On Separate Partition Or Drive

Jun 29, 2015

Wondering how Windows 10 deals with putting data on a separate partition or drive. Does it use the same general method as in Windows 7, where it re-maps (for example) "Documents" to a folder on a different letter drive path? So that C:Users{user}Documents becomes G:Users{user}Documents?

I'm hoping that it actually becomes more like *nix, using symbolic links to point to the right place (so C:Users{user}Documents points to the separate partition of drive). Personally, I find the Win7 method to be clunky and problematic in actual use.

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Installation :: Perform Clean Install On Disk That Has Data Partition?

Aug 20, 2015

I've been considering shrinking my one disk (disk 0) to create another volume, a data partition, but I'm still not clear what happens in the event that I want to refresh, reset or clean install Windows 10 in the future. Would the data partition remain or, as I thought I read, Windows will format the entire disk?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Recover Data From RAW Disk?

Nov 27, 2015

I had Windows 10 Enterprise on a ssd 480gb sandisk ultra II but It's corrupted, I can't even launch Windows or repair tools.

I've managed to run repair tools and get a command prompt, as diskpart says, my disk is on a raw partition now, and it shows the following:

Total space on disk: 448gb

Space available on disk: 448gb

I've read something that on raw filesystem Windows can't see the drive then I'm wondering, if diskparts says that the space available is the same tan total disk, does it mean that I've lost all my data? Is really important for me to recover the data.

I've installed Windows 10 on another drive, but the drive isn't recognized, not in diskpart, not in Windows explorer, and tried about 5-6 programs for recover data on raw disk/partition and none of them saw my disk.

The main question is if I lost all my data, because if not, I will give it to the shop for repair it.

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Recover Lost Key

Dec 21, 2015

I downloaded ProduKey and it produced my OS key. Here is the link;


Of course this will do you no good if you are not up and running so if you lost your key run this and write the key down and put it in a safe place. 

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Drivers/Hardware :: Recover Unallocated Space On Data Disk

Nov 28, 2015

I installed Windows 10 on a new PC, with OS on Samsung 950 PRO. For data disk, at this stage, I use a Samsung 840 PRO which I transferred from my old 8.1 PC.

The data disk now shows in diskmanagment 351MB unallocated space, and 119 GB NTFS Healthy (Primary Partition).

How can I reclaim the 351MB unallocated to get maximum capacity of the data disk?

Maybe this a standard case of repartitioning, but I am not familiar with that and do not know how to do it.

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How To Recover Lost Emails When Upgraded

Aug 4, 2015

I updated to window 10 and my email that I saved are gone. How can I recover them...

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How To Recover Lost WiFi After Install

Aug 11, 2015

My wifi no longer connects since upgrading to Windows 10. I have restarted the router and modem and turned my wifi on my laptop on and off. Did I miss something? How can I get this working again?

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Browser/Email :: How To Recover Lost Messages

Nov 23, 2015

The next time you start outlook all the folders were empty, there are no messages. The files inbox.dbx, "sent items.dbx" and other relevant folders retain their dimensions when viewing the file in the editor, they can be found even addresses, the names and other text. That is, the data are preserved, but the outlook does not want to display them. The address book was empty, too. I tried to experiment with the file folders.dbx.

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How To Recover Lost Moved Or Displaced Files And Folders

Nov 7, 2015

How do I recover lost moved or displaced files and folders?

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Lost All Excel And Word Folders - How To Recover Files

Dec 17, 2015

I installed windows 10 but lost all my excel & word folders...

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Guest Profile Data Lost In Upgrade?

Mar 7, 2016

I had files saved in the 'guest' profile on the old OS, and since Windows 10, the guest account seems to have dissappeared? There are photos saved on the old guest profile that I would like to access.

Surely, Windows would have asked about deleting files?

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Event Logs Lost During Data Collection

Feb 8, 2016

Whenever I run a System Diagnostics Report for Windows 10, there is always a warning like this:"Investigate why 13% (5,128) events were lost during data collection. The settings for Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) maximum buffers and buffer size may not be optimal depending on which data sets are being collected."

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Updates :: Reset Apps / Lost Data After Automatic Update

Dec 11, 2015

on a no-problem notebook of a Relative, win ran an update last night at 4 and came up with this:Most App-Links are gone, Apps still there.But Firefox, Outlook and others seem completely reset as if freshly installed, no accounts set f.e.Win demands hardware driver installation for Wifi.And a bunch of personal files on the Desktop are gone.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Is 100mb System Partition Required On Data Disk

Aug 28, 2015

I originally started with a HDD with windows installed on it and data in anther partition on the drive, then got a SSD and moved the windows partition onto it,

my drives and partitions look like this:

I'm not sure if to remove the old SYSTEM partition or not, and if the SSD needs one also, My boot is also a lot slower on windows 10

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Updates :: Lost Activation After Resizing Partition?

Jan 23, 2016

I don't know if the right place, but I'll share my problem. Last days I resized my C: drive in order to put Linux on my free space and dual boot. Since then my windows lost his activation, gave me eroor code 0xC004F012 and don't want to shut down - just log off.

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Lost Data In Recovery By Bootable Recovery Programs?

Feb 10, 2016

I used CLEAN in DISKPART and i delete all partitions of my only disk.

Now i dont have any OS on my laptop and i want recover partition by "Partition Wizard" or "Test Disk" that can boot from CD but i fear that this bootable program overwrite on my only disk to load itself and some part of my data will be lost.

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Installation :: Using ISO To Reinstall / Recover Instead Of HP Recovery App?

Nov 30, 2015

I just bought an HP Envy laptop with Windows 10 preinstalled. There is a recovery partition, but I'd like to erase the data in this partition and use it for personal files. My question is: if I do ever need to re-install or recover Windows 10 on this laptop, can I do it with a DVD I burned using the media creation tool from Microsoft instead of the specific HP recovery app the laptop shipped with?

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Installation :: Upgrade Stuck - Can't Recover Or Start Again

Nov 18, 2015

I downloaded Update to Windows 10 (from windows 7) and everything appeared to go well. Got the "Welcome" screen and chose my "Settings" preferences. Then the screen started flashing and all it shows is a banner across the bottom that shows a blank Microsoft logo in bottom left, next to it a box that says "Search the Web and Windows", a small icon that looks like a printer( midway across the banner, and a small icon that looks like a Menu icon in the bottom right. Then under the cursor is the dreaded "spinning blue wheel" thing. This whole banner and the icons just keep flashing. Been doing this for hours now.

If I do an "Alt+Ctrl+Delete", it pulls up the usual options but when I ask for a "Restart" or "Shut Down" and follow it with a reboot, it just goes through the start up/welcome process and then stalls at exactly the same place.

How do I get my computer back? I can't get online or do anything at all with it. Can't go back to 7 or to history or anything. It's just stuck at this useless screen. 

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Installation :: Black Screen During Install - Attempting To Recover Update

Jul 29, 2015

I was installing windows 10 (8.1 before) on my Dell inspiron 15 7000 series (7537), and it progressed to restarting after the installing drivers step, but after the restart and going through the dell startup screen, everything went black. The HDD light is stuck on and not flickering like it normally does.

There is no cursor or anything on the screen, it's just black. I waited for an hour and nothing changed, so I thought maybe it was frozen, so I restarted the computer via hard reset, which took it to a "attempting to recover update" screen, but after a few seconds on that screen it went immediately back to the black screen.

Its been about 30 min since that hard restart and its still black, HDD light still on, and nothing seems to be happening.

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Installation :: Setting Data Pathway To HDD On SSD?

Sep 8, 2015

After suffering an HDD failure on my Lenovo Y500 Ideapad, I opted to replace the HDD with an SSD as the :C drive to run the OS and software applications and to install a new HDD in the ultrabay as the drive to hold all data. This was done at a shop which then did a clean install of Windows 10 onto the SSD for me.

All good so far, but the default pathway for data is still set to the SSD. I want to keep my data on the HDD and I don't want to drag and drop it from the SSD every time I need to save or import something; otherwise, I could just be using an external back-up drive. How do I set the default pathway for data (documents, music, photos, downloaded .pdfs, etc) to the HDD?

Seems like it should be straightforward but I'm a novice. Haven't found specific directions for this in Windows 10 and it looks to be somewhat different than those described for Windows 7. I want to make sure that downloaded applications and the like still go to the SSD. And I'm concerned about making changes that might mess up the registry.

Suddenly, the SSD/HDD configuration is seeming a little overly-complicated and maybe even out of date. Possibly I should have sprung for a bigger SSD and left it at that, but this is what I've got so I'd like to make it work.

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Installation :: Lost Installation After Formatting The Other Drive

Aug 23, 2015

I have 2 seperated (physically) SSD drives in my laptop.Previously I had windows 8.1 on one drive, and I installed windows 7 and upgraded it to windows 10 on the other SSD drive.I enjoyed windows 10, so I formatted the drive with the windows 8.1, but now suddenly my laptop says he can't find system drive, and I can't load the windows 10, althogh it was installed with no connection to the windows 8.1 and on another drive.

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