Installation :: Media Creation Tool Did Not Generate Current ISO Version?

Feb 10, 2016

Yesterday I decided to download WIN 10 Pro 64 bit with the media creation tool to generate an ISO file as I needed to do a fresh install on several machines. I had assumed that I would get the current 1511 version but I got the previous 10240 version . Now I know that MS pulled this November update after a dew days of release but then re-instated again on the 24th Nov. My broadband speed is "pathetic" so I had to download the 1511 upgrade once the initial installation was finished. This meant 18 hours had to elapse and I will still have to download the TH2 upgrade on every machine--will stick with Win 7 !

why I got the old version of Win 10 ?

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Installation :: Will Media Creation Tool Create USB Installer With Version 1511?

Nov 15, 2015

I am running Windows 10 Pro x64 that I installed as a full version (not from the free update, I purchased the full edition from Microsoft).Whenever I get a new OS I like to do a clean install so I used the Microsoft Media Creation Tool which I downloaded from this page. I used the Media Creation Tool to install the OS (wiped and created new partitions, installed the OS, etc.).

Now with this nightmare update they just released (Version 1511) I am having SO many issues. I would like to do another fresh install of this new version.If I use the Media Creation Tool again to create an USB installer will it contain this latest version (i.e. I won't have to go through the whole update process again)? Or does the Media Creation Tool only create a USB installer that contains the "base" operating system which will required updates all over again?If not, how can i create an installer for Version 1511 so that I can avoid the pain of updating?

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Installation :: Media Creation Tool Will Not Run

Aug 1, 2015

The Media Creation Tool will NOT run at all on my Windows 7 Ultimate desktop and my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro with Windows 8.1. When I try to run it, nothing happens after clicking the message that allows it run. I know it does not start immediately but I have successfully run it on two other PCs with Windows 8.1. I've spent the better part of the last four days trying to get the Windows 10 upgrade installed on my desktop.

After starting the "tool", I've even let the PC sit overnight to see if it would ever start to run. It never does. I've rebooted numerous times and I've also tried running it from that PC, from a network drive and from a USB drive ("Run as Administrator" does NOT work either). Nothing works. I was able to create both a USB and DVD setup disk using the Media Creation Tool on a different Windows 7 Ultimate PC so I've also tried using both of those options to upgrade my desktop PC. If I boot from either the USB drive or the DVD, I can install a new copy of Windows 10 but, of course, cannot enter a product key that works so that does not work.

However, if I boot normally and then run Windows 10 setup.exe from either the USB or DVD, it does NOT run at all (just like with the Media Creation Tool). For a brief moment the other day, I thought I might have found the problem... I forget that I was starting to run low on disk space on that SSD. It was down to 21.6Gb available which, I think, should have been enough disk space but it might be borderline.

So I did manage to get the free disk space to more 50Gb. That, however, did NOT work at all. I've tried about every possible scenario multiple times and have gotten nowhere over the last four days. I even tried Microsoft chat support yesterday but started off with 454 people in front. I wasn't in front of my computer when my turn finally arrived -- so I missed it. Haven't tried it again but don't expect much from that anyway.

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Installation :: Media Creation Tool

Sep 4, 2015

When you use the creation tool and enter the type os system etc. and it creates either a USB or a DVD is the file that you receive close to the latest ISO?

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Installation :: Media Creation Tool Won't Open

Sep 19, 2015

What can I do now that most troubleshooters in Windows 10 won't work since I think most of them are not available for Windows 10 It worked completely fine for me when I had Windows 7.

The Media Creation Tool is corrupted for me now that I am using Windows 10 but I want to clean reinstall Windows 10 with the Media Creation Tool.

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Installation :: Trying To Update By Media Creation Tool

Nov 13, 2015

trying to update by media creation tool downloaded ok and created iso dvd. on running i cannot keep personal files and apps it says
you cannot keep windows setting, personal files and apps because you have chosen to install windows 10 using a different language to the one you're currently using.

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Installation :: Media Creation Tool Not Working

Dec 14, 2015

Trying to get the latest ISO with "Sp1 (I know its not called that)" already on there. I downloaded the media creation tool it errors out when selecting create a USB boot drive and when I download the ISO and try to burn that I get "Cannot read into from ISO file" - There is no where I can download a straight .ISO from Microsoft without going through this media creation tool !?

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Installation :: Media Creation Tool Install On New SSD

Aug 28, 2015

In July I downloaded the Media Creation tool and created an USB version of the 29th release. I then used it to upgrade 2 pcs successfully. Now, I think I want to do a 'clean install' on a new ssd on another machine. Can I to I clean install with that USB? Seems to me I would have to have a product key or something like that to do an install on the blank ssd. If so where would I get one?

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Installation :: How To Upgrade When Using Media Creation Tool On USB

Aug 1, 2015

So I ran the media creation tool and instead of choosing to upgrade this PC, I chose to write it to a USB stick so that I could do the upgrade at my leisure. So, I spent the time to download the 3 or 4 GB (we have super slow internet here) and put let it write to the USB stick. I then rebooted to the USB stick but there is no "upgrade" option and it asks me for a W10 product key.

Do I really need to run the media creation tool all over again and re-download that 4GB this time choosing Upgrade this PC or is there a way to run the W10 installer from the bootable USB flash drive that I've already got and do an upgrade instead of what it seems it's going to do a fresh install only from the USB drive.

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Installation :: Media Creation Tool Offline?

Aug 21, 2015

When Windows 10 first came out I was easily able to create a 32-bit/64-bit hybrid install on a flash drive using Media Creation Tool. I now want to create one for my dad who is having trouble getting his system updated but can't find this tool anymore, only the individual ISO's for 32-bit or 64-bit. Did MS take down this tool? Is there somewhere else I can get it?

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Installation :: Where Is The Download ISO Using Media Creation Tool

Jul 30, 2015

I downloaded the ISO using Ms's creation tool -- I selected create ISO.

After the download it prompted me to burn to a DVD -- I didn't want that because I was going to use rufus to create a number of USB sticks so I exited the program.

Now I can't find the ISO

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Installation :: Media Creation Tool Is Stuck On 0%

Jul 31, 2015

Before you answer this i would also like to know if there is any way to upgrade from windows 7 enterprise? If there isnt can you tell me why this wont move its been on 0% for 2 hours now!

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Installation :: Media Creation Tool Failure?

Jul 29, 2015

After reading an article in PC World, I decided to use the Media Creation Tool to create an ISO version of Win 10 on a USB drive. I downloaded the tool and ran it. All was well during the Win 10 download and download verification. The program then moved on to setup the USB when the terribly informative message appeared..."SOMETHING HAPPENED". THAT'S IT!!! Upon which the program terminates. I repeated the process once with the same results.

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Installation :: Media Creation Tool Fails?

Aug 3, 2015

My laptop was upgraded to Windows 10 two days ago but my desktop has not received the green light yet. I was reading that if you downloaded the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft's web site that it had an option that would allow up to upgrade your PC or create an ISO install disk. I downloaded the app on my laptop and created an ISO disk as a backup in case I need to do a clean install on that platform but when I tried to run the app on my desktop it brings up the UAC prompt asking if I want to run this program and when I click Yes, nothing happens.

I read some thread somewhere that if you're having problems with this app you need to do a selective startup where you don't run any startups and you disable all of the services and after restarting, I tried this and after restarting my PC running the Media Creation app again failed to do anything .

If I run Windows Update it says I have no updates pending but it was interesting that every time I've run the Media Creation Tool it puts an entry in my update log that says the update failed. The fact is the upgrade has not failed in the normal sense only the Media Creation Tool failed.

My concern is that I have a reservation for the upgrade but that too might fail so I'd like to get my desktop upgraded to Windows 10 asap.

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Installation :: Media Creation Tool Does Not Download

Jul 31, 2015

Here is the problem, im trying to use the media creation tool to download the W10 iso, boot from a dvd and do a clean install, deleting all my data.

But the media creation tool seems to not be downloading a thing. for exalmple, i setup /Desktop as the download folder, but when it finishes, there is nothing downloaded. i've tried refreshing and a lot of stuff, but there is nothing. and it gets even worst.

Look at this sreenshots:

The file doesnt even allows to get deleted, it says it does not exist. The same to any change i try to do to the file.

I've tried lots of times, and lots of things. I dont know that to do, i really need to clean-up my pc, the same things happens when i try to download it to a usb flash drive.

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Installation :: Size Of ISO Created By X64 Pro Media Creation Tool?

Jul 30, 2015

When using the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft what is the size of the ISO that is created for X64 Windows Pro? The one I created is smaller than one I created from the install.esd file. The size I see is 3.10 GB (3,333,357,568 bytes). Can that be right?

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Installation :: Does The Media Creation Tool Create A Bootable USB Or DVD

Nov 21, 2015

Does the Media Creation Tool create a bootable USB or DVD. If not how can I make it bootable?

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Installation :: Media Creation Tool On A USB Flash Stick?

Jan 16, 2016

Currently I installed Windows 10 Pro build 10586.0 from my USB flash drive created from the Media Creation Tool (MCT).My question is, I noticed that Microsoft has recently updated the MCT to the latest build.Before I decide to put this latest build onto my USB flash drive using the MCT, do I need to reformat my USB or will the MCT do the whole process for me by overwriting all the current Win 10 boot and setup files that were on my USB?So right now, I have all the Windows 10 bootable files created from the MCT, but the build that I have on there now is 10586.0.

So if I decide to create another Win 10 bootable USB using the MCT (Build 10586.36 or higher), will the MCT do all the reformatting automatically or do I need to manually reformat my USB myself before running the MCT?

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Installation :: Media Creation Tool / USB Reaches 100% Then Closes

Jul 30, 2015

I've just upgraded to Windows 10 and am currently trying to create a installation USB to carry out a clean install.

Twice now it has reached 100% and closed without any trace of the download on the USB flash drive i've chosen.

Do I need to format the drive in particular way?

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Installation :: Media Creation Tool Download Location

Aug 4, 2015

Im currently trying to install windows 10 onto my pc but my C drive is only left with 13gb of space. How do i change the download location to other drives?

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Installation :: Where Does Media Creation Tool Store All Of Its Data

Jul 29, 2015

So recently Windows 10 came out and I manually downloaded the Media Creation tool and started upgrading my PC BUT I had to turn it off and all of the data that it downloaded has taken up my small amount of space in my SSD (I only have 16 GB left) where does this tool store all of it's data so I could delete it.

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Installation :: Disadvantage To Upgrading With The Media Creation Tool

Jul 29, 2015

I am in the same boat as a lot of people in these threads and unfortunately, Windows 10 is not automatically installing. I've downloaded the Media Creation Tool (x64) and have my original Windows 7 Product Key, but is there any specific disadvantage to installing with the tool instead of waiting for my reserved copy?

For instance, will I forfeit my reservation for a complete, free copy of Windows 10? Will I not receive a decades worth of updates?

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Installation :: Media Creation Tool / No Select Language

Sep 14, 2015

When selecting "Upgrade This PC", is there a way to get the "Select language, architecture & edition" screen to show up? I went through this process on the computer before, but I selected the wrong edition. The process eventually just stopped (closed the window). When I try to run the tool again, it just goes straight to the "downloading..." part of the process.

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Installation :: Media Creation Tool Is On USB Flash Drive?

Aug 1, 2015

yet another question about my "favorite" Windows 10. I already have installed windows 10 on my PC. I would like to have a copy of Windows 10, so in the case I have to reinstall it , I will have a copy of it for the future. Now, I have downloaded Media Creation tool to my USB Flash Drive. What do I do next? I do not want install Windows 10, since I already have it. If I click o Run Media Creation tool, what will it do? I just want to have a copy of Windows 10, so that if I need to reinstall it, I can have it right away.

Right now I have Media Creation tool is on USB flash drive .

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Installation :: Media Creation Tool - Clean Install

Jul 29, 2015

I plan on doing a clean install. My question is do I still need to upgrade to windows 10 first or can I just enter the windows 7 key during the clean install of windows 10?

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Installation :: Skipping Reservation Wait By Using Media Creation Tool?

Aug 12, 2015

I've done the upgrade on my computers just fine. My mom gave me her laptop to upgrade for her. But she needs it back soon. With the upgrade "app", I reserved the upgrade. But I'm not sure how long it will have to wait. I have the installer on USB, since I used that for my clean re-install on by two computers. Is there a way to skip the reservation wait? Or does Microsoft require the upgrade to be "cleared" in sense in order for the upgrade to work or to be activated?

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