Installation :: Reinstall And Partitions

Jan 23, 2016

I'm wanting to reinstall Windows 10 on my SSD. Before I do I'll unplug the additional drives I have inside my PC for storage (E: onwards), to isolate the SSD. However, C: (disk1 in the screenshot below) has several partitions and unlabelled volumes that I'm guessing Windows created. Do I remove all of them during the install process?

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Installation :: Recovery Partitions On SSD

Jan 11, 2016

I purchased a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 with a 120GB SSD and a 1TB hard disk. I have the OS on the SSD (C:) together with the programs. So far I have installed Office 365 and little else. I have moved the data directories from C:Users to the D: drive.

The laptop came with no CDs or OS disks and Dell tell me none are available so I have created a recovery USB disk. At the end of that process it informed me that I could now delete any recovery partitions on the boot drive to create extra disk space. On trying this the option failed "Unable to delete partition". The reason for doing this is to recover the drive space used by 3 of the 5 partitions on the SSD. They take up over 32GB of the 120GB I bought. I've never needed to use a recovery partition and would have no issue with having to do a full install from CD or USB in future.

Disk Management does not have a "Delete partition" option for any of the SSD partitions. Would a re-install from the recovery USB stick allow me to delete all partitions on the SSD before re-installing or would they just get created again?

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Installation :: Drive Has Zero Partitions

Dec 21, 2015

I have windows 10 build 1511 on a USB stick made by windows media creation tool now when install windows the drive has zero partitions.

When i install the copy from the USB stick i end up with 3 partitions one is 450MB (recovery partition) and another partition at 100MB called (EFI System partition) and last partition is windows 10.

Now if i delete all the partitions and install windows 10 from the USB drive again i get two partitions one at 500MB called (System Reserved) and the windows 10 partition.

Why if i install windows 10 multiple times i get different partitions being made?

I would like it to only make the two partitions every time.

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Installation :: C Drive Has 3 Partitions - Is This Correct

Sep 1, 2015

I have attached an image of my Disk Management screen. Disk 0 doesn't look right to me. Is there a problem here? if there is, how do I correct this? I am running W10 and the C drive is a Samsung SSD drive.

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Installation :: Partitions Created During Upgrade?

Aug 20, 2015

my question is about Partitions in Windows 10.

I have three-

100MB (created from Windows 7, which I knew was needed for booting)

C Partition (Windows instllation)

450MB (created after upgrade)

So, do I still need the 100MB? and what is this new 450MB used for? Disk Management says that is empty. I don't want to delete anything for risk of making my system unbootable.

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Installation :: How To Identify Contents Of Partitions

Dec 20, 2015

My single ssd has the partitions shown in the attached file. This notebook was converted to win 10 from 8.1. I want to merge C: and D: into one volume. However to do that it appears that I need to have them adjacent. I tried to move the two offending small partitions but can't. Better yet I would feel better about just deleting them . Is there a way to tell what is in them? I don't care about recovering to win 8.1.

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Installation :: Clean Install With 8 Partitions

Jul 30, 2015

I've upgraded from windows 8.1 with uefi bios, so basically now i can do clean install 10 without product key? But the real question is: My pc have 8 partitions, the primary one, 5 of recovery, 1 oem and 1 efi. Can i delete all partitions and create only one?

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Installation :: Partitions Not In Correct Order?

Feb 10, 2016

Windows 10 Pro
Biostar TZ77XE4

I have been able to "successfully" boot the CD Drive into UEFI mode to install Windows 10 onto my new 4TB SSHD, but I run into the error were it stats that the partitions are not in the recommended order, when the ONLY partitions on the disk are the primary and the "protective MBR" before it at slot 0. Now, when I am in windows for the first time everything seems fine, but as soon as I restart after doing basic setup, I run into an issue where I cannot browse any partitions (I try to open "This PC", but it acts like it is indexing indefinitely and I never see the drive listing).

It looks like Windows 10 may not be appropriately setting the order for the partitions. the moment I left my original installation on my 1TB HHD intact, so that I can still have an operating PC, and find out some info on this.

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Installation :: Clean Install - Creating Necessary Partitions?

Aug 6, 2015

I have upgraded my Windows 8.1 system to Windows 10 through the Windows update app and have created an installation media USB stick. I want to clean install, something I am very familiar with, but not since the new uefi, gpt, legacy etc. that I'm not familiar with. If I do a clean install and delete the entire disk, Windows will create the partitions and install the necessary "data" to run the computer correctly? I don't need to save the data on the hidden partitions that are present now?

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Installation :: 4 Partitions Created During Clean Install?

Dec 24, 2015

As the title say, is there any workaround to avoid creating 4 different partitions during a clean install of Windows 10?

Here is a sample of what I mean:

[URL] ....

I think one is necessary and unavoidable (the MSR one), but the other ones should be used for optional services that you may not require, like restore etc.

I couldn't find a work around yesterday and in the end I gave up and accepted those 4 partitions...

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Installation :: How To Merge Boot And System Partitions

Aug 19, 2015

I recently updated from Win7 to Win10. Initially when updating I was encountering an error, which I resolved by splitting my SSD into 2 partitions using CMD (I found this information through other posts).

Now the SSD is in 2 partitions, one being the boot partition (C) and the other system partition (Y). Is it possible that these 2 partitions can be merged together?

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Installation :: Deleting All Partitions And Clean Install

Dec 18, 2015

I have a top spec HP Envy DV6 i7 laptop which had Windows 7 on it then upgraded to windows 8 then Windows 10. I have noticed that recently the machine has become really sluggish and Cortana is not working not matter what I try.

I have decided to clean install Windows 10 which I have on a USB stick but before I do that I noticed I have 8 partitions

See below:

What I want is to have just one partition and clean install Windows 10

So, how do I boot Windows from USB drive. How can I delete all the partitions and leave one...

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Installation :: Two Recovery Partitions After Installing 10586.3?

Nov 13, 2015

After finishing the installation of the Threshold 2 update 10586.3, I seem to have grown an additional Recovery Partition.

How many of these do I need?

Will the excess one be deleted along with Windows.old after thirty days (or if I run Cleanmgr earlier)?

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Installation :: Removing Mystery Partitions After Upgrade?

Nov 20, 2015

I've successfully installed Win 10 on 4 PCs with no problems so far, so I was asked to upgrade one of our office systems from Win 8.1 to Win 10. The unit was an ASUS with Win 8.1 OEM-installed and working, but missing almost all of the available Win 8.1 updates. All else looked good and Win 8.1 was working well. I updated the machine to current 8.1 maintenance level, and the 'Get Win 10' app appeared as expected. I did the upgrade with no problems, but then found that Win 10 Disk Management shows a very large C: partition (Win 10) and 4 small partitions marked 'healthy recovery partition'... and they all show 100% free space and have no drive letters. Right-clicking on those partitions offers no options. Is there no way to get rid of these partitions within Windows? Or will I have to use GpartEd or equivalent? These partitions must have existed before the upgrade because I have not yet created any Win10 backups or recovery disks. I do have the Win 10 ISO files handy, so as a last resort I can do a full drive format and a clean install, but I'm curious about what might be hidden in those mystery partitions.

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Installation :: Can Erase All Partitions In Clean Install?

Aug 2, 2015

Upgraded my Win 7 Ultimate x64 to Win 10. Now when I went to perform a clean install of the Win 10 with USB created from Microsoft Media, take me through to the screen to partitions.

There are three partitions, one marked as OEM. What could be this.

I put in new HDD two years ago and had done clean install of Win 7 then.

I had Acronis True Home Image 2012 but removed it prior this Win 10 upgrade

Am I save to erase all these partitions for my clean install?

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Installation :: Reinstall Using USB

Sep 13, 2015

So I installed w10 and worked fine but then stopped. I couldn't fix it so I downloaded windows 10 to a usb to reinstall.

However i I do not have an activation keys.... This is pretty dumb of Ms as they didn't give me any for the download which broke my pc...

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Installation :: After Upgrade Via Clean Install Query What Partitions To Keep

Aug 29, 2015

Just wondering looking at my partitions after upgrading to windows 10 . Do I need to keep the last too partitions? I love windows 10 and had presumed that after a clean install my old windows 8 and 8.1 would be removed are these last too files remainders from them and if so can i delete and how should i do so. Just took a snip of the partitions content!

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Installation :: What Partitions Does Windows Automatically Create During Install

Dec 18, 2015

I already have my pc updated with windows 10, I recently upgraded my hard drive with a samsung 850 pro ssd but i discovered that my recovery partition no longer works and when i try to do a system image windows says it cannot do it because files are missing . I used the samsung data migration software that came with my ssd, when i go to disk management it shows my three partitions which are

500mb recovery partition

260mb efi system partition

windows c 476.18 gb ntfs , boot,page file, crash dump, primary partition

My question is if I do a clean install of windows 10 will these partitions be created again during the windows 10 installation automatically or will I loose some . I want to be able to recover my pc should I need to and have everything working. Someone suggested that I don't need a recovery partition and windows 10 does not create new partitions .

I don't know what the efi system partition is and don't know if i need it . i have watched some youtube videos of people doing clean installs of windows 10 and they all seem to differ . during installation when given the choice of where to install windows some people delete all the partitions on their hard drive while others pick which one .

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Installation :: Remove Extra Partitions And Reclaim Space

Nov 14, 2015

In ADMIN TOOLS|COMPUTER MGMT|DISK MGMT the following are listed...

C: 952 GB
"healthy recovery partition" 450 MB (the box is shaded)

"healthy recovery partition" 449 MB
D: 909 GB

How can I get rid of the recovery partitions (or at least one, if the other is required) and reclaim the unused space for C: ?

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Installation :: Multiple Recovery Partitions - Drive Space Was Low

Mar 5, 2016

I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro with an upgraded Windows 10 installed. Always perform Windows Update but did not pay attention too closely. When the drive space was low and started looking a little bit closer, I found out that I have several Recovery Partitions. From Disk Management display, from left to right are the partitions:

500MB EFI | 40 MB OEM | 490 MB Recovery | C: OS 22.8 GB | 450 MB Recovery | 4.75 GB Recovery

The problem is I do not know which partition that Windows 10 actually created as its Recovery Partition. I do know that the 4.75 GB partition is my original Dell Venue 8 Pro Recovery Partition. Which one can I remove to allow the expansion of my C drive? What gives?

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Installation :: HDD Arrangements - Two Partitions System Reserved And Recovery

Nov 20, 2015

I have upgraded to Windows 10 a few months earlier from Windows 8.1, I have not checked my HDD arrangement after the upgrade. Now I can see that there are two partitions the "system reserved" and "recovery". Where these partitions came from? and Can I get red of them?

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Installation :: Partitions After Upgrade - Clean Install And Revert Back

Aug 11, 2015

Recently upgraded to w10 from w8.1 via the upgrade option, then proceeded to make a USB boot with w10 and performed a clean install.

However, something is fishy with my system and w10 so for now i want to revert back to w8.1 via a clean install of w8.1

When i installed w10 however i noticed i have an abundance of partitions, and preferably i would only like to have my SSD and HDD as optional storage spaces. I do of course not want to delete any necessary recovery or system partitions, but to me it seems like i currently have too many.

Which of the partitions in the picture below can i delete? Is it safe to delete all the recovery partitions when clean installing w8.1 from usb? meaning that will the installation create the necessary partitions required by windows?

See picture for info(gjenoppretting = recovery)

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Installation :: Clean Install - How To Manually Create Special Partitions

Feb 2, 2016

I want to clean install Windows 10, and I already did that before using the tutorial here. But last time I did not have Ubuntu install.

And in the tutorial, you must delete all partitions in order for Windows to create the special necessary partitions (Recovery, MSR, MBR etc..)

But now that I have a Linux partition that I don't want to delete, and according to the tutorial, Windows installation will not create these partitions.

How can I manually create them? Is it simply allocating a space for them and naming them the proper way and Windows will know how to use them? Or there's more than that? Also, What happens if I do not have these partitions?

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Installation :: Safe To Delete DELL Created Partitions When Upgrading OS

Jan 11, 2016

My DELL Latitude laptop came with Windows 8.1 Pro x64 on it. I decided that I want to upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro x64.Before I did anything I used DELL Backup and Recovery to create a flash drive so I can always restore the PC back to factory if anything goes wrong during the upgrade process.

After creating the recovery media I used the Windows 10 upgrade wizard to upgrade to Windows 10 carrying over all of my existing files. I primarily did this so my Windows 8.1 Product Key which is injected into the motherboard would officially become a Windows 10 Product Key.Now I would like to do a 100% clean install of Windows 10 through a bootable Windows 10 USB flash drive that I just got done creating but have a few questions:I booted from the flash drive and went to Custom (Advanced) install and I am currently viewing all of the partitions:

Drive 0 Partition 1: "ESP" type: (System)
Drive 0 Partition 2: "DIAGS" type: (OEM)
Drive 0 Partition 3: "" type: MSR (Reserved)
Drive 0 Partition 4: "WINRETOOLS" (Recovery)
Drive 0 Partition 5: "OS" type: (Primary)
Drive 0 Partition 6: "" type: (Recovery)
Drive 0 Partition 7: "PBR Image" (Recovery)

Which of these are DELL related and which of these are just the additional partitions Windows automatically installs?Can I just delete them all and fresh install Windows 10 on Unpartitioned space?Is there any that are non operating system related and might be worth keeping like the DIAGS one?Will my DELL Backup and Recovery media rely on any of these if I delete them and then try to use it later on?Is there any use for any single one these anymore now that I have backup recovery media and will be going to Windows 10?

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Installation :: Cannot Reinstall After Having To Reset Laptop

Sep 10, 2015

Long story short, I have had Windows 10 on my laptop ever since the second I could upgrade it. Last week my laptop got infected with a virus and would not boot up. I tried everything and the only solution that would work was to reset it to factory condition which brought my laptop back to windows 8.1. I no longer see any notifications popping up telling me I can upgrade to Windows 10. Is there another way I can upgrade or am I stuck with Windows 8.1 for good?

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Installation :: Using ISO To Reinstall / Recover Instead Of HP Recovery App?

Nov 30, 2015

I just bought an HP Envy laptop with Windows 10 preinstalled. There is a recovery partition, but I'd like to erase the data in this partition and use it for personal files. My question is: if I do ever need to re-install or recover Windows 10 on this laptop, can I do it with a DVD I burned using the media creation tool from Microsoft instead of the specific HP recovery app the laptop shipped with?

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