Keeps Defaulting To Factory Setting

Feb 6, 2016

I got a new laptop (Pavilion 17) and first time using windows 10.

Problem 1 - I originally had to turn on scrolling for the click pad which was yesterday. Now today scrolling was turned off and I had to turn it back on again. Stopped using computer last night while it was copying files over (via network). Computer was left open and running.

Problem 2 - This morning the network was completely disconnected and I had to go in and 'join the network' again. I did have to 2 this 3 times yesterday while I was using the computer as well.

Problem 3 - This morning all my windows had been closed? Explorer windows that were being used to copy and firefox also.

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Windows Factory Setting Failed - Computer At 2% Turned Off

Sep 7, 2015

I had a lot of files so I decided to reset to factory settings. Computer at 2% turned off, so I tryed to turn it on again,but windows refused to start, it turned off after the manufacturer's logo showed, so I decided to download windows 10 installer [URL] ..... and put it into my USB. I tryed to reinstall windows through usb port, but it needs to turn on the windows that can not be launched (possibly due to incomplete reset to factory settings that might have deleted important windows files). How can I re-install windows 10 without needing to access windows? 

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Why Isn't NumLock Defaulting

Aug 3, 2015

So I'm having trouble with NumLock defaulting on the Logon screen in Windows 10. I have a Dell Inspiron 15R.

I tried the following;

1.On the Logon screen, press the NumLock key on the keyboard to turn it on. On the bottom right corner of the Login screen I clicked the power button to reboot Windows.

2.using Registry tweak, InitialKeyboardIndicators under HKEY_USERS.DEFAULTControl PanelKeyboard using code(s) 2147483650 then tried 80000002 as well as just 2

Before installing Win10 it worked as desired (I did #2 above using code "2").

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Customization :: Folder Pictures Set Randomly Defaulting

Feb 10, 2016

Basically I've been doing some serious customisation to my media folders.. I've arranged everything where I want them from movies to TV and animated TV. I've even go as far as to put artwork on all folders.. For example in my marvel folder I've got an Marvel Cinamatic universe logo set and inside all the films have the did covers set.

I've been adding this artwork by right clicking the folders the films are inside. Going to customisation tab and selecting older pictures, which I then set a picture I've saved of the film cover..

My issue is that 2 times now I've gone through setting all this up to look nice and randomly when I restart the computer most of the artwork disappears from the folder and it goes back to the Windows default folder picture with just the media logo inside it..

Why this keeps happening and how I would stop it from forgetting the picture I've set up? It's really annoying having to set it all back up again and again for each individual folder and so time consuming!!

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Transfer Factory OS On New SSD?

Aug 4, 2015

I just got a new laptop with windows 10 installed (upgrade of 8) on the hard drive which isn't an ssd, and I'd like to use an ssd I have Is there a way for me to put the factory install OS on my ssd?

The laptop doesn't have a dvd drive, but of course usb ports And the laptop didn't come packaged with any cds or what-not like the old days  And it's a Lenovo if that makes any difference.

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Installation :: No Factory Reset

Dec 25, 2015

I have Lenovo Ideacenter Desktop with window 7 OS. Last week, i upgraded it to win 10 and downgraded back to window 7. Now problem is that i am unable to do factory reset (lenovo Green leaves screensaver page) even after restarting and pressing F2 key repeatedly.Yesterday i used Auslogics software for registry defragmentation and now my window is not loading .getting start up failed error. when i tried using system restore is not working .(please see screenshot attached .i cant click that box to select local disc C option).

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Performance :: How To Set Factory Resetting PC

Nov 28, 2015

Alright so i've had this laptop for a few years and have had adjustments to it. I bought it windows 8 and have constantly been updating it - to 8.1 and 10. I feel like I need to just reset it to factory settings. I am wondering if it would reset to windows 10 or back to 8. If it goes back to 8 is it possible for me to get the free upgrade again.

Secondly - Is there a way to partition my harddrive so that i can keep some important files on it that i need to transfer after the factory reset without anything on the partition being cleared.

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Installation :: How To Factory Reset

Jan 29, 2016

How to Factory Reset Windows10 or upgraded to Windows10 from Windows7 or 8.This is also a FIX for the ERROR: There was a problem resetting your PC. This fix is only for Legit Authorized Copies of Windows 7, 8, or 10.

I upgraded to Win10 from Win8.1 when it was released for free upgrades in 2015. It is now 2016 and I wanted to Factory Reset my PC so I can start fresh again. I attempted to do it from Settings/Update and Security/Recovery/Reset this PC as suggested by Microsoft but I received and error saying "There was a problem resetting your PC. No changes were made." After searching the web I found many different fixes but they all seems so involved. Making a boot flash drive or burning a DVD and use their software... There is an awesome tutorial on this forum called Windows 10 Clean Install but I like to KISS when I can (Keep It Simple Stupid) so I decided to check with before I started that process.

Go to: Windows 10
Click the "Upgrade Now" button.
Follow the prompts and you're good to go.
Works with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

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Factory Reset After Upgrade?

Aug 22, 2015

I have a small laptop running Windows 8 that I'd like to give to a friend after I install Windows 10. If I do a factory reset to remove all my stuff, will it retain Windows 10 or will it revert back to 8?

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Factory Reset Name Change

Feb 18, 2016

Sometime ago I've give my laptop a factory reset, but now it's giving a different name, how can I change that?


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Can Factory Reset After Upgrading?

Jul 31, 2015

So, i installed Windows 10 from here http:// and downloaded it on a flash drive, then installed it on my computer, but now i want to Factory Reset my computer. That means the computer will be like when i bought it and only have the programs and settings that came with the computer. Can i do it with no problems now that i've Upgraded or will i get Windows 8.1 back, because i DON'T want that.

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Factory Reset Stuck On 2%

Nov 4, 2015

I was doing a factory reset on my Windows 10 computer, but it got stuck on 2%. After less than an hour from the beginning it got stuck, and it didn't move all night, although I selected the shorter method (deleting only personal stuff). I manually shut down my PC and I selected the second method. It said it could take few hours. But after half an hour it was still on 1 %. I have just one hdd disk. What could be the problem causing this? I am worried that when I will come back from work, it will still be on 1%.

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Updates :: Won't Update After Factory Re-install

Oct 17, 2015

Today I had to do a reinstall to fix some things (it didn't fix them lol) so now I'm stuck. Windows 10 will not update. I get the error code 0x80240442 after a while. I'm not sure if its an issue with my drivers not being updated, but all of the web pages I have found that have this error code won't open. Not even the Microsoft pages, including hotmail.

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PC Won't Start After It Shut Off During Factory Reset

Jul 31, 2015

my PC shut off during factory reset and it always starts up and then has a black screen.

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Installation :: Revert To Factory Condition?

Jan 24, 2016

Is it possible to still revert a PC to the original factory condition using the factory restore partition after Windows 10 has been installed or does the installation of WIN 10 prevent that? None of the other options to do a restore back to the original WIN 7 (as purchased new) are available to me.

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Installation :: How To Factory Reset Without Losing

Dec 8, 2015

I have factory reset once before with windows 10 and it let me keep windows 10 when I did it. But now I want to do it again but it is showing me a notice that if i reset, I will go back to windows 7. Is there a way I can factory reset my pc while still keeping windows 10?

Also I have another question but I don't want to make another thread about it. In games such as cs go, why is my game freezing for no reason? About every 30 sec - 1 min, i freeze for about 5-10 seconds. Between the freezes, i get split second freezes. I am getting a constant 200 fps and 10 ping

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Factory Reset Doesn't Work

Aug 5, 2015

I want to factory reset my Asus UX301LA laptop running Windows 10 (came with 8.1), but Windows demands recovery media. The install disk wasn't included when I bought the laptop. I tried creating recovery media using the build-in program, but it says that some needed files are missing and that I should use the install disk. Is there any other way I can factory reset.

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Factory Restore - How To Get Rid Of Overclock Settings

Nov 29, 2015

Like the title says, I have the overclock set since I got the computer almost two years ago and it is running great. Recently the computer has been sluggish and I am assuming its because of a torrent file...anyway looking to factory restore the computer but hoping I won't have to go through and write down all the bios settings in the case it wipes my OC.

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Mouse Lag And Stutter After Factory Resetting

Aug 14, 2015

After I did a factory reset of my Windows 10. I noticed that my mouse sometimes lags and stutters. Also when i play a first person shooter then when the lag occurs then I see my mouse pointer in the middle and its really annoying. I tried to get latest NVidia drivers but still no change. When I was in Windows 8.1 then everything was fine.

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Factory Reset Is Stuck For 9 Hours Now On 35%

Jul 31, 2015

I recently updated to win 10 from win 7. After that i wanted to start fresh so i did a factory reset. I started the reset 9 hours ago and it stuck on 35 % of resetting. I don't know what to do because a video i saw on youtube said it will take 15-30 minutes to reset.

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Factory Reset No Disc After Upgrade

Oct 15, 2015

factory reset no disc after windows 10 upgrade

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Lost Apps And Factory Installed Programs

Nov 8, 2015

My HP Desktop computer came with windows 8.1 and several additional programs.

I have installed windows 10 and the programs and apps were still there.

Since I have done a refresh I have lost the HP installed programs and the apps.

On the desk top the program and app icons are monochrome.

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Installation :: How To Create Factory Image Disk

Feb 10, 2016

First of all, I upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7. My device is a ASUS K55vd notebook. When I was running on windows 7 I successfully created a factory image disk via ASUS ai recovery application (a five bootable disk). Then I decided to upgrade my hdd to ssd. My idea is to have a clean factory installation of windows 7 on ssd so I didn't clone my old hdd.

What I did was mount the ssd and ran my recovery disk and successfully installed a fresh windows 7, it is then when I update my windows 7 and went to windows 10. Currently I'm running on windows 10 and there is the notification of creating a factory disk which I would like to do but as soon as I start burning the disk it says that the recovery partition does not exist even though I have my recovery drive ( R: ).

Next, I tried creating system repair disc from Control Panel>System and security>Backup and restore (windows 7) then this prompt came. "The selected disc cannot be used. The selected disc does not contain a valid Windows installation."

Lastly I tried creating system image also from Control Panel too. However it failed and says that the mounted backup volume is inaccessible.

In my reagentc /info:

In my disk management:

I would like to ask for some solution regarding that and I'm wondering if the previous factory image disc that I have from before (win 7) is still usable if I decided to factory reset my pc? And can I make a bootable disc in which it reverts my windows to the point where I freshly upgraded to windows 10 so that I would relieve myself the hassle of upgrading again to windows 10 when the factory image disc work (in which it will surely reverts my windows to win 7).

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Installation :: Failed Factory Reset - Won't Boot Up

Feb 10, 2016

Recently, I decided to do a factory reset, to cleanly wipe my drive, with the exception of Windows. When the reset was about 30% through, the reset failed. Now, when I try and use my laptop, it only gets to the ASUS logo, then goes to a black screen with a flashing underscore symbol on the top left corner. I've tried doing F9, SHIFT+F9, and everything else in between. My laptop is an ASUS G74SX, and I don't have a recovery partition for the laptop. I also cannot get any external programs for the laptop, such as ISOs, etc.

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Installation :: Can Factory Reset To Windows 7 After Upgrading

Oct 20, 2015

Question on behalf of a friend, he has a Fujitsu AH530 which had Windows 7 OEM installed and he upgraded to Windows 10 Insider Preview and then to Windows 10 from Microsoft Standalone Package, but he now wants to go back to Windows 7, he has used Windows 10 for longer than 30 days so he cannot reset it back from within Windows 10. Can he recover to factory settings using the Recovery Partition or will he need to purchase Recovery Disk from Fujitsu?

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Installation :: Restore Back To Factory State?

Dec 27, 2015

I managed to screw things up pretty bad, and want to restore back to factory state, However I can no longer access my restore partition because Windows 10 has its restore software there when I hit F11. This is an HP Pavilion 17. An way to get my old restore partition back?

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