Lock Screen Function

Feb 10, 2016

When I right click my desktop and go to personalization then click "lock screen" nothing happens and it freezes on background. I have to close out then start over to use other functions.

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Numbers Lock Does Not Function?

Nov 1, 2015

since installing Windows 10 for some reason the "numbers lock" does not function & I can't use the calculator

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Stuck In Loop Flashing Between Lock Screen And Gray Loading Screen

Aug 24, 2015

I upgraded to Win 10 on Friday, and since, despite several resetting PC attempts, Win 10 will not load to the login screen. Instead, it is stuck on a loop flashing between the lock screen and a gray loading screen quickly back to the lock screen -- instead of loading to the login screen. This only happens when I attempt to restart or update my PC. If I go to the lock screen because I locked my PC or it fell asleep, I can unlock it. I have also attempted to reset my PC to the previous build, to no avail. I have no restore points.

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Updates :: Not Able To Press Key To Get From Lock Screen To Password Screen

Dec 19, 2015

Since the latest update (It introduced the slide show of pictures on the lock screen. I think it is KB3124200) I haven't been able to press Enter or Space or any other key for that matter to "slide up" the lock screen photo to get to the password screen. I've looked through the lock screen settings, but I see nothing that could prevent this.

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Can't Login / Flashing Between Lock Screen And Blue Screen

Aug 12, 2015

I upgraded from Windows 8 to 10 without a hitch an hour ago and kept all of my personal files and apps. I set up my start menu and everything was working fine, but I wanted to change the image on the logon screen (or whatever you call the screen in between the lock screen and the screen where you enter your PIN/info). So I took a risk and downloaded the 3rd party app here:

[URL] and uploaded an image and hit apply. Of course right after doing that I went to lock my PC to see if it worked, and as you can tell... it didn't.

I've tried rebooting and it hasn't worked. It's just very rapidly flashing between a blue screen w/ a loading circle and my lock screen image.

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Set PC To Go To Lock Screen After Inactivity Without Shutting Off Screen

Aug 12, 2015

This might be a stupid question but I havent found a solution for it myself, probably looking in all the wrong places.. would like to be able to have my computer go to the lock screen after an alotted time of inactivity without turning off the screen itself as in the power settings. I usually have screen shutoff/sleep set for longer periods but would like the screen to lock sooner.

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No Lock Screen At All?

Oct 3, 2015

I upgraded (free) from 7 to 10 a month ago and all is going well apart from the lock screen. Sometimes when I boot up I see the lock screen for the briefest moment before I get to the regular sign in screen. Win+L does not result in a Lock screen but the regular sign in screen (Blue window and bottom left options).

I have tried the NoLockScreen DWord registry option with no luck either. Both manually and as a 'reg' file insert. Lock screen is set on via settings and I can select Spotlight, background images and apps to show etc.

I do not have Gpedit.msc as I have the Home version of Win 10.

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Lock Screen Not Responding

Feb 10, 2016

I've been running Windows 10 myself for a few days. My girlfriend for a few weeks/months. We noticed a small something that is not much but is getting on the nerve after a while.

We lock our computer or put them to sleep and when trying to get from the lock screen to the login screen, nothing is happening. We wait a few moment and everything is fine. Here is a few cases...

I'm at the lock screen. Click the mouse or hit a key. Nothing. Try a few times and I get to the login screen.

Another case : From the lock screen, hit a key on the keyboard multiple time and nothing. Click the mouse once and it's ok.

Everything work fine after that and it's no big deal but whe having to do this game a few times each days it's start to get on the nerve. Sometimes it's fine and we get to the login screen right away.

In my case it's a brand new install and in the case of my girlfriend it's an upgrade from 8.1.

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99+ Messages On Lock Screen

Feb 23, 2016

My lock screen has a notification of a speech bubble with 99+ written next to it. I can't work out what it's referring to.

Please see the attachment:

What this is referring to or how I might be able to find out?

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Lock Screen Bypassed On Its Own?

Sep 2, 2015

Recently i notice that i am not being presented with the lock screen initially before the login screen. I don't recall doing anything to bypass the lock screen. how to get the lock screen back?

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Can't Disable Lock Screen

Feb 10, 2016

This issue has plagued me since I've transitioned to Windows 8 and up. The Lock Screen feature (primarily ctrl + w) gets in the way of using certain programs. I've tried a few methods, all of which either don't work or stopped working.

Registry Editor
Local Group Policy Editor
And Winaero Tweaker

Is there any other way to disable this feature? It's the only problem I have with this OS. As I've said before, one of the methods worked fine but I feel that an update might have nullified my changes.

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Weather On Lock Screen

Nov 8, 2015

I just installed W10M and MSN Weather stopped working so I installed Weather Channel app. I can't get any weather to display on the lock screen. I am running OS 10166 for some reason.

I selected the slow ring

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Customization :: Lock Screen Is Changing

Jan 9, 2016

My lock screen it always changing or making its own picture. Even though I set it with the picture I like.

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Video Playing On Lock Screen - Possible?

Feb 10, 2016

Is it possible to have the Lock screen play a video....?

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Accounts :: Lock Screen Password

Dec 22, 2015

I have successfully disabled the request for logon password with netplwiz, but lock screen still requires the password. Is there a way I can disable this as well? I selected "never" not to require it upon the pc waking up, but it doesn't work.

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Customization :: Can't Change Lock Screen

Dec 6, 2015

I've had this since i got windows 10 and basically i cant change my lockcreen, i cant change what type of lock screen i have eg (spotlight, slideshow, picture) its just stuck on spotlight.

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Lock Screen Doesn't Show Up

Sep 11, 2015

I just upgraded my computer to Windows 10 from Windows 8. With Windows 8, my laptop would display a lock screen everytime I turn the computer on, whether it was from sleep or from being shut down. However, immediately after upgrading, my laptop began to skip the lock screen step. Is there a way to turn it back on?

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When Using HDMI Forced To Lock Screen

Dec 25, 2015

Recently updated to Windows 10, and I watch a lot of tv through my laptop by HDMI to my HDTV. Before with Windows 7, I NEVER had an issue like this.

After somewhere around 15-20 minutes of the HDMI being plugged in and watching via my TV, the computer locks itself. It goes to a black screen and "disconnects" from the HDMI input. BUT the programs keep running, but I can't see or hear them since it doesn't go back to laptop input. To bring it back I have to click the mousepad and it brings me right to asking for my password. How do I stop the laptop from ever locking while I'm watching or streaming through HDMI? It doesn't do it when it's playing straight off the laptop...

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Getting Back From Lock Screen Is SLOW

Aug 1, 2015

I've been using Windows 10 for 2 days now since is released. One of the irritating things I've noticed that getting back from Lock screen is slow and I got the rotating loading circle for 5 seconds like I just login to Windows. I use all SSDs and even I'm not, that never happen in previous Windows versions!!

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Customization :: Lock Screen Photo?

Dec 25, 2015

locate this photo. it was shown in my lock screen unfortunately i can not locate it anymore.

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No Shutdown Option From Within Lock Screen?

Sep 12, 2015

For some reason I have not got the shutdown options within the Lock Screen. They are only in the login but I want to have them in the Lock Screen as I may find myself unable to access login screen sometime in the future. I would like to have that functionality.

I have confirmed the option in my Security Policies is set to disabled but I'm guessing this is not the correct setting. I know it's possible but cannot find the option at the moment. I'm guessing it is most likely in the registry somewhere but have not checked there as yet.

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Customization :: Lock Screen Slideshow?

Aug 11, 2015

got the slideshow to work on your lock screen yet, i have tried everything including deleteing a particular file in screen folder to making new files everywhere and still nothing, when i press WIN + L it works great but the minute i reboot my PC nothing the same picture i had stays there

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Computer Will Randomly Go To The Lock Screen

Jan 22, 2016

When I am using my computer, the screen will go black and then go to the lock screen, just like if I had locked it using the start menu. It happens even If I'm actively using my computer. All my power settings are set so that when my laptop is on the "hp recommended" power setting, it will never go to sleep and never turn off the display. I've restarted, and updated my computer.

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Accounts :: Screen Won't Auto-lock?

Nov 7, 2015

Lock Screen
Screen Time-out settings
Screen: when plugged in, turn off after 5 minutes
Sleep: When plugged in, pc goes to sleep after 10 minutes

Require password on wake-up is checked.

When left alone, the screen will never turn off.

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Disable Inactive Lock Screen?

Jan 2, 2016

I've got a feeling I'm missing something really basic but I am unable to disable the lock screen that appears after approx 5 minutes of inactivity. I've used registry and deactivated it following tutorials but that has only stopped the lock screen on start up.

I'm sure I've got it turned off in settings but it still appears.

Windows 10 Home. 

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How To Change Lock Screen Picture

Aug 1, 2015

I have Windows 10 Pro and activated. I tried to change the picture on my Lock screen and the beads just keep going around and will not display the picture I have selected. So therefore it will not change So I am stuck with the old windows 8.1 pro lock screen picture.

I decided to try it on the laptop Windows 10 Home and I am able to change the lock screen picture to anything I want to. Is this a bug in the Pro version?

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