Make Clean Install Through Optical Drive Not USB Drive

Dec 18, 2015

I just bought a new 850 EVO and i am trying to make a clean install of windows 10 pro through my optical drive, not a usb drive. I turned bios to AHCI and everything seems fine. At least everything worked fine with windows 7. So the problem is that after the installation asked me for first time to restart my pc and i removed the DVD, then bios showed me that there is no Hard drive in my system, after making the AHCI checks.

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Install On New PC That Has No Optical Drive?

Aug 19, 2015

I am building my first gaming pc. the case im using is Fractal design define s and there is no place for an optical drive. the place im getting the os from is out of Usb Windows 10 kits. how else can I install the os. My sister has windows 10 on the laptop. is it possible to make an iso from that then put it on a usb and just buy the windows 10 disc kit and use the product key on there.

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How To Install Without Optical Drive

Sep 27, 2015

I just finished my latest build, and for my OS I purchased a copy of windows 10 (64 bit home edition). The problem is my case does not support external drive bays, and I don't particularly want to fork out the cash for an external optical drive. I read online that you could create a USB boot disk for windows 10, but couldn't find an explanation on how. I have a 16gb flash drive, and a laptop with a dvd player running windows 7. I was wondering how I could get windows 10 on to my pc?

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Cannot Have Optical Drive

Sep 16, 2015

You can now buy windows on a usb flash drive? My new build im currently building has a NZXT H440 case and it cannot have an optical drive on it. Also in the link i post, the windows says 32bit/64bit, does this mean its both ? I don't get it.

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Clean Install To Another Drive

Sep 11, 2015


C:/ (HDD)
S:/ (SSD)
O:/ (SSD)

Right, I have my OS (Windows 10) installed on the C:/ drive, but I'd like to reinstall it on the O:/ drive. I've only come across one way of doing it:
Clean installation, then copy/move the C:/ drive's content to the O:/ drive.This is what I'm aiming for:

-Having my OS moved from the C:/ to the O:/ drive.
-Cleaning the C:/ drive from all data.
-Keeping the S:/ drive untouched, no problem I'd say.
-Possible: Having the C:/ and O:/ drives switch names after the installation (So the SSD with the newly installed OS would be named C:/.).

Is this possible to do this in one move and use the same Windows 10 key?

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How To Download From CD Onto PC With No Optical Drive

Nov 7, 2015

I want to buy Windows 10 for my new custom built gaming PC but my case has no optical drive support, and Windows 10 on a CD is much more cheaper than on a USB on Amazon. How do I get Windows 10 onto my PC?

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Installation :: Clean Install From A USB Drive

Aug 5, 2015

I upgraded both of my PC's from Windows 8.1 Pro. If I want to do a clean install from a USB drive do I need one from each PC or will one work with both?

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D Drive Is Missing After Clean Install

Mar 18, 2016

So, one day i was just thinking of doing a clean install of Windows from a bootable USB drive and after i got everything set up, clean installation done and ready to go i noticed that.. Windows only created one drive, and that's my lonely C: drive with the space of my old C: drive and D: drive together. So practically, it blended those two drives together, since im pretty sure i did everything correct on the clean installation but this is the result. Is there any ways to fix this situation WITHOUT going back to a restore point or without another clean installation of Windows from a bootable usb drive?

I have tried installing the Windows again from the settings of the Windows but it did not work and the problem still persists. Also, while i was doing the new install of the Windows, it threw me an error of the drive being GBT (or something along the lines) so i had to run cmd in the installer and clean disk 0 to make it work. and By doing that, it didnt show those 7-8 drives i had on the list in the installer but it actually deleted all of those 8 and left 1 standing so i clicked ''new'' and it made only one more that was called ''system memory'' or something along those lines.

My Computer is an Asus notebook x551ca.

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Clean Install On New SSD Drive In Laptop?

Jul 30, 2015

I have a laptop with a retail copy (bought from store) of windows 7 home premium installed on it.

I just bought a new SSD drive that I want to replace with the HDD drive that's currently in the laptop.

Now to get Windows 10 on that SSD drive after I swap it do I need to first install my windows 7 home premium onto it then upgrade to Windows 10 , then do a clean install?

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Installation :: AHCI Clean Install Onto New SSD Drive

Nov 19, 2015

when I installed windows 7 Pro 64 bit on a new build, a few years ago, I had to install some specific drivers during the Windows 7 installation to ensure drives used AHCI mode. Do I still need to do anything during windows 10 clean install to new SSD drive in order to achieve this (I did not see anything in the clean install tutorial ) or is this all now taken care of in Windows 10?

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Installation :: Clean Install To Different Disk Drive?

Aug 10, 2015

I have successfully upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 (and solved the initial network connection problems).

However my OS has a lot of crud from the pre-upgrade state and I would like to do a clean install of Windows 10, without losing any old data files. I've read online guides on doing clean installs of Windows 10, but it is not clear whether you can only install into partitions that already have a valid Windows OS installed.

My computer has two identical hard disks, one of which is (or can be made) blank so what I would like to do is keep one with the 'cruddy' version of Windows 10 - at least until I have copied over all the files I want to keep and made sure I've installed all the software I want on the new 'clean install' Windows 10.

So, are there people out there who have done this? Are there things I should look out for?

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Installation :: Change Drive At Clean Install

Nov 17, 2015

I currently have an ASUS motherboard (p9x79 Pro) and am running my operating system on a spinning drive and using the ASUS cache which uses a 128GB SSD drive to cache the operating system disk.I would like to dump that arrangement and run the operating system on a larger SSD drive (they are cheaper now). Ideally I would do this at the same time as moving to Windows 10 so that I only have to install once.

My question is - if I go for a clean install to Windows 10 can I put this directly onto a new clean SSD drive - using my old windows 7 key to activate it (it was an OEM key I bought when I built the system) or will I need to clone the Windows 7 system onto the new drive before installing?The motherboard will not be changed.

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Setting Up Flash Drive For Clean Install

Aug 3, 2015

I have upgraded my pc and surface pro to windows 10 and now I want to download the iso for USB to do a clean install on my surface pro. I have the media creation tool. I launch that, select my version, etc., then when I get to the screen where it would create media to USB, it says that there is no USB connected. I am having this issue on both the desktop and the surface. Is there something I am doing wrong? Do I need to format or configure the flash drive a certain way for it to show up to the media tool? My computer is certainly reading that the flash drive is connected.

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If Do A Clean Install Can Able To Choose Which Drive It Installs To?

Aug 12, 2015

For example, I have Windows 10 on my main HDD and was wondering... If I hit the reset this PC button and reinstall Windows can I install it to my SSD from the main disk? Or will it only install to its current location?

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Device Manager Doesn't See Optical Drive (G)

Sep 14, 2015

My Win10 install, 64 bit, (over Win7 64 bit) runs OK. But Device Manager doesn't see the Optical Drive. The drive was "G" under Win7 and functioning.

Tried the "New Hardware" tab several times and looked at the BIOS. Nothing seems amiss but the drive is not there.

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ASUS 24X DVD Burner - Optical Drive Not Recognized?

Feb 8, 2016

When I changed my pc case I didn't bother to hook up my optical drive because I didn't really use it. today i went to hook it up and it works fine but it wont show up in file explorer. it only shows my c drive. is there a reason for this? my drive is ASUS 24X DVD Burner ...

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Installation :: Cannot Clean Install Off A Flash Drive On Dell

Sep 11, 2015

Yesterday I upgraded from Windows 8,1 to Windows 10. I wanted to clean install so I booted from my USB drive (which has the Windows 10 image and worked before on my other PC) and it didn't work.

Something was corrupt with my registry on the C: drive so I formatted it. Now I can't boot obviously and I get odd error messages like bad_config_info or something like that. I can't even clean install on the damn drive, it gets stuck after copying files.

I really need my laptop ready over the weekend, because my current PC is garbage and also blue screens with Memory_Management. I'm not even bothering with that on a 6 yr old PC.

ERROR CODE 0x80070570

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Installation :: Clean Install On New 250gb Hard Drive

Feb 10, 2016

I previously used windows xp and just went and bought a new hard drive and windows 10 usb. I installed the hard drive along with my old master drive, using it as slave i presume. Will it auto partition the new hard drive..

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Installation :: Replacing OS Hard Drive - Clean Install On New SSD

Aug 12, 2015

I am about to get a new 240Gb SSD and have been advised to clean install Windows 10 on it. This SSD will replace a SATA HDD in my existing computer running Windows 8.1. I know that I qualify for the free upgrade; I have the "Get 10" icon on my task bar.

My first question is, can I get the 10 installation media without buying it and if so, how?

Do I need to upgrade the computer to 10 before replacing the OS hard drive with the new SSD and clean installing?

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Installation :: Upgrading SSD Hard Drive And Doing Clean Install?

Jun 25, 2015

I have a laptop and a desktop with a 120 gig ssd and a 64 gig SSD respectively. Both computers have conventional hard drives as drive D. I have two 250 gig SSD's on the way. What is the best strategy for moving to the new SSD's and preforming the clean install of Windows 10. The desktop is running Windows 10 insider preview 130 and the laptop is on Windows 8.1.

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Clean Install On Just SSD And Hard Drive Remains Unaffected

Aug 1, 2015

I am looking to upgrade from Windows 7 to 10. I have a PC with Windows 7 and core applications on an SSD. For storage I have a 1TB HDD. I have heard that the clean install of Windows 10 is the way to go but I don't want to go through the trouble of backing up everything. I was wondering if I can do a clean install on just the SSD, so the hard drive remains unaffected, but the SSD is wiped and a clean Windows 10 is installed.

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Clean Install Will Free Up C Drive Storage Space?

Aug 3, 2015

I recently upgraded my Windows 7 laptop to Win10. However, before I did the upgrade, I did a clean factory install of Win7, kept installing Automatic Updates until I get the option to Upgrade to Win10.

I have a 500gb HDD, that is partitioned in to two, C: for OS and D: for Local Disk (storage), currently the C: drive is 58.5gb, of which I have 13.5gb left, this is with having only Windows 10 installed AND Printer Driver and Software.

Is there any benefit of creating the Windows 10 media disk, reformatting with this Win10 disk, and getting rid of any of the rubbish that might of been installed in the process of doing a clean install of Win7.

OR re partitioning the Drive, so I can steal some of the storage from D: and give it to C: . I have 397GB of unused space on D:

I also just noticed, it states I have a Partition called RECOVERY, however, I don't seem to have this on My Computer view.

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Format Hard Drive And Do Clean Install After Upgrading

Aug 7, 2015

Upgraded to windows 10 pro via the media creation tool...its activated and going pretty now i want to format my hard drive and clean install can i do this safely? and will it be deactivated if i do a format?

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Upgrade And Clean Install - Making D Boot Drive

Aug 11, 2015

I just upgraded to Windows 10 and I would like to do a clean install. However My PC has a 1tb HDD as the C: drive and a secondary 25gb SSD drive called D:. I was wondering if there is a way to install the OS on the D: drive. I have done OS installs before so I am somewhat familiar with the procedure. I also already have a Windows 10 install USB set up. I just can't get it to offer the option of which drive to install on. The D: drive does currently have a folder on it labeled Drivers and in that folder there 14 folders such as Bluetooth, WLAN , and Card reader. Is this going to be an issue when installing Windows 10 on the D: drive or will Windows re-download these drivers itself?

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Install On New Clean Hard Drive Won't Show Any Wireless Connections

May 13, 2015

I have installed Windows 10 on a new clean hard drive because the old one with Windows 8 died but the new one with Windows 10 wont show any wireless connections. By the way the computer I'm typing on is Windows 10.

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Will The Drive Install Windows On Become The C Drive By Default

Oct 5, 2015

Basically, I plan to disconnect every other Drive from my computer (my 2nd SSD and the HDD I use for data storage). From there, I'd do a clean install of Windows 10 onto my SSD.

Will that SSD become my C Drive by default (I want it to)? Will is stay that way when I reconnect my other drives provided I continue to boot from my SSD?

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