Networking :: Remote Computer Name Is Blank Or It Contains Invalid Characters

Nov 25, 2015

Recently I upgraded my work computer to windows 10 pro. Just found if I want to connect to a remote computer on a port other than 3389, it doesn't let le me put : just like I can do in previous version "server name/IP address: port number" comes up with error saying "remote computer name is invalid" if I go ahead and click connect shows "The computer name is blank or it contains invalid characters. Try typing it again. Invalid characters include spaces, tabs, ;:<>*+=|?," "

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Networking :: Allow Remote Connections To This Computer

Aug 5, 2015

Is Remote Desktop only available on Windows 10 PRO? I have Win10 Home and the option to "Allow remote connections to this computer" is not present.

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Networking :: Remote Computer Ends Up On The Lock Screen

Mar 5, 2016

I have related issue. Every time Windows 10 forces a critical update. The computer ends up on the lock screen instead of finishing loading as it does on normal restart. It's a problem becuase the computer is remote location. So every time critical update happens. I blocked regular updates. can't connect then to drive 40 mins to slide the screen. I created task that reboot:s it nighly but that doesn't work as its not fully loaded.

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Networking :: How To Remote Control From XP

Feb 16, 2016

Win 10 computer can see the XP machine and access shared files, like wise from the XP machine. I can remote control the XP computer using Desktop Connection, it works great. What I cannot do is remote control the Win 10 computer from the XP. File sharing and network discovery is setup on both. The network was established before Win 10, as the group is WORKGROUP. Too many devices to go through and change over to HomeGroup.

The XP computer is the professional version with Remote Desktop installed. I do not get any numerical error msgs to track down the problem. I have tried using the IP address and computer name but neither work.

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Networking :: Remote Viewer Application

Nov 21, 2015

I am looking for a Remote viewer application that i can use to look at my other Windows 10 box from my windows 7 desktop. I can use RDP but i want something i can use to just view the desktop, i have dameware but does not work with Windows 10. any application that free out there. ive also tried Push vnc doesnt work either.

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Networking :: Can't Connect To Remote Printer

Aug 7, 2015

I'm using windows 10 and I'm trying to connect to a printer attached to a remote networked Windows 7 Pro computer. When I go to Settings/Devices/Add printer my printer attached to the remote computer shows up. When I click on the printer I get a window that says "That didn't work". We can't install this printer right now. Try again later or contact your network administrator." How to handle this??

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Networking :: Remote Desktop Connection

Sep 29, 2015

disconnect 1-2 min say "login another user"

i have win 10 pro im change remote resvices session time limit and another method but not solved...

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Networking :: Setting Up Remote Desktop

Jan 3, 2016

I am having problems setting up remote desktop. I can not find the program in windows firewall to enable it. was just wondering if this would be due to my copy of windows 10 is not activated?

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Networking :: Remote Desktop Connection?

Feb 23, 2016

If remote computer has user password all works well,but if no user password can't log on. In windows 7 this was not a problem,is there a work around so if two windows10 computers have no user passwords you can connect?. This is on a private home network. Don't want to use third party software for this process.

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Networking :: Remote Desktop Option Disabled

Jan 5, 2016

I am using windows 10 .I have issues to access with Remote Desktop .I did not see any settings related to Remote Desktop.i can see option for Remote to get Remote Desktop option .

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Networking :: Remote Desktop Options Greyed Out

Mar 5, 2016

I have been unable to find anything. It's quite simple, the Remote Desktop options have both become greyed out. The 'allow remote requests' is still available. I have seen posts saying to check group policy, but I have done that and I have no group policy settings set.

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Networking :: Uninstall Remote Desktop Connection

Feb 23, 2016

my remote desktop connection has suddenly stopped working on windows 10.

1) how does one uninstall and reinstall it in windows 10? I've searched on google but can't find a solution (that works) anywhere.

2) are there any (free) alternatives to windows' own remote desktop connection?

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Task Scheduler Not Starting - Remote Computer Not Found

Aug 24, 2015

So when I try to start up task scheduler it says remote computer was not found. I have tried many things to fix this. I am now running sfc /scannow and have tried to regedit back to original values to no avail. Its dependencies are running and it has full permissions...

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Networking :: Remote Desktop Connection Letters Are Very Tiny

Feb 10, 2016

I bought a new laptop with windows 10 mainly for remote desk top connection. When I connect to the server remotely the icons and letters are very tiny.

Is there any new app other than microsoft remote desktop connection?

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Networking :: Remote Desktop Stopped Working Properly After Changing GPU

Jan 28, 2016

after installing a replacement GPU, RDP now only connects to the home server when i have "use all my monitors" enabled.If i have it unticked the session will try to open on my second monitor - which is connected to the onboard GPU, unlike the first, which is connected to the discrete one - as usual, but blurt out a connection error after starting to render the remote desktop.If i tick "use all my monitors" in RDP settings, a connection is made, but displayed on my main screen.

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Networking :: Remote Desktop Connection - Aborts All Activity When Close

Jan 16, 2016

I never had this problem on Windows 7. But when I remote to a Win 10 PC, start a process, let's say copying files, when I close the connection (via the X at the top...NOT disconnect from start menu), it closes the copy process.

Are there some new settings or something that I need to change to correct this?

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Networking :: Remote Desktop To Machine Fails Or Takes Multiple Tries

Nov 13, 2015

I've been noticing that RDP is a toss up on my Windows 10 machines. It hangs and I have to close the connection, then try again and get an error stating it's not available because it's busy, then try a third time after a few minutes and it works. I have disabled connecting to printers, clipboard, smartcard, etc. and still have the problem.

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Networking :: DLNA / UPnP - Folders Not Showing On Remote Device?

Aug 16, 2015

I have recently upgraded to Windows 10. I have a homegroup setup on my home network which allows me to share the music files stored on my PC with phones & tablets etc for streaming.

Since the upgrade when I access the files using Apps like BubbleUPnP or MConnect the music files are all shown in one giant folder rather than being sorted into the sub folders (Artist, Album etc) as it is on my PC.

This problem has only occurred since upgrading to 10. I reverted to 7 to check and everything went back to normal.

Is there a setting or checkbox I am missing?

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Networking :: Wizard Cannot Configure Remote Desktop Connection Settings 6.0 Higher

Aug 1, 2015

I have noticed since upgrading to Windows 10 I am unable to Log into my work network which uses Server 2008. It keeps giving me the following error. I have added it to the compatibility mode settings but still get the same error. This is the following error I am getting " The wizard cannot configure Remote Desktop Connection settings. Make sure that the client version of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 6.0 or later is installed on this computer"...

I have attatched a screen shot also.

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Can Login Into Computer After It Stays Blank And Nothing On Bottom

Jan 8, 2016

Freaking windows 10 has frozen. I can login into my Computer that's it. After that it stays blank, nothing on the bottom just blank. Tried restarting without closing it down properly because I can't. This usually puts it into repair mode after 2 times but of course it is not working. Just goes back to normal (blank screen). There is a security app that pops up. But only the top link appears then I get the black background with .

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Computer Turns On Show Loading Screen For About 5 Seconds And Then Goes Blank

Aug 2, 2015

So I upgraded to Windows 10 and I was using it and shut down my computer. Now my computer turns on but won't load anything. It shows the windows loading screen for about 5 seconds and then goes blank and sits that way till I turn it off and restart.

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Computer Doesn't Power On Properly When Wake Up - Stuck On Blank Screen

Apr 11, 2016

Whenever I on my computer after I wake up or come back from work, my windows sometimes do not boot up fully. it will load and then gets stuck on an empty orange screen (might be related to the fact that I have orange set as my colour theme for my windows 10). I will then hold on to the power button on my computer to force a shutdown. Right after that, I will power on again and the computer starts up fine.
This has been occurring for a while - I didn't have this issue when I first installed (upgraded from windows 8) windows 10.
I tried googling my issue, and I have turned off Fast Start-up under power options but it did not solve the problem.

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Keyboard Sometimes Missing Characters (R And S)

Apr 7, 2016

Sometimes my keyboard misses the characters r and s , after windows 10 upgrade, I restart the computer and usually resolves.

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Chinese Characters - Can't Find Any Other Character

Oct 23, 2015

when I closedown I get a message saying app preventing closedown except that the app is in Chinese style characters and I can't find any other character of this kind on my machine 

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Chinese Characters Appearing In Windows

Aug 20, 2015

If I copy paste the line seen on screenshot, then this is what i get:


I'm 100% sure it's not malware or any other type of malicious software, so please don't start saying that my pc has a virus. What I'd like to know, is where it's coming from and why is windows 10 doing this?

In past, in win 7, i've seen similar chinese characters somewhere in documents and settings folders within some files, i was cleaning my files, going through all the folders in docs and settings and i saw some files having similar names.

It's a fresh install of windows 10, I haven't downloaded anything, but simple things, such as google chrome, ccleaner, winamp, skype ..etc, everything from trusted sources only, so clearly it's not a virus or malware, whatever it is, it's within windows 10. I'm just trying to figure out why my PC is going chinese on me.

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Unable To Type Special Characters Since Upgrading?

Dec 9, 2015

I'm unable to type all special characters that require the Alt key to be pressed. €, ², ³, μ, and most importantly, @, are no longer possible with a German keyboard layout. I tried German German and Austrian German, and both failed to produce those signs. Normally, the @ sign is produced by pressing Alt+q, but since upgrading to Windows 10, nothing happens when I press Alt+q (or any other combination of Alt+letter).

Only German keyboard layouts seem to be affected, as I'm able to use Alt+letter combinations in other languages; just not in German. 

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