Networking :: Very Slow Internet After Upgrade To 64bit

Feb 10, 2016

I just upgraded from Win 10 32 to Win 10 64 bit and my internet connection is very slow, about 20/30 kb/s. It was a fresh install, deleted everything and reinstalled from scratch. I have looked on the forums and cant find a solution that works, I've checked the network adapter drivers for my wireless and they're up to date. I've troubleshooted the problem and they said something was wrong with the network configuration which was solved, but still no change in the internet speed. I've got broadband and should be downloading at hundreds of kb/s.

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Networking :: Slow Internet Speeds Since Installing SSD

Jan 24, 2016

A few weeks ago I installed a SSD into my desktop and installed Windows 10 on it. I never checked my speeds at the time so I'm not sure exactly when my download speeds started to be terrible, but I assume it was then. Other computers on the network get the proper download speed (which is supposed to be anywhere from 30mbps to 50mbps on Time Warner Cable) where mine will get anywhere from 19 to .6 mbps.

The upload speed however doesn't fluctuate as badly. I've reinstalled my wifi drivers, I've also tried to use my old usb wifi dongle to see if it was the card in any way, but I still had the same speeds. My card was getting the proper speeds prior to my fresh Windows install so I can only assume either I've done something wrong driver wise (which I can't seem to track down) or maybe it's a hardware issue I introduced by installing the SSD. Either way, I'm lost as to how to fix it. And one suggestion I cannot do, unfortunately, is hook my computer directly to the router.

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Slow Internet And Download Speed After Upgrade

Aug 9, 2015

After upgrading from windows 8 to windows 10 the internet and download speed are so much lower.

My network card: Intel Dual Band AC-7260

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Networking :: Internet Connection Very Slow - Speed Normal

Jan 15, 2016


version 11099 6a bit Pro
Avast premium
Router Asus AC1900
Please note system specs are for another computer.

Firefox is running at it's normal speed but when I try to connect to ANY website it seems to take forever to connect. My wife's laptop running the normal release of 10 has same problem. Have tried everything i can think of but no success.

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Networking :: Internet Speed Slow On One Computer But Fine On The Rest Of Computers

Nov 2, 2015

I just updated to Windows 10 but I think the problem was with Windows 8 too, Sometimes my internet is out on my PC while the internet is still up on my brothers PC, tho this problem happens about 3 times a very few days.. We have 5+ computers in the house and 4 are on daily while 3 is being used daily the 4th one is not very used daily and sometimes off most of the time. So the 2 computers have Windows 10 and 3rd computer has Windows 7 while the 4th computer has Windows 10 also. I read on an article which says that Windows 10 uses bandwidth without you know and I checked task manager and on windows 8 my CPU and Memory was just fine and when I upgraded to Windows 10 my CPU spiked to about 20% and Memory spiked to about 72% and sometimes random numbers appear on all 4 sections( CPU, Memory, Disk, Network).

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How To Change Upgrade From 32bit To 64bit

Oct 23, 2015

I have a 64-bit desktop PC with 8GB RAM installed on it. I had installed 32-bit Windows 7 Home on it (when I purchased the O/S DVD, years ago, I only had a 32-bit machine). Yesterday, I upgraded it to Windows 10.

"This PC >> Property" shows :

-- Installed Memory (RAM): 8 GB (usable 3.4 GB) (less than half)
-- System type: 32-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

Thus, my installed memory remains underutilized. This situation can be rectified by changing the Operating System from 32-bit to 64-bit, I guess. But, the question that I face here is "How do I do that"?

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Networking :: No Internet Connection After Upgrade

Jul 29, 2015

I upgraded my ageing Dell Inspiron 530 desktop PC this morning from Win7 Ultimate to Win10 Pro. The PC is connected to the router via ethernet cable.All seems fine in terms of the OS, but I have no internet access. I know the router's OK as my other devices are fine.When I run the troubleshooter it flags up "There may be a problem with the driver for the Local Area Adapter".Digging further, it seems the issue is "Windows couldn't automatically bind the IP protocol stack to the network adapter"

Looking at Services, I found the Wired AutoConfig and WLAN AutoConfig services weren't running were set to Manual. I changed these to Automatic and rebooted, but still no joy.The network adapter is an Intel 82652V-2 10/100 and Device Manager says it's working normally and the driver is up to date.

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Networking :: No Internet Access After Upgrade?

Dec 21, 2015

so i have recently upgraded to window 10 and im having some issues with my internet. so the problem is that it keeps on saying "no internet access " and theres also a yellow triangle on my wifi icon.I have watch so many tutorials on how to fix this but still havent found the right solution.ive tried things such as reset my router,flush my dns,reset my ip,update/uninstall my driver,changing power options .

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Upgrade From 8.1 64bit Basic Functions No Longer Functional

Jul 29, 2015

The actual upgrade process went completely smooth, without a hitch. HOWEVER, after restarting the now upgraded Windows 10 environment does not allow for basic functions such as taskbar, web browsing, right-click desktop, click on Edge or Notifications and nothing happens, etc etc...

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Networking :: Network Settings Says No Internet Connection But Can Browse Internet

Oct 14, 2015

But I'm currently browsing the internet and typing to you.

In fact - I can do virtually everything (League; Steam; Skype; etc) except use any OS feature that requires logging in -
e.g. Mail, User Accounts, Shop, etc. Then it says something along the lines of "Cannot use this service without an internet connection - please connect and try again." When I run Network Diagnostics as the prompt recommends - it says I am connected and cannot find a problem.

It doesn't always happen - but it seems to be determined on start-up. If I restart it now it might be working next launch - but 75% of the time it will encounter the same issue. It's been happening for months now but I've sort of gotten used to using my phone to check my emails - but I've now encountered an issue with one of my hard drives being unable to be searched (tried indexing, etc) and the only step I've found that I haven't tried says it could be a corrupted user account - but I cannot update my user account without "connecting to the internet". -_-

The system is up to date. No driver updates available.

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Browser/Email :: Internet Explorer Is Very Slow

Nov 3, 2015

When I first upgraded IE was OK but for some unknown it has become very slow.

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Boot Times Seem To Slow When Connected To The Internet

Oct 7, 2015

Boot time for windows 10 seems much slower when connected to the Internet.

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Slow / Unstable Internet Connection After Updating?

Aug 10, 2015

My interent on my custom desktop, as far as I can remember, has functioned fine for a long time now. However, after upgrading to windows 10 and having it around for a while, I noticed a sharp decrease in internet speed. I've tried multiple solutions, but nothing seems to have worked. It only seemed to start occurring after installing Windows 10.

My specs:
Service: CableProvider: AT&TConnection: WifiAdapter: Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 + Bluetooth* for DesktopModel: CustomOS: Windows 10 (Windows 7 Upgrade)SpeedTest: 1.80 Mbps

Attempted Fixes (X = No effect, 0 = Some effect, ? = Unknown effect)

X Automatic Troubleshooter
X Driver update (Link: Intel Download Center )
X Virus Scan
X Removing excess browser extensions (Chrome)
X Clearing Cache (Chrome)
0 Booting to Ubuntu? (Faster speeds after idling for a while)
? Switching to Microsoft Edge (12 Mbps on 8/8, 2.41 Mbps on 8/9)
X Booting into Safe Mode with Networking (No Wifi option)
X Disabling Internet sharing option
X Disabled Power Saving option on Wifi adapter
X Switching to FireFox (2.12 Mbps)
X Turned off sending updates to other computers
X Turned off nearby A/V Receiver with bluetooth and radio
X Rolled back wifi adapter driver
X Updated Wifi Adapter via Windows Update


Laptop with similar (if not the same) adapter connects normally (Acer Aspire V 15)Started after Updating to windows 10 (May not have noticed until nowWorked fine on windows 7Wireless Network Connection Status > General > COnnection > Speed: 144 Mbps ~ 52 MbpsAnalyzed hard disk for needed Defragmentation, 0% fragmentedUsing [URL]

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Internet Speed Slow Only On One Computer After Update

Aug 4, 2015

After downloading Windows 10, my internet speed went significantly down, from 35 mbps to 4 mbps. I recovered my original Windows 8.1, hoping it was the new Windows that was causing the problem, but my computer is still very slow compared to what it used to be. I know the problem is in my computer because the three other PC's in my house are all working at normal speeds. I ran a virus scan with no luck. Could the Windows 10 upgrade have installed something that's still slowing down my internet?

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Internet Download Speed Really Slow On One Device

Dec 10, 2015

I got an aorus x5 about 1 week ago which came with windows 8.1 which I immediatly upgraded to windows 10, but the internet dowload speeds are incredibly slow purely on that laptop, I have tested the internet speeds using and on my old laptop (an msi gp60 2pe) I am getting 40.23 mbps download and 7.67 mpbs upload with a ping of 17ms on firefox, on my phone (a sony xperia z3) I am getting ping 20ms, download of 26.96mbps and upload of 8.84mbps on their app, and on my aorus I am getting anything from 0.01mbps to 4.36 mbps dowload and 8.67mbps to 8.92mbps upload with a ping of 9-14ms, having tested with edge, ie, firefox, chrome and opera. I am not running any amd hardware and I have disabled bandwith control through killer network manager, however at the time of writing when I test through killer I got 4.98 and through firefox I get 1.42 (both use, so I would assume it is a regulator of some sort, but I can't find one anywhere. I also get reasonable speeds through steam (around 11mbps) but it is quite a way off the 35 mbps down and 7mbps up I am supposed to get

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Installation :: Update On A Slow Metered Internet Connection?

Jun 6, 2015

I have not seen this question on here so far. It sounds like the upgrade will be sent by MS at their will.How would a 2-3 gig download work on a slow, metered connection. I wonder if there will be some other way? I have to do large downloads between 2 and 7 AM.

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Performance :: Slow Internet Reconnect After Wakes From Sleep

Nov 21, 2015

My new Asus Win10 machine with a solid-state hard drive wakes up from sleep refreshingly quickly -- just a couple of seconds. But it takes between 15 and 40 seconds before the Internet connection is re-established. Once the connection is re-established, it works fine. But that delay is annoying. Can I do something to speed up the re-connection?

I don't know where the delay is coming from. My NIC is plugged directly into my Comcast cable modem -- no other routers or the like involved. The NIC on the machine claims to be an "Intel Ethernet Connection (2) 1219-V", running driver version, which is claimed to be the current version. The "Power Management" tab in Device Manager for the NIC lists three power-saver options, all of which are enabled (that is, the boxes are checked):

Respond to ARP requests without waking system
Respond to NS requests without waking system
Energy Efficient Ethernet

(I am attaching a PNG of the Power Management tab.) These options suggest that the NIC should be able to keep the Internet connection alive, even during sleep. So I don't know why I am experiencing a delay in re-establishing the connection.

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How To Permanently Stop BITS - Internet Connection Gone Slow

Mar 15, 2016

My internet connection gone slow because of BITS. I searched how to stop it and successfully done it. However, after a while, BITS is automatically starting and when I check the Startup type, from disabled, it's back again to Automatic (Delayed start) and it's hogging up again all my bandwidth. My OS is windows 10. How to get rid of this or stop SVCHOST(netsvcs) from hogging all my bandwidth.

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Slow Internet After Troubleshooting Dropping WiFi Connection

Sep 17, 2015

Initially windows 10 was running fine until suddenly (I'm using Chrome) errors such as "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET" started occurring, while periodically the wifi kept disconnecting . After searching for and following some solutions this issue was fixed however now the internet is very slow. Admittedly I'm not technically adept at all however I believe something I changed may have made the wifi slow. I did the following things:
- Cleared chrome's cache
- Changed the DNS to google's and (which I am currently using) from the default (IPv4)
- Tried to update network adapter drivers (said there were no new versions when using the 'automatic search')
- Used cmd to run commands such as "ipconfig /flushdns"
- Tried performing a clean boot
- Also followed these instructions [URL] ....
On [URL] ... download speed is 0.39mbps. Upload speed is 3.75mbps. Ping is 8ms. I use fibre so previously it was very fast.
If this problem can't be resolved I'll just have to go back to windows 8.1, the internet is unbearably slow.

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Since Upgrading Why Is Computer So Slow To Open A File / Internet Page

Mar 29, 2016

Since upgrading to Windows 10, why is my computer so slow to open a file, internet page even after doing a reboot, it is so slow and sometimes doesn't even open.

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Why Can't Change Desktop Background - Computer Becomes Slow After Connecting To Internet

Aug 8, 2015

I have upgrade my windows 7 home premium to windows 10, but i found some problem.

Firstly, I can't change my desktop background / wallpaper, If I change the wallpaper or theme result is always blank
Secondly, if I connect to the internet my computer become slowly

This my computer specification :

Windows 7 Home premium 64bit
CPU i53210 M
Graphic card AMD Radeom 7670m

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Netgear N750 / Internet Running Slow / Recover Webpage

Sep 7, 2015

Ever since I loaded Windows 10 my internet is running slow and I continuously receive either a "recover webpage" message or "stop script" message.  I am on IE 11.  I tried the new Microsoft Edge but it seemed to run slower than IE.  Does any kind of update need to be done to my wireless router.  It is a Netgear N750 model #WNDR4300.

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All Browsers Are Slow After Upgrade

Jul 30, 2015

All browsers in my laptop including chrome, firefox are slow after windows 10 upgrade. Data connection speed is very high but loading time is slow. How to fix this? 

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Networking :: LAN Network Slow Speeds?

Feb 10, 2016

Currently have a WiFi network setup for internet. Both computers connect to the router via WiFi Dongles. Which is running no problems.

Each computer is then plugged into a network switch (cheap 4 port stand alone unit) via Ethernet cables (gigabit ports) and into the switch I have also have a WD My Cloud.

Having various issues, such as unidentified network, network being defaulted back to public, the ip addresses I have assigned being reset to obtain automatically and only getting transfer speeds of 3MB/s

Running windows 10. No home group/work group setup, have 1 drive on the other computer shared and mapped as a network drive.

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Browser/Email :: IE Slow After Upgrade

Dec 23, 2015

I've recently done the Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade form Windows 7, Windows 7 was fine but since the upgrade was free I thought I might as well upgrade.Since I've upgraded IE is very slow on all web pages, sometimes if I'm doing banking where you have the drop down boxes for Password Indentification they can be really slow. I can't remember what version of IE I had before but now it's 11.0.26.

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Slow Boot After Upgrade Failing

Jul 31, 2015

I upgraded to windows 10 today. but the update failed and I got a boot phase error. soon after my system reverted back to windows 7, but it took 4 minutes for my system to actually get to the welcome screen, and it's been doing that since my attempt at upgrading, could this be a result of hard drive falliure or just the OS? should I do a clean install?

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