Notification Area Scroll Arrows

Mar 5, 2016

I recently formatted my laptop and performed a fresh install of Windows 10. Everything was going well, until I noticed that when I have more than 4 icons in the Notification Area, I get scroll arrows to scroll left or right, instead of the Notification Area just resizing to accommodate more icons. It also adds space to the right of the time, which is weird. This happens regardless of how many applications I have open, even having nothing at all open. I've tried using small taskbar buttons, and changing all the taskbar settings I can find, but it does exactly the same.

This is how many icons I usually have:

When it works with 4 icons (plus Notification Icon):

And when I try add more than 4 icons - notice the scroll arrows on the left and right, plus blank space:

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Notification Area Display

Feb 10, 2016

On Build 14271 my notification area changed to,

Main monitor,

Other two monitors,

How do i get the main monitor to display the same as the other two (without the two white bars)?

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Apps :: Weather App In Notification Area

Aug 17, 2015

A weather app (?) has mysteriously appeared in my notification area. Apart from it showing Sheffield 80 miles away I would just like to get rid of it.

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Notification Area Is Broken Under 110% Scaling?

Oct 25, 2015

To better suit my monitor, I want to run my Windows 10 in 110% scaling mode, just like I did with Windows 7. When I adjust scaling to 110% everything does indeed look right (i.e. very similar to Windows 7).

However, there's an obvious issue with notification area icons: if there are more than one icon present in the notification area, one of the icons always "disappears". More precisely, the rightmost icon becomes invisible: Windows apparently simply thinks that it does not fit into the constraints of the notification area and decides not to draw it.

Here's some pictures of what happens in 110% scaling mode. This is the original configuration, when all icons are residing in the the pop-up "drawer" and only the Volume Control icon is present in the notification area. Everything looks fine

Now let's say I drag Skype icon from the popup drawer down into the notification area and drop it to the left of the Volume Control icon

As can be seen in the above picture, the Volume Control icon suddenly disappears. Technically it is there, but Windows fails to display it since it assumes (apparently) that the icon "does not fit" into the allotted space.

Now, If I return Skype back into the drawer everything will get back to normal - the Volume Control icon will reappear. If after that I, again, drag Skype icon from the popup drawer into the notification area, but this time drop it to the right of the Volume Control icon, the Skype icon will disappear.

So, the question I have is: is there any workaround for this problem? Is it somehow possible to manually increase the size (the width) of the notification area to make it display all icons?

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Show Autoplay Outside Of Notification Area

Aug 17, 2015

Auto-play shows in the notification area, but when I click it, it disappears from the menu.

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Vertical White Bar In Notification Area

Feb 10, 2016

Immediately after upgrading my Insider's copy of Windows 10 to build 14271 I noticed a vertical white bar in the notification area. it has a little arrow pointing to the right. If I rest my pointer on the bar, no tooltip appears. If I click on the bar, it moves to the left and now the little arrow inside points to the left.

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Customize Notification Area Icons

Oct 7, 2015

In Windows 7 there was a panel to customize which icons you want to show or hide in the Notification Area. Like this ...

Does this panel got deleted in Windows 10 ? If yes, is there a solution to hide/show icons from the notification area ? The options available in the Parameters menu don't let you hide an icon, it just put it under the arrow icon.

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Can't Find Checkbox For Notification Area

Jul 30, 2015

I can't find the checkbox "Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar" for notification area anymore. I have too many icons in system tray but can't find a way to hide them.

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Bluetooth Displays In Notification Area In Error

Dec 12, 2015

Since the latest Win 10 update (12/12/15) the notification area shows bluetooth as highlighted. How do I turn that off? My laptop does not have bluetooth facility! There is nothing in the settings area to accomplish this.

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How To Change Brightness Steps In Notification Area

Nov 12, 2015

I use the notification area to change the brightness of my screen (Toshiba U920T laptop). It has always been 4 steps of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. How to change these steps? I couldn't find anything relevant in the registry.

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Customization :: Notification Area Icons Location

Feb 10, 2016

Could not find "Notification Area Icons" in "All Control Panel Items" for Windows 10, but I could find it under Settings-System-Notifications. Is that normal for Windows 10? How can I add it in the "All Control Panel Items"?

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Start Menu / Settings And Notification Area Won't Open

Dec 29, 2015

When I click on the start button, nothing happens.It highlights when I hover over it, but doesn't react to being clicked.The same is true for the notification area.I can right click on the start button and it provides the normal options.Again the same is true of the notification button.

I have the settings app pinned to the taskbar, but the icon is not visible.I know that it is still recognised as being there, as it highlights when I hover over it, and it holds its place like any visible icon would.Right clicking it does nothing.At first, the start menu was the only thing not responding. The notification panel was working, as I remember changing to 'tablet mode' to try to resolve it.I restarted the computer, but that was when I discovered that notification panel was no longer working. I don't know the state of the settings icon before I restarted.I have also restarted into safe mode, but the problem still occurs.I have not downloaded any new software since it started occurring.I have checked the task manager and there appears to be no change in performance.

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Networking :: WiFi Icon Not Visible In Notification Area

Feb 10, 2016

I cannot get the WIFI status tile to show in the Notification Area.

There is no option in Settings - Notifications and actions - to turn this off and on.

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Battery And Location Icon In Notification Area Missing

Jul 29, 2015

As stated in title - no battery icon when not plugged in - and no battery/power icon when plugged in - also no locations icon. I do not care much about the locations one, but the battery one is pretty much vital.

Going into "Turn system icons on / off" - both Power & Location are greyed out - and can not be activated.

I have tried all the regular Windows 7 / 8 fixes - but no luck. I DO have a battery icon in the logon screen - but that is it. I have had this issue since I first downloaded the first preview builds.

This is my machine stats according to System info ....

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Notification Area ( Select Which Icons Appear On Taskbar ) Not Saving

Oct 28, 2015

I turn off the "always show all icons" and customize what I want to be shown. I don't like clutter, so I like hiding a lot of the systray crap. Almost every time I reboot though, the "always show all icons" has automagically became enabled again and I have to go in and turn it back off.

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Unwanted (My Computer) Icon In Notification Area On Startup

Jan 24, 2016

Every time I start up my computer, the attached icon appears in the notification tray. If I click on it, it opens up My Computer and the icon disappears. If I don't click on it, then my taskbar will not auto-hide as I want it to. The icon does not appear in the hidden notification icons or n the 'startup' tab of Task Manager, so I can't remove it. How to permenently remove it so it doesn't appear on startup?

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Networking :: Network Icon Has Vanished From Notification Area

Jan 20, 2016

With no changes to my computer, the network icon has vanished from the notification area. ...When in settings, notification/quick actions, I am unable to turn on the Network Icon (the option is greyed out)?

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Show Power And Volume Icons On Taskbar Notification Area?

Nov 7, 2015

How do I show the power icon and volume icons on the taskbar notification area?

I have tried properties - customize - turn system icons on or off

But the power/battery and volume icon are greyed out.

Win 10 pro (upgraded from Win 7 Pro)

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Notification Area Change With Latest Fast Ring Build

Feb 10, 2016

I updated a W10 OS and I'm seeing something i've never seen before. The Notification Area shows left and right arrows to scroll, and a large blank area in the right corner. This is a W10 Insider Preview fast ring OS, updated to the latest offered. It's a bare metal install, not a VM, version info is in the screen print.

Has seen these arrows with the latest Fast Ring OS ? I like to see all icons in the Notification Area, all the time. I've checked my settings, and i think they are right for me, and have always worked before this "fast ring version update".

Screen print 1 shows what i see with the latest W10 Fast Ring version.
Screen print 2 shows what i see with the latest W10 RTM version,

This is what i like and has always worked for me in W7, W8.x, and W10 - until my latest fast ring update.

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Apps :: When Click On Clock In Notification Area No Calendar Opens?

Oct 8, 2015

When I click on the clock in the notification area no calendar opens.

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Start Menu / Search And Volume Toggle In Notification Area Not Working

Aug 18, 2015

So, this last update seems to have killed the start menu again. After reboot, it might work, it might not, but not too long there-after it just quits working all-together if it was working before. Same with search and Volume toggle. Dang! Mines an AMD machine which is perhaps a factor.

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Customization :: Remove Input Method Icon With Language Initials In Notification Area?

Aug 22, 2015

is it possible to get rid of the input method icon which is located in the notification area which shows the language abbreviation? Something like this: [URL]

Why there are two languages, hence the icon, if in control panel there is only one? I don't need changing language nor switching input method so I would like to remove that icon.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Battery Icon In Notification Area Not Visible - Can't Change Brightness Of Screen

Sep 4, 2015

Recently i upgrade my laptop to windows 10, and also update my graphic drivers, but now the battery icon in notification area is not visible and i can't change the brightness of my screen too. it seems that the graphic driver installed correctly.

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Apps :: Changed Mouse Scroll To Scroll Next / Previous Instead Of Zoom

Nov 4, 2015

They changed mouse scroll to scroll next/previous instead of zoom. I use a Logitech mouse with Setpoint installed and because of Setpoint smooth scroll, it scrolls through several photos on one scroll. Turning smooth scroll off, it doesn't always scroll next when the mousewheel "clicks". Another thing with my Logitech mouse is that I can't use the forward/backward buttons. They function as left click. Double click any and it zooms in. I can't change Setpoint settings per app because Photos isn't really a typical exe app like Notepad.

The last thing is that it seems to sharpen the photos even when I turned auto adjustments off. Compare Photos to Firefox and even Windows Photo Gallery and you'll see.So far, Windows Photo Gallery seems like a good alternative, except it doesn't play gifs (unless you click next frame really fast).

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Arrows On Pictures?

Dec 25, 2015

After a recent update or something, on the top right of all my photo's (no matter what folder), there is two large blue arrows, pointing at each other. I have tried clicking, and right-clicking and I can't find any use for them.

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How To Remove Shortcut Arrows

Jan 5, 2016

Using Win 10 single language home version. How do I remove the little shortcut arrows from the desktop icons? Tried the regedit tutorial creating new shell with file 29, but it just created little black boxes where the shortcut arrows were so I had to remove it.

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