Safe To Delete A Partition Containing Unsuccessful Install

Dec 30, 2015

I made a 100gb partition because I was going to try and install Windows 7 and have it as a 2nd OS along side Windows 10, but about half way through the computer restarted and I can't boot into Windows Setup. That's fine, I changed the default OS and made Windows 10 be chosen instantly on startup. Although in disk management the (Windows 10) Windows C: partition says Boot, I'm not really sure whether or not it's safe to delete the Windows 7 partition.

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Installation :: Delete Partition Drive After Install

Jul 29, 2015

Stupid question probably, however I cannot find an answer online and I'm not the most tech savvy.

I bought a HP laptop around Christmas last year. The laptop came with a recovery partition, which I still to date haven't got around to getting a 32gb drive to back it up to.

I stupidly left W10 installing this morning when my upgrade was offered, but am worried now that the partition with my recovery may be deleted and I may no longer be able to get that onto a drive in case I ever need to re-install the laptop.

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Safe To Delete Old File

Dec 29, 2015

talking about the windows.old file that was created after the not so long ago major update...just realized my HDD is starting to take a tanking and that folder is taking up a good chunk of space! hence why im wondering if it should be okey to remove or not.

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Safe To Delete Hidden Folders?

Jul 30, 2015

the $windows.~BT and $windows.~ws folders. Windows 10.

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Boot Into Safe Mode To Delete Old Win File?

Sep 24, 2015

Is there a way to boot into Win 10 in a safe mode? The reason I ask is I am having trouble in normal mode trying to get rid of my win.old file. It will let me delete some of it but not all. So maybe in safe mode I can delete it all or am I missing something here?

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Installation :: Dual Boot - Safe To Delete 1 OS?

Sep 12, 2015

Currently, I have dual boot Win7 and Win10. And the only reason I have Win7 is because the drivers for a printer were not updated to Win10. Now recently HP did just that, and I no longer need Win7.

The way I have it set up is that I have Win7 on one partition, Win10 on another (100GB each) and the rest is Storage. Is it safe to simply remove and format the partition that has Win7 on it ?

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System 32 Files C Drive Folder - Safe To Delete These

Feb 18, 2016

O/S-windows10 v1511 ... following the update to version 1511,I discovered .mui files and L10n files(.dlls) in my program folder. Can these files be deleted without causing problems or do they have to be transferred to the system32 folder ?

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Installation :: Safe To Delete DELL Created Partitions When Upgrading OS

Jan 11, 2016

My DELL Latitude laptop came with Windows 8.1 Pro x64 on it. I decided that I want to upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro x64.Before I did anything I used DELL Backup and Recovery to create a flash drive so I can always restore the PC back to factory if anything goes wrong during the upgrade process.

After creating the recovery media I used the Windows 10 upgrade wizard to upgrade to Windows 10 carrying over all of my existing files. I primarily did this so my Windows 8.1 Product Key which is injected into the motherboard would officially become a Windows 10 Product Key.Now I would like to do a 100% clean install of Windows 10 through a bootable Windows 10 USB flash drive that I just got done creating but have a few questions:I booted from the flash drive and went to Custom (Advanced) install and I am currently viewing all of the partitions:

Drive 0 Partition 1: "ESP" type: (System)
Drive 0 Partition 2: "DIAGS" type: (OEM)
Drive 0 Partition 3: "" type: MSR (Reserved)
Drive 0 Partition 4: "WINRETOOLS" (Recovery)
Drive 0 Partition 5: "OS" type: (Primary)
Drive 0 Partition 6: "" type: (Recovery)
Drive 0 Partition 7: "PBR Image" (Recovery)

Which of these are DELL related and which of these are just the additional partitions Windows automatically installs?Can I just delete them all and fresh install Windows 10 on Unpartitioned space?Is there any that are non operating system related and might be worth keeping like the DIAGS one?Will my DELL Backup and Recovery media rely on any of these if I delete them and then try to use it later on?Is there any use for any single one these anymore now that I have backup recovery media and will be going to Windows 10?

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Can Delete Any Of Partition

Jan 10, 2016

There seems to be far too many recovery partitions and then some. This PC came with windows 8.1 but I upgraded to windows 10 a few months ago.

I also wondering if the proper recovery would take me back to 8.1 again or would it do a fresh install of 10. I hope it is 10.

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Can Delete The Recovery Partition?

Nov 24, 2015

After the update to version 1511 build 10586 Windows has created a 450 Mb recovery partition on my SSD drive.

I have already deleted the created Windows_OLD folder as well as the hidden folder with update files.

Can I seamlessly and without risk also delete the recovery partition?

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How To Delete A Recovery Partition

Dec 3, 2015

I have a disk (HP machine) which has a recovery partition on it. When I go into Admin tools/Virtual disk manager, I can see the drive there (a partition on the real disk) but I can't delete it.

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Installation :: Delete Protected Recovery Partition (GPT Disk)

Nov 13, 2015

Last night I wiped out my ASUS T100 tablet to clean install TH2. But there is a 7GB Recovery partition from Windows 8.1 that I can't get rid off using Diskpart.

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Dell 11 Venue Pro (7140) / Delete Unused Recovery Partition After Upgrade?

Apr 7, 2016

I have a Dell 11 venue Pro (7140) tablet and I upgraded to windows 10. My tablet comes with 128Gb and I found out that I have many recovery partition. I am not sure which one I can remove it using DISKPART. Below is what I seen on the Disk Management Screen. Only C drive has volume label of C.

1. 500MB healthy EFI system (100% free)
2. 40 MB Healthy OEM Partition (100% free)
3. 2.00GB Healthy Recovery partition (100% free)
4. 109.56GB Healthy Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary partition (40% free) Volume OS (C:)
5. 450 MB Healthy Recovery Partition (100% free)
6. 6.59 GB Healthy Recovery Partition (100% free)

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Networking :: No Homegroup Access - Operation Is Unsuccessful

Oct 19, 2015

I have set up home network behind a router. every basic operations as folders sharing work but when I try from Windows 10 machine to join homegroup created from another computer running Windows 8.1 the operation is unsuccessful. The homegroup was firstly created on the Win8 machine. Same homegroup password is used same of course. Home group listener/provider services are started on both computers. Why is it not working?

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Installation :: How To Install Upgrade From Safe Mode

Aug 6, 2015

Windows 10 ISO Upgrade from 7 Pro Failure: Blank Screen

Is there any way to install Windows 10 Upgrade from Safe Mode?

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Updates :: How To Install Windows Update In Safe Mode

Nov 25, 2015

How to install Windows update in safe mode?

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Computer Reboots To Safe Mode After Clean Install

Apr 2, 2016

Yesterday my computer froze a number of times. It started off at about 3 minutes post boot up then got subsequently quicker with each restart. It eventually started freezing on the windows logo screen.

After about two windows logo screen freezes it automatically booted into safe mode. At this point I tried Clr CMOS, which had no apparent effect and then I disabled literally every startup program and that still had no effect.

Where I stand now:

- I have backed up all my data to an external drive.

- I have performed a "full reset" of my computer i.e. all personal data, installed apps and settings are wiped and windows reinstalls a clean version of itself.

- The set up of windows worked normally, but once it rebooted itself after set up was finished it automatically booted to safe mode.

I've exported an xml and a text document from speccy ....

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Possible To Install Windows On SSD And Delete Everything On HDD

Sep 10, 2015

I Recently got my new PC, let me just start with the specs:

Intel Core i5 4460
8GB DDR3 Ram
1TB Hdd
Asus M85-M Motherboard
Asus Strix GTX 970
650W Power supply (cant remember the exact one)

I Have no ssd and i want to buy like a 240GB SDD. I want to know if it is possible to buy the sdd and then install windows on it, (i have the Windows CD) again since it is already installed on my HDD, and then i want to know if it is possible to completly delete everything on the HDD and using at as another HDD, so that my SDD is the main boot drive, and the Hdd is just for storage. The last thing i want to know if it then is possible to upgrade to windows 10 again.So basically i want to know if it is possible to install windows on the sdd and delete everything on the hdd.

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Does A Clean Install Delete Everything

Jan 10, 2016

I've recently built my first PC and I installed windows 10 for the OS. everything's running fine but i was wondering in the future if i ever have do a reinstall of windows for whatever reason will everything be deleted? for example ive got a lot of games on my PC and i want to know if they'll all be deleted or will it just be everything on the C drive? (I have two storage drives 1 for games 1 for win 10). I'd also like to know if it will write over the old copy of win 10 on the drive? or just make a new partition?

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Install Partition Wiping

Jul 29, 2015

OK, so, I finally got the install for Windows 10, and boom, it restarts into it's happy special circle with a percentage, explaining that it's this many percent done, I step away, and when I come back a couple minutes later..

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Installation :: Clean Install Without MSR Partition

Dec 12, 2015

I did a clean install on a new SSD that I had previously formatted and neglected to delete the partition ending up without a MSR partition. I've already installed lots of applications so starting over would not be something that I'd want to do. What are possible problems that I could be looking at going forward?

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Installation :: Partition Strategy For Clean Install?

Dec 6, 2015

I am building a new computer next weekend and have three drives and need partitioning strategy for 3 drives:

- Drive 1: New 256GB SSD m.2 pci-e SSD for Win10 and apps (autocad, sketchup, Adobe CC, rendering apps)

- Drive 2: Old 2010 Vertex SSD which is 90-120gb (can't recall) for scratch disk/win page file for Adobe and apps

- Drive 3: New HGST 7200rpm 4TB 3.5" HDD for files, pics, video and possible system image ( necessary on Win10?)

1) I plan to format all 3 drives as NTFS unless there is strong suggestion to do otherwise?

2) what is best partition strategy for Drive 1? How much GBs for partitions for Win vs Apps? Is 60GB adequate for win10 partition leaving just under 200 GB for apps?

3) I read on win website to create 3 partitions for sys in this order: utilities; sys; win recovery. Does default win setup do this automatically or must I specify how many partitions and in what order and in what size? I'm clueless on this.

4) Disk 2: how much risk am I taking by using 5 yr old SSD for scratch disk? The virtual memory is volatile anyway so am I just risking each current session? I plan to point page file, cache, scratch to this drive. If too risky, I presume that using boot SSD as scratch is better than using HDD #3?

5) Disk 3: does win10 still require that user do image of opsys for recovery (using acronis et al) and, if so, how many GBs do I partition on Disk 3 and if so does it matter if it is the first or last partition on this drive 3?

6) what win 10 should I get? At Fry's they have OEM and also USB flash drive?

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Installation :: Clean Install And Keep Windows 8.1 Partition

May 12, 2015

Since I had trouble with the upgrade with Windows 10 running very slow i'd like to try a clean install, but i'm weary because I am afraid it will wipe my 8.1 main partition and not roll back. I'm using this as a guide, but need to make sure i'm doing this properly. How to install Windows 10 - clean install, dual boot or VM | Expert Reviews

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Does Fresh Install Create A Recovery Partition?

Mar 15, 2016

If so, I don't have one... I look in Drive management and SSD is all one partition, I assume 232gb is what a 250gb ssd looks like formatted. Is that going to be a problem if I ever run reset or does windows hide all those files somewhere else?

I know I had one before on my old install but it was an update from win 7.

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Installation :: Partition Hard Drive To Install Windows 7?

Aug 12, 2015

I've already upgraded to Windows 10 on my desktop PC, and there were no issues with the upgrade. However, I work from home and my work has informed me that they won't accept Windows 10, they will only accept 7 or 8.1 as their operating system (they also only accept Internet Explorer for browsing, etc.). So I can either downgrade, which I really don't want to do, buy a second PC, which I can't afford to do, or (I'm hoping) create a new partition and run Windows 7 from that.

So my question is, is it possible to create a new partition for Windows 7 while running Windows 10 on my main partition? Will I have to downgrade and install Windows 10 later? Or can I do it from Windows 10 already?

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Installation :: Partition Locked - Tried To Install X64 (bootmgr Missing)

Oct 6, 2015

As IE11 was malfunctioning, and my GT610 driver doesn't seem to work properly in Win10 32 bit, I attempted to upgrade to Win 10 x64 on my machine (Dual core, 64 bit ready, 4GB ram), and whilst doing so I think I've deleted the C: boot partition. I had partitioned the C drive and put the data in F: drive partition before hand so I didn't lose all my data.

When rebooting, I got the message "bootmgr is missing", so tried to boot from a Win 10 32bit iso DVD. I can get the DVD to launch, and tried to go through a repair, but got the message that the drive/partition was locked. I can't repair it, or boot. I also tried fixing it using Minitool Partition Wizard, which shows the partition without a label and as "unformatted". wasn't sure whether I should format the partition or not.

what I can do, to unlock the drive (from command prompt?) and then reinstall or repair Win 10.

Can I keep the F: partition with the data on it whilst doing an install of the x64 bit windows, or will I have to reformat the whole disk because of the different architecture?

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