Search Not Finding Files Or Settings Only Web And Store?

Sep 21, 2015

When I type in the search box in the task bar, the results are only from the web and the store and not my files, folders or my settings on my pc. This was working fine a few days ago.The example below is when I typed "device manager"...

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Search Not Finding Control Panel Items

Sep 7, 2015

Windows 10 is not finding any Control Panel items when I search for them in the taskbar search.

On Windows 7 I could type in "Printers" and it would find the "Add / Remove Printer" option. Or I could type "Programs" and it would find the "Programs and Features" Control Panel item. But not in Windows 10, as seen below.

How can I get this feature back? If this is not a bug then Microsoft have seriously downgraded the search bar, which was very useful in Windows 7.

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Updates :: Search Not Finding Windows Update?

Jan 26, 2016

when I try to find Windows Update via Windows Search (or via search inside Settings window), no such option is found. It's similar with some other settings.

It worked fine, but now it does not. I've tried rebuilding search index, but with no luck.

how to fix it?

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Cortana Search Bar Not Finding Stuff Such As Regedit

Sep 21, 2015

My cortana bar seems to be missing some important stuff when I search. Regedit is completely absent when doing search for one.

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Start Menu Search Not Finding Applications?

Jul 31, 2015

I just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

However once i install programs like Office 2013 i can't find the application exe files by searching in the start menu.

If i search for outlook or word in the start menu nothing shows up, this was not an issue in Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Is this a general issue in Windows 10 or do i need to change a setting somewhere?

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Finding Files In File Explorer?

Aug 19, 2015

When I open my file explorer can I see all the files in there ....

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File Explorer Not Finding Files?

Oct 10, 2015

File Explorer is not finding some files that are present on my PC with my current settings and I don't know what else to change so that files will be found. 
In Folder Options View Tab I have Show hidden files, folders, and drives enabled.  In Folder Options Search Tab I only have Include System directories checked.
In C:UsersUserNameAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsThemes I have many files whose name contains Arkham.

If I click on This PC in the Navigation Pane and then type Arkham in the search box, I get No items match your search.  What do I need to change so that the search will find these files.  Ultimately I would like search to find any file on This PC whether it be system, hidden, or read only.  I don't need for search to look in compressed archives (just the archive name). 

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Browser/Email :: Finding Live Mail Email Data Files?

Jan 2, 2016

I need to reinstall Windows 10 on a duel booting computer, on separate drives and whilst I can transfer most of the personal data off the Win 10 drive to a new temp folder on the other drive and then back later to a newly installed clean version of Win 10 on the original drive, I cannot ascertain the various email data files (all of them). I have 4 separate email accounts in "live mail".

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Settings Not Appearing When Search For Them In Search Bar

Aug 28, 2015

I Just bought a new XPS 13 (lowest end model) that came with Microsoft 10 pre-installed (bought it from Microsoft store). my problem is that I cannot search for settings in the main search bar or even the settings search bar, the settings search bar simply doesn't work at all, and to double check that this wasn't a windows 10 issue I tried it out on a friend's Laptop and it worked fine. I took screenshots of both my Laptop and my friend's.

My Laptop:

searching for "add or remove" brings up nothing, even in the settings search

My friend's Laptop:

as you can see it works fine on my friend's laptop bringing up the settings i was searching for

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Windows Search Only Searching Web And Store

Sep 2, 2015

I have 2 machines running windows 10, and it seems like a lot of struggle of late. My latest problem as of this eve on my downstairs machine, is that Windows Search seems to be confined to just the store and web. Meaning, if I click on search and type in firewall, it will lead me to a couple options in the store and the rest of the options are up on the web. Same if I punch in notepad. It won't search locally for some reason.

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Search The Store Option In Open With Menu?

Nov 25, 2015

How to get rid of the "Search the Store" option in the "Open With" context menu as per the pic ....

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Can't Use Start Menu Or Search Bar And App Store Says No Connection

Dec 19, 2015

I love my computer search bar I would like to use it, I can go without the other two, but why this is going on?

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Apps :: Configuration Settings For Store App

Nov 6, 2015

Is there a configuration setting for this "store" app. I see people post shots of downloads available for certain apps thru the store. I might have set mine to automatic, and want to change it.

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Search In Settings Does Not Work

Aug 3, 2015

I have 4 laptops and 1 tablet eligible for Windows 10 upgrade and I upgraded them all.

On one system (Windows 10 Home, upgraded from a Windows 8.1 Home laptop I bought 6 months ago), Search in "Settings" never returned anything, I always got "No results for ...". For example, when I searched for "update", it showed:

On my other 4 systems, they correctly found some items:

At first I thought Windows 10 might have been building index for search, but 4 days after I upgraded to Windows 10 (and I use this computer everyday) it still does not work.

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Settings Search Not Working

Dec 3, 2015

I got a Dell Venue 8 Pro and upgraded it to Windows 10. Everything ran smoothly. But after I decided to change the OS language into UK English, every time I search for settings in the settings app, the result is always "Search results aren't quite ready yet, but we're working on getting them together. Try again in a few minutes." Cortana search for settings also fails to yield any result, instead returns this quote "These results may be incomplete...". I have tried restarting the device but it did not work. I suppose this doesn't render my device useless but it's quite a bummer as I'm used to using search for what I want.

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EDGE Browser / Store And Search Box Not Responding After Upgraded HP EliteBook

Jan 7, 2016

I upgraded my HP EliteBook to Win-10 Pro. For few hours the performance of EDGE was very great. Search Box was getting connected to Internet and Store was performing great.

But now the EDGE is horrible and it is taking ages to open the Homepage. The Search Box now not getting connected to Internet. Store-it is taking ages to display the Apps.

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Search Does Not Display Any Settings Such As Windows Update

Aug 10, 2015

When searching for settings from either the control panel or the settings app, nothing appears. See attached image.

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Settings - Start Menu - Store And Tray Icons Are Not Working

Aug 12, 2015

I've recently created a thread stating that Start Menu, Settings and everything on taskbar were not working (such as volume control and wi-fi networks). I reinstalled Windows (clean install) and it was good again until today, when it started again.

I tried to open Settings via "ms-settings:" via Run, but it says that "limit time was reached" (It's a rough translation, as Windows language in my notebook is not in English). If I press Windows key + P (ms-settings:display), it won't open and I get a message that "this file has not an associated program to it to perform this task". Install a program, or in case there's one already installed, create an association in Defaul Programs control panel." Basically, this a list of what is not opening anymore:

Start Menu, Settings (and all options within it), Windows tray icons (power options, wi-fi networks etc.).

I've already rebooted Windows but I didn't fix anything. I don't know man, this is the second time this issue arises after a clean install. Windows 10 is buggy as hell, what's up with Settings and Start menu not opening anymore? Is Windows 10 still in beta? Seriously, did MS test Windows 10 at all? It doesn't look so. If this keeps happening I'll have to return to Windows 8.1 which was working fine

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No Metro Apps - Start Menu / Search / Settings

Jul 29, 2015

Ive updated my 8.1 today and now my start menu and indeed any metro apps wont start (ironic).If I create a new user their start menu is ok. I'm trying to revert back to my 8.1 installation but I cant because I cannot get to the revert option as it lives in the metro settings page NOT the standard control panel (why oh why are there two places with differing options, though in this case if it was all metro I couldnt access anything).

I cant revert using the new user as then it tells me I cant revert because I have added a user since upgrading? I cant start anything metro..I cant start anything from the right click start menu..I cant right click in file explorer (which I have to start via win-r) so its hard to get anything running as administrator..its a total fail of an upgrade for me.

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Cannot Search Files

Oct 4, 2015

I love Windows 10 except for one thing:

I cannot search files like I did before; it does not work in the same way and I cannot find the files I need like I did before!

Formally, I used to type for example "contract in the search cell and all the contract files and sub folders in the open folder would have appeared; not anymore, why?

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Search Cannot Find Files

Aug 14, 2015

I have hundreds of videos but when I try to search for them by using IN this PC the Kind:=video command the search come up empty. It simply cannot find anything I ask it to search for. I do not want to use third party search applications. I just want it to work.

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Search Within Content Of Only Certain Files

Dec 26, 2015

How can i search within the content of only certain files ?

Also, is there a page that contains the list for all Win10 search functions ? I'm looking it up since 30 minutes but can't find anything.

I need to search the term in all .doc files, how is that syntaxed in the Win-Explorer search. Seems its nothing like it was in previous win8 version.

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How To Search For Files On Computer

Sep 22, 2015

I've wasted 20 minutes of my life trying to figure out how to search for files on my computer in Win10. Everything I try ends up in a stupid bing thing in my browser. Is this really so complicated? I want to pick a folder and search inside it.

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Performance :: No Files On Desktop - Store Not Working?

Feb 10, 2016

I upgraded my win 7 to 10 like a month ago, and since then I have a strange problems on my (desktop) computer.

Firstly I noticed the problem with user accounts: I have 3 user accounts, and from time to time everything disappear from my desktop (icons and stuff) and seems like just rebooting works. Then I noticed that I can't view any images, as windows default "Photos" app suddenly stopped working, so my primary photo view app is automatically changed to "TWINUI" - whatever that is. And I can't change it, as the only option I can see is paint o.0 Then I wanted to go to store and see if I can get some other app for this, but now I can't even enter the store - it just doesn't responding at all, no errors, no nothing.

I have a latest win 10 build - and I'm updating it regularly .

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Unable To Download Manually XAP Files From Store?

Jan 27, 2016

I am unable to download *.xap files from store as Microsoft has changed the store layout. Previously. Before the Launch of Windows-phone 10, it worked for me.

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Windows Search - Files Not Shown

Sep 16, 2015

I have some HDDs connected through SATA in my PC and in one of them, I stored my files. Included that path in Indexing service, Windows can't show me the file I search.

Instead, if I search a file or a folder stored in my DropBox folder for example, (under C:usersEmanueleDropbox) the windows search show it immediately.

Some example.

If i want to search a file or folder stored in D:, windows search not show any file....
If i search a folder in indexed in C: all works fine.

I tried to rebuild index too many times.

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