Start Menu - Cortana And Explorer Stop Responding

Aug 3, 2015

I upgraded to 10 from 8.1 on Friday and everything worked great. Suddenly, on the following Monday afternoon Windows began to act up. Either at the desktop or while in a game, suddenly the start menu and Cortana will stop responding. Usually shortly thereafter Explorer will stop responding, as well.

If I hover over items on the start bar - buttons, Cortana search, pinned applications, the system tray - the item will highlight like I can interact with it. But when I click, nothing happens. The start menu won't open, Cortana won't open, applications won't start, etc.

This seems to happen between thirty and forty-five minutes after booting up. I checked the event logs for Application, Security and System; there are critical errors but after spending a few hours following up, those don't seem to be related at all. I did not drill down any further than those logs.

I've attempted the solution at the following link, without any success. [URL] / I've also attempted a system restore to the previous day when everything was still working, but again, no luck.

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Start Menu Isn't Responding

Jul 29, 2015

In Windows 10, I can pull up the start menu, but my clicks aren't doing anything. I cannot click anything on the start menu basically.

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Start / Notification / Cortana / Search Stop Working

Feb 10, 2016

I've got a system here which is acting up and I'm looking for ideas of how to resolve. Specs are:

Windows 10 Home (upgraded from W8.1)
i7-3632 8GB RAM 64bit
Inspiron 17R5720 laptop

Here's the problem: Everything works fine upon boot, but then, something happens over time, and things stop working.

Start left-click not working/Start right-click works
Notification left-click not working/Notification right-click menu shows, but open action center doesn't work
Quick Launch opens and works
All icons pinned to the taskbar work including File Explorer
Cortana and search not working - can't type in box
Speaker icon left-click does not work, right-click does

This is all intermittent, and resolved with a reboot.

Something sets it off to stop working - perhaps the screensaver/lockscreen?

Fast Startup is off, hybernate off as well.

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Why Isn't Start Menu And Taskbar Responding

Jul 29, 2015

W10 startmenu and some features in the taskbar (search,sound icon, wifi icon, battery icon, notification system, "search pc & web") seems to be unresponsive. not sure if it is like this for all but i tried restarting the pc numerous times and also attempted to find any after-release articles but i couldnt find any.

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Cortana Is Not Audibly Responding

Mar 31, 2015

I cannot get any audio from Cortana. If I remember correctly, "Hey Cortana" would initiate a chime, and asking about weather would prompt her to audibly tell me the weather (albeit only in San Fransico). It worked for me in build 9926, but it has not worked in 10041 nor in 10049.

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Cortana Not Responding To Voice

Aug 13, 2015

Cortana has worked fine for a few days, and then I stopped using her for a while, she was responding to my voice and "Hey Cortana"...

Now she doesn't respond to that, but I have to click on the mic icon and then I ask, and after that she responds to 'Hey Cortana" as well... I didn't change any settings or anything like that?

Now it seems that when I ask anything, she says something like "sorry, me and internet aren't talking right now" . I have switched from my Wi-Fi to my Ethernet connection few days ago, my router died .. and this seems to happen once only also...after that, she responds fine....

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Start Menu Stop Working?

Jan 20, 2016

I am using Windows 10, and my start menu stop working for me. I have run the following commend in Powershell.

sfc /scannow
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml"}

It fixed the problem temporally, however the problem keep coming back when each time I shut down or restart my laptop.

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Start Menu And Cortana Do Not Function?

Jan 5, 2016

When clicking on the start menu or using the windows key on my keyboard nothing happens as well as trying to type in the search bar. I have tried running commands in power shell and booting my pc in safe mode using msconfig, but both of these had no effect. I also tried create a new user account but when i click on "create new user" nothing happens no loading or sign of any process taking place nothing happens. And i cant reinstall windows because windows is forcing me to delete about 630 gb worth of files and games which i dont want to re download since it will take a month, and an even longer time to reconfigure them and add all the mods i had within the game files 

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Start Menu And Cortana Not Working?

Aug 4, 2015

I believe that is what is causing the 'critical error'. I uninstalled the software and upon reboot my start button and cortana were working perfectly again. Now I'm sure you all know how to uninstall software on your PCs but it may not work in normal mode with the critical error as it didn't with me. Therefore I uninstalled in safe mode. Incase you arent familiar with how to access safe mode on windows 10, heres how: You press ctrl+alt+delete, and in the bottom right hand corner you click the power button. Before you click 'restart', hold down the shift key until the next screen is displayed (blue). Then click troubleshoot, advanced options, start-up settings, restart. Once it restarts, press the F4 key, and when it restarts you will be in safe mode. Now just do the normal thing to uninstall avast and then reboot following the installation and it should be fixed!

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Start Menu And Search / Cortana Do Not Function

Aug 28, 2015

Sometimes Start menu and Search/Cortana buttons become frozen and only after hard boot they work.

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Apps :: How To Unpin Cortana From Start Menu

Aug 8, 2015

I've searched everywhere, and even uninstalled Cortana from Windows Features.. It's no longer running.. but i can't figure out how to unpin it from the Start Menu.

FYI: Removing hidden Windows Features:

- you'll need win6x_registry_tweak from MSFN or here's a mirror.
- you can remove Windows Defender, Adobe Flash, Search, Indexer, HyperV, etc.. completely

Available commands:

install_wim_tweak.exe /o /l
- list all packages

install_wim_tweak.exe /o /c **PACKAGE** /r
- remove package

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No Start Menu / Page - Cortana Or Notifications

Jan 7, 2016

Following search results, I have tried the "scannow" and 'reinstall all Windows apps' suggestions. Scannow found no errors, and reinstalling Windows apps did nothing to work. When I click on the Start button (that usually brings up the Programs Menu, I get the little twirling blue icon for about 5 or 6 seconds, then... nothing. Cortana is dead, or away on vacation.

BTW, all my Taskbar program icons work, all the system tray icons (except 'Notifications') work, and a right click on the Start button brings up the usual context menu. Also, I tried installing Start10, but that didn't work either.

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Cortana And Start Menu Aren't Working

Sep 6, 2015

I upgraded to Win 10 a week ago and after a long updating session was well pleased with the OS - everything seemed to work normally and much faster than before.

However, a day after the last updates were installed (KB3081449 and KB3081448) my normal screen appeared with a boxed message ;
'Cortana and Start Menu aren't working. We'll try to fix it the next time you sign in. Sign out now'.

Signing back in does not fix the problem. I cannot access the Start Menu or Search box. I still have my normal (Win 7 style) screen that luckily still has my shortcuts and I still have WiFi access. I have to shut down using the power button.

I don't know how to access the installed updates (There appears to be no access via Control Panel) and restore options only allow a 'revert to Win 7' - is there a Restore option available that takes you back a few days?

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Task Bar / Cortana And Start Menu Not Working

Jan 28, 2016

This issue just popped up after restarting my computer today. Earlier, all the task bar icons were showing and I could see the time/date, but clicking on them would do nothing. Also whenever I tried to open pictures with "Photos" I would get an error message about something timing out and I would have to use windows explorer.

So I restarted, and when I booted my computer up again, the task bar icons never showed up and the time and date is gone. I can't click on cortana and clicking the windows icon will bring up nothing. I've restarted twice since then but nothing has worked so far.

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Start Menu And CORTANA Aren't Working

Jul 23, 2015

CRITICAL ERROR - Start Menu and CORTANA aren't working. W'll try to fix it the next time you sign in. SIGN OUT NOW.

I upgraded from WIN 7 SP1 to build 10240 on FAST Track. I did a RECOVERY DRIVE, and after trying to restore from it, I am getting this message - in a loop, can not exit from it. I also find my backup and system image do not work.

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Start Menu And Cortana Inoperative For One User But Not For Others

Oct 17, 2015

My son's user account displays the Windows 10 Start Menu and Cortana functions as it should. He doesn't have to log in to use his account. MY user account, which I log into with my Microsoft creds, has the "Start Menu and Cortana won't work" problem. I must right-click the icon to get the list menu view.

I thought that the whole computer was the subject of the "Start Menu won't work" problem and resigned myself to the idea that it was a hardware problem. Learning otherwise tells me that it's some kind of configuration. I have administrator rights and did the setup. Oddly, the Start Menu and Cortana functioned on my login initially, but buzzed out shortly after installation (which was immediate upon the upgrade release).

I've already done multiple iterations of sfc /scannow. The report is that there's nothing wrong.

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Cortana No Longer Searching The Start Menu?

Jul 28, 2015

I'm in the habit of launching most applications by hitting the Windows key, typing a few letters of the app name, and then hitting Enter.

Unfortunately, the Cortana search box is no longer able to find any applications. It shows me a list of local documents, and offers to search "My Stuff" or the web.

When I choose to search "My Stuff," I can filter by Documents, Folders, Apps, Settings, Photos, Videos and Music. Selecting "Apps" invariably returns no results. I am left to manually navigate through the Start menu which, while not terribly difficult, is more of a hassle than I'm used to.

I've only noticed it on the RTM build (10240), while the previous build (10166) worked fine for me.

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Critical Error - Start Menu And Cortana Is Not Available

Aug 25, 2015

I started my PC and I don't had access to the Start menu, so I restarted explorer.exe is task manager. So it restarted but it doesn't worked. I signed out and signed in and I got that error message. I restarted my PC and the error was gone and now works, but I have a question. What was that?

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Start Menu - Cortana And Taskbar Not Working

Dec 18, 2015

Start Menu, Cortana and Taskbar is not working in Windows 10, I don't want to format or reset my Microsoft Windows 10 32bit Pro.I tried google my problem and open this page: [URL] I didn't attempt the last step Refresh your PC i.e (Reset). Start Menu is not opening when clicking on Start Button and Cortana not opening and not giving any response.

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How To Stop Start Menu Showing When Waking Up Computer

Oct 3, 2015

When I sleep or lock my computer and then wake it up the start menu is always open.

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Start Menu And Cortana Will Not Open After Activation Process

Jul 1, 2015

After going throw the activation process with Cortana, I found it impossible to open the start menu or use Cortana's search function.

Ironically, I was hear earlier about to submit this thread when it all decided to work... I closed the web browser and it worked for around 10s... then it decided to break again. My thread was lost ...

So, I have tried everything to get this to work. I've tried various pieces of code in Powershell, I've tried restarting Explorer.exe, I've tried finding the SearchUI service but I can't find it. It seems to have been merged, or it instantly closes itself on-click or on boot.

I also recieved a message telling me that to save any data lost, I need to sign out. It told me something along these lines "The Start Menu and Cortanas infastructure have ran into a problem. You must restart now to ensure you don't lose any data." It then showed the "Sign out" button, which I clicked, logged in and everything seems fine now, apart from this consistent problem.

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Sound / Start Menu And Cortana Stopped Working

Jul 29, 2015

Now, for some odd reason, on my computer, the sound, start menu and cortana stopped working and I can't even get past the sign in menu without it telling me to sign out so they can "fix" this problem which I've done 3 times now so I have no clue if I screwed up this computer or what.

It started with the sound first, then the start menu so I decided to restart my computer manually (which was a bad idea, apparently) and I guess Cortana just died on me when I got back on.

Also, my computer is on Windows 10 Pro Preview still.

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Critical Error Start Menu And Cortana Not Working

Jan 22, 2016

Since I upgraded my computer to Win 10, I'm trying to deal with this problem. When my computer starts it shows the message: "Critical error start menu and Cortana aren't working. We'll try to fix it the next time you sign in".

I found an instruction which said to run the command "chkdsk /f /r".

So, I did it; my computer restarted and it was solved. But, when I turned the machine on in the next day the message was there again! I ran the command another time, the computer rebooted and it was solved. But, every time I turn on my computer the message pops up for me and I have to run the command in cmd to my machine work.

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One Of Start Menu And Cortana Breaking Causes Registry Reviver

Nov 24, 2015

For those experiencing Start menu and search breaking (sometimes even the notifications center). Besides being an update issue, a cortana bug, a copy_profile parameter incompatibility ...etc, if you had " Registry Reviver " software (as a standalone software or as a part of the PCReviver suite) installed, and you've used it (before, while or after syspreping), I can assure you @100% that the software is whether the exclusive source of your problem, or in the best cases, a part of it.

Thoroughly tested on Win 10 x64, pro and enterprise (Did no test on 32 bits, the software itself being 64bits compatible). Performing a registry cleaning may or may not break the components in question (I don't know on what it depends), but the registry defragmenter with absolutely no doubt will.

After defragmenting the registry using the software, two case scenarios happened on my machine :

1- The computer reboots normally, but after login in, the components are broken ( you may or may not, again, rebuild them by the now famous Get-AppXPackage in powershell, but soon after restarting, they are broke again)

2- The computer can't even start, it hangs a brief moment at the windows splash screen, then BSOD : NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM (Ntfs.sys).

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Unable To Access Start Menu / Cortana / Calendar

Sep 12, 2015

I'm unable to access the start menu, cortana, or even my calendar. Can't even do it in safe mode.The thing is though, this is only on my main account (which happens to be a microsoft connected account), I have no issue accessing them with the other two (local) accounts on my computer. I've uninstalled any software or updates that I had installed prior to this issue appearing and ran a virus scan but the problem still persists. I'm not quite sure what to do at this point because this is such a weird issue.

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Why Does Both Taskbar And Start Menu Stop Working Sometimes - Normal After Restart

Feb 19, 2016

I have been using Windows 10 for some months by now but in the past month i have been experiencing the following issue:

Sometimes when i turn my computer on i can't do anything using my taskbar (such as controling sound and viewing alerts) or my windows start menu (when i click the windows logo nothing happens). This comes back to normal once i restart the system.

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