Start Menu No Longer Works

Aug 17, 2015

My Win10 Start menu no longer works with my main user account. It still works under other user logins.

It doesn't open whether I hit the Windows key or if I click the Start button.

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Start Menu Button No Longer Works

May 27, 2015

I have tried registry tweaks, powershell commands, nothing works. I can't get start button to work anymore ...

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Cortana No Longer Searching The Start Menu?

Jul 28, 2015

I'm in the habit of launching most applications by hitting the Windows key, typing a few letters of the app name, and then hitting Enter.

Unfortunately, the Cortana search box is no longer able to find any applications. It shows me a list of local documents, and offers to search "My Stuff" or the web.

When I choose to search "My Stuff," I can filter by Documents, Folders, Apps, Settings, Photos, Videos and Music. Selecting "Apps" invariably returns no results. I am left to manually navigate through the Start menu which, while not terribly difficult, is more of a hassle than I'm used to.

I've only noticed it on the RTM build (10240), while the previous build (10166) worked fine for me.

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Desktop Flickers When Click On Start Menu For Longer?

Sep 17, 2015

after been using Windows 10 since launch I've got annoyed by those silly things whenever I click start menu for longer than like 2 or 3 minutes. When it happens, the windows desktop flickers to black. I uninstalled the drivers and used the microsoft generic drivers and it does the same thing. Of course, when I go to safe mode and I can't use the start menu as it just opens and closes in less than the second on its own. Because of this I've been researching this through Google and it somehow all of that kinda doesn't seem to relate to that. Also, I get the error message when I shut down and I couldn't get to see the error message because windows shuts all that stuff down.

Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

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Ethernet No Longer Works

Aug 2, 2015

I upgraded to windows 10 on my desktop pc on july 29th and haven't had any problems since. I know that upgrade/updates are forced to happen so when random issues occurred today I feel that maybe there was an update sent out? My ethernet no longer works, only to connect outside my LAN, but I can still remote desktop and access the computer so the port/cable still work and the router works for all other comps over ethernet. The internet goes in for a split second when I reset the adapter but then instantly goes out. I also noticed when launching a steam game the xbox controller no longer works to control it despite it working yesterday and the controller will control steam itself just not the games. Should I downgrade to windows 8.1 again, since I don't have internet anymore any fixes wouldn't even reach my computer?

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Printer No Longer Works

Dec 2, 2015

Installed Win 10 a few months ago, everything was fine, have now istalled the latest update Win 10 version1511 [OS Build 10586.14] and the printer will not print.

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Networking :: LAN Shutdown No Longer Works?

Sep 28, 2015

I have a local network with 4 pc . For the moment I have three PC with Windows 10 and one PC with Windows 7.

I use a Windows 10 pc to shutdown the others . Only Windows 7pc shutdown well.

When all the PC were in windows 7 it worked fine.

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Sound No Longer Works After Update

Dec 16, 2015

I have and Alienware laptop which automatically updated last night. I woke up and turned it on and it tells me my PC has been updated. When it comes all the way on everything is back to normal until i go to listen to music. This is when i realized no sound is working. I plug in my headphones and sure enough, it starts to work, but when i unplug them it does not work. I've gone through all the settings and stuff and i cant figure out what the problem is.

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Monitor No Longer Works On Laptop

Aug 1, 2015

Windows 7 HP Pavilion DV7 w/ second monitor attached via RGB.Windows 10 upgrade wizard said everything was fine.Upgrade took >90 minutes. Second monitor no longer works on my laptop. (No monitor works - tried different cables, different monitors.)Contacted Samsung for support on monitor. Downloaded updated video driver.Rebooted.Windows 10 now won't boot. No system recovery options.

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Apps :: Windows Camera App No Longer Works

Nov 12, 2015

On my ASUS G74SX-3DE Notebook, Windows Camera no longer works after the app update(s) recently.

It would start up with:

Who makes the camera for the device and ASUS doesn't provide Windows 10 drivers except the camera works fine with other apps.

Windows installs a driver with the device listed as:
USB2.0 UVC 1M WebCam
in device manager with driver version 10.0.10240.16384 and the date


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Networking :: Open Network No Longer Works?

Nov 5, 2015

Prior to W10 I had a network NOT using Homegroup. Network worked who needs it? Now, I see some of my devices on the network, but when I try to share files I get a window requesting user name and password. Never used passwords before. I think Homegroup is sneaking in there, but all the devices say they don't have a Homegroup but some of them say the see a Homegroup on other devices. I've disabled Homegroup on all devices tried changing advanced network settings to no avail.

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Numeric Keypad No Longer Works With Update

Aug 14, 2015

My numeric keypad no longer works with the update. I had to manually remove the ELAN keyboard in order to get my letters and top row numbers working, but the keypad still isn't working. I also had to remove the touchpad software the updated with in order to get the touchpad working. How do I get the numeric keypad on the right to work again? I have an ASUS U57A. 

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Installation :: Win 8.1 Dual Boot No Longer Works

Sep 15, 2015

I have 4 partitions.
1 => System Reserved
2 => Win 10
3 => Win 8.1
4 => Storage

When I try to boot into the win 8.1 it gives me an error. Even after restoring the win 8.1. partition from a Macrium image.

What gives? Two days ago I decided I wanted to shrink the win 8.1 partition.

I made a macrium image of my Win 10 partition (because I'm not crazy) and I already had a macrium image of win 8.1. I started shrinking the 8.1 and the computer went unresponsive so I rebooted. I used EASEUS Partition Manager.

I found out later that the reason the computer halted was because the version of EASEUS I used was outdated.

I attempted to boot into 8.1 and was greeted with the error. (Will update this post presently with the picture.)

I updated EASEUS and successfully shrunk the 8.1 partition. I took that unallocated space and enlarged the WIN 10 partition. Still unable to boot into 8.1.

Used macrium to overwrite the 8.1 partition.

Computer refused to boot completely. No Win 10 or Win 8.

Macrium restored the Win 10 partition, and the Win 8.1 partition. Discovered something interesting. Macrium restored the partitions as if I had never shrunk the 8.1 partition and enlarged the Win 10 partition. Is it supposed to do that?

Still unable to boot into Win 8.

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Apps :: QIF File Association No Longer Works After Upgrade

Dec 1, 2015

After the recent Windows 10 update my QIF file association launches the incorrect version of Microsoft Money.

Money is an old legacy programme that is still running JUST ...and I need to be able to customise the file association.

If I click on properties on the qif file I am given the INCORRECT option to use ....MoneyCoreFilesmnyimport.exe %1

What it SHOULD say is MoneyCoreFilesmsmoney.exe %1 ...... and no my default MSMONEY option doesn't work either. How/where do I make this change?

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Lenovo U530 Touch No Longer Works With Upgrade

Aug 5, 2015

The touchscreen has stopped functioning since the recent Windows 10 upgrade. Everything else works great. There are no new drivers I can find yet Lenovo claims that this device is Windows 10 compatible.

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Graphic Cards :: Duplicate Monitor To TV Via Hdmi No Longer Works

Dec 29, 2015

It worked fine in windows 7 but now when I choose "duplicate display" from the side menu popup the tv goes blank as if Ive unplugged the hdmi. All 3 of the remaining display options work including the extend display and tv only setting so its not a cable issue. Laptop model is XPS 17 L702X. Now when I used to do it in win 7 sometimes it wouldnt autodetect it so I would have to right click desktop, open invidia up and click rigorous display detect or something like that and then laptop screen would blink and make the beep noise like when hdmi cable got connected. Now in the invida panel it just simply wont allow mirroring, nothing happens when I right click on the display box that would normally show 1 and a smaller box would say 2. I dont get it but Id really like that feature back If its something simple I could do.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Canon MP250 Printer No Longer Works?

Jan 4, 2016

When the print spooler is turned on I get a message that says the printer queue is full. (The printer queue is empty.)

If I try the printer without the printer spool on i.e. print directly to the printer, I get a message that says "Unable to create a print job."

This printer was working with Win 10 until recently. The scan function works as it should. So the computer does see and interacts with the printer through the usb port.

Something must have changed in the latest Windows 10 release to gum up the works.

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BSOD :: Outlook - When Sending Email Auto Fill No Longer Works

Jan 7, 2016

In Outlook, I rely on the auto fill when typing an email address. usually, the name fills in after typing one or two letters. Since upgrading to windows 10, this feature no longer works. Although the list of correct email addresses appears, when I click on it, it no longer fills in the name and I have to completely retype the email address. 

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Browser/Email :: Viewing Local Video Files In Chrome No Longer Works?

Dec 22, 2015

I'm trying out the chromecast device to hopefully eliminate having to move my laptop across the room and connect it via hdmi every night to watch movies on my tv screen. In windows 7 I could just drag the file into a new chrome page and it would open the file which could then be cast. Now when I drag a movie file into chrome it creates a download window in the bottom of chrome like any other file download, and then if I open it from that it just opens my default video player and plays the movie file. Any way to view local video files in chrome browser like you could in windows 7?

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Context Menu Sometimes Works And Sometimes Does Not

Aug 7, 2015

When I right click on something to get the context menu, it sometimes works and sometimes does not.

Here are three images showing how it appears. As you can see, there is a completely variable response as to what appears. I am using the standard Windows 10 theme in a completely fresh install (not an upgrade) on a new hard disk.

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Taskbar And Start Menu Properties Have No Start Menu Tab Anymore?

Aug 1, 2015

Here's a screenshot of "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" dialog from a fresh clean install of Windows 10 Pro x64

As you can see, despite its name, it does not have a tab for "Start Menu". I remember that Preview versions of Windows 10 had a "Start Menu" tab. Did they just remove at the last moment? And how I change Start Menu options without that tab?

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Why Doesn't Start Menu Tab Appear In Task Bar And Start Menu Properties

Aug 9, 2015

I've not got the 'Start Menu' tab in my 'Taskbar and Start Menu Properties' control panel (right-click on taskbar). I've seen screenshots on the web, but my Win 10 Pro doesn't have. How can I enable?

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Start No Longer Working?

Dec 1, 2015

I have had Win 10 installed and working well until this past week, when the Start button on my keyboard and the on screen icon no longer work. The screen icon will turn dark yellow with either touch or pen, but it does not open. I can right click it and get to that menu, but left click does nothing. Other than resetting Win 10

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No Longer Able To View Desktop - Only Full Start Screen

Jan 11, 2016

My computer has a mind of its own apparently. I can no longer view my regular desktop. All I get is the full start screen with all the stupid tiles on it. I have tried changing my settings, restarting, shutting down and rebooting, nothing is working. When I click the windows logo all I get is that same full start screen. Am I missing something? All I want is for it to show me my regular, normal desktop. Not these tiles!

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Calendar On Start No Longer Displays The Current Date?

Nov 7, 2015

Now the calendar just displays Microsoft's ugly icon in the calendar square. Used to be it would just have a number there. Like today it would have a 6 for Nov 6. I don't know how to do anything with the Start screen except Pin to it, remove items from it, rearrange items. I opened the calendar and looked at settings and saw nothing.

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Start Button No Longer Responds To Left Click?

Feb 23, 2016

My Windows 10 Start button no longer responds to a left click. I now have to resort to right clicking that icon to shut down my laptop.

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