Store Apps On Another Hard Drive

Aug 11, 2015

just want to know whether any of you guys can install apps from the Windows Store onto a secondary hard drive. My option is greyed out.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Hard Drive Inaccessible After Upgrade (Apps Stored On Drive Run)

Jan 14, 2016

Problem: When I click on my H: drive or try to access it from the command line, it gives me an access denied error. However, all of the applications that I have installed on that drive run without issue. So, there is some access there. (See attached images. The first shows the hard drive state in diskmanager and in windows explorer. The second image shows the minecrafter launcher profile (that it is stored in H: and the application running, proving that there is some access.

System: Home built PC: (C:) 240GB SSD for OS, (E:) 1TB HDD for file storage and backup, (H:) 1TB HDD for large applications and video editing files. All drives are Simple, Basic, and none have encryption. All use the SATA connectors.

Process: I had Windows 7 Home 64 bit with, among many other things, Comodo Internet Security, Virtualbox, ImageDisk.
During the upgrade process, I noticed that Windows 10, during the upgrade, ran the file system check and fix "problems" on the H: drive.

(Side note) Having forgotten to uninstall Comodo before the upgrade, I did not have network after the upgrade. The fix was non-trivial as I had to use a second computer to download the unofficial comodo uninstaller. Reboot. Uninstall the network devices. Reboot. And once Windows 10 was up and running, it reinstalled the network devices and the network was available.

Still, whether before or after the Comodo uninstall and reinstall, the uninstall of ImageDisk, or the uninstall of the Virtualbox network device, I have no access to the H: drive.

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Apps :: Default Store Apps Corrupted (including Store)

Feb 10, 2016

I am having some trouble getting the default store apps to work. As for the store itself, it used to briefly show the splash then crash. Now it is just an unknown file type that doesn't do anything when clicked. I have tried some of the more common fixes, like the powershell re-register scripts, but none work, all returning errors of one kind or another. At this point, would it just be easier to "Reset this PC", or is there another fix I may not have tried?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Pen Drive And External Hard Drive Keep Getting Errors

Jan 9, 2016

Pen Drive and external hard drive keep getting errors! So I select to fix the problem scandrive recommended scan and repair. But there's never anything wrong with them it reports! And it takes ages to scan it takes 10-15 minutes for 32GB pen drive. Windows 7 Pro done it in a flash! Anything I can do about it.

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SSD Detected - Secondary Drive (Hard Drive) Is Not

Jul 30, 2015

Ever since doing a fresh install of Windows 10, in "This PC", my secondary hard drive is not in the list. I have already tried right clicking "This PC" and clicking Manage -> Disk Management, but there is nothing there except my SSD with Windows 10 installed.
I have tried changing SATA cables, SATA ports, but it still does not appear in This PC. I have also tried installing my hard drive on a another computer to see if the files were corrupted. They were not, all files were still the same before the installation of Windows 10. I did not leave the hard drive plugged in during the installation.
In the BIOS, my computer recognizes both my SSD and my hard drive, but in This PC, it's still missing.

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Put OS On A Different Hard Drive

Aug 27, 2015

I have had windows 10 since the beta and I recently bought a kingston 120gb ssd I want to do this by reinstalling but since I got windows 10 during the beta with no install disk I have no ability to simply reinstall but how to transfer my license.

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Search With Two Hard Drive

Oct 24, 2015

I have two hard drive on my PC, as SSD for the OS and a HDD for all my storage.I seem to have a problem with search, that it will only find stuff that is stored on the SDD.To get it to look for other files on the HD, I have to click search my stuff, and even then it still doesn't work.Is there a way to fix this? As most of my stuff is on HD and click search my stuff is a bit annoying.Also when I click rebuild index, nothing happens. I get a dialogue box saying it will take a long time, but then it doest say its indexing

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Transfer Hard Drive

Feb 10, 2016

My old computer was a windows 8 that was upgraded to windows 10. I just ordered a new i5 6600 which comes with windows 10, a 250G SSD and 1 TB hard drive.. My old hard drive appears to be a Seagate Barracuda 1TB SATA which seems to be the same as the one in my new Vanquish. My old hard drive is 2/3 full and is backed up often. My question is can I move this old hard drive to my new computer as a separate drive without formatting it and use the data on it (or transfer my data) or does it need to be formatted (thus giving me roughly 2 TB of space with the 1 TB provided with the computer). It was my C: drive in the old computer.

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Defragmentation On PC Hard Drive?

Jan 18, 2016

Is it possible to do a defragmentation on my PC's hard drive?

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Pro Won't Detect Hard Drive

Oct 30, 2015

I have an HP G42-154CA that I'm trying to get Windows 10 Pro installed on.


I ran into an issue with the installation disc not detecting the hard drive (ie, no hard drive is listed when the screen appears to select the hard drive to install Windows on).

I've tried various drivers (latest from HP and Intel website, OEM OS installation discs etc) with no luck.. at the very least, the Windows 7 driver from HP's website for that laptop should work for installing Windows 7- same results, does not detect hard drive.

At this point I'm wondering if maybe it's a BIOS setting that's causing this? I don't recall changing anything in the BIOS when I last installed Windows (which was v8), but it was awhile ago, so can't be certain.

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How To Defrag Hard Drive

Aug 17, 2015

Disc cleanup and defraging hard drive after installing W10 and deleting large unwnted files and photos etc.

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Ripping CDs To Hard Drive

Dec 22, 2015

Haven't had to rip lately, thought it was easy, went to play a cd in the player and I can't rip cds in Windows 10 to hard drive. What am I missing? WMP will not allow ripping.

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Upgrading On Different Hard Drive

Jul 28, 2015

So, I currently have Windows 7 installed in a standard HDD and I bought an SSD a while ago with intentions of reinstalling windows on it. With the Windows 10 update coming in tomorrow, I was wondering if I could install the Windows 10 update on the SSD. Even if it's just installing it on the current HDD I have and then doing a clean install on an SSD. Point is, I want to know if there is any way I can have Windows 10 running on my SSD after tomorrow.

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Can Install OS To New SSD And Keep Old Hard Drive?

Nov 14, 2015

So I just got a new copy of windows 7, with a free upgrade to windows 10. And my question is. If I buy an SSD and install the new OS on that. Can I use my old hard drive for storage such as my steam library and a few applications etc even if it still has the previous OS on it? I know I'd have to set the SSD as my boot drive.

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Resetting To A Different Hard Drive

Jan 24, 2016

I just got an SSD for my Windows 10 PC and wanted to do a full reset of my computer. I tried using the Windows 10 "Reset this PC" feature hoping that it would install on my SSD, but it installed on my old hard drive. Is there a way I could do the reset again and have it install on my SSD or do I have to move my Windows over a different way?

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Won't Start Nor Run Hard Drive

Aug 4, 2015

Alright, currently we use an HP laptop with 6 gigs of ram with an AMD CPU/GPU and it ran windows 7.However, my parents noticed that it was able to upgrade to windows 10. I was alright, I'll do it on my PC and see if it works and it works fine. In fact I used the Media Creation Tool to do it. However, when I tried to do it on my parents' laptop. It would just crash (Stop Responding). So I tried to restart it. Nothing worked, but after that I told them it was probably a bad idea to upgrade it and to just wait until Microsoft fixes all the issues

Turns out someone or something tried to force the upgrade, and when it did, the laptop would not see the regular hard drive as the main drive (It was a 500 gig drive). Instead it would see a new drive as the main drive. Which in fact wasn't even a hard drive in there. All it had was a folder named Boot and Windows information on it. So I left that alone.

However, I don't know what to do, we have a 1 TB External Hard drive and the main 500 gig drive. The problem is, I don't know how to tell it to boot off of that information with just the external hard drive. So in sense I am stuck. Because the laptop does not have a optical drive nor does it have a burner.

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Upgrading Onto A New Hard Drive

Nov 14, 2015

I have 2 hard drives in my pc. The first one is 80GB and the second one is 1TB. I have windows 7 on the 80GB drive. I want to upgrade to Windows 10 but at the same time I want it to be on the 1TB hard drive instead. Therefore I'd like for there to be no Windows software on the 80GB drive and Windows 10 on the 1TB drive.

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Hard Drive Randomly Filling Up

Oct 16, 2015

My 256 GB hard drive has zero space left (programs now shutting down, etc.). I deleted or moved all duplicate files ; documents and applications only account for about 50 GB. When I free up a few GB, it rapidly fills up again. This is not a defrag issue; this is something eating up my hard drive.

Right now, those files are lurking in my Intel ProSet/ wireless software. The Apps heading under System Settings says it contains 105 GB which is absurd. How do I stop this? When I stop one app or file, another grows elsewhere.

In the beginning, I thought it was a synchronization problem. I think it started when I activated Dropbox sync. I found another Dropbox file in my backup, so I thought maybe it was a continuous feedback loop where Desktop copied Backup, copied Desktop, copied Backup. But I shut off Dropbox and it still continues.

Any thoughts? BTW, I have a Lenovo Thinkpad S1 yoga with 8GB RAM, and a 256 GB SSD hard drive.

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No Longer Recognize Hard Drive

Feb 10, 2016

i have windows 10 installed and generally like it. and the only thing holding me back from using edge, is there is no extensions for it. But the problem i have is that it runs fine, but suddenly it will no longer recognize the hard drive, and even startup diagnostics cant fix it. then ill have to stick the windows 10 usb in and boot that way and once im up and running using that method, i can pull the usb and windows 10 will boot normally to my hard drive.

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Clone Hard Drive Will No Boot

Dec 13, 2015

I cloned my hard drive a Seagate 2T to a WD 2T using acronics software.I removed my Seagate drive and plugged in my WD drive in the same spot and system would not boot tried using windows 10 repair disk no luck plugged the Seagate drive back in booted???

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How To Transfer Files From Old Hard Drive To New One

Aug 27, 2015

My old laptop died, and I bought a new one with windows 10. How do I transfer the files from the old hard drive to the new machine ? 

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Hard Drive Often Running Constantly?

Aug 24, 2015

since installing windows 10, initially fine now recently my hard drive runs constantly even when idle, it slows everything down and is becoming a real pain especially going online! When it is doing this there seems no obvious reason, i.e. it is not downloading updates, running defrag or disc check.

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Secondary Hard Drive Not Getting Recognized

Aug 23, 2015

My PC has three hard drives. A Samsung solid state drive (840 series) that has windows and all games / programs on it, and two older Samsung HDD's (HD753LJ, about 7 years old) that I use to store videos, photos, music etc. It had been working fine in this configuration with Windows 7 for years.

I recently upgraded to windows 10 (in place upgrade, not a clean install) which worked OK except one of the two HDD's was not found by Windows 10. After a couple of turn off / turn back on cycles it found it and was OK for a little while. However it stopped finding it again and now hasn't worked for a few weeks.

If I boot into BIOS it lists all three hard drives as boot options, but only two come up in disk manager / device manager / my computer within Windows 10. Is this a Windows 10 problem or is the hard drive dying? (The timing would be very coincidental if it's not a windows problem). 

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Doesn't Shut Down Hard Drive

Nov 18, 2015

I have 2 hard drives In windows 7 i made sure my second drive turned off after 5 minutes because it makes a lot of noise

energy savings options / advanced options / turn off hard disk after 5 minutes

why doesnt this work in windows 10 ? it keeps on going and its like windows 10 is using the second hard drive? is windows 10 spying on me ? There is no operating system installed on my second drive its just for backup. 

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External Hard Drive Names

Aug 19, 2015

All drive in explorer appear as "Local Drive".. I want to rename them "Drive_A", "SOFTWARE", "PHOTOS", etc. but can't.. Is there a way? 

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Hard Drive Has Stopped Working

Nov 14, 2015

My laptop has failed, the hard drive has stopped working, my question is having purchased a 750gb replacement drive can I download win10 directly to it using my tablet and an external drive then install the drive into my laptop to complete the installation. 

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