Surface Pro 3 - Microsoft Photos App - Albums From OneDrive Not Syncing Under Albums Tab

Nov 11, 2015

I have my albums organised on OneDrive yet when I go into Microsoft Photos on my Surface Pro 3 (Windows 10) its showing none of my albums at all under the 'albums' tab. Tried signing out and back into app. Nothing working. Strange thing is on my Lumina 930 (Windows 10 Preview latest build) my albums are showing under albums in photo app. All my albums are in the cloud so baffled why it shows on phone but not on my surface.

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Photos - Auto Upload To OneDrive / Albums?

Nov 23, 2015

Windows Phone You can automatically upload photos to One Drive... So basically when I take a picture on my phone, I see It on my surface. But how does it work the other way around?

How do I see pictures that I take with my surface, on my phone through the photos app/one drive? I don't seem to see anyway to have pictures automatically save to one drive or to be auto upload to one drive on Windows 10.

Also, What determines what albums are shown under "albums" on windows 10m? I have a lot of picture albums stored on one drive but the only two folders that show up are camera roll and saved pictures.

If I scroll to the "folders" section of the app, I can navigate through photos app to the folder I want... But this is annoying.. the album should just show up under albums. How do I get that?

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Stop Photos App From Creating Albums On Its Own?

Dec 8, 2015

How do I stop the Photo App from creating albums on it's own? It's not a feature I'm interested in.

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ITunes Albums Downloaded To PC?

Feb 4, 2016

I have and iPhone and I have lots of albums downloaded to my Windows 10 running PC. As far as I can tell, the only way to transfer music from my PC to my iPhone is through iTunes. Now I am not going to be upset if there this is the only way and I'll just have to only listen to this music on my computer, but I wanted to ask if downloading iTunes on Windows 10 is a good idea, and if it will mess with my music (mainly MP3s) and my music player (Foobar2000).

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How To Sort Or Identify Albums / Songs By Genre

Feb 10, 2016

I have many albums on my computer. I used to be able to identify or sort them easily by genre with Windows media player. What now with Windows 10? How has this been improved?

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Customization :: Lost Photo Gallery On Start - Albums Are All Separate

Jan 13, 2016

On Start menu, Photo Gallery (most used) came up and all photo albums, documents were in that folder. Now it's gone for some reason. How do I get the albums corralled into Photo Gallery again?

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Syncing Network Time - Surface Pro 3 Keeps Dropping 15 Minutes

Aug 4, 2015

My Surface Pro 3 keeps dropping 15 minutes and getting behind. So far I've caught it twice, and both times it was just about 15 minutes behind. I'm trying to find the settings to sync with an NIST time server, but can't seem to find it. Is it gone?

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OneDrive Including ALL Photos On PC In Photos Tab Stream

Jun 29, 2015

Even if I mark an album, say, 'my documents' as a "documents" type folder in my onedrive online settings, these photos will still be included in my 'photos' tab stream. that and, any photo ever that's on my PC will show up- not just photos in my "my photos" folder on my PC. it's really annoying, i'm getting gamesave pictures, wallpapers, screenshots, and all kinds of random crap that aren't supposed to be part of my camera roll stream all over my one drive... why is it doing this?

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OneDrive - How To Pause Syncing

Jul 30, 2015

how to pause OneDrive's syncing? Also, how to make the icons in the taskbar bigger?

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How To Copy Files From PC To OneDrive With No Syncing Enabled

Feb 10, 2016

Windows 10 OneDrive seems to only want to operate as your primary file storage repository with your PC being a potential backup for OneDrive. I do not want to use it in that manner. How do I use OneDrive to simply copy selected files and folders from my PC to OneDrive without any Syncing enabled? If I deselect 'Sync files and folders' in OneDrive settings, it seems to disable the OneDrive link in File Explorer. Ideally I would like to have a backup setup to sync OneDrive with my PC so that OneDrive mirrors my PC...not the other way around. how to copy files from PC to OneDrive using File Explorer.

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Save OneDrive Photos To PC Via Photos App?

Aug 2, 2015

When viewing photos stored on OneDrive in the Photos app for Windows 10, is it possible to save it to your PC? I can't seem to see an option to do so...

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Live Tiles In Surface Pro 3 Not Working (Mail / Flipboard And Photos)?

Aug 2, 2015

MY LIVE TILES specifically the Mail, Flipboard and Photos app doesn't work. though Mail works from time to time

> YES the option of live tiles is ON
> YES they are updated in the store
> YES I opened them and used them
> YES I did a clean refresh/reformat after upgrading from 8.1 to 10

though my desktop and laptop works nicely

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Microsoft Edge Favorites Syncing?

Jul 3, 2015

i have windows preview for both my PC and surface pro 3.

I updated my pc first and got Microsoft edge browser and created my favorites tab.

I then updated my surface pro 3, but i dont see a way to sync up the browsers so that my favorites show up on my microsoft edge on my pro 3. I rather not have to do the favorites bar again.

Is there a way to sync these up?

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Microsoft Surface Book Random System Freeze?

Oct 26, 2015

I have read other threads on Win10 freezing after upgrades but they are very different than what I am experiencing. Just got the Surface Book this morning. It is the i7, 256 Gb hard drive, 8 Gb ram version. Without installing anything the system randomly freezes. Does it more often if using the stylus. The only way to recover is a hard reboot. I turned off BitLocker and reduced it from every few minutes to maybe 1x per hour. Looks completely random. I also changed to local login and appeared to reduce it more. Can actually use the stylus some now. I have downloaded all the updates. After reading all the problems with Win10 freezing I am wondering if it is an OS bug and not a hardware problem. It has me seriously considering taking this back to the store. I am going to try turning the blue tooth off and try it that way but without the stylus this laptop is not worth the 2400 to me.

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Apps :: OneDrive Lost Photos Stored In Subfolders?

Sep 29, 2015

We recently upgraded the OS of our old Win7 desktop to Windows 10. This came with OneDrive, and we decided to put all our photos on OneDrive, to save space (which I since discovered it doesn't do). So we transferred all our photos, saved in several folders and subfolders. We then got a new computer, so we synced the new one to OneDrive, and all the files (or so we thought) automatically downloaded to it.

Today I discovered to my horror that even though all the folders are there, and the photos saved in primary folders are there, most of the subfolders are empty! How come - why didn't the files in those subfolders transfer when the folder itself was transferred? Most of the folders were fortunately backed up on USB sticks, but not all of the children's photo folders - including my daughter's photos of last year's school trip to Iceland.

Are Windows aware of this problem? Is there any chance they could still be hanging around somewhere? (And yes, I've checked the Recycle basket.)

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Apps :: How To Start Microsoft Photos From Command Line

Aug 16, 2015

In Windows 10 is new app for photos and albums as default picture viewer.

In Windows 8.1 I used JPEGView, and sometimes Windows Photo Viewer.

Now I'm customizing Windows and I know how to start Photo Viewer from cmd and created context menu item.

I want to associate pictures again to JPEGView and have context menu item for Windows 10 Photos, so, how to run Photos from command line?

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Apps :: Picasa Has Disappeared And Now Have System Microsoft Photos 2015

Feb 10, 2016

My Picasa has disappeared and I now have a system - Microsoft photos 2015 - . Where do I find out how to use it?
Some, but not all of my photos are there and I can find no way to import from a memory stick - an "import" instruction does not seem to exist.

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How To Put Imported Photos Into Folders / No Links To Choose Photos

Dec 14, 2015

[Desktop Dell Inspiron 560 4gb RAM; high speed cable; MS Windows10
64bit; Windows Live Mail 2012; MS Word Pro 2003; Mozilla Firefox; Avast
AV; Windows Media Player; Adobe Reader; Adobe flash Player]

After a long struggle to import my pix from the camera to Win10 and finally succeeding, I've now another mystery

1. How to put the imported 10 or so photos into a folder? I did it with another bunch of imported photos and now I can't remember how I did it though I tried and tried..

2. How can I pick out the ones I want to send (and how to send them by email?) as I prefer not to delete the ones I won't send, to avoid later regrets. I don't even know how to delete any individual photos....

MS keeps everything a secret - no links to choose photos, or delete them, or send them, or change the order in which they are arranged, etc. I had come to learn photos in Win7 with "Photo Gallery" after a long time - now I'm condemned to the same torture on the new windows!

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Photos App Not Finding Photos On SD Card

Jul 30, 2015

So I upgraded my Surface Pro 3 to Windows 10 last night and so far quite impressed. However it looks like an issue has carried over from Windows 8.1 to 10.

I'm finding that the Photos app cannot see the photos stored on my SD card. I have directed the library to point to the SD card and it is the only location defined in the Library for Photos. This was a problem in 8.1 but as I never used the app I stopped worrying about trying to sort it. However I can see myself using the app in 10, so would like to figure out what is happening.

It's not a case of the app not showing duplicates because I temporarily disabled the option for it to show OneDrive photos and now nothing shows.

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Why Isn't Mail Syncing

Aug 4, 2015

I am unable to sync the native email app. When I open it, it shows "Not synced yet". When I press the Refresh button, I get "Still working on it..." indefinitely. It just never finishes and never shows content. My work email does sync but not my Hotmail one (and I am logged into my computer using a local account). It has been like this since day one, four days ago.

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Why Is Mail Not Syncing

Jan 1, 2016

set up account but not syncing while receiving emails

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Cortana Not Syncing With Phone?

Jul 29, 2015

So I was excited to get Windows 10 today and try out Cortana. I do have a Lumia 1020 and I do use Cortana frequently. I wanted to see how fast she could sync between PC and phone. I asked Cortana to remind me to buy milk in five minutes. After five minutes she did remind me, but only on PC. I checked my phone and there were no new reminders. Maybe I need to log out of PC???

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App Licenses Not Syncing Properly

Apr 16, 2015

My app licenses aren't synced properly. I bought Tubecast via IAP which isn't being recognized as purchased on my Surface running Windows 10 preview 10049, and now after buying Halo Spartan Strike, shows up on my list of purchased (but not installed) apps, but when I go to install it, only gives me the option of buying it. I haven't read anything about others having this issue, and I only noticed it after updating to this build (TubeCast was unlocked in the last build).

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Mail App Not Syncing With Folders Set Up?

Aug 24, 2015

I recently upgraded to windows 10. So using new Mail App. Got all my email accounts on there fine, inbox's syncing no problem. But the folders I had set up on my email account are all empty, says there is nothing to see, including the sent folder. So when I send an email, it doesn't go in to the sent folder on the app. I have to log on to my 1and1 email account and access sent items from there, along with content of all my other folders. Why its not syncing with the folders set up??

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Customization :: Themes Not Syncing Backgrounds

Nov 25, 2015

I have a theme on my desktop PC which obtains its backgrounds from a folder in My Documents. There are about 300 in there. I have no issues with the theme using all the backgrounds available.

Until, that is, I switch on the sync theme option. Then the theme which magically appears on my laptop is the same, but only has about 10 backgrounds which the theme is accessing in a new folder called Desktopbackgrounds. In other words, they don't all sync across.

I go back to my desktop PC and it then has the same issue. Instead of using the folder in My Documents with all my backgrounds in, it is also only using the 10 or so stored in the roaming folder Desktopbackgrounds.

I'd like to sync my theme across my PC and laptop, but if it doesn't let more than 10 backgrounds sync, whats the point!

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Customization :: Custom Sound Set Not Syncing

Oct 8, 2015

I like to use my own sound effects for Windows and keep them in My Documents. So I right click on the speaker icon in the bottom right hand corner and select sounds. Then find and select my own wav files for each event I'd like to use.If works for a while, but then reverts back to default.

I have another PC, a laptop, and would like to use the same sound set on that too - except the laptop does not have the same files on it. I had hoped that the laptop sound theme would sync from the desktop, but clearly not! Could the laptop not having the relevant sound files be the cause of the desktop's sound theme reverting to default?

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