When Started Computer OS Won't Load (System 32)

Nov 9, 2015

Today when I started up my computer I couldn't load my operating system (Win 10 Pro 64bit). It said my pc was missing a file, or that the file had been damaged. I've bought a new Sata cable for my ssd since I first thought that it was that that was wrong, but nothing happened. I don't have my dvd disk for my windows.

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Performance :: Computer Started To Get More Laggy

Feb 10, 2016

the computer was installed with Windows 7 and was upgraded to Windows 10.About 3 months ago, the computer ran fine, and even the startup time was <10sec.2 weeks ago, I got a virus and quickly deleted it with Malwarebytes and AdwCleaner. don't know why, but after that event, the computer quickly slowed down and right now, the startup time is 45 sec.

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Have To Boot 2 Times To Get Computer Started

Jan 13, 2016

I have to boot 2 times to get my computer started. This started when I upgraded to Windows 10.

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How To Check If System Has Started In Safe Mode

Mar 8, 2016

I want to check if I run safe mode. I know that it says "safe mode" in the corner but is there any other way to check?

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BSOD :: Computer Started To Crash Every X Random Minutes

Jan 20, 2016

My computer started to crash every X random minutes,It started yesterday. I didn't install or uninstall anything.Using "Who crashed", it claims that something is wrong with my Intel Gigabit Ethernet card. I've update it to the latest available from Intel, but the problem persists.

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System Takes Long Time To Load

Feb 12, 2016

Is this normal? my computer turns on, i get a black screen for about 35 seconds followed by the logo and a spinning circle and then after typing in my password i get another 30 seconds of waiting before it loads. it wasnt doing this when i had windows 7, is this just normal for ten?

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Installation :: Freezes Computer On Load

Jan 2, 2016

I got this new pc for christmas which came with 8.1, which I hate. So I did the free 10 upgrade but now run into many new problems. Many of my favorite programs are not yet compadible. Discs burned from previous operating systems and usb drives formated for previous OS will not boot. Simply freezes computer when I insert them O.o. Also had some random crashes and I just wanna downgrade to 7 and be done with this so I can finally start using my new pc.

I enter a windows 7 64 bit ISO burned from a friend and again it just freezes the computer on load. So eventually I borrow my friends genuine windows 7 64 bit disc, and now when I try to load it gives the message "cannot install 32 bit version on ECF system" or something like that.Would I have better luck downgrading to 8 and then trying to get 7? Why is 10 recognizing this genuine 64 bit disc as a 32 bit version??

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Windows Doesn't Load - Computer Keeps Resetting

Dec 4, 2015

I've been running Windows 10 since it was released and nothing really has come up as a problem until last night, I was playing a game on the pc and I got some red dots everywhere, I figured nvidia crashed and thought nothing of it until my entire pc reset now I see a series of white dots on bios loadup and windows loads and just before it gets to the login, my computer resets. When it tries to get into repair mode I don't have any keyboard or mouse input, this is a build I made so I don't have any fancy oem recovery options ( and I was too dumb to make a backup disk).

My build has an nvidia gtx590 , and phenom II black edition, Asus mobo. I haven't d.l or installed any new hardware or software recently.

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Computer Won't Load Past Start Up Screen

Nov 11, 2015

My laptop began moving incredibly slow last night, like the cursor would hardly move and it sounded like it was running extra hard. I turned it off and this morning it won't load past the start up screen. And still, the windows loading icon spins incredibly slow.

Eventually it goes to a black screen for some time, then the automatic repair icon appears, then "diagnosing your pc". It made it past that once and got to the advanced option screen but was moving so slowly that I couldn't click on anything.

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Computer Crashed And Won't Load Login Screen

Oct 29, 2015

My computer has been fine with no issues what so ever but today it crashed and then when it booted back up it would do the windows 10 loading screen and everything else but when it got to the login screen it just goes black,you can still use the Mouse and win+P still shows the side bar on the screen but the rest is black.

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Computer Slow After Restart - Taking About 3 Minutes To Load Application

Aug 3, 2015

So I restarted my computer and router because my internet was being slower then usual. After I restarted my computer it took almost 30 secs to show the log in screen, that's the longest it's ever taken. After I log in it takes about 3 mins to load an application. Even when I attempted to open my windows setting it's slow. My computer is a gaming computer with an i7 and a gtx 970 with 16 gigs of dd3 ram.

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Installation On New SSD For New System But On Old Computer

Nov 27, 2015

I am building a new computer. I am still waiting for my CPU and mother board to arrive, but already have my SSD and Windows 10 (retail) setup disk.

Are there any potential drawbacks if I connect my SSD to my current computer and perform the Windows 10 installation on it?

The things I heard about Windows 10 'fusing' itself to one's hardware is relevant only to the OEM version - am I correct?

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Turned Off The Computer While In System Restore

Sep 4, 2015

So I was doing a system restore on my newly upgraded Windows 10. It was stuck at 46% so I restarted it (which was a stupid thing I know). After that the laptop won't go beyond the black screen. Whenever I boot the laptop the lenovo logo appears and the black screen after and that's it. I'm really worried now.

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MSConfig - System Configuration Changes Freezes Computer

Mar 31, 2016

I have the very latest Build of Windows 10 Pro, but recently I have experienced problems with my PC’s general performance – I therefore decided to Run msconfig to then  uncheck some 3rd party programs under services within the System Configuration Hiding All window services first.
What is happening is that when I disable all and then go about checking the 3rd party progs one by one,  the 1st attempt to tick one of the programmes the system config freezes.  I have to then reboot the PC but the same thing happens if I try and attempt to do this again.
if I try the same thing but booting within Safe mode the PC does not freeze – so my question is .. can this action only be carried out in Safe mode ??
I have searched the internet for a few days now but cannot come up with an answer to this .. if you are supposed to be able to do this under normal windows start up then I have a big problem with my OS but if this is a procedure that can only be carried out within safe mode then all is well.

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Keyboard Started To Lag

Aug 18, 2015

I recently upgraded to Win10, and everything worked great. A couple of days ago, my keyboard started to lag. For example when I play games (FPS) and I try to move with W, my movement last much longer than it should. If I hold W in for 2 sec, then it will recieve the signal for twice as long. And I can't interupt my movement.

I tested exactly this outside of a game, and the same problem occured. When I send a signal, it recieves it for about twice as long.I checked my keyboard setting in control panel, and everything looked normal according to my other pc. However, these lags only start happening about 15min after startup.

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Installation :: Cannot Update System Reserved Partition On Computer

Jul 30, 2015

Am trying to upgrade a windows 7 desktop to windows 10 but anytime I try to download windows 10 I get this:

"Windows 10 couldn't be installed. We couldn't update the system reserved partition."

What can I do get this fixed to get windows 10 on this computer?

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High RAM Usage From System After Some Time Computer Runs

Nov 3, 2015

In my computer I use Windows 10 x64 and I have 6 GB of RAM installed. I face the problem of high usage of Ram from System process. Although I hear that this is something normal for Windows 10, this tends to freeze my PC or prompts me to close running programs although I do not have that much open. I updated all my drivers, I also tried everything proposed in various solutions around the web but the problem still exists. Could it be some update of Microsoft? A friend of mine running Windows 7 with 8GB RAM installed in his computer, faces the same problem the last weeks too.

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Computer Randomly Restarts Without Any Warning - System Error

Oct 26, 2015

It's not a malware , it's not a heat problem . I checked them both and formatted my computer 4 times already, I am pretty tired . The last options remain is a windows 10 problem /hardware is not connected well? . My windows 10 is not a legal copy .

My computer suddenly completely restarts suddenly, even when IDLE .No warning involved , goes straight to black screen .

System error :
Error: (10/26/2015 05:54:40 PM) (Source: EventLog) (EventID: 6008) (User: )

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OS Not Started After Installing Skinpack?

Sep 13, 2015

Recently i installed Mac OS X skinpack from [URL] this website. The work fine until restart my system. When i restart my system, the windows 10 become stretched. So i try to uninstall the skinpack. After uninstall, i restart my system again. But my windows 10 not started. Windows 10 loading show. But logon screen not open. The screen always blinking. No function working. I had important files on the disk. 

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Live Mail Cannot Be Started

Feb 1, 2016

I keep getting the message when I try to open Windows live mail "Windows Live Mail could not be started. It may not be installed correctly. Make sure that your disk is not full or you are not out of memory (0x80041161). I know it is installed correctly as it has worked perfectly until now. Where do I go to make sure that my disk is not full, or out of memory.

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How To Remove Get Started Tips

Oct 5, 2015

When I'm using my pc, windows 10 keeps displaying the same annoying notifications for tips. Uninstalling the get started app does not remove the notifications and I can't find a setting in the app.

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Voice Recorder App Cannot Be Started

Aug 1, 2015

I don't know if this is only me or not, but my Voice Recorder app cannot be started. Here I included all the screenshots of the weird behavior of this Voice Recorder app in Store page.

At first, when I search Voice Recorder and open the store page, it will show downloading, then after that an update button appear, after I click that update button it will show small download icon at the top left side of my account profile picture. After a short while it'll disappear and still Voice Recorder app cannot be opened. This weird behavior keep repeating every time I open the Voice Recorder store page.

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Operating System Was Not Found When Try To Wake Computer From Sleep Mode?

Jan 3, 2016

I did the conversion from Windows 7 to Windows 10 about 1.5 months ago. This is a Dell Vostro w/Intel Corei5 desktop

All was fine until I attempted to wake the computer from sleep mode recently and got the following error.

An operating system was not found. Try disconnecting any drives that don't contain an operating system

Press Ctrl+Atl+Del to restart

I disconnected the two external drives I had connected and tried again with the same result.

On startup, I've hit F12 to run through the Dell ePSA Pre-boot system assessment and it passes all the tests System, Cables, OS boot Path, Hard drive, cd rom drive, video card, cpu fan, system fan processor and memory.

I have the original 7, 64 bit installation disks, but nothing for Windows 10. What's the best way to get this thing going again?

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Apps :: Not Started After Installing Skinpack?

Sep 13, 2015

Recently i installed Mac OS X skinpack from [URL] .... this website. The work fine until restart my system. When i restart my system, the windows 10 become stretched. So i try to uninstall the skinpack. After uninstall, i restart my system again. But my windows 10 not started. Windows 10 loading show. But logon screen not open. The screen always blinking. No function working. I had important files on the disk.

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Networking :: Workstation Service Not Started

Sep 2, 2015

Sometimes the workstation service doesn't start. Without this service, the local network does not find other computers, printers, and network storage.

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PC Just Started Randomly Crashing With Different Errors

Feb 28, 2016

So recently my PC just started randomly crashing with different errors. Some are bug checks, some are driver_irql_not_less_or_equal. I ran virus scans, malwarebytes, ccleaner, reseated my memory, CPU [and checked thermal paste], dusted it out, ran memtest etc. Everything keeps coming back kosher.

Some of the problem details:

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck.  The bugcheck was: 0x00000050 (0xffffd00021f68000, 0x0000000000000002, 0xfffff9605d6a5e8f, 0x0000000000000000). A dump was saved in: C:WINDOWSMEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 93f481ce-6a52-4105-994f-edda7c14e64d.

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